Friday, September 07, 2007

Indians want US in Iraq

The recent poll conducted in different countries finds out that India along with two other nations, Kenya and Philippines are the only three countries (out of 22) who would want to see US presence in Iraq for a longer duration.

Is this surprising?

Well, most urban Indians want Indian Army in Kashmir to stay longer. They believe India should emulate Israel and US in keeping the Muslim separatists out. Some would admire George Bush for what he did in Afghanistan and Iraq. They think he has the guts to do something which Indian leaders seem to lack. While Bush ran after the culprits (or the alleged culprits) after 9/11, Indians sat idle even when their cities are continuously bombed. They admire Israel for keeping the Muslims at bay which India doesn’t seem to do when it comes to Kashmir (BTW, ironically some of them also admire Hitler).


  1. It is a pity that Israel is taken as a role model despite the massacres it is guilty of. Clearly shows how blinding communal hatred can be.

  2. I am not sure if most Indians want to emulate Israel or US to keep muslim separatists out, but I wish they do. Separatists -- of whatever colour -- must be kept out to safeguard the very existence of a nation.

    I do not see any reason why we should welcome some separatists just because they happen to be Muslims.

  3. Very well said. Remember we had a group in PMO that talked about Axis of Evil crap.

  4. The latest word is that Indians have started admiring Shahrukh and Sujai as well in addition to George W.

  5. Majority of Indians take America as a role model, and like Americans have no idea of the ugly side of American hegemony and dirty politics.

    Indians love to be spoon fed, If will believe in anything you feed them and will not question it.

  6. Well I was one of them who once used to admire Israel. But now that admiration has dissapeared.
    It dawns upon me that Israel has actually acheived nothing with its heavy handedness and arrogance.

    Infact todays whole anti-western terrorism, Al-qaeda, hezbollah are all thanks to Israel.

    America seems to have taken the beating and now is trapped in a quagmire in Iraq, wants to attack Iran...
    If we see carefully, the sole purpose of all these actions have been Israel. Israel is pulling the strings in America, making it do these horrendous international crimes.

    America indeed has been a great nation, sadly it has been dominated by Zionists who solely influence its policies.

    In future, if there is clash of civilisations, it will be because of Israel.

    and btw.. I have realised Israel military arrogance and policies has acheived it nothing, no peace.
    Suicide bombings continued, attacks continued no matter how many times they imposed a collective punishment by barracading whole gaza, cutting electricity, water and food supplies.
    They invaded Lebanon, and struggled with all modern military might against determined guerilla fighters.

    I am happy with Indian govt on its stance in Kashmir. Comparitively if you analyze we have acheived much.
    From the days of Freedom thrill amongst people, today Kashmiris have tamed, the urge for "Azadi" has dissapeared amongst masses. Kashmiris want it all to get over and stay in peace.
    Hopefully day is not far away when Kashmir issue is completely solved.

  7. i am a hindu or sanathan dharmi or whatever. i dont want the usa in iraak.
    i think most people in india donot have any idea about world politics and history. so where is the kuestion of them supporting us in iraak.
    and u also forget that even after kasab attacks. india did not invade any country. you are too keen to spot dirt on hindus. they may not be perfect but they certainly havent committed the atrocities that others have committed.


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