Saturday, February 03, 2007

My first year of blogging

It’s been a year since I started blogging. Before that I didn’t know much about blogging. A month before I started writing blogs, I never read a blog. I heard about it, and I thought it was something like an online diary. The first few blogs that I wrote, I would consciously send out my blogsite to my friends and family hoping they would read it.

When the topic of ‘reservations’ came about, I started writing blogs answering some of the questions that I faced when I was growing up. I ended up writing 13 episodes on that topic alone. With that my blog started to receive readers whom I never knew before. Receiving such audience was something that I was not prepared for. It was both good and bad. Good, because you are able to reach a wider audience. I became friends with some nice people because of that. Bad, because the commenters could write anything hiding behind the curtain of anonymity. When I saw few nasty things written about my family, I started to monitor the comments that I receive. If I find comments insulting, I reject them.

Though the blogs reach wider audience- it is extremely small compared to any mainstream media. Imagine an article written in THE HINDU or a program on NDTV. Such articles and programs reach millions and sometimes even billions. I compiled some statistics here on my blog from the last one year.

So far, I have received a total of 28,440 visitors (as of Feb 1st, 2007). The current average (taken over last 7 days) is 137.83 visitors per day. That’s extremely low compared to what one can achieve using a newspaper or a TV program. And in the last one year, I have written 90 articles on various topics.

The number of visitors for each month (starting from Feb 2006 and ending in Jan 2007) is:

138, 200, 777, 2704, 2962, 1476, 1083, 2751, 3655, 4067, 3989. So, there has been a steady growth since I started out, the peak being December 2006.

The top referrer to by blog has been Google, followed by,,, in that order.

Most popular articles on my blog site are:

MF Husain and nude paintings

Adolf Hitler and Indians

Reservations V: Apotheosis of IITs and myth of merit

Telangana - A New State

My Stand on Reservations I

The number of visitors from US is 11737 (42.28%) and from India is 11040 (39.77%)

According to Technorati, my page rank is: 119,313 with 104 links from 31 blogs.


  1. Dear Sujai,

    Congrads for one year of blogging! Eventhough your blogs are not reaching as much as NDTV/HINDU, I am sure it made a difference already. From my personal end I really enjoyed reading your blogs and they really made me think in different direction. Keep up the good work and all the best!


  2. Dear Jay:
    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. man i feel u r as bad as the indian media; running on controversies !
    u r just highlighting problems which are vague n sometimes imaginary and creating more problems which use up and further improve ur writing skills. yeah, not ur reasoning skills !
    i call these problems vague because nobody can actually get the complete picture. let alone point the causes n solutions !
    its like someone on the other side saying "oh sujai will be conversting to islam soon .." sounds wierd ?
    its all about the perception. its very difficult to have each and everybodys view on whats right or wrong and then conclude. its not impossible but u r not as experienced in life at this stage.
    u r just convincing urself to be right all the time .... but just remember like u said ... u r still nothing but an asshole !

  4. trespasser:
    I don't call people assholes. That's an insult. There's a big difference in calling someone an asshole and saying 'opinions are like assholes'. Hope you understand that.

    And the problem with the new generation is their writing skills (more suitable for sms) than for any serious conversation.

    Don't know what to do when you start receiving resumes which have 'ur' for 'your', 'n' for 'and', with complete omission of capital letters.

  5. Hi Sujai,

    Happy blogging!! I visit your blog as my thinking on many issues is similar to yours.

  6. Sujai

    Do continue blogging, ok? I love it and look forward to it every week.


  7. Sujai...
    I really loved your blog
    i landed here from google searching about telangana movement.
    I completely agree with your views
    i say its bound to happen by end of 2009.
    and i feel your blog is a deep thought provoking read on a plethora of subjects
    i would be closely following it and recommend to people who enjoy reading

  8. brother.
    do read my blog
    it is for creating awareness in the public about need for reservations based on cased like there is backup for affirmative action in US even by whites there.
    i really liked your ideas and they were right on the spot about the various issues you discuss

  9. Aravind brahmadevara

    Dear Sujai,
    please post your valuable comments on the separate Telangana issue to
    the SriKrishna Committee..


  10. Sujai, your writings are really worth, the reading. I really feel you should send some of your well tabulated stats, views and thoughts to SKC on Telangana issue. I would not miss any of your writings hereafter

  11. Keep the good work going!I am new to your blog & already have became fan of your writing !!! Tons of wishes for your blog !!!


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