Sunday, December 30, 2007

Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler III

This is a note to Gujaratis who got upset and offended by my article, Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler I.

Comparing Modi with Hitler does NOT automatically discredit or disgrace Gujaratis as many commenters have assumed. It does not automatically make them Nazis. That is a far-fetched extrapolation and I do not suggest this anywhere. I give three reasons.

One - I said the present day India (not Gujarat alone) is similar to Europe of late 1800s and early 1900s. And I would like to indicate that this period also included a much larger period before the advent of Hitler. So, according to me, we are making our nation ripe for advent of a Hitler-like leader. He may be Modi, or may not be. This does not mean that I find Gujaratis alone responsible for choosing or electing such a leader. Gujarat could be the prime example for things to follow in this country. Gujarat could be the setting precedents that we may see in the rest of the nation.

Two - The readers have to understand that it was not just Nazis who voted Hitler into power. It was not Nazis alone who handed over power to Hitler. Many non-Nazis underestimated his single-focus on solving the Jewish Problem. They were quite happy with the other results that he promised to produce- a strong nation, a strong sense of nationhood, pride in nationhood, and the concept of nation-above-all. And many Germans, even those who did not share Nazi mindset have supported and accepted Hitler as their leader.

Alas, he came with a baggage, and that baggage that seemed to satisfy some fascists, which promised to ‘teach a lesson’ to these ‘traitors and back-stabbers’, turned the world into a nightmare. Even those Germans who detested what Hitler did became embroiled in that nightmare- even the nice Germans, even the women and kids, and even those who were not Nazis, they were all hijacked by the Nazi Germans and Hitler.

Many Gujaratis voted for Modi for ‘other reasons’ and not just for the cause of Hindutva alone. I do NOT believe that ALL Gujaratis, even those who voted for Modi, agree with Modi’s actions that followed Godhra incident. They are only ready to ignore these actions, the way most Indians wanted to ignore what happened in New Delhi in 1984 after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. They are ready to turn a blind eye to this particular problem and instead concentrate on many other great things Modi has been able to provide for people of Gujaratis.

Three - I do not assume that all Gujaratis voted for Modi. A good percentage of Gujaratis voted for the opposition, as is the case in any democracy.

Question to Gujaratis

If you are a Gujarati and if you got offended by my comparison, please ask yourself one question- Do you think what Modi did was right, when he stood by and gave free hand to the Hindu fanatics who wanted to seek revenge, by ensuring that the state administration and the apparatus abetted, aided and sometimes participated in the targeted killings of Gujarati people based on their identity?

If you think he was right, then yes, I do believe that you share some ideologies that coincide with fascists (that still does not qualify you as a Nazi). May be, its time you do some introspection, take some history lessons and try to reason what could go wrong in case your vote is hijacked by someone who has this capacity to push this sentiment too far.

If you think he was wrong, then please do spare me, I do not think you are part of this discussion.

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  1. Sujai,
    You are making a mountain out of mole. Was there any riot in Gujarat in the last 5 years. Whether muslims were excluded in any of his social measures? Enough defamation has happened against Gujarat and Modi. He was able to sustain Gujarat growth inspite of this defamation campaign. Let us not continue this and put brakes to Gujaat progress. Religion is not the deciding factor for voting for most of the Hindus in India. Most of the Gujaratis have told in Opinion poll or Exit polls that they have voted Modi for reasons like Development, Corruption free, Efficiency, his stubborn attitude towards terror etc. Modi, in this election has addressed all Gujaratis in his election speeches. He always mentions 5.5 crore gujaratis. People like leaders who are stubborn against terrorism. George Bush was elected for same reason inspite of smear campaign against him. If sonia shows that she can be tough against terror, Gujaratis will vote for her.

  2. Abhi,
    Cool down and read the post before commenting. Sujai writes a whole post addressing the "Modi for other reasons" argument and you go on and end up repeating exactly the same argument in its comment section !

    Read the post and understand that Sujai has already acknowledged the existence of this argument(and has answered it by drawing parallel to the European History).

    If you disagree, the onus is on you to write a critique that distinguishes the social forces in late 1800 Europe from the social forces acting now in India. And note that such a critique should show some understanding of both European History and Indian politics.

    None of the points you mention above, for example, constitute an argument. I do think there are many differences between the two situations - but, 'People think Modi is a strong leader' is more an argument for Sujai's post than against it.

  3. Hmm....Modi evokes quite frantic debates! He gets either extremely adored or hated, by different schools of thoughts. Read my own take about him and the recently concluded Gujarat Polls at the given link:

  4. I still don't understand the way people harp about 'progress' and 'peace' in Gujarat. The peace that exists in Gujarat is a forced, uneasy peace.
    It's like the lull between two already over, and a major one looming in the near future.
    And the progress in Gujarat is due to the combined effort, hard-work and industriousness of many good Gujarati's settled in India and abroad. I don't know why Modi gets credit for the development of Gujarat.
    However much one may glorify Modi, pointing out his honesty, courage and integrity, supporting a man who justifies murder and killing of innocents is morally wrong, IMHO.
    Even a brutal mass murderer be honest can shout from the rooftops - "Hey guys, I killed them! I killed them cause they are scum and deserve to die!! hell yeah!"

  5. In keeping with the Modi and the Nazi regime similarities, Germany had tremendous progress as well, some of the big technological advances came during the time of the Nazis. Strong Nazi traits (Development, Corruption free, Efficiency)
    Also for the bozo that compared bush to Modi, please! even I would not insult Modi or his intelligence by saying that.....

  6. Hitler was an atheist too.

  7. Hitler was an atheist too.

    Yes and No.

    It depends on how you define an atheist. Yes, he denounced Christianity and Christian God and has repudiated them in certain instances.

    But he has clearly professed belief in Providence, a certain divinity that has ordained him with attributes and a place in history assigning him tasks.

  8. As Hitler rightly said "Sooner will an camel pass through needles eye, than a good leader be discovered by an Election"

    If not Narendra Modi, then someone else will exploit the anti minority sentiment. So, voters need to change and cant expect good leaders, can expect only opportunistists.

  9. Sujai,
    I respect you for your thoughts and blog. Comparing Narendra Modi with Hitler is purely an idiotic thought from a highly- educated man and that too an entrepreuner. I'm not a Gujurati but I understand Mr.Modis hard work for the Gujuratis. When the Gujurati have applause for Mr.Modi and every term unanimously vote for him. There should be some positive reason. So where is the need for him to be compared with Hitler? They say, if you set your feet on the border between Gujarat and Rajasthan, you will notice how right from the start of the border how Gujarat is well developed right from its roads and highways. Every successful politician is scammed into controversies. Before, you look at Gujurat look at the state of AP where the corrupt politicians do nothing. Thanks to late YSR who has dragged AP into near bankruptcy. Please wiki on Mr.Modi and learn more about a pure bachelor who just lives for the people of Gujurat. Before you publich Vol IV please educate yourself by researching more NOT by googling but the real research such as visiting Gujarat, speaking and talking to them there.
    Good luck,


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