Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why I am a traitor?

I eat beef
Therefore, I should be sent to Pakistan, but not any other beef-eating country such as England, USA, or Japan.
I criticized death sentence to Afzal Guru
Therefore, I am a supporter of terrorism.
I supported freedom of speech to the JNU students.
I could be charged with sedition.
I believe that India is not just for Hindus but home to many others.
I could be labelled as anti-nationalist.
I don’t think my country is always right just because I happen to be born in it.
I could be labelled as unpatriotic.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

JNU Student Leader arrested on Sedition

Right now, as I write this, India is under a great threat.  India’s unity as a nation is under attack.  An enemy has made his intentions clear - he wants to break up India into tiny pieces.  He has the wherewithal to take away our freedoms, strip us of our institutions, and then break up this nation.  And we are all reeling under the fear.  What we believed in all these years - that this country shall always stay united - is all of a sudden put at risk. 

The enemy comes in the form of ordinary students of JNU campus in New Delhi.  What they said in their college grounds, their threats to break this nation into tiny little pieces, has made this entire country paranoid, and India has taken the necessary precaution to stop them in their tracks.  It has used the same law that the British used to incarcerate Gandhi and other national leaders during Independence Movement.  On the charges of sedition, the student union leader of JNU is arrested.

Social media is buzz with support for the threatened nation.  They believe that this nation has done the right thing putting this evil incarnate in the jail for his threats.

What is my opinion on this issue?