Monday, December 24, 2007

When majority is not right

Many Indian Hindus hail the victory of Narendra Modi for putting together a Hindu brigade to fight the evil Muslims who are terrorizing this country.

5.5 Crore Gujaratis cannot be wrong. - writes one commenter.

The fact that Gujarat has voted Modi back to power with overwhelming majority is a clear sign that he cannot be wrong. If so many people voted him back, naturally he is not wrong, isn’t it? If he is wrong, why would people vote him back?  Many Indians do not understand democracy. They think an electoral vote will decide everything. If a majority in a nation votes to put the minority to death, is that right?  

Take Rwanda, for example, Hutus (the majority) felt it was OK to kill Tutsi (the minority) and that ended up in genocide where nearly million people died within 100 days. Can we say, ‘few millions of Hutus cannot be wrong?’  Take Serbia, for example, if majority Serbians felt it was OK to kill minority Kosovans, does that make it right?

If Hindus of India vote as a majority for exterminating Muslims of India does that make it right? Is majority right in these cases? How do we deal with it when certain majority wants to discriminate, prosecute, traumatize, terrorize, marginalize, kill, or exterminate a certain minority?  That’s why we have constitution and judicial system to safe guard rights of humans even when they are marginalized, even when they are a minority, even when they are pushed to a corner. We need to take legal recourse no matter how emotional or sentimental an issue is. And that’s NOT what happened in Gujarat.

What is wrong about Gujarat?

What’s gone wrong in Gujarat is very simple. (I am not sure why many Indian Hindus are not able to see this.)  A state or an individual in an official capacity cannot abet, support or participate in targeted killings of certain people based on their identity, no matter what. Such actions cannot be condoned, tolerated or excused, no matter what.  When an Islamic militant blows up a train, he is considered a criminal. When is caught, he is put in jail. He is not allowed to walk scot-free. He is not hailed as a hero and voted to power. So, when a Hindu political leader does something illegal, he should be arrested, prosecuted and put in jail. He should not be allowed to walk scot-free, and definitely he should not be allowed to hold power.

India going fascist

Educated and elite Indian Hindus have started to engage in a rationalization exercise to excuse Modi’s actions saying that what he did was indeed right, as clearly seen by his electoral wins.
Democracy does not mean majority prevails all the time. It means it prevails as long as you stick to legal methods as provisioned by Indian Constitution and legal code. When you subvert them, even your electoral wins have to be trashed to uphold the law of the land.  Indian Hindus have gone blind in their hatred for Muslims. So much so that, they are not only ready to excuse Modi of his culpability, they are ready to hail him as their leader.  And that’s when I start fearing the trends and ask myself- How long before we become completely fascist?


  1. "Indian Hindus have gone blind in their hatred for Muslims. "

    I second that. It is shocking. Indian Hindus are blinded by hate of muslims, particularly the educated middle class. Atleast, that is my limited subjective experience. It is not uncommon to find such Indians today. What irks me about this, is the false pride that Indians take in their "tolerant" culture. There is helluva intolerance in India. Atleast the muslims make qualified statements of tolerance and do not make absolute claims to tolerance. Not that that is any better. But at least the match between speech and actions is closer. They do not claim to be very tolerant and they behaviourally are not quite so. Though disturbing in its own way, it is not hypocritical like the Indian Hindus.
    It was verily such prejudices between communities that precipitated the partition riots between people who have lived together in the same village for centuries. I have, since forever, dreaded being under Shariah-like rule and its OPEN disenfrachisement of non-muslims. But now, I also dread being under majority facist anti-muslim rule perpetrated by the Hindus. Both are, in essence, the same - hate for the other. Someone did say rightly, that an eye for eye will leave the world blind.

    ~ Vinod

  2. Sujai, Your writing style and clarity of thinking is admirable. why don't you write blog about other cases of majority might over minority like Kashmir pandits and Tamilnadu brahmins. Why secular media keeps focussing about Gujarat which is peaceful for the last 5 years. Karunanidhi is able to muster 96% of Tamilnadu population against 4% brahmins and other forward castes. Forward castes in Tamilnadu are silent sufferers for around 100 years. Nobody wants to raise their voice. Nobody wants to ask why huge reservation is followed when all statistics shows so called backward classes in Tamilnadu is at par with forward castes. Backward classes secure more seats than their population. Why it is considered majority right?

  3. 'Indian Hindus have gone blind in their hatred for Muslims.' There you go generalizing again!!

    Where do you get you stats from? I totally disagree with what Modi did during the 2002 riots. I feel ashamed that there are Hindus like him. But the problem is not just a Hindu-Muslim or BJP-anti BJP one. Many riots cases have gone without people getting justice.

    Blame our system, not the majority Hindus for Modi not being in Jail. 1984 riots, Tytler and co aren't in Jail. Nandigram, Mr Karat and his comrades aren't in jail or anywhere near prosecution.

  4. Looks like you are after all Hindu eyes and asses ;-). Do you see a parallel in the hatred spread by this Blog and the hatred of these "intolerant hindus"?

    Someone did say rightly, that an eye for eye will leave the world blind.

  5. modi was not voted to power because he killed minorities and it was liked by hindus.

    development is visible all over gujarat. enterpreneurs are rushing in to invest in gujarat.
    modi is very proactive in getting foreign investment in gujarat. he has worked for the state a lot. he has not done any undue favour to any one. his wife, mother and brothers are not in the mainframe. they are still common people, unlike the great relatives whom we have seen in kerala (not only in INC).

    there is opposition for him in gujarat too. the last election was modi vs the rest. a lot of rebels led by the former cm, keshubhai patel, cud not do anything.

    so, i don't feel that whatever news these writers are trying to propogate is not 100 % correct


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