Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spirituality in Hinduism: Video

A video by John Safran.


  1. John Safran proudly calls himself the "Michael Moore of Australia". For all of us who have seen Sicko by Moore know that he always exaggerates to make a point - so does Mr Safran :)

    Here is another video.


    Spirituality and Religion are different. Do not get confused. It is like a title that says "Software in Routers: Video". Do not forget that there is a firmware underneath the software :)

    Think about the productivity gains this world would see if we all learn to live with love, discover our deep passions and follow them with conviction and courage - more than 30% for sure :)

    Watch this and learn to live without conflict :)


    How do you define a spiritual person?

  2. Nice blogging on spirituality the theosophy and the spirituality are the common things for self enlightment and to know the self.
    Theosophical teachings , Articles, theosophy definition by HP Blavatsky, Raghavan Iyer, William Q. Judge, Robert Crosbie, The Secret Doctrine , Isis Unveiled


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