Sunday, April 30, 2006

Uttara Karnataka - a new state?

I am an ardent supporter of creating more states in India [I also ask for a separate Telangana]. My argument is simple (only to make it simple for readers, otherwise it is exhaustive and most often it doesn't get read) - if in a state there are two regions, one prosperous and another backward, and if no corrective measures (which need to be huge) are taken, it will result in a spiraling effect wherein, more and more investment, schemes and industry are drawn to the prosperous regions while the backward regions get more and more relegated, to an extent that you see stark difference in these two regions which cannot be corrected anymore if it remains a single state.

Here's an article from THE HINDU - Imbalance in industrial investment in Karnataka

May be, its time for creating another state!


  1. Taking your argument further. Wouldn't it be better to create one state for the rural areas and one for all the cities.

    The problems and governance of cities and rural areas are completely different. The government is always seen favoring one over the other.
    Wouldn't both areas progress better if they had separate govt.

  2. Anjali:
    I am not sure how that would work out. I haven't thought about it that way (rural/urban divide). Sometimes its more than that- it has also to do with culture, history, language, religion, etc. Those are important as well.


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