Saturday, September 01, 2007

‘Leadership, RDB Style’ (TOI)

TOI (Times of India) comes to my aid affirming my belief system about Indians. Idiocy that it represents confirms the crux of all my contentions- that indeed Indians are idiotic. The sheer volume of chicanery it produce everyday is quite astounding. Sometimes you wonder, is this what Indian youth is currently thinking?

I have opined in two of my posts why I think Rang De Basanti (RDB) is such a wrong example. And in another post, I found the ‘Qualities of a Leader’ touted by TOI to be completely misplaced. I believe they have no clue what leadership is all about.

Now, TOI has just given me another reason to ridicule it. They have combined Leadership with RDB.

Before you proceed, let me give a small summary on what RDB means. A group of young people who were completely clueless find one of their friend’s husband dead because of an ‘alleged’ fault with a fighter plane. The fighter planes were supposed to be upgraded (or something like that) which was not ‘allegedly’ taken up by the Defense Minister. Armed with this scanty evidence, obtained from TV (like TIMES NOW) and newspapers (like TOI) who continue to spew forth garbage on a daily basis, they decide to kill the Defense Minister. (An unnecessary analogy with Bhagat Singh and Azad, etc, ends up ridiculing these freedom fighters as well). This group of young people take up law unto their own hands and end up killing the Defense Minister. They make a mockery of their own actions by going on air, where many clueless Indians, who have grown up reading City Edition of TOI which splashes seminude models and actresses, calls in to congratulate these assassins.

And now TOI believes that such kind of leadership is what India needs. It writes,

RDB's strength lies in making leaders out of ordinary people.

You know what happens when people take up law into their hands, RDB style? (Please watch these two videos).

And so that you don’t miss the point they are trying to make, they reiterate that “The essence of the Lead India campaign can be seen throughout the movie.

And what is the agenda of these folks at TOI and those who participate in these discussions?

One of them wants “caste-based admission system (to) be boycotted”. Now you know who these people are. These are upper caste Hindus who would like to ensure they do not give up the privileges they have enjoyed in this sub-continent since Ram Rajya.


  1. Sujai: You have no authority to talk about Leadership. You have shown in your previous posts that you have no clue about this subject.

  2. Sujai: You seem to forget that Most of India was ruled by Muslim Kings and Badshas for over 400 years prior to British. Further 70% of smaller kingdoms (nearly 382 out of 563 princely states) were ruled by what are known today as Backward classes. The real fight of backward classes is not with the upper castes. The brahmins ony lived on alms and presents given by the kings and chaudharis. The real fight of the backward castes is with the Scheduled castes. Prior to Independance The Dalits were subservient to the BC.s , but with reservation for them, the Dalits have started coming up in life. BC's resented and V.P singh found a way to bring up the BC's above the Dalits. Nobody prevented the BC's from studying even during British days or even prior to that. These are not my statistics but recorded information by the british. Mr. Dharampal, a Gandhian had made painstaking reserach for a decade in India and UK and Germany and these are his findings recorded in his reserach papers. It is the British who robbed the BC,s of their power and not the Brahimins. Brahmins were subservient to the ruling class all the time. Lord Rama was a Khatri, a BC and Lord Krishna was "Yadava" another BC. The respected reformist of Tamilnadu Mr. E.V.Ramaswami naicker (Periyar) studied ony upto 4th standard. He was from a rich business family but dropped out of school on his own. He was a vagabond for few years before he took to politics. Most Brahmins who studied at that time in T.Nadu lived on one meal or even no meal a day.
    Have correct information before making judgements.

  3. Dear Sujai,
    I really appreciate your painstaking efforts in opininating things, as you have correctly mentioned in your motto, that idiots are those who reamin neutral when crisis demands.

    I only have a bit of objection to your Pro caste/ Reservation system. This should not be the case, by reemphasising caste, but yes, needy shud be helped irrespective of caste.

    The model shud not be discriminatory but on the true needs, and intention shud not be to compromise on quality of job being done, but to increase the quality of people by giving them education and opportunity to compete rather than opportunity to seize

  4. Very good point. I am amazed by the level of idiocy seen in people when it comes to the field of politics. From knee jerk reactions of hanging all corrupt politicians to the absolute bullcrap of "We need youth in politics" , Indians like to comment on affairs they have little intellectual authority to comment on. (Not arguing against their right to do so) The movie Yuva was one such example of sheer torture inflicted on me. People just want instant solutions without looking into the deeper consequences and repercussions. Nobody in India fights for ideas or principles.


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