Saturday, November 11, 2006

Honking in ‘No Honking Zone’

There is a school in my neighborhood. A road goes next to it. The school has put more than 28 signs in a span of 100 meters that say “Please don’t sound horn”. These signs are big, in red and white, and are quite visible. You can’t miss them even if you want to.

I took this road in an auto this morning. Much to my dismay and bewilderment of school kids who were getting into the school, there were honks all around coming from every auto and car that was on that road. Once they dropped off their kids, these ‘responsible’ parents who behaved for a while became ‘common’ Indian citizens to participate in this honking revelry. Soon, everyone is honking at their loudest, sharpest and longest. It was deafening. This honking was not even normal. It was more than what one would observe on a regular road. Where one would expect some decency and expect to adhere to these multiple signs (I counted 28 of them this morning, there could be few more), everyone seems to take a perverted satisfaction by flouting the advice ‘not to horn’.

I was wondering- can’t we even follow one single rule in this country? At least those that are so easy and simple to implement?

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  1. I just wish that a miniature version of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" happens in India. It should be - "The day the Horns stopped Honking on Indian roads."
    Imagine the mayhem! I think many Indian drivers will die of panic attacks and high blood pressure if they discover that the horns aren't working. :-)


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