Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sonia Gandhi Contests Again

Today's news says that Sonia Gandhi will contest elections from Rae Bareli on May 8.

Why did Sonia Gandhi resign in the first place?

She did so, because there were some allegations regarding her holding an office of profit. Which office was this? It was NAC (National Advisory Council)- don't even know what that office is all about. Anyway, if she was offended or affected by the allegations, she should have resigned from NAC, which she did. But why the hell did she resign from the position of MP (Member of Parliament)? Wasn't this complete betrayal of people who have voted her into power in the first place? Were there any allegations regarding her misconduct as an MP? I don't think any one was talking about it. Is giving up the position of responsibility an act of sacrifice? Imagine, I am a General in defending army. My people and my leaders put faith in me to defend the nation better. And suddenly I resign and call it 'act of sacrifice'. I don’t think I will get away with that. It is usually called 'desertion', or 'betrayal' or 'cowardice'. That's what Sonia Gandhi actually did by resigning from the position of MP.

Now, why is she contesting again?

Did she not say that she is not interested in power, and that she is only there to serve the people and the nation? If that was a good reason to resign from the position of MP, why is she contesting once again?

Do we really need this election?

I mean, people had already voted her into power. For no apparent reason, she resigned, and for no apparent reason, there is another election to get back into power. What is this game all about? Did the elections become so trivial? It takes lot of money, lot of time from many officials, and lot of energy on part of people to actually vote.

Why all this drama? And why are the intellectuals of our nation (that includes our Prime Minister) call her a ‘tall leader’?

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  1. I feel that she has learned to read the pulse of the common rural voter better than most other indian politicians


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