Monday, July 30, 2012

How to molest a woman in India and get away scot-free?

Since Indians are one of the most religious people on the planet, and since they belong to the ‘greatest civilization’, and since this ‘greatest civilization’ requires constant protection from nefarious influences of the West, it becomes easy to molest and sexually harass a woman in India and then walk away scot-free, provided one does it the right way.  And here are some prescribed methods:

If the woman is in a public place, approach her, either she is in traditional or modern attire, and offer money for sexual favors.  This will make sure that everyone around you believes that she is a prostitute.  Once that is established, you can go ahead and molest and harass her in full public view.  No one will step forward to protect her since they will believe that you are actually saving the ‘greatest civilization’.   No one will call the police.  Some of the bystander men may even join you in your molestation exercise.   Some of them may pull out their mobile phone to record the whole exercise for later amusement.

You can also harass a group of girls or women even if they are inside a home, apartment, hostel, or hotel.   Before you break in with your buddies, call up the local police or TV news channel that you intend to expose a group of party goers.   That will give you nearly 30 to 45 minutes to molest, strip and harass the women with full abandon.  It does not matter whether the girls are actually partying or studying for the next day exam.   It does not matter even if there are men in the house, because if your group is big you can easily pin them down.   And once the police or TV crew arrives, you let them know how you saved the ‘greatest Indian culture’.   Even the bystanders will sympathize with you and hail you as the heroes.  


  1. In Minal Pandey's short story Bitch a maid says, "A son of a bitch is better any day than the son of man.”

  2. Sujay, You are truely amazing. This is the gruesome fact happening in India. People are supporting this blindly.

  3. I have seen this in Muslim men for them Islam is all about woman and her skin, it starts and ends there, these fucking hypocrites use all the clauses, details in religion, history only to condemn women to a life of misery, she sholud not work, not dress up, should not be seen etc. basically this is a great disease of Indian men, they fell threatened and can go to any extent to dominate women.

    1. nope. maybe its how u perceive muslims to be. im a muslim myself nd i have many muslim frnds who are not like that

  4. Sujai I was laughing as I was reading it.... but the bitter truth is that it is so correct.... especially the way we boast about our great civilization


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