Sunday, September 30, 2012

Telangana March Today

Telangana March is Today.  But the general feeling is palpable.  We are not living in a Democracy.  If anyone continues to believe there is democracy in Telangana then they are living in an illusion.   Seemandhra Government employs devious and dubious tactics to continue to suppress people of Telangana and its leadership with an iron hand.   On one side the Home Minister says there is permission for rallies, but the police officers are informed to disrupt any such activity, and if needed they are supposed to fire upon the people.  The police stations have been given orders to display posters such as below. 
The police are arresting thousands of activisits, including leaders and even MLAs.  All roads to Hyderabad are closed.  All railway services through the region are closed.  Nearly 50,000 armed forces are deployed to stop anyone from coming into Hyderabad.  Within Hyderabad, the city looks like a war-ridden Iraq.  Thousands of checkposts, police force harassing common people on the road.  

Got to know that city of Hyderabad is under Section 144 in perpetuity since 1969.  Whenever police wants to use brute force they can.   Imagine the kind of life we have been living in this armed rule.   When will Telangana be free?  When will we have democracy here in this region? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

India is not producing enough

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Right now, Indian economy is going through a slump, and in the last few months we have seen Indian currency taking a massive hit reducing its value against dollar by nearly 20%.  The growth projections for India's GDP have come down from earlier eight-plus percentages to six-plus percentages – some analysts have even predicted only a five-plus growth rate.  Two months ago, petrol prices were hiked by eight rupees in a single day, the highest increase in Indian history, and already another hike is now announced.   There could be an economic crisis ahead, but we are quite optimistic that this phase will be over soon and that we will go back to getting adjusted to the new and changed environment – that’s the Indian attitude towards solving all the problems – swalpa adjust maadi (adjust a little).

Some analysts attribute this sudden worsening of Indian economy to Euro crisis, while some others blame the policy-paralysis of UPA government.  Many industry heads have been clamoring for Finance Minister of India to bring reforms hoping such an action will somehow bring India back on the track.  And the UPA government has recently reacted to allow FDI into some of the sectors, which is being greeted enthusiastically by the industry body.   But the essential question remains - is the root cause for our flailing economy the lack of reforms or is there something far more fundamental that needs to be corrected?  If we take a look at Indian economy from a macro level we will notice something grossly wrong with the big picture, with the way we are headed, with the way we do things.  There is something drastically wrong with our foundations.

The truth is - most Indians are not involved in producing goods of value.  Instead, most of us are involved in trading, buying and selling stuff without actually producing anything.  Since we are not producing enough as people, we are not earning enough as a country.