Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is it a sin?

Have you noticed something odd with Indian movie kiss scenes and sex scenes? Except for very few exceptions, in almost all these scenes, the actress (female) sheds a tear, or wears an expression of guilt; is sad or in tears. She never seems to be enjoying it. Or is it how Indian women enjoy a kiss or sex? Or do we want to ensure she feels guilty about it? (Original Sin?)


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  2. Lol. Never observed this. I'll look out for it the next time.

    p.s- I bought 3 of the books you recommended. I'm reading the 'Third Chimp'. Great book.

    ~ Vinod

  3. Take a looksie at the scene in "Raja Hindustani", that should clear all doubts on the same... :)
    There are very passionate scenes even the Hindi cinema has, the only issue is that the Govt. Censor systems cut them off. We seem to be a shy community on these matters and are unable to cope with the same, if these are about passion and shown as such on the screens...

  4. Hi Sujai..I came across your blog accidently while looking for some info on have to admit it is mind blowing.Wish all of us could express our thoughts with such clarity and conviction.

    What exactly do you do..if I may should seriously think of writing an editorial or's a pity most of us are ignorant of the existance of such stimulating blogs.

    Had a good time surfing through your thoughts and all the best :)


  5. I think you would like this book, The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen


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