Monday, November 21, 2011

Run away from Indian Flag

Though Indians got their freedom on 15th August 1947, Indian Flag is still not free.  It is chained with sanctity, incarcerated by tradition, guarded zealously by peevish Indians whose only claim to greatness is their orthodoxy and antiquity.  Though Naveen Jindal fought to set Indian Flag free, allowing ordinary Indians to raise the flag, it still remains inaccessible to the common man.

After coming back from living abroad, it was my dream that one day I will keep the Indian flag high and big at my workplace.  Hearing that a common man can now raise the flag even at nights, we raised the Indian Flag on the 15th August and decided to keep it aloft on a tall mast for all times to come, brimming with pride.  That lasted just one day. 

The next day the police swooped onto us and asked us to remove it – they were not aware of the new flag code nor do they want to hear it from us.  When I checked the flag code and recent updates, it says that if you intend to keep it up in the night, then it should be ‘well-illuminated’.  Now, there enters the subjectivity – ‘well-illumination’.  What does that mean? The police, which was bent on denying this right to us, has an upper hand there.   Since he doesn’t want the flag up there, he does not agree that it is ‘well-illuminated’.  Try arguing with the local police what ‘well-illumination’ means. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wake Up, Telangana

We will not get Telangana.  We won’t get Telangana because we are not qualified to get Telangana.  No state will be given to those people who don’t even know how to fight for a separate state. 

Naïve Telangana

Telanganas can be generalized into a category called ‘naïve’.  Three hundred and fifty lakh naïve people are led by equally naïve leaders.  We believe in things too easily – sometimes bordering on foolishness.  Long ago we believed that Gentlemen’s Agreement will be honored.  It was not to be.  Time and again, we believed in various promises made by New Delhi.  They were not meant to be. 

For the last two years, we have been ‘manipulated and managed’ by the efficient political craftsmanship of New Delhi in cahoots with equally clever Seemandhra leadership.  Continuously and forever, we believe there will be decision made in the next few days.  Nothing happens. 

A committee after committee, a meeting after meeting, a consultation after consultation!  Our own leaders stand up on the podium to tell us that they have ‘information’ that a favorable announcement will be made in the next two days.  No such announcement comes.  We are told that we will get a decision after Srikrishna Committee Report, then after Assembly elections in four states, then after this festival, that festival and so on.  We fall prey to all their machinations hook, line and sinker.