Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Times of India: A tabloid

Times of India should call itself a tabloid, not a newspaper. I have switched to The Hindu long ago. But today, the paperboy dropped of Times of India (TOI) edition instead of my regular newspaper. So, for a change I had to go through TOI once again.

One look at the newspaper, and you realize how worthless it is. As an example, I will just discuss today’s International section in TOI.

1. Courtney Love says she will pose nude for Britain’s pop magazine.

She promised that she would be “naked as the day I was born”.

2. Post-Divorce, Britney’s sex video with ex-hubby is costing her dear.

She did a range of explicit sex sessions with her soon-to-be ex-hubby Kevin Federline and made a video tape of the stormy, unabated sex sessions…Sources say that the naked couple are seen in a series of raunchy love-making acts and sexual games…They did nothing all day but have sex.

3. Stripper almost split Moss, Doherty

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty had a tiff after he accused her of paying too much attention to a male stripper…

4. Slippery Catfight [with picture]

Women wrestle during a girls-only Amateur Jello Wrestling event in New York on Sunday. Every month, women from all walks of life, including lawyers, school teachers and students, wrestle in 50 gallons of clear jelly.

This is supposedly International News according to TOI. The Bangalore Times edition is nothing but pictures and lurid details of sex, actress, and models.

My sincerest advice:

If you have kids growing up in your household, do not subscribe to TOI. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your kids are absorbing all these lurid and lewd details while growing up.


  1. unless you are communist, thehindu is also not a good option. Indianexpress seems to be better for young audience( 20-35 age group) with their balanced coverage.

  2. I am not a communist. But I tend to like The Hindu. Yes, there are some articles which are left-leaning and communist-leaning, but its still better than anything I have read so far.

    I have read Indian Express couple of times, and didnt' enjoy it that much. May be, I should try again.

    I am not recommending THE HINDU, I am only derecommending TOI.

  3. ToI is Trash of India. What a piece of garbage. This so called 'national daily' is an embarrassment. Pictures of people partying in town, made up sex surveys, juicy photos, product placements passed off as news articles etc. Anyone with children in their house should not buy ToI. Reading ToI will stunt a child's intellectual growth. I have seen people buy this piece of crap only because it is cheap!! You get what you pay for.

    I also read The Hindu. In fact, I recommend it to everyone. No, I am not a commie. There is a big difference between a commie and a progressive. I find decent regional, national and international coverage in The Hindu. It also has a nice Sunday edition with good literary reviews. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that all their op eds are left-leaning and are reproduced from NYT and The Guardian without any space for a counterpoint. I like Paul Krugman's column, but, one has to be familiar with US politics to understand what he is talking about.

  4. Suj Nana,
    I find the same problem with the online version we get to read in North America. The front page itself starts with a picture of some juicy gossipy or sleazy story either from India or the US. In fact I have now stopped reading the online version of TOI and moved to Rediff news which covers more relevant and meaningful news. TOI for some bizarre reasons feels the common news paper reader is more interested in knowing about the lewd and sleazy life style detais of some perverted celebrities. What a shameful (or shameles) state a reputed daily has brought itself to.

  5. Another point is Hindu is south centric .
    So if you are say in Delhi/NCR and the sorrounding areas,then the Hindu does not have as much extensive local coverage as say TOI or Hindustan Times

  6. Anonymous:
    Yes, I agree that THE HINDU is south-centric.

  7. "Trash of India". Well put.

    I've read it a few times out of curiousity and could hardly read an entire article. I could have put it down and walked away, but gross ineptitude keeps me awake.

  8. Even my paperwalla used to throw (I cannot think of a better word for that newspaper) TOI when the other newspapers were late.
    I told him once that if he ever threw that horrible newspaper into my compound, I'd fine HIM 50 bucks.

    He didn't seem to understand why, but he just nodded.


  9. Well said: TOI is Trash Of India. But it still sells a lot.. a reflection of our society ???

    It is the most worthless paper one may come across anywhere in the world. It requires the same punishment that you readers are giving it - by not buying it!

  10. Talk about prejudices :-). Refer to your Blog about Child CEOs who should visit prostitutes and drink alcohol.

    Sujai -> If you have kids growing up in your household, do not subscribe to TOI. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your kids are absorbing all these lurid and lewd details while growing up.

    Have a look on the article on my blog.

  12. To: Sujai

    I just came upon your blog by chance. Obviously,you are hiding under the disguise of so-called SECULARISM.

    If you are a genuine secularist, why don't you speak against those Muslim Fanatics who are trying to be-head Taslima Nasreen?

    If M.F Hussain should have the freedom of expression, why not the Dutch artist who made cartoons of Muhammad?

    If Gujrat had riots, what about Sikh killings under Congress and Rajiv Gandhi?

    And have you forgotten exodus of thousands and thousands of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir due to
    Islamic Terrorists?

    I am sure this comment of mine may or may not be approved to be
    published on your blog.

    Dig your conscious and try not to fool yourself.

  13. GlobalCitizen:

    why don't you speak against those Muslim Fanatics who are trying to be-head Taslima Nasreen?

    Check this out on this blog: India Curbs Freedom of Expression II

    If Gujrat had riots, what about Sikh killings under Congress and Rajiv Gandhi?

    Check these out on this blog: Sad day for India, First they came for…

    I am sure this comment of mine may or may not be approved to be published on your blog.

    You made too many wrong assumptions. This is one more.

  14. There are good things about TOI.
    I buy the paper TOI in lots for these:
    * To use TOI paper for packing. The paper quality or something in it makes it excellent packing material.
    * Wrapping stuff.
    * It absorbs water very well and so I use it as paper napkins

  15. I think today's headline in the TOI hit the final nail on the coffin - "
    After sex sting, AP governor Tiwari ejects prematurely". I'm done with this sleazy Tabloid of India. I'll be switching over to The Hindu.

  16. It competes with Deccan chronicle and both are getting sleazier by the day.

    TOI also does a lot of brand building and "distorted" news based on their "sponsors". People who think TOI is news and made decisions based on that, they will pay a huge penalty. They take flats for giving free ads, shares for positive coverage of companies - I believe the division is called 'Times Private Treaties' but the "news" will come in Times of India!

  17. I prefer Indian Express now.

  18. Recent CWG fiascos have also exposed the Times of India. See what happened behind the stage and why TOI is hitting surprisingly hard on this
    Times of India and Commonwealth Games

    But media corruption has been going on....

    See Private Treaties media scam and
    Times Private Treaties.

    The Commonwealth Games organisers could have at least bought a Private Treaty from Times of India which I believe is much cheaper. They look foolish too.

    But then all Indians look foolish for the poor quality of leaders we are electing to power.

  19. My apologies to commenters in this topic. I am surprised by your comments than content of this topic.
    Is it the first time you are seeing such stuff in Indian media newsparer, TV or Web?
    Then you must be living in another world altogether.
    Though on lesser scale Deccan Chronicle practicing it for many years. NDTV website uses the words sexiest babes, hottest babes.
    Recently Telugu people got double Dhamaka in the form of Zee Telugu and Zee 24 gantalu. is out of business due to these two channels.
    These channels show cute little 'Item Girls' and locker scenes of WWF mnia (women).
    Sometimes I feel we are already a developed nation.

  20. Hi Sujai,

    So right !

    Times of India is crap.
    Notice general articles of sex right on top on the front page amongst the national news, you dont even have to scroll down.

    In the future TOI is going to congratualte itself for all this garbage and call itself the forebearer of all things sexual in India.

    The editors should need to do some serious f______g to get it off their minds

  21. I am also an ardent fan of The Hindu. One comment says that Hindu is a communist newspaper. Giving space to different voices does not make a newspaper communist or congress. For that matter, The Hindu is also Maoist as it gives space to Arundhati or Azad. The Hindu is also a Farmer paper because it is one newspaper which has a rural correspondent. Take a days, Indian Express and read it along with The Hindu, one will spot the difference.

  22. Very true. What was once The Times of India has slowly paved way for The Trash of India!


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