Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bangalore and Corporate Responsibility

Bangalore has one of the biggest divides between the haves and have-nots and this divide is widening rapidly. The effects of this are seen once in a while, in a spurt of frustration and a violent riot, like what we saw during the turbulence that took place after Raj Kumar’s death. [I have another post on this topic]

As Corporate and Industry, we have a responsibility towards the region, the city and the people of the land where we work from. Promoting the local population is our duty (I am speaking as a co-founder and CEO of a small telecom company based in Bangalore). We should pursue a voluntary promotion of locals in our industry and publish what percentages of locals are recruited in our organizations. There is nothing wrong in promoting local population. How else would you pay back to Karnataka and Bangalore governments which have promoted this industry by introducing sops, land allocations, and many other facilities?

The common man- an auto rickshaw driver, a store owner, a laborer, a worker in a hotel, etc, look at these extremely rich non-Kannada engineers and executives throwing money at swanky pubs, nice restaurants, and lavish shopping complexes and feels frustrated- out of xenophobia and out of jealousy. Those feelings get accumulated and burst into open during such incidents like death of Raj Kumar.

No country, no region, no place, can live in peace and sustained economic growth if the divide between have and have-nots keeps increasing (as it is happening in India). There is a need to ensure that our poor and lower classes can benefit from this economic growth, and that may mean we will have to shed some of our fat in the present times so that we don’t live in a hostile environment of the future. Do I want to be driving in a swanky Mercedes Benz through streets filled with filth, surrounded by slums, and hawked by begging children, or am I OK going around a Hyundai Santro through cleaner streets, surrounded by cheerful people, while looking at a stream of children going to schools?

By contributing more than what is already done, we are paying off to buy more security, better society and more harmony. Its worth paying for! I would like to work and contribute towards making an India where my kids and my maid’s kids enjoy similar and comparable opportunities. If there is a difference in those opportunities, I would want those differences to be tolerable- not insurmountable. Otherwise, we will have one of the widest class divides on the planet and my kid may be involved in one of the biggest civil wars of our history!


  1. Hi, this is prasad from hyd, hyderabad is not part of telegana, when Indian Army people attacked the Nizams in Hyderabad, then Nizams declared Hyderabad to be a part of Andhra, there after they included telegana too...For reference you can check with the Nehru's statement when Telegana was was show on all TV Channels on Telegana Vimochana Dinam. I think u people are aware of that day. So, at those days also telagana people were severly torturted by Nizams, not Andhraites, because i know very well, i belong to Khammam. Okay, u got 4 CMs they didnt look into any of the development in Telagana, First of all its ur forefathers who didnt develop Telengana. After the including of Telengana into Andhra, then its separate state, where andhraites can also live.

    My Decision, is because of our uneducated litereates wat v have previouly as politicians, we are in this position. So, go for development in Telegana, not for separate state.

  2. Hmm.. I think ur addressing 2 issues here.. One is the local population vs borrowed population (the sort od thing that MNS talks about) and the inequitable distribution..
    I am disappointed to note that u havent added any solutions fr equity and also, u havent addressed this basic question that if i have money through my own hard work and i like cars then y dont i buy the mercedes? It is after all a conspicuous buy which is intended for show-off purposes..

    rest, it wasnt as detailed and thought-provoking that i had expected your stuff to be..


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