Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dawn of Indian Hindu fascism

Move over world, here we come!

Malegaon blasts killed 35 Muslims. I fear this is just the dawn of Indian Hindu fascist and terrorist activities. I fear we will witness many more events like these. I believe that unless we make conscious efforts to root out the prejudices (that are being encouraged by all quarters of society) things will only deteriorate. The coming years will prove extremely dangerous for all Indian minorities. Indian Hindus are flexing their muscles riding the wave of good economy and massive military buildup; they are getting bolder; they want to dominate; they want to correct perceived mistakes of the past- and nothing will stop them but for themselves.

For many years, I have been looking at different events in India in isolation- bringing down of Babri Masjid, army rule in Kashmir, anti-reservation protests, negligible scientific output from premier institutions, growing belief in astrology, numerology and vaastu shastra, glorification of Azad, Bhagat Singh and Netaji, denouncement of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals, urbanization and its fallout, BPO industry and new youth culture, overemphasis on marks and merits, lack of formal education in social awareness and responsibility, etc. Now I am beginning to see a consistent pattern in all of these. I am yet to formalize my hypothesis but I am beginning to get a hang of it. And the more I think about it and relate them to each other, a picture seems to emerge. What I see I don’t like it. In fact, I am very afraid.

Yes, next hundred years will see India dominate. Domination will come from economic institutions- takeovers and acquisitions of foreign firms, followed by cultural and scientific export, and may even result in military expansion. But what kind of domination will it be? Are we geared to be the drivers and are we mature enough to take up the responsibility that comes with that domination? What message are we going to send out to our minorities and the rest of world? What culture will we inculcate in our future generations? Will we spread our intolerance and caste-divisions as well? Will we topple the scientific temperament with Vedic sciences? Will we bring back the supremacist theories based on race and creed by citing ancient scriptures?

We are just beginning to flex our muscles. All these years we waited, we endured and suffered- we were ruled by many foreigners, one after the other. We are angry because we just couldn’t put up a resistance- we succumbed way too easily. When a proud nation which stresses on superior hereditary attributes and proud heritage is made to kneel and suffer, it stores up all the hurt, and this pent up hurt will spew venom far more dangerous than the endured suffering itself. You can see a parallel in Jews of Israel. Their sufferings of two thousand years which culminated in Holocaust has now manifested in outright dominance. There is a feeling that the suffering they have endured has given them a license to dominate, invade and be ruthless – ‘Look! We suffered way too much, now don’t stop us from doing what we believe is our fight to survive- even if that means killing other kinds of people!” Indian Hindus, who are proud, because they were born straight from Brahman (supreme god) himself, always felt they were so superior that they didn’t even have to go out of this sub-continent. Their works, Ramayana, Vedas and Arthashastra were so superior they thought intelligence and complex mental work was some thing that was unique to them. Brahmanical interpretation of such supremacy was codified into our religion resulting in caste based divisions which will survive another thousand years. When such proud people are invaded, pillaged and forced into subjugation by these supposedly inferior foreigners for far too long, the pent up suffering will manifest in outright domination when given a chance. We are just beginning to see that in action.

Indian fascism is being fueled by Hindutva ideology fostering supremacist theories and by the elite academia embracing Vedic sciences. By rejecting scientific and secular modernism imported from West as ‘Westernization’, educated Indians are looking for answers in ancient Indian texts to combat everything West has introduced. There is a large scale cultural revivalism and re-traditionalism happening across this nation. The argument goes- “If you have astrophysics, cosmology and physics, we have Vedas and Upanishads; if you have astronomy, we have astrology; if you have modern medicine, we have Ayurveda; if you have Adam Smith and Karl Marx, we have Arthashastra; if you have traffic engineering and sanitary planning, we don’t believe in all that, we have our own version of environmentalism where in environment and we co-exist; we don’t believe in your empiricism, we can just meditate under a tree and skip the whole Age of Reason and Age of Enlightenment to come to the same conclusions without the need for Quantum Physics and Theory of Relativity. We are a proud culture that has all the answers and now we will teach it to alien religions of India (Christians and Muslims) and then export it to the rest of the world.” I have always believed that while Science gives us questions that we cannot answer, religion provides answers to the questions we have not even asked. And now, it looks like our ancient culture has answers to all the questions- including flight, time travel, atomic bomb and quantum physics.

We already influence nearby geographies by exporting our culture through movies, songs and religion. What kind of culture are we going to export in next hundred years when we start to dominate? Are we ready for this responsibility? We have not invested in mature institutions – like responsible Parliament, a good debate, tolerance of opposing views, healthy research organizations, institutes that uphold citizen freedoms, fair judiciary, etc. We burn up the books that we don’t like, bring down the paintings that we don’t understand, and shut down movies we have never seen. And if we get a chance, we will bring down other people’s houses of worship and blast them while they are praying.

Indian Hindus want Ram Rajya back. What does it mean? Does it mean- let Brahmins control education and the bureaucracy, let Kshatriyas rule govern, let Vaishyas manage businesses, trade and wealth, let Shudras be kicked out of schools to concentrate on menial work, let Dalits be kicked out of all cities and towns, and let other religions be kicked out of the country (because they didn’t exist during the time of Rama)?


  1. Happened upon your blog by chance. Excellent writing. Great logic and flow. Will be back often to read your posts and am linking you to my blog right away!

    Fantaicism and Fascism are a growing trend, world-wide. I believe that these are the last leaps of flames before these lamps of bigotry and hatred die down forever.

    In your post, change the word Indian for Pakistani, Hindu for Muslim and you have the situation in my country. Well, not quite. Despite the mad rise of fundoism and the Mulla Military Alliance, supported by successive governments to stay in power - including this one that professes 'enlightened moderation' but never dares connfront issues wholeheartedly - there have been fewer incidents of Hidndus being massacred. I guess that's because there aren't visibly many and offer no competition in jobs and other areas. It is thus, difficult for our Mullaas to realy incite people against a small, docile community ... though they do try.


  2. excellent post as usual, sujai. however, i think you're pronouncing judgement too soon. there is no evidence of any hardline hindu group being involved in these blast. this is the equivalent of pronouncing pakistan guilty of the mumbai blasts even before the investigations had started.
    hindu fanaticism i think started around the time hindus started becoming aware of a collective identity. godse was also a hindu fanatic.

  3. Vedant:
    You are absolutely right. I am jumping too soon to pronounce a verdict on Malegaon blasts.
    But I realize the theme of my article does not get affected even otherwise.
    There are so many events happening in certain direction that I am beginning to fear. Am I being paranoid? Or is it the same fear that many rational Germans felt before Nazis took over? Only history will tell.

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  5. Hello, excellent article.
    But I am afraid I do not agree your conclusions. Of 100 Hindu's how many do you find to do such activities not even 1. The so called ideology is been there for centuries but yet nothing major happened. The conclusions of malegaeon blasts... I will wait until full report same as Mumbai blasts. Hindu Fascism thats a huge word to apply at this time. I don't think People care for VHP or Bajrangdal's calls for Ram Rajya. Most people just want to live peacefully feeding there family. IT people & Job holders don't care and they don't have time for this. The only people this might apply to is Political backed extreme groups. So I don't think there is a rise of so called Hindu fascism at this time.

  6. Prashant:
    I agree that it is too early to talk about Malegaon Blasts.

    Also, it is true that most Hindus do not care about the activities of VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. It may be too early to call it Hindu Fascism. But again, there is convergence of ideas that is happening. The sense of supremacy amongst middle class and academia that is gaining traction because of booming economy, the need to identify ourselves closer to our prisitine religion because of rapid urbanization, the lack of tolerance towards opposing views, questioning of one's patriotism to define nationalism, etc, are all mainstream. They may not necessarily be aligning themselves with VHP, Bajrang Dal, BJP, etc, but they are definitely sympathetic in many ways. By condoning their acts, or by staying silent on their acts, or by being ambivalent about them, we are allowing certain prejudices to grow. It will catch up in a generation or two.

    I believe it is the Dawn of Indian Hindu Fascism because I see the seeds for such covergence happening right now.

    I could be completely wrong. That would be good for all of us. If it is indeed right, is it not better to take right precautions instead of brushing it aside?

  7. Who did Hitler try to conqure and why?

    Besides his intense intolerance concerning Jews (which even I reject as well as regret) most of the other groups he accused of trechery really were trecherous, dangerous not only to Germans, but to all others----The power behind America and England were the sly ones, the 'smart ones', the 'clever ones', the wolves in democratic or religous clothing who were a threat to the spiritual and idealistic evolution of humanity while the Russian peasants mobilized for battle through Bolshevism were simply a danger because of their brute strenghth and numerical value which threatened not only the peace and security of Eroupe, but according to Hitler they also endangered India and eventually all Asia for they were barbarians and the color of there skin was not going to save them anymore than for the Masionic Rulers of Wall Street or in Washington.
    So bringing these forces down would not only benifit Aryan Eroupeans themselves but would likewise liberate all the levels of life oppressed by these dark forces hiding under religon, libralism, or "communist liberation"---Hitler wanted to put down all the barbarians and it just happend that most of them were White, and he knew that when fighting barbarians whether honest like the Bolshivic's, or supposedly "civilized" like the Roman Democratic nations, one must fight like an animal, and not use the Upanishads or the Sermon on the Mount to defeat them but the varry philosophy which made them successfull at enslaving the world.
    Hitler knew who he was fighting, he was fighting the forces which had brought us the Christian Dark Ages and now in the 21st century planned on taking us into an even darker age of materialism while those who even thought they opposed religous intolerance were still in deception for they believed they had "democracy, liberalism, and enlightement"--in reality this humanist worldview was human selfishness at the expense of nature and universal laws of life.

    But his real enemies were the mobilized masess lead by the wicked Masonic shepards.
    The so-called Elite by giving the blind masess the opium of religon, and the illusion of democracy, they could get them to sacrifice themsleves in their capitalist wars for their grand Financial Empire.
    He was not going to fight this financially, numericaly, materialy superior evil lightly or democraticly, but with no mercy, ---he was no fan of tortour---he prefered they just be shot on the spot--Jeffersonian style.
    He knew this form of battle was what makes winning possible.
    Hitler wanted to destroy the force of American Financial Militarism before it got so much power no one can stop it---as it is today.
    Hitler only wanted to colonize peoples who he felt posed a danger to his people---THE RUSSIANS and their SLAVIC brothers and potencial converts to Bolshevism --very coneniently Hitler needed their land as well for his "Lebensbraun"--I know.
    Now the Russians which were a very big force superior in numbers--masses of cavemen--bolshevized--ready for battle.-----This was not India folks; when Hitler compared "Britians India to Germany's colonization in Russia"---he was not comparing India to Russia in the spiritual or culteral sense, he was saying that Russians would be there for Germans to expliot economicly, thus he said "India will be our Russia"-- "what India is to Britian, Russia will be to us"-- He was refering to the size of Russia and it's many multitudes, and the way the British cruely ruled a Old culteral nation such as India, Hitler would rule this culteraly degenerate mass of base humaniods.
    For Russia was in no way anything like India, these snow dwellers were not proginators of culter, they were barbaric Neanderthals lead by superior Jewish masters.
    Thus Hitler said that ' If the "British" leave India the Russians will surly take the atvantage".
    He wanted to save the peacefull and cultered nation of India from such a fate of Mongol attack.
    Hitler was only going to treat masses of people who endangered his people like The British treated the Indians, his future intentions toward the Indians themselves are probably better than most people would beleive or even want to know--one of freindship and support in a "Greater India"---for Hitler wanted every specie to evolve upwards to betterment from the insect world to the animal world and in the human world, he beleived that the futrure Aryans would preserve this righteoius new order where the more capable nations protect all life on earth.
    First, the decived Westerners had to go.
    Then the realized Aryans, the real benevolent Gods would protect every honerable specie and race on earth while destroying the elements that cause disorder and eventual confusion.
    Therefor enslavement was something that Hitler wanted for his enemies, those who threatened not only his personal people, but nearly every other race on the planet, including an entire order that put all of life below man making him the ruler---a truly racist order.
    Therefor in this order, "Man's Order", his desires would be put first before nature and the superior {forces of nature, etc.}.

    The forces that are always here for one to use whether a tyrant of a Avatar :

    This was a world Hitler thought deserved to be enslaved, striped of it's rights to govern, and overthrown, making the Aryan a Light Bearer once more upon the earth.
    To achieve this he was forced to employ the worst type of criminals, people who were infact worse than those who he was fighting.
    Thus orginizations like the Gestapo were set up in order to eliminate all opposition.
    Hitler did not want many of those individuals that he admired to support nazism because he understood why they were revulted by it.
    He was only intrested in surrounding himself with the lowest, because these were the men that he needed.
    So he wanted selfhaters, psycopaths, sadists, and meglomaniacs as his henchmen and this is why he played on the age old national inferiority complex of the Germans. Humiliating the Germans and presenting the Jews as potential superiors would make Germans want to prove their superiority, their "choseness", and then the world he hated could be destroyed, Schopenhaur could not accomplish this, but the people of Goebbles could.
    He knew that many individuals that would infact build his future world would have to be sacrificed if they could not see past the nazi violence.
    Therefor many truly briliant people would come under the brutality of sadists such as members of the Gestapo if they were too finite to see the bigger picture.
    It is my beleif that many of the creatures that served the order of Hitler under the Gestapo and like orginizations are now working in America under the leadership of Rumsfeld, Cheny, and the like.
    They are useing the same means as Hitler did, although Hitler's masterplan was as I have been explaining far removed from their neverending nightmare, he took note of the their methods, he knew what their plans were used their own means in order to defeat them.
    Because he was working to end tyranny on as quik a timescale as possible he thus employed the most brutal methods.
    The Churchillians did not have to use the immediate brutality that Hitler did because their timescale was much longer, they had more time on their hands, their order was giong to reach it's final conclusion for many years and so they were capable of doing things more Democraticly, "by the rules", but Hitler had to use all the brutality he could as expediant as possible in order to end the nightmare in as short a period of time as pissible, perhaps even in his lifetime, that was his wish.
    Instead, the Democratic leaders won the war, they "played by the rules" because they're was no urgency to stop the evil of mellenial enslavement (as their was for Hitler).
    They worked democraticaly in order to have the future all to themselves, they did not need to act like their time was running out because they're final plan was not even close to arriving.
    NOW, finaly their true plans have arrived.
    Finally their true face is being shown for all to see.
    Most people are completly shocked at the whole ordeal, they can't beleive that they are useing methods oftly similar to that of the Gestapo; and yet they are still "technically" playing by the rules, they still do not have the absolute freedom to take a oppser out to the forset and shoot him dead as the Gestapo could, but sooner than people think they will.
    It makes perfect sense that reincarnated Gestapo agents are now working for the American FBI, CIA, Secret Service and military.
    But people must see that the system they are working for is the very gresume system that Hitler forsaw.
    Hitler was willing to use the methods his enemies would use in their final conclusion, if need be even to shock the good people of Democracy, so that they would have taste of the bitter fruit they would latter be force fed God forbid he lost the war.
    Those who were more that happy to murder for Greater Duetchland are now even glader to wait and do things the Democratic way so that they can latter enjoy the full power to rule and be unquestionble masters in a world that Hitler used them to fight.
    Hitler allowed them to enjoy all their lustfull powerhungry killing sprees in the short time so they could be left behind in the future world which Schopenhaur's would lead, but right now as we speak they are doing things the "Democratic way", in the "short run", so they can latter enjoy a possible millenia of unquestioned, unopposable--unlimited power to wage war .
    They are servants, they follow orders, and they are serving the wicked elite behind Bush now as they once served the elite of Hedrick, Himmler, and Goebbles---all subjects to Hitler.

    and all the other races and species and all manifestations of life from the infinitly large to the microscopic would rejoice at the desruction of the most advanced devils on the earths surface, this was HITLER'S SECRET ORDER OF THE AGES.

    First he tryed Gandhi's way, to convert the world and other Germanic nations (England, America, but they continued in their selfishness and blindness to the reality of the future, thinking everything in nature including superior beings would become and or remain it's slave).
    He tryed to get them to follow him, unforchunatly no one realy knew his plans, if more individuals did, most of them would have sacrificed their lifes for his victory.

    Hitler basicaly wrote in Mien Kamp: "first destroy all the negetive -anti-Christian nations who only hide behind religon to expliot the world, then we shall have pacifism"--Hitler actually admited that he understood the light of the pasifistic idea and actually would be happy to build a future world were there would be no war, only that in the current world the method of pacisive resistance would only benifit greedy capitalist's who would not stop expliotation strickly for the purpose of material gain no matter how many "dreamers" like John Lennon or Gandhi tryed to "convert them" through non-violence; that's why he said, first the good guy's must conqure the world by any and every means necassary, then we shall consider pacifism, vegetianism, and other spectacular ideas of a future Aryan world; first, we must fight these civilized, mobilized, and orginized savages who are very mobilized, and orginized savagly with no regard for their "rules of war"---which they themselves don't even follow anyway. This HYPOCRITICAL Christianity of the Allies in reality only kept you "alive" so they could enslave you every way a human being can be enslaved.
    Therefor Hitler was not in favour of useing passive resistance to fight these forces because he wanted to win, and to win you must be honest if one is truely your enemy, the goal is to take him out, not give him rights so he can fight you again in the next war.

    It's all too stupid, the forces behind the Allies were only intrested in expanding The American Financial Empire.
    No vision, no ideals, just material glory deviod of any spiritual substance was an order he opposed, it was an order he feared would engulf the world in anarchy, and that's exactly what we are experienceing in our present world situation, this is not stability, it is the result of materialistic, capitalist militarism---lead by an Elite who keep all the riches and conceal the truth from their frightened masses who prefer going on living in their Orwelian dreamworld, blinded by their own mental palace to the hellish reality they are creating on earth for the benifit of the crooked shepards leading them into darkness.
    That was what Hitler knew had to be dismanteled before any grand ideas of great visionaries and dreamers, spectacular idea's such as vegetarianism, pacifism-- "world peace" could be explored.
    First, this life negating system had to be overthrown before any dreams of peace could be taken as a reality, otherwise they were mearly sugar coated deception, wishfull thinking the adherants of which would "die out with the last German"---in sorrow and hatred for the fact that they had been decieved, in the end as Hitler said in Mien Kampf: "anyone who truly wants the victory of the pacifistic idea would have to use everything at his disposal for German victory".

    I'm an admirer of Hitler because he wasn't afraid to punish the white race when it misbehaved and he was all aware that there is alot of white trash out there that really should go and he had no problem using them to gain power like his interpertation of bankers but in reality he loathed them.
    Like more than half of the neo- nazi movement is made of the worst White trash on the face of the earth--let's be honest half of these guy's would'nt have even made the SA--they would have been allowed to clean their toilet's.
    I feel sorry for all those lower class southern White Bigots who really believe that Hitler would have represented them--he would have used such violent brutes to gain power as he did with the SA, and many of their fates would have been to play the slaves of Germania as the Slav's would have if Hitler conqured them.
    Imagine the time honerned comedic experience that would have taken place if certain breeds of Southern swine came into contact with the SS, their little world would have gone up in smoke!
    The geneticly and spiritualy damaged majority in the deep south would have been taught to count to 10 and the children of those people who still contained Aryan genetics would have been removed from their mentaly damaged parents and they would become apart of the new vision, the new timeless order.
    Hitler sent German agents to America to investegate the Ku Klux Klan, they were rejected for a number of reasons; for one thing their intolerant Puritin Christian mindset was exactly what Hitler wished to eventualy evolve out of, plus the Klan is still completly devoted to Christian Supremesy of the quality that Paul preached and this was not a vision Hitler wished to promote; as far as the Atlantian-Aryan worldview the Klan was completly ignorant; as for Gnosis much of the Klan was devoid if not in opposition to; and as far as physical scientific agnostic progress, much of the klan was an arch enemy.
    Most of them promoted dogmatic creationism as opposed to the evolutionary intelegent design which Hitler promoted even in his pseude-scientific worldview.
    The truth is that most of the Klan didn't then and still don't even have the slightest insight or clue to these arts, although there orginal Masonic supporter "Albert Pike" was all aware of such knowlege.
    The one thing that inspired the nazi's to investigate the Klan was obviously their racial and nationalist position, which understood the significance of the white race and it's "divine origins" { though dogmatic and egotistic} placing it as the "new chosen people of God".
    So there interpertation of the "divine origins" of the "white race", was obviously corrupted.
    The problem was that the Klan still swallowed the Jewish dogma's raw while at the same time hateing the Jews with a passion.
    Thier exeptance of the corrupted Old Testament showed through their unhealthy relationship with nature and their lesser creatures--brothers--children.

    Hitler wanted to see Arabs, Africans, Indians, Asians, all honerable races freed from the bondage of International Devils---he was against the exploitation of innocent creatures in nature whether they were equal to the Aryans or not-- he thought if anyone was going to get exploited, it would be the aggressors--Russians, Americans, and unfourchunatly the English.
    He knew that violent, materialistic, and stupid peoples who belevied either they were God's special people and who thought they were the "chosen class"--all lead by intiate Masons who know the truth but conceal it--he knew this force had to be brought to order, it was out of order, out of order where he came from anyway, he wanted every race to help him bring down those who were piosoners and eternal enslavers--devils--he would have taken help from animals if they were intelegent enough to help him.
    Most of all he wanted those who were as advanced as Aryans with the power to decive and enslave all life to anillated and a new order founded--therefore he would have to fight the most powerfull force---THE MAJORITY OF THE WHITE RACE THEMSELVES---for most Anglo-Saxons had been either decived by a false Christianity, educated in false huimanitarian ideas that in reality only serve the selfishness and personal ego of "man"---and the on the Slavic side mobilization through Bolshevism was a extremly detrimental force, one that had to be faced sooner or latter.
    He was willing to seek help from peoples who were oppressed by these same corrupt forces that had betreayed his people and refused to repent.
    He was after justice.
    There were thousands of Indian fighters who fought in the Wehrmacht and were free to live as honered guests in Germany.
    Hitler was freindly with The Arab Palestinian leader of Jerusalem. (Again Hitler told him that he would liberate Palestine "with the protection of the British"---"if he could win them over".)--Agian Hitler wanted peace with the British, he did not want to fight them but he did wish they would not simply "live to rule" but to entertain in enlightened ideas for a better future.
    He was very willing to grant people of other nationalities rights in Germany as long as they understood that it was GERMANY that was in control of their country.

    Even African American Marxist Web De Buois remarked on Nazi Germany's tolerance to people of color, claiming that in his 6 weeks of his stay in Germany he could not record ONE instance of racial rudeness or lack of cortiousy and kindness, inspite of his opposition to nazism as an idealogy, he could not help seeing the beautifull effect it had on the German people.

    I beleive Hitler honered all nobal races as he honered all nobal species as he honered all nature.
    He just beleived that race mixing on vast scales results in the loss of identity and considering the amount of human souls there are to consider I think he was right.
    All through his career he never made a piont of oppressing innocent people of color who had done his people no harm.
    He looked to avenge the enemy's of Germany--Slav's, Britians of colonial Churchill's breed, and Pig Nation America-----all white.
    He did not give a **** him they needed an enlightenment.
    Churchill defenetly was more racist towards people of color than Hitler.....infact Hitler collaberated with them...he fought for their liberation...Hitler ended The British Empire because of it's greed and hypocracy.
    I'm not saying that he was a champion of the coloered peoples...for sure he was the opposite...but he honered all species and all of nature and he had no designs on the coloered people, he beleived every non-threatening race and specie is entitled to their natrual living space.

  8. Sujai:

    After reaing your comments on polite indians website I thought why not read your blog.

    For this one, Don't you wan't to withdraw this post as you wrote this on an unfounded/unsubstantaited fear about Malegoan blasts?

  9. You must be some damned dravidian who suffers from a deep complex about his own inferiority. You don't have any heritage or culture to be proud of and you don't want others to have those too. The primary reason why India lags behind in Science & Technology is because most of the R&D centres in the counry are centred in the south. The only southern person to make any worthwhile contribution to modern science was Raman, who was a brahmin. He had aryan blood in him as had the other genius southie, Ramanujan. Khurana was from the north. See you in a concentration camp, buddy. I know that you won't approve my comments for posting, but I don't give a damn.

  10. I think India will become superpower of HIV/AIDS in next 5 years - approx. more than 30 million...As long as corrupt people, Hinduvata, Hindu stuff goes on...I see dark future of India .. Lots of eastern states want freedom ... Plus religious Conversion is next Big Boom for India..In a country where there is no Religious FREEDOM - how you can say that country a Democratic Country? Ask uncle SAM ...He has answer.

    Next Big Boom Projects for India :

    1. HIV/AIDS
    2. Religious Conversions..

    Watch Out ...
    Suji - Overall good article..

  11. Hi Sujai..

    I agree with prashanth when he says tat majority of the Hindus are not involved in Fascism.
    It would only seem this way because of organizations like the RSS & VHP trying or rather making an attempt to represent them(which they can never do so..)
    As for caste based divisions or simply put 'casteism' has nothing to do with the Vedas. This was introduced in Manu Samhita & Arhtashastra which are basically for politicians and Rulers.
    The propaganda that 'casteism' belongs to the Vedas and such other controversial statements are being made by RSS & VHP 'beggars'. All they would want to do is sell the country again to the outside world; like it was done during the pre-independance period.
    Well; as for the Malegaon blasts; i am not very well informed about it. So i wouldnt choose to comment on it.

    Well... please keep blogging. There is always a curiosity / introspective mood which gets triggered everytime i get to read them.


  12. Well, most Hindus do not give much importance to the VHP and Co. After all, with all their supposed power, they've never been able to bring the BJP to a simple majority. That should be enough to show the myth of their so called power. And it is good that it is a myth.

    However, the following points are out of place here.

    anti-reservation protests,

    Reservations are being opposed not by the BJP, but by students whose lives are being affected. Why, pray, should a person be denied a seat in a college, or a job, because s/he happened to be born into a supposedly higher caste? And in any case, it has nothing to do with Hindutva.

    glorification of Azad, Bhagat Singh and Netaji

    Well, again, this has nothing to do Hindutva. And these gentlemen deserve to be glorified. Unfortunately, our history textbooks, written by the Congress, lionise Gandhi (not that they shouldnt) and the Congress, and sideline the revolutionaries.

    denouncement of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals,

    This is regrettable, but people are free to disagree with his ideas as long as they are not denouncing him.

    urbanization and its fallout, BPO
    industry and new youth culture, overemphasis on marks and merits, lack of formal education in social awareness and responsibility, etc.

    What does any of this have to do with Hindutva?

    Will we topple the scientific temperament with Vedic sciences?

    Why are the Vedic sciences against the scientific temperament? I have studied Vedic Mathematics. The methods described therein are extremely powerful. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that maths is the language of science. I cannot think of any reason why people would go to the trouble of creating a mathematics as advanced as Vedic Maths, if their science did not need it.

    Brushing away something as unscientific without having analysed it thoroughly is itself an unscientific practice.

  13. To Anonymous who said...
    "You must be some damned dravidian who suffers from a deep complex about his own inferiority. You don't have any heritage or culture to be proud of and you don't want others to have those too. The primary reason why India lags behind in Science & Technology is because most of the R&D centres in the counry are centred in the south. The only ........"

    Mr.Anonymous... plz. read the article in depth and write down relevant comments.

  14. I don't agree that it has started already. But it will soon if the fascist forces of other religions keep operating as present.

    A Negative charge at one place always leads to a positive at the other.

    As long as there are religions whose people believe in evangelism by killing or forcing or luring through money, Such fascism would grow. The religions or religious texts might not allude to such means, but if some people are using such means, it lead to people of other religions forming a counter force.

    The result is always destructive. Fascism helps no-one.

  15. 10/04/07

    I aqm postiung a detailed comment


  16. This post started with Malegaon blast. Now that it is becoming evident that this incident was a handiwork of Muslim terrorists themselves, secularists seem to have lost all interest in it!!!

  17. Excellant. These are the thoughts in all peace loving people's mind in the sub continent. People who believe in live and let live.

    Why dont we all unite. we agree we want peace and tolerance, decency, sensitivity. so let us spread the
    word as much as possible, as softly as possible, and as kindly as possible. Let us not keep silent when we hear hatred being spelt out.

    Ram rajya could also means "let live".

    You touch a chord with your frank and clear writing. thanks.

  18. Dude, Sujai,

    Can you tell me what you were smoking when you wrote this meandering, poorly researched piece? Because I want to smoke it too, if it causes such wonderful hallucinations and distortion of reality. I was laughing so hard on reading your paranoia. Hindu fascism, really? Oh my.


  19. And what's wrong with Ayurveda? You do know that the greedy corporations in the West have unsuccessfully tried to patent turmeric (haldi) and neem. Why would they attempy bio-piracy if there's no value to it, as described in Auyrveda and common knowledge in India for ages?

    Have you looked closely at any Western medicine? Usually there is a long list of "side effects" that go with taking that medicine. I'm sure you'll start realizing the value of alternative medicines like Ayurveda and Acupuncture the moment they become popular in the West.

    Yoga today is practiced widely all over in the world and in the West. Where do you think it came from?

    It's totally fine to acknowledge what's good in India while not being blind to what's wrong. I think you err on the side of seeing everything wrong with India's past and history and achievements. While I don't think West hasn't contributed to today's world, can you really compare the spiritual wealth (not religious) that has been created in India and willingly shared with the world? Why do you fear to accept it? It won't make you a right-wing or a rabid or a religious person (I'm not) just to acknowledge that yes, India has contributed a lot.


  20. One more thing.

    Are you going to criticize Congress (and Communist) party for following a policy of minority appeasement while waving the flag of "secularism"?? Is it really secularism if one religious community if granted special favors for votes?
    And if BJP calls a spade a spade, they are termed as Hindu fanatics? That does not compute. I'm critical of many policies of Hindutva organizations when they fan the flames of hatred, but not all their ideas are wrong.


  21. Amit:
    I am not a supporter of Congress nor that of Communists. I find their version of secularism revolting. Either you call it appeasement, or call it different rules for different people, I find it ludicrous and quite hypocritical most of the time.

  22. Amit:

    There's nothing wrong with Ayurveda. Its another medicine. Has its inherent strengths and flaws. In fact, I got cured of a very big ailment that I suffered from all through my childhood through Ayurveda.

    Having said that, I wouldn't recommend Ayurveda during a critical operation to my kid, or to cure him of a imminent illness.

    Also, most of the practises in Ayurveda are not based in experimentation - no construction of hypothesis, and also the basis on which Ayurveda works is also unproven and is flawed. So, one has to be very careful, and using lead is one of the practices which did not get corrected.

    Lack of experimentation and lack regimented empiricism doesn't make Ayurveda a mainstream medicine.

    No denying Haldi has certain value. Many of the modern medicines get their enzymes from plants.

    But blindly believing that Ayurveda has cures for all diseases one can conceive of, and that it is all written in some cryptic code to be deciphered, etc, is bullshit.

    BTW, there are many side effects to Ayurveda too. A neighbor lady who took the same medicine as I took but didn't practise the strict diet got pain in the bones as a side effect.

    Yoga is good as an exercise. Have you attended a yoga session where people combine with some weird and absurd concepts from spirituality?

    What is spiritual wealth of India?
    Art of Living?

  23. Sujai, your comments in italics.

    There's nothing wrong with Ayurveda. Its another medicine. Has its inherent strengths and flaws. In fact, I got cured of a very big ailment that I suffered from all through my childhood through Ayurveda.

    Having said that, I wouldn't recommend Ayurveda during a critical operation to my kid, or to cure him of a imminent illness.

    Well, if you have first-hand experience of Ayurveda (and a good one at that) why would you imply by association that it is part of Hindu fascism? Sure, Western medicine has its strengths, and I wouldn't go to an Ayurveda vaidya for surgery either, but that doesn't mean Ayurveda is totally irrelevant. Every system has its pros and cons, as you say.

    Also, most of the practices in Ayurveda are not based in experimentation - no construction of hypothesis, and also the basis on which Ayurveda works is also unproven and is flawed. So, one has to be very careful, and using lead is one of the practices which did not get corrected.

    Agreed. But you are measuring a system using the parameters set by Western science!! You yourself acknowledged that it worked for you even though the basis according to you is unproven and flawed. Is that not proof? Surgeries and treatments go wrong with Western medicine too, but we don't dismiss Western medicine because of that. If you don't know already, I'd suggest that you look into Acupuncture - it's theory and basis is unproven by Western medicine/ideas too, but it has started being accepted by Western medicine as a way to cure certain illnesses. I think India has now started doing more research and clinical trials on Ayurveda. Don't you think that should be encouraged? Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Lack of experimentation and lack regimented empiricism doesn't make Ayurveda a mainstream medicine.

    And shouldn't that be changed instead? Or are you saying that you only support whatever is in the mainstream? :)

    But blindly believing that Ayurveda has cures for all diseases one can conceive of, and that it is all written in some cryptic code to be deciphered, etc, is bullshit.
    Sure, blind acceptance is not what is called for. Proof of the pudding is in eating it. But, are you not even allowing yourself to admit the possibility that Ayurveda may offer cures to some ills? It's only research that will prove it correct or not. Dismissing entire Ayurveda because of statements made by some loonies is not what I'd consider a reasonable response. I'd also look at the credentials of the person who is making those statements.

    BTW, there are many side effects to Ayurveda too. A neighbor lady who took the same medicine as I took but didn't practise the strict diet got pain in the bones as a side effect.
    Anything that has power to heal can also cause pain. I'll correct myself of the opinion that Ayurveda has no side effects whatsoever. But, following the advice of the doctor/vaidya should usually work, and maybe if your neighbor had done that, there wouldn't have been side effects.

    Yoga is good as an exercise. Have you attended a yoga session where people combine with some weird and absurd concepts from spirituality?
    Well, I've only learned Iyengar yoga for a few years here in the US, so I can only speak about that. I haven't seen any weird and absurd concepts from spirituality during the classes. But, it's possible that some teachers do that. (And, I do know that gurus in saffron robes have taken a lot of people for a ride in India and in the US.) But that is India's heritage where we allow others to change and add to the technique - some good, some bad. Would you prefer that there were strict rules and regulations (similar to Islam) that didn't allow any changes to how yoga is practiced? My parents in India have been doing pranayama as taught by Ramdev for 2-3 years, and both of them have mentioned excellent results and good health because of that. As with anything (no system is perfect), take what works for you, and if you disagree with any "weird" concepts, don't agree/follow them. I doubt if any yoga teacher (at least the ones I'm familiar with) will say you have to follow those concepts to learn or get the good physical results of yoga.

    What is spiritual wealth of India?
    Art of Living?

    I wish I knew more about Art of Living to offer an educated response, though I have heard both positives and negatives from people, which leads me to believe that it depends on the person and one has to experience it for oneself to see if it is good or bad.

    I'd think that yoga would qualify. I'd think many meditation techniques (distinct from taking people for a ride) would qualify - and one knows which is which only if one does some exploration. And, India has shared all that with the world without even copyrighting it - though with bio-piracy and all, that is changing. I would consider the words of the ten gurus of Sikhs, words of Kabir, words of Buddha etc. as India's spiritual wealth. I haven't read anything by Vivekanada, Dyananda etc., so I can't offer an opinion on those. If you know where to look, there is plenty to find. Sure, there are people willing to show you god for a fee, but I have been fortunate enough to avoid them so far. :)


  24. As for the Hebrew Aryan monarch, it is an impossible combination- it is either the materialistic Hebrew or the transcendental Arayn side that wins. However, any nation that wants to get ahead cannot do without the Jewish mentality-for they are the shrewdest financiers--even Nietzsche said the Germans would be wise to befriend them in this respect.

  25. Sujai, too bad last time hyderabad blasts could not provide testimonials to your hindu fascism theory. In fact they proved exactly the opposite. Now you have another chance. There are some more blasts in hyderabad. Look hard. May be this time you can establish its links to hindu fascism and still salvage your grand theory.

  26. Now there is another bomb blast at Ajmer, and just like Hyderabad, this time also fingers are pointing towards Islamic militants. I believe the responsibility for increasing incidents like this lies squarely on people like you, who in accordance with their distorted secularism blame everyone for such acts except the real culprits i.e. Islamic militants. This article is a true specimen of everything that is wrong with our policy against terrorism. Instead of treating terrorism as a criminal activity, we deal it with an ideological lense. If the culprits are not to our liking, we will confound the issue till the real culprits get scot free.

  27. Mumbai train blasts, Malegaon, Mecca Mosque, Ajmer and now Ludhiana...

    While the country burns in the fires of islamic militancy, vested interests are trying hard to divert the attention from the real threat by putting up false bogey of "hindu fascism". Keep it up! As long as you can twist facts to blame it on hinduism, your "intellectual" tag is safe!!

  28. "Domination will come from economic institutions- takeovers and acquisitions of foreign firms"

    Yes I see it now Google being run by paan spitting dhoti wearing indians who would for-go the academic , scientific and business brilliance of Page and Brin and use Vishnus third eye to connect us all in an inter connected network of super conscious bull shi**

    "followed by cultural and scientific export" -ah yes the export of forced arranged marriages to close cousins or castes ensuring a line of malaria resistant eugenically chosen inbreeds. mmm the scientific export of unprovable karma where if you eat a animal your eating your dad from a previous life. Of all the million parallel universes I had to be an Avatar in which fcuk wits claim undefinable notions of karmic wheel as "science". And of course lets not forget nirvana enlightenment pushed by child molesting , money swindling Babas where every money hungry dikhed can claim to be an avatar of the some faked up god so that we may throw all our money at his garlanded feet in hope of salvation.

    "But what kind of domination will it be? Are we geared to be the drivers and are we mature enough to take up the responsibility that comes with that domination?"

    The only thing fascist hinduism will dominate is the ability to put foetal scanners in every reach of the country so that you can kill anything that resembles a girl in the fear that you will have to pay a donkey as dowry for the future arranged marriage...mmm lets see...a beautiful life of a precious baby girl or donkey dowry? only ideologically fundamentalist Hindus face this kind of dilemma.

    What message are we going to send out to our minorities and the rest of world? What culture will we inculcate in our future generations? Will we spread our intolerance and caste-divisions as well? Will we topple the scientific temperament with Vedic sciences? Will we bring back the supremacist theories based on race and creed by citing ancient scriptures?

    You can try until the cows come home ...haha ....I dont see Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford reverting to telling all their physics students to sit under a tree. Western Mathematicians and Physicists know the inner realms and workings of the universe transcendentalists can only dream of

    “If you have traffic engineering and sanitary planning, we don’t believe in all that”

    yes we know that its obvious with the number of people killed by trains each day in India because everyone walks on the tracks .And this based on a philosophy where life is the most precious thing (!)

    “we have our own version of environmentalism where in environment and we co-exist;”

    yes where havelis full of cow crap adorn our feet and we have effluence filled, cadavar filled ganges

    “we don’t believe in your empiricism, we can just meditate under a tree and skip the whole Age of Reason and Age of Enlightenment to come to the same conclusions without the need for Quantum Physics and Theory of Relativity.”

    Only modern free thinking scientific non-facist-hindu thinking, business and innovation are able to build the particle colliders and will soon realise how to turn matter into energy with fusion technology hopefully using the third-eye-believers homes as a site for the nuclear waste, PS these aresholes knew fck all about Relativity until Einstein graced his glory on us... to them relatively was how many relatives you could shag”

    I grew up in the west as a Hindu. Now that I realise the Nazi based, contradictory , facist like nature of *true* Hinduism , just like renunciation is a foundational stone in Hinduism, I renounce Hinduism itself.

    I cant wait until you implode on yourself especially if you revert to the caveman days of karmic wheel, third eyes and outdated nirvana philosophy...We ALL DIE IN THE END FOREVER. If not ll wait until my next incarnation when I'll come back as Nelson from the Simpsons to go Ha Ha ..

    People **WILL** tirelessly work in Business, Universities and Hospitals and Schools around the world to educate ***ALL** of us to solve all of **OUR GLOBAL** problems of poverty disease and ignorance. The west won against fascist Germany and if need be they will win against Hindu facism..nukes or no nukes

    I urge and ****BEG**** with all the atoms in my body for all young freethinking indians, hindus, subcontinentals to fight the darkness of the fascist Hindu nature.READ western philosophy...the god delusion...selfish gene...the fabric of the cosmos...darwin...and more and more..
    I promise you with every fibre of my being that only modern educated thinking will unite all of our races, generate our medicines and prove that we are all free.

    with all my love and inner peace and secular, atheist wishes to all xxx

  29. blaming "hindu fascism" for islamic deobandi sponsored malegaon blasts is irresponsible at the least.

    You must have ben waiting a long while to pin the blame on hindus, sorry you have been disappointed. Blaming hindus is such a trend nowadays. I hope you appologize if you are not disingenous

  30. hi Sujai,
    your thought about hindus really hurt me a lot. "ye to vo hi baat hui, jis desh ka khate ho, usi desh ke logo ke bare mein aisi soch rakhte ho." what i think being a hindu, one should not forget the cost of freedom that we have earned after 1000s of years of slavery by the hands of invaders. now we are free, so we should re-enrich the values of our ancient india the great bharat varsha. these values will help us to motivate so that we can prove ourselves in the global arena. and these also makes us hindus tolerant towards those who were resposible for our 1000 yrs slavery. we are not like them who even today believes in killing, blood sheding as they used to do in past 1000 years. i am not a part of any VHP or RSS but still i want to admire them for their motive to keep all hindus united so that no other invader/insider/outsider can never ever will dare to threat our country again. people do not know about them, they help poors, victms, even works for minorities, they have a goal to diminish the cast system in hindus and always promote hindu unity. they do not even want a penny from us, if you can not atleast praise them for their efforts towards social empowerment but you should discourage them. i hope you would understand my point of view, do'nt take it otherwise. But i would say I am a pround Indian Hindu, always want to be for ever till death...

  31. hi, just want to correct the typo error, "they do not even want a penny from us, if you can not atleast praise them for their efforts towards social empowerment but you should not discourage them", thanks...

  32. I'm thinking... in the years to come India will dominate two lists, the forbes billionaire list and the poverty indices. We are creating an environment fit for a civil war.

  33. He also warned India that the liberation of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad was also on the JuD's agenda.

    Please understand, extreme left ATHEIST forces, along with Islamic fascists want to destroy Andhra Pradesh (includes Telangana).

  34. i think hindus have suffered a lot under islamic,their patience is running out.they will avenge the death and destruction islam has caused.hindus have prayed for the good of the world in entire but islam gave them nothing but intolerence.

    this frustration coupled with hard right thinkings of r.s.s and other organisations would result in a situation similar to germany.

    many hindus are ready to embrace the nazi model and ready to deliver the 'the final solution' on muslims.

    forward caste youths worship hitler and would like to emulate the nazis.

    the jew is a friend of hindus as foe of a foe is a friend.

    the minority appeasement of congress adds fuel to this hearth of hatered.

    hindus will create a bonfire of the holy quran to avenge the burning of nalanda.

    the muslims who are backward in many ways may end up in deathcamps.

    the hindu version of the waffen ss will not stop till the last mujahid is sent to the gates of hell.

    muslims should not consider hindus as puny and submissive as the holiest hindu text'the geetha' embraces war and glorifies warriors.

    long live the hindu fourth reich.


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