Saturday, September 01, 2007

'Our sentiments continue to hurt' II

Our sentiments are hurt’ seems to be the new disease of India. It is not just confined to works of art, books, movies and music. It has now started to cripple our economy, construction, and business as well. The mighty Supreme Court of India, which seem to baffle me more and more these days, with its idiotic decisions, is also now affected by this disease.

In its ruling on Sethusamurdram Project, it has upheld the superstition and blind belief, by restraining the Government and the Corporation from ‘causing damage in any manner to Rama Sethu’.

Dr. Swamy who is protecting this Rama Sethu said, “Self-declared atheists are systematically debasing our values and are keen on implementing the project ignoring the sentiments of the people.”

Ah, there we go again! ‘Our sentiments continue to hurt’


  1. Nice Said .True Sentiments are no of the hiccups for the growth

  2. This happens so often in India, doesn't it? publications being banned because it offends someone, films being renamed/banned just because it references (irrespective of the context) some 'section of the society' etc.,
    This reminds me of a talk by Richard Dawkins (which i saw on youtube).
    he says "i'm offended by chewing gum! i'm offended by those who wear baseball cap backwards! So what if i'm offended? " and he goes on...
    he puts it very nicely.

    PS: Not sure if the it's ok to reply to a 5 year old post. [Hope the rigid forum type rules don't apply here ;)]

    - Vijay


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