Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sethusamudram Project II

The Government of India denied existence of Rama or Ramayana!

Do you think it landed itself in a soup? Well, VHP and BJP have already started making protests against the government. I am of the opinion that the present government will have hard time going ahead with this project. The saffron groups were just waiting for real good issue so that they can get out onto the streets and protest, and here they get one. I believe the protests are going to increase. And I think that the Government of India will have to scrap the project and accept traveling extra miles in the sea. But if they stick to it, I think the present UPA government will kiss goodbye to their seat of power. Even a tribal of India will be stirred up to agitate and protest. In India you just cannot win over God. In India God always wins!

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  1. Nice stuff on Sethusamudram

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