Sunday, September 30, 2012

Telangana March Today

Telangana March is Today.  But the general feeling is palpable.  We are not living in a Democracy.  If anyone continues to believe there is democracy in Telangana then they are living in an illusion.   Seemandhra Government employs devious and dubious tactics to continue to suppress people of Telangana and its leadership with an iron hand.   On one side the Home Minister says there is permission for rallies, but the police officers are informed to disrupt any such activity, and if needed they are supposed to fire upon the people.  The police stations have been given orders to display posters such as below. 
The police are arresting thousands of activisits, including leaders and even MLAs.  All roads to Hyderabad are closed.  All railway services through the region are closed.  Nearly 50,000 armed forces are deployed to stop anyone from coming into Hyderabad.  Within Hyderabad, the city looks like a war-ridden Iraq.  Thousands of checkposts, police force harassing common people on the road.  

Got to know that city of Hyderabad is under Section 144 in perpetuity since 1969.  Whenever police wants to use brute force they can.   Imagine the kind of life we have been living in this armed rule.   When will Telangana be free?  When will we have democracy here in this region? 


  1. :) Undemocratic agitations will have to be dealt this way only, Just because you think it is is democratic it is not. the majority think it is not democratic and that is what is democracy. This is an undemocratic agitation. Get the right perspective.

  2. if one feels that democracy is hooliganism then this is the result. If you dont know what democracy means get some education. DOnt crib and cry. You dont have the sense to even publish comments and want to censor comments and you want to talk of democracy. Such is your democracy. You have no right or legitimacy to even comment on democracy. What an irony. :)

  3. Sujai, the cordons are ineffective against people power. We proved it again yesterday.

    Please see a first-hand account on the Telangana march at my blog when you find time, thanks

  4. Dear Sujai ,
    I follow your blogs as I subscribe to the blurb you use ...everybody has a right to two things an arse hole and an opinion.
    You are quite democratic too , for having allowed us to post our opinions.
    The rabble rousing Telangana movement is not support worthy , however much you justify the cause , it is rather pitiable that the masses in this region of AP think Telangana is the panacea for them . Unfortunately it isn't . Please devote your energies to bring true democracy to India , in place of the exploitative version which is ruling the roost.
    A region cannot demand a split with the capital ( whatever be the historical fact of the capital being theirs ab initio).
    Let Hyderabad be a centrally administered territory , let the regions split with independent capitals Warangal for Telangana ....Guntur-Vijayawada for the rest .Alternatively let Andhra region 'samaykists' declare that for the next 50 years the state be ruled by a Telangana Chief minister ( this can only be a gentlemen agreement in a democracy ) and to start with, for the first 25 years the post be reserved to KCR's family ...the socalled mass TG movement will evaporate in a week !or maximum a month !! any comment ?
    kandula P

  5. I am a bit mislead by "we" in article caption. Fortunately the first line uses "Telangana People".
    I would not like to contest some claims by T-activists.
    First, every Telanganite wants separate state.
    Second, movie makers intentionally show Telangana people in negative light.

    I strongly believe that demand for separate state is not completely based on discrimination.
    Nor every Telanganite wishing separate state has grudge against people from other regions.
    It is quiet possible that ordinary cine goer in Telangana is casual about this whole thing.
    On the other hand he/she might be getting a feel of a real life nearby negative character .

    I cannot assess how much the author knows about films in India.
    Being a movie buff and thanks to DoorDarshan I watched movies from many Indian languages.
    Invariably it is Brahmin who ridiculed and insulted in every language.
    But Brahmins neither stopped watching movies nor participating in the industry.
    It is common knowledge that for long time writers in most languages are Brahmins.
    Of course once in a while they too come out and protest as happened recently.

    Many Hindi movies are made around Parsis and Anglo-Indians making fun of their accents.
    'Madarassi' accent has not yet vanished fully from Hindi movies.
    In some Telugu films chaste Telugu is also made fun of.
    The list goes on but indicates a general feeling that not everybody is serious about all that shown in movies.

    The "simplistic way" presented by so called Andhras is hardly convincing.
    At least in the cases of Business Man and Rambabu.
    Puri did it intentionally and everyone knows it very well.
    Many Andhras had enjoyed it too. Do not mistake. The reason for enjoyment is not insulting Telangana.
    In both cases the target was KCR and not Telangana.

  6. Watch this thought provoking Telangana Cartoons.

  7. Telangana will be 29th state, Hyderabad to be common capital for 10 years


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