Monday, October 22, 2007

Telangana V: Political angle

This follows Telangana – A New State, Telangana II, Telangana III, Telangana IV.

Why did we not get Telangana along with Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand and Jharkhand?

When BJP was in power, they had recommended creation of some new states. In fact, it was part of their manifesto. When they came to power, they set out put their manifesto into actions. They even wrote about nuclear armament in their manifesto and later realized it. There were few issues on their manifesto which they could not deliver on, like Telangana issue, etc, due to political reasons. [There were many other issues which were left out, thanks to coalition governments – like saffronization our history books, etc.]

When BJP was in power at center their opposition parties were holding power in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. Hence, it just went ahead to create new states out of those states without any compunctions or doubts. There was also an incentive for doing that. Since those states were governed by opposition parties, breaking them would create new units who may vote for BJP as a token of thanks. However, when it came to Telangana, which was actually one of the top priorities in any reorganization of states one could conceive of, the state of Andhra Pradesh was being governed by TDP (Telugu Desam Party), a critical ally of BJP. And TDP under Naidu didn’t want to give up Telangana. Therefore, out of political compulsions, BJP refrained from granting us Telangana. The same argument is valid in case of Vidarbha, since Maharashtra was under Shiv Sena, another ally of BJP, who didn’t want to grant Vidrarbha statehood.

Move to the next elections. We have Congress Party at the center and also in the state. Though TRS colluded with Congress Party on the promise that Congress would grant a separate state, it did not since the state headed by Rajasekhara Reddy who is opposed to creation of Telangana. Hence the status quo!

So, when will we get our Telangana?

We may get our Telangana whenever the following scenarios occur:

1. If Congress (with UPA) comes to power and the state posits an opposition party. Separation happens after elections.

2. If BJP (with NDA) comes to power and the state posits an opposition party. Separation happens after elections.

3. We may get Telangana before the elections if Congress at the center, which got infamous in Telangana region for going back on their promise to grant Telangana, feels they may lose out in the state because of this backlash. In such a case they may quickly grant a new state right before the next election whereby they may sweep the polls in the new state. But this scenario is not that simple. If they are confident they can get many seats outside of Telangana, in the rest of AP, they may continue to delay the separation to keep the regional Congress Party happy.

We may not get Telangana even after the polls if Congress comes to power in center and as well in the State. If BJP gets to power in the center, there is a slim chance that BJP or its allies will sweep polls within the state (since BJP is unlikely to ally with TDP -but who knows?) and then there is a better chance for Telangana.


  1. Would you become the first chief minister when they form a new state?

  2. First chief Minister was Burgula Ramakrishna Darpan. It was Hyderabad state until Andhrites unleashed narrow linguistic demon in the country, kannada speaking and Marathi speaking parts have merged to respective states. Andhra, a bankrupt state then with no money for their own employees wanted to merge but Brahmin politics and false promises allowed Andhra merger forming AP. Remember AP is a agreement with conditions not a state.

  3. Anand,

    Be happy that u got merged in AP and not in Maharastra or Karantaka.Just see the districts of than Hyderabad state which got merged with these statesand compare ur self ur far better than them. When AP was formed andhra has a booming economy even though they have less amount compared to Telangana but they were not bankrupt(Search for this where ever u want).Telangana money was Nizam money. The only revenue for them was from liqour.

    It was not andhra guys who put the suggestion of merging .There was a group called andhra maha sabha which played a major role in telanagana.This group and the communist party laid the foundation for merger.

    In AP, its only the district head quarters which got developed whether its telangan,rayalseema or andhra or uttarandhra.The backward areas still remain the same.

    Instead of shouting and crying here on others u urself think what u did for ur place/district/nation.

    We are already fighting for place division why ur bring caste also here.Check ur statements before saying something.If you don't know anything then just keep quiet.There is no need to comment on things which u don't know.

  4. Mr Anonymous,
    *Be happy that u got merged in AP and not in Maharastra or Karantaka.Just see the districts of than Hyderabad state which got merged with these statesand compare ur self ur far better than them.
    - What kind of statement or argument is this?? I really dont want to talk about this, but wanted to highlight what you have ranted.
    *Telangana money was Nizam money. The only revenue for them was from liqour.

    Hyderabad was one of the wealthiest states at that point of time. Only from liquor??? Ohh, Yeah. All the people were just relishing alcohol and singing shayeri, huh? Do you know how much was spinned as tax by the landlords to the Nizam?? Did not the Telanganites made Nizam wealthy or he had some magical powers to produce money?

    *Instead of shouting and crying here on others u urself think what u did for ur place/district/nation.

    I can debate on this, but not here. What does every citizen have to do? Follow the constitution, be good to your fellow human beings, pay your taxes. Would that not be good enough? Is it not the duty of politicians and administrators to look after the betterment of the state without any partialities, when I follow my duties as a citizen? We will cry and fight when we do not get what we deserve.

    *If you don't know anything then just keep quiet.There is no need to comment on things which u don't know
    -Exactly. Your post just shows your hatred, anger and disgust.

    A plea to the Telangana people who are suppoting the cause of Telangana and posting here, we do not need to curse Andhrites. We do not have a grudge against the Andhra people, but the system.


  5. Development is every citizens right
    and telangana is the birth right of every telanganaite..come what may telangana has to be formed

  6. How Can u say "Telangana is a birth right of every telanganite".

    Does it mean "If a guy belong to andhra his right is getting andhra as separate state.If he is born in mumbai then getting mumbai as a state is his right ? Then what will happen to entire nation?

    I only know "Freedom is our birth right".Today I came to know that getting state is also a Birth right.

  7. telangana ma janma hakku ante... telangana was already state b4 it form as AP,even when we r forming as AP,it was clearly mentioned that ,telanganites can separate n form their own state if not happy with the historical merge or uniteg AP govt. hope it s very clear for many people talking so silly..about separate telangana..

    Sujai : Keep doing n put more efforts on telangana..

    cheers mates

  8. telangana was already state b4 it form as AP

    Which history book stated this?? I only know that Hyderabad was a state with Hyderabad as capital.Telangana was part of Hyderabad state.Hyderabad State was made up of sixteen districts.It was never a state.

  9. It was never a state

    It in the above comment means Telangana and not Hyderabad state

  10. the ancient chinese traveller sun tze chuang wrote extensively of telangi - then part of the chauvanistic andhra kingdom.

    sun tze is famous for writing "telugu women are really hot, but their men like to be in charge, so this made my trip very boring, as we couldn't work together on a common bed (chinese word for bed translates to "big ideas" in ancient sanskrit, so this may be a better word to use)".

    Scholars in the Chinese Military Science Academy have studied ancient texts and corraborated this using the streetview option in Google Maps and were able to identify that Telugu Women are most beautiful, whilst evidence of men being in charge was scant, they did find lots more men's statues then women statues in Andra WuShu.

  11. A new IIT can be opened in Hyderabad by splitting IIT Chennai (IIT Chennai is responsible for IIT Hyderabad). Microsoft can split its development center in Seattle and open one in Hyderabad. Municipal corporation of Hyderabad can be changed to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Rangareddy district and other parts can be chopped, cut, realigned to form Cyberabad. Infosys can split in Bangalore and open one center in Gachibowli (same with Wipro). Infosys can then expand to Ghatkesar. All this is positive, good fantastic. However, when population explodes in one state to 8 crores from 3 crores in 1956. If an administrative adjustment called a new state that is fully part and parcel of India is formed to better serve people - It is wrong. What stupid logic. When family gets too big, some move to a new house or they sell the house and buy a bigger one. This is just administrative adjustment. I am just amazed how crooked people with unfair self-interests put such a SPIN on this.

  12. One more way how Telangana is achieved !

    It will be achieved if TDP is routed out of Telangana. The reason is with only andhra MLAs it can never rule the AP. Then having no choice to come to power it must it self take a stand on seperate state for Telangana.

    I believe it is mainly TDP that is in the way of formation of new state.

  13. Hi
    I am from Seemandhra and lived all my life deep inside Telangana in Nizamabad district, I do not want to get in to the argument of who was exploited or not and I or any immigrant cannot be directly held responsible for such developments. Further the problem with past is it just cannot be changed so let us leave it and move ahead. For me both regions are like two eyes and I have deep attachement to both, but more towards Telangana where I spent almost all of my life. My father and all of my family returned back to their native place after he retired from his job. I got married to a Telangana lady in Nizamabad due to which I remain divided between the two regions.
    Having said that I believe that the problem has been aggravated to this stage due to selfish politicians and some leaders, for the common man living in Andhra he would not mind and has no reason at all to mind creation of seperate state; I would like to remind to all that when Home min announced Telangana, nothing happened in Andhra, there were no dharnas etc; it was only after Lagadapati's hyped hungama everything changed.
    I personally feel that when overall sentiment of people of 'telangana' is to have a seperate state it must be given, why and what right have Andhrites to oppose it. Further the whole process is un democratic, I would have appreciated taking a vote of referendum from people of T and created a state. But then world is not so sincere and politicians weigh every thing in terms of vote bank politics -very unfortune.
    Coming to address the imaginary fears of Andhrites that their propects to migrate to Hyd for IT jobs or Water sharing issues are un founded. Since last 3 yrs employment in Hyd IT sector has fallen down drastically and many of my known IT professionals from Telangana region itself went out of state (Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai) to find jobs. Which means the loss was for both sides; in fact if a new state is created people from both regions will benifit because they would get jobs locally in Hyd instead of having to leave the state. Further we alrady share waters with karnataka, TN and may be Maharashtra so it means that rivers are already flowing across states and also water will be shared in a justified manner-
    Delaying this decision had harmed growth story of Hyd and telangana region and we should realise this; I am also completely disappointed with T leaders who never keep up their promises of agitating in such a way that creation of T is realised. The best way is to speak to Andhra leaders and allay their fears with regards to loss of real estate buisness or other wise and assure cooperation after creation of T and take them in to confidence. Till date the environment is of undue mudslinging only.
    People of Andhra will also benifir=t because a new Capital will form creating bonanza of employment opportunities.
    I am expecting that this will close with creation of Telangana soon and all will benifit.


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