Tuesday, October 30, 2007

‘Politically motivated’

In India you can wriggle out of any entanglement, escape any conviction, overturn any evidence, and falsify any logical argument, stultify any rational theory, pooh-pooh any expose, win any argument, calling it ‘politically motivated’.

A politician is caught red-handed taking bribes. The whole episode is caught on a video. Yet, the politician does not blink. His confidence remains atut (intact). He rubbishes all of it saying it was ‘politically motivated’.

A sting operation clearly exposes the involvement of an administration in India behind a sponsored pogrom which targeted and killed hundreds of Muslims. And how do the supporters and perpetrators react to it? Very nonchalantly, without any remorse or guilt, they call it ‘politically motivated’.

The supporters of this administration ask, ‘Why did Tehelka release this expose now? Right before the elections?’ So, the fact that they released the expose right before elections somehow nullifies its content, making it unqualified as evidence, and acquits everyone. Now, nobody discusses the contents. They all discuss the motives of the people who made this expose, completely deviating from the topic in question.

When Sethusamudram Project was being discussed its other detractors, who were not waving an explicit Hindu flag, used a different argument to denounce it. They used the argument that Tamil Nadu Government keen on kickbacks is sponsoring this dredging and is therefore ‘politically motivated’ and hence it needs to be stopped.

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his BJP built long, big and wide roads in India, it was considered ‘polticially motivated’. That means no credit should be taken by him or his government. It means he did not make the roads for the nation but only to win elections.

When reservations are sanctioned to uplift the lower sections in India, the elite dismiss them calling them ‘politically motivated’. That means reservations are not actually meant to uplift the backward, but that they only benefit the politicians.

One can evade almost any incriminating evidence using one sentence – ‘politically motivated’. When confronted on TV with revealing facts accusing of a wrongdoing, the guilty party can wriggle out of any entanglement calling the whole charade ‘politically motivated’.

And the people of India know exactly what it means. Nobody switches side after the incriminating evidence is produced only because the guilty party has used the wild card called ‘politically motivated’. People continue to extend their diehard support to their leaders and parties as they did before the evidence surfaced. Nothing has changed- thanks to the wild card called 'politically motivated'.

When Tehelka sting operation brought forth copious amounts of video and recordings where perpetrators of Gujarat Pogrom talked openly how the government and its allies actually supported and perpetrated the killings and massacres, the supporters of BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS stood steadfast in their loyalty to their parties. They pooh-poohed and rejected the whole expose as just another of those ‘politically motivated’ moves.


  1. Few weeks before, a sting operation carried out by a private channel was proved to be a hoax. So there's nothing wrong in saying sting operations can be politically motivated unless it is proved otherwise.

  2. "They pooh-poohed and rejected the whole expose as just another of those ‘politically motivated’"

    You have written as if they pooh-poohed and rejected the whole expose in the court saying it is politically motivated! Nothing of that sort has happened to the best of my knowledge. May be you are referring to media coverage, but media is not court.

  3. Novice Academician:

    You have written as if they pooh-poohed and rejected the whole expose in the court saying it is politically motivated!

    I was not referring to the court or the media. I am referring to many observers, sympathizers, supporters and the perpetrators.

  4. Sujai, I hope you've seen this film. Enough said. :)

  5. well not related to the post...but the link to wag the dog..

    When HBO played Lord of War on their channel...they edited out the text which comes at the last saying how the permanent five of the UN security council are the biggest gun runners in the world... now is that politically motivated..??

  6. He also warned India that the liberation of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad was also on the JuD's agenda.


    Please understand, extreme left atheist forces, along with Islamic fascists want to destroy Andhra Pradesh (includes Telangana).


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