Monday, October 29, 2007

What Percentage of India is Gay?

Estimates differ on this controversial topic. Gays in USA have always considered that this percentage is 10% in USA, though many other experiments and studies suggested a number lower than this. Some controversial studies have put this number as low as 1%. Whatever is the number, even the most generous estimates are not above 10% figure.

India seems to rank completely different on this scale. In a recent survey done on Indian males, INDIA TODAY, the magazine which has taken it upon itself to liberate India on sexual issues, and which features (almost) naked women on its front cover regularly on some pretext trying to get its ratings up, has put the number of Indian men having had homosexual experience at a whopping 37%.

That means one guy out of three that I know has had homosexual experience. That sounds far too great a number.

One wonders where they conduct their surveys because there are many other figures in that issue which sound obviously contrary to your gut feel. Its as if India is the most liberated country on the planet. Some of their figures on sex-related topics run higher than those of Scandinavian countries.

May be, the editors at INDIA TODAY seems to believe that’s the only way they can sell their magazine.


  1. These are opinions backed by "designed scientific surveys". Sujai - You should also start supporting your ass-holy opinions like this.

  2. Sujai,

    I stopped taking India Today seriously long ago. It is a consumer weekly. A total waste of time and money. This survey is just as scientific as those that appear in ToI (trash of India) on a daily basis.

  3. That means one guy out of three that I know has had homosexual experience.

    Sujai, I wasn't aware that you were privy to the sex lives and sexual partners of the guys you know. ;)

  4. Hi there,

    I think that 37% is too big a number. It has got to be less than 5% of the population. Even the most generous estimates by the LGBT community don't exceed 10%! What sort of 'designed scientific surveys' did these people use to come to such bizarre figures as these? Nowhere in the world (not even in the animal world)has any 'scientifically designed survey' yielded anything close to the percentage quoted. India Today is getting worse by the day. I wonder how India ever became the second most populous country in the world!

  5. Sujai, since you're the one complaining about 'pseudo science', let me tell you, if you haven't figured this yourself, the entire concept of 'sexual orientation' and of 'homosexuality/ heterosexuality' is bogus, pseudo science. Just because Western science gives it its stamp doesn't make it real.

    We have known it always that ALL MEN HAVE A SEXUAL NEED FOR MEN. That doesn't really interfere with their sexuality for women. Both have their different place in life. While human societies have given all the formal space, legitimacy and social power to male-female sexuality, sexuality between males have survived quietly in men's spaces, hidden behind deep friendships.

    The West has destroyed all the men's spaces by heterosexualizing them, and then forced out man to man sexuality into the third gender space/ identity and called it 'gay' or 'homosexual'. Naturally most 'normal' or masculine gendered males don't want to break from the men's spaces like that, and so they prefer to adopt heterosexual identity behaviour rather than lose their manhood. And a few effeminate males take up the 'homosexual' identity and that is how you get the Western figures ranging anywhere from 1% to 10%. But these are not the figures of males interested in other males. These are the figures of third gender males interested in men.

    100% of men are interested in other men, and depending upon the freedom given by the society to practise this intimacy without losing one's manhood, men have been indulging in it in various percentages and with varying degrees of openness.

    A survey in the Eightees by Debonair magazine found, 80% of Indian men have indulged in sex with other men. I would say the figures were probably much higher in those times, as Westernization of Indian society has resulted in disappearing of men's spaces and forced heterosexualization of men, which marginalizes and banishes man to man sexuality into the third sex space, what we used to call "Hijra" earlier.

    You should stop believing whatever the West says blindly and chucking out whatever is Indian as "Pseudo-science."

    1. You are deluded, old fool.
      You are third gender and I know you.
      Men ( excluding gays ) don't have the biological interest in other men but have psychological interest in sex with other men as it makes them feel powerful. Moreover a male ( other than gay ) if haves sex with other male will do it because of deep down inferiority, to grab the power of other male.
      Gays have sex with same sex and that is fine, nothing wrong because it is natural to them.
      About Indian men :
      He says 80 % Indian men have same sex feelings which is crystal clear retard. The thing to keep in mind is that Indian men ( excluding gays) are primarily Hetrosexual, they have primary attractions towards women. This can be simply verfied by being in company with males as they talk about women like wow she's hot, shee's sexy etc. Indian culture, which now has been deeply influened by misogynists MUGHALs, have twisted the society, men and women are not allowed to meet and express the sexual love. They repress their feelings about women as they are made to look women as inferiors, so no bonding with women occured. in India men are still not allowed to meet women naturally. The sexual desire is expressed through homosexual acts and these acts don't make them inherntly attracted to men. Men always look forward having sex with females.
      Men like each others company because men benifit from it, it gives them power to manipulate society. This is the reason these diseaased males don't want family with woman. For example examine the misogynist Greek society, they hated women and artificially imposed homosexual lifestyle on young boys. Their so called great philoshpers were all pedos.
      And our Great Indian culuture has always considered WOMAN as SHAKTI ~ The Power. We Indians have respected women, our most powerful diety is Female ~ Goddess KALI. This is the reason we had holy men and still have them in this 21st century.
      Moreover the negative artificially imposed homosexual lifestyle becomes strong when a civillization is about to fall apart ex Roamn, Greek societies.

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  7. Btw, to counter what Anonymous says about sexuality between men in the wild, several scientific reports mention as high as between 90% to 100% sexuality between mammalian males.

    Same-sex sexuailty is more basic and universal male trait, and more constant and also one that lends itself to life-long bonding than opposite-sex sexuality.

    (The entire idea of same and opposite sex is a Christian concept.)

    In the wild, amongst mammals, males have sex with females only for reproduction and don't form any deeper attachments. Furthermore, only a few males mate with females in any given season, and most males mate only a couple of times in their lives with females. Furthermore, a significant number of males never mate with females.

    As opposite this, almost all males engage in sex with other males all year long, and the only emotional/ romantic bonds are those between two males, never between a male and a female.

    Only transgendered males have been reported to indulge in romantic bonds with females -- the equivalent to what we call the Hijras.

    It seems, the natural world is quite contrary to the kind of world we humans have created for ourselves.

    1. same sex is not basic. It is dominance among animals that is basic trait.
      What do you know about sex between man and woman.
      You don't know nothing.

  8. Reply- Reclaiming Natural Manhood. “ALL MEN HAVE A SEXUAL NEED FOR MEN”
    Your argument goes totally against Darwinian Theory of propagating ones own species. I do not know what sexual experiences you had, but surely I am a woman's man! Not to say that I did not have my share of "Masculine" experience, but that was a one time affair limited to college times. Surely this one time xp cannot be taken under your category of "100% OF MEN ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER MEN"

  9. Reply- Reclaiming Natural Manhood. “ALL MEN HAVE A SEXUAL NEED FOR MEN”
    Your argument goes totally against Darwinian Theory of propagating ones own species. I do not know what sexual experiences you had, but surely I am a woman's man! Not to say that I did not have my share of "Masculine" experience, but that was a one time affair limited to college times. Surely this one time xp cannot be taken under your category "100% OF MEN ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER MEN"

  10. Leotold, thank you for pointing out that my argument goes against what Darwin proposed.

    However, what I am saying goes perfectly with the reality. Which of course, means that Darwinism is not the reality. Or it is only partly reality and partly myth, which makes it an even bigger distortion of facts.

    Western science is highly influenced by Western culture which in turn has a heavy Christian influence. And Christianity had this way of defining nature based on its own whims and fancies and then browbeating the facts to fit into this definition. Science has taken this attitude from Christianity, and nowhere is this attitude more visible than in the arena of male gender and sexuality.

    As regards propagating one's species -- nature is not about mindlessly expanding one's species. Every thing in nature is balanced. And there is more to life than procreation. There is more to life than just numbers. There is also quality. Nature has to find a balance between Quantity and Quality. Mindless obsession with quantity is a remanant of the Christian mindset which has always wanted to increase its membership by hook or by crook.

    Also, just because men, if left on their own, would prefer men over women does not mean that men would stop procreating -- certainly not all men would.

    And, if darwin was really right about propagating one's species being the primary/ compulsory biological goal of invidividuals, then lions would not kill the babies of other lions, before they take over a pride.

  11. "I do not know what sexual experiences you had, but surely I am a woman's man!"

    I am a serious researcher of "manhood" -- its biology, its history and its politics,

    Today, men feel proud about saying they're "women's men" only because through hundreds of years of Westernization (including British rule) being a "woman's man" has been artificially made a mark of 'social manhood.'

    But, I can tell you that this is all bullshit. Being a woman's man is actually about being a queer (i.e. effeminate). It's a sign of having a strong feminine side to one's personality. Masculine gendered males do not naturally have this quality. And those who do are not the ones who deserve manhood.

    In fact, all through the history of mankind, before the West muddled manhood, men who showed too much intimacy with women were seen as 'effeminate,' less manly, lacking in manhood. You have evidences of this even in the ancient Greek times, where to be too much addicted to vaginal sex was seen as a sign of weakness.

    Indeed, all across the world, manly warrior and sports spaces have required men to keep away from women (remember the legacy of Hanuman), and not proximity with women, as West wrongly propagates.

    That women's men are not really 'men' can also be seen in the mammalian world in the wild, where the only males that develop social and emotional relationships with females (and not just procreative sex) are the transgendered males.

    However, because today the society has made "relationships with women" a requirement for social manhood, every man today vies to develop this quality, by vigorously working over their natural, masculine repulsion to emotional and social intimacy with women.

  12. bravo reclamation i just love your comments. I have experienced all feelings in life. But i am comfortable with a man than woman socially. I feel sleeping with wife as one of the duties you have to do. Otherwise i hate women.

  13. hmm .,.,...........,.,no comments. Publish this you stupid computer

  14. Reply to the anonymous guy who said, "bravo reclamation i just love your comments. I have experienced all feelings in life. But i am comfortable with a man than woman socially. I feel sleeping with wife as one of the duties you have to do. Otherwise i hate women."

    ... yet, men should not have been forced to do this, ... it is this greed for reproduction/ population that has oppressed men for thousands of years, and today is responsible for almost every single ill afflicting this earth, right from over population to environmental degradation to poverty to decreasing morality to decrease in the quality of human life.

  15. I wouldnt be surprised if more than 30% Indian males had a Homosexual experience or atleast a HomoErotic experience, u know India is one of the most sexually segregated country in the world, it has been recently ranked as the 4th worst place for women in the world. Inspite of Bharathama ideology India is a deeply misogyne Nation, Millions of Indian girls are Slaughtered every year in the name of Sexual Selection, which is like the Jewish holocaust repeating each and every year, the result of the Segregation is that Indian Males emphasize more with their Male Counter parts than the females, the relations they form with the males are more deeper than the females, this may be the reason for common Telugu Youth buzzword "adavallani Nammaddhu", I find it deeply disturbing that Indian males shamelessly Caress Other males in Full Public glare but are Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Emancipated woman, they cant help themselves passing Rude glances or Comments on Scantily dressed woman. And the cost of finding a Wife for Indian Middle class male is Just too much, after all he is expected to be worth for all the Dowry. He is expected to have 4 digit salary ,properties, etc. Most of the Indian males cant meet these expectations so the Pressure of Society forces them to look towards their same gender for Comfort.
    The % of Indians who openly declare themselves to be Gay may be less than 1% but the percent of Indian males having some sort of Homo erotic releationships is Huge,compared to the west.

  16. @TG, perhaps you ought to know that gender segregation is the most natural thing in the world. Men and women naturally, form separate groups. And this trait is shared by all mammals. The only heterosexual spaces in nature are the ones that are the female harems ruled by a minority of males, while most males are happy to be with each other. But these minority of males, rule and dominate women, they don't have relationships with them.

    The only males that have relationships with women are 'wimps.' and the only females that care for relationships with men are 'whores.'

    There is nothing wrong with the way non-western societies gender segregate, that is how humans have always, always lived.

    What is wrong is to forcefully heterosexualize gender spaces, and the victim always are the male spaces -- being esp. targeted by masculine gendered (queer) females or by whores, for destruction. While, the women's spaces are kept more or less untouched. Where as in nature, you won't find any male space that is heterosexualized. Men guard their spaces against women because they really need their freedom from women.

    The Greeks aptly said, "If reproduction did not involve women, men would not need them at all". It is by force that our societies prevent men from being romantic/ sexual with men, and the west is so oppressive that it doesn't even allow social intimacy between men, by destroying men's spaces in the name of 'women's rights?'

    What makes you think that only women have rights? What makes you think that men need to sacrifice their spaces and their affection and bonds with men, so that they can serve whores sexually, emotionally and socially, or otherwise it would be a violation of 'women's rights?'

    What about men's rights to their spaces? To their privacy. To choosing whom they want to love or associate with or to hold hands with, without being discriminated against, ridiculed or being labelled 'gay.'?

    And only a handful of women really do care for 'relationships' with men. The ones that do are mostly whores.

    I mean, what really pains is to see a whore and a wimp going syhamelessly hand in hand, and the society putting them on a pedestal for it, while chastising men for holding hands.

    'Emancipated woman' is another name for a whore. I have no qualms about giving right to them to be sexual with men, BUT, then before you do that, the extreme pressure on men to service women, by 'not' saying 'no' to her, and penalising men for loving men through the segregative system of 'sexual orientation' must stop.

    Women have been given immense powers over men, through the sexual route -- and the restraints placed on women are in lieu of that. If you want to give up the restraints, then you have to give up the undue powers that were given to you. And then see, how many men really care to be with you.

    You'll be left with harmes of women, with a couple of men, and you'll have to pamper them to hilt, instead of being pampered yourself, as you today are.

    Ready for that?

  17. I am not really gay, but I get turned on by affectionate glances of men. I like sex with women. I am not what you call as either straight or gay. I am sexually fluid and undefined. I just can't fathom how human beings can have a rigid sexual orientation to only one gender or the other. This concept is alien to me. I am not made for it.
    Do we love each other as humans or not? For example, how much does a straight man love another man and does he love men less than a gay man and love women more? But if that is the case, then what supports so much of slaughtering of young girls? That certainly cannot be love or even liking. it is lust, an absolute form of disrespect.
    I am confused with this whole idea of sexuality.

  18. Ok. The thing which i find Most hilarious from Indians is that "Homosexuality is a western Influence".
    Its like saying:
    "A BLACK MAN from Southern India takes Birth Due to African Influence".
    gay men and woman Covers up to 10% of every society. I m gay, I grew up in an area where there are NO WESTERN influence at all, How Come I turned out Gay? LOL.
    the Next 5-7% comprises of Bisexuals, Intersex people, asexuals and Transgenders.
    Gays Existed in this world in Early Greek and Chinese civilization where Their marriages/unions took place too. Even In India, Lesbianism was common in ancient Times.
    There may Not Be a GAY Gene, But Doesnt mean Homosexuality an Influence or Choice.
    in 342 AD the 4 BIBLE verses were mistranslated and It CAUSED THE START OF HOMOPHOBIA IN THE WEST. Also The anti-gay law in India was Put up The Britishers in 1851.
    In Western Countries, the only thing That Had advocated Homophobia was Mistranslation of Bible.
    In Islamic countries, The HOMOPHOBIA WAS CAUSED ONLY BECAUSE of MISINTERPRETATION of 2 Quranic Verses And The misinterpretation of Hadith.
    BUT INDIA HAS NOTHING TO JUSTIFY HOMOPHOBIA, Its Just Pure ignorance In India. N I would Remove Homophobia From the west Than From India, Coz Removing Homophobia from India Is a frightening Job that is destined to fail every time. Indians are covered in Homophobia, n their only defense is to point this orientation at the west. Its Just Disgusting!

  19. Pardon me...this post was meant for:

    Reclaiming Natural Manhood

    My apologies


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