Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Telangana XVI: Samaikya Andhra

Currently many people in Andhra and Rayalaseema have launched protests, fasts, strikes and riots under the banner called ‘Samaikya Andhra’ to oppose the formation of separate Telangana.

So what is Samaikya Andhra?

Samaikya Andhra can roughly be translated as ‘United Andhra’. The hilarious but sad thing about all this is that Telangana people don’t even identify with the word ‘Andhra’. Telangana person has always considered Andhra, along with Tamil, Oriya, Marathi to refer to an outsider. They have identified with Andhra brothers under the identity Telugu but not 'Andhra'.

So, when students and politicians of Andhra keep repeating ‘Samaikya Andhra’, people of Telangana are not even thinking that they are involved in it. Many of them are assuming that people of Andhra are bent on uniting just the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of the state. Telangana people are NOT thinking that Samaikya Andhra even includes Telangana.

The politicians of Andhra have decided to take a bus rally on Samaikya Andhra – starting from Srikakulam to Chittoor- touching various parts of Andhra region completely bypassing entire Telangana. You would think that if they are referring to united Andhra Pradesh that includes Telangana, then they would take their bus through Telangana as well. That’s not how Andhra people think of Samaikya Andhra. They will tour Andhra region but urge Telangana not to separate. It’s all confusing.

And when they say they are going to fight for Samaikya Andhra, you would think that there would be overtures to Telangana people asking them to stay back or something like that. They don’t even address Telangana people. They address themselves and say, we will make sure Telangana doesn’t break away. They don’t refer to people of Telangana in their speeches. Instead they only criticize and ridicule TRS/KCR as if he comprises entire Telangana.

So there is no request, no appeal, or no friendly gesture from Andhras to Telangana people in this episode. It’s all about coercion, threats, ridicule and show of power and majority.

Telangana people don’t even know if they should respond to this. Why are they referring to themselves in Samaikya Andhra? Where do we feature? May be, we don’t feature at all.

The current situation can be made easy to understand through two people in relationship.

A and B in relationship

B wants to separate. A says, no, I won’t let you go.

B says, sorry, we tried for 50 years to make this work. I want to go my own way. A says, no, I won’t let you go.

B says, you are not getting it. I feel suffocated in this relationship. You have not been very accommodating. You have never respected me. You exploited me all through the relationship. A says, no, I won’t let you go.

B says, don’t you think you should say few things like, ‘Let’s give it another chance. Let me address your issues’ if you want me to stay with you. A says, I would die, but I won’t let you go.

B says, this is turning ridiculous. I am telling you I want to move out because you didn’t treat me good. Instead of trying to make it work you are just forcing yourself onto me. Aren’t you being little selfish? A says, we should be together because we both speak the same language.

B says, screw the language. I am not going to sacrifice another minute to keep this farcical relationship going on. I am moving out. A says, I will die but I won’t let you go. I will protest and tell our parents.

B says, screw the parents. I am done. You can’t keep blackmailing me like this. You have always exploited me. A says, I will protest harder. I will burn things down. I will riot. But I will keep you with me.

B says, don’t you think this is the right time for you to say, ‘Sorry, I will make amends. I will change. I will protect your interests. Please stay’. A says, you are taking away the mansion you brought in the dowry. I took care of it all this while. I won’t let you have it.

B says, Aha, so this is all about the dowry I brought into the marriage. A says, I invested in painting it.

B says, screw the paint. The entire mansion belongs to me. The last sixty years have been a hell for me. That paint you put on doesn’t even compensate for the pain I have gone through. A says, if I can’t have it, I won’t let you have it.

B says, Get lost, you freak. I cannot believe I lived with you for all these sixty years. I am moving out. Bye, Bye. A says, let’s stay together. We both speak the same language. What will other people think if we break up like this?

B says. Bye. Now, I don’t even know how we stayed together all these years. A says, I will not give you divorce. Let’s see what you will do.

Samaikya Andhra has nothing to do with Telangana people

Andhra people don’t want to let Telangana go no matter what. They don’t even want to talk to Telangana people to understand their concerns. Not a single Andhra politician has suggested that we should talk and work things out. They want Samaikya Andhra which concerns only the interest of Andhra people.

There is no place for Telangana in their grand designs as an equal partner, but yes, they do want Telangana as a region, to satisfy their pride that there is one big family of Telugu people and of course also because of its city called Hyderabad. Not a single Andhra leader says that they will implement the agreements which Telangana people were promised time and again in the last sixty years. Nobody says they will pass the GOs immediately as a goodwill gesture to accommodate Telangana brothers. Not a single Andhra politician talks about reward of water, power and incentives to alleviate the serious concerns of Telangana people.

Instead they talk about Hyderabad and how they are going to lose it to Telangana people. They talk about KCR/TRS and how corrupt these leaders are. Telangana people are standing and watching and realizing this:

‘Man, did we live with these self-centered Andhra people all this while? While asking us to stay, they not requesting us, they are not appealing to us. Instead they are forcing and coercing us. They are threatening us. Is this the kind of respect they carry for us? Why did it take 60 years to realize how bad our marriage was?’

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  1. Dear Sujai,

    Just like everyone, I used to support being together.I have no clue about any of the details when I started reading your blog.

    Now, though your points seem good and reasonable. I want to know a little more in this angle. [Not that you would care].

    If you say A and B are not happy in marriage, and everyone knows, they lose a firm grip on the center if the state gets smaller. Is it not a good idea to stay together. Same silly question I know.

    Another one: If Telangana wants projects and say your three points and those are being neglected from long time, why can't we have bands or whatever non-corperation or fastings for those than separate state?

    If A is unhappy in marriage, and B wants to stay together, demand the needs of A instead of separate state. I understand that separate state issue is there for a long time. Ask for whats making A unhappy not divorce ;) :)

    Don't you think this agitation will be used by the cruel politicians for their own good than the good of people.

    See I am no big on politics but Congress fear is of big states like AP, TN, etc regional parties.

    Anyway, I guess Telangana can no more be stopped. Good for you.

  2. I would like to add some more questions.
    If you think Telangana and Andhra are in a marriage kinda relationship, then what is the alimony of breaking the marriage ?
    Although I agree this movement by TRS/KCR is for power reasons, but the case of Telangana is much larger than this stupid KCR/TRS. Telangana is not about TRS/KCR, its the right to equality in a state, its the right to have equal share in the joint income.
    But the issue of breaking into 2 states and having less grip at the center is one really bad outcome of the formation of T State, but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona bhi padtha hain,,,

  3. Srikanth,
    I appreciate your real concern for telangana and you are unique that you believe telangana is not some thing which the politicians created.
    I assume your concerns are real.
    you said,
    " But the issue of breaking into 2 states and having less grip at the center is one really bad outcome of the formation of T State, but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona bhi padtha hain,,,"

    Telangana would be the 13th largest state in India both in area and population. If the remaining smaller states do not ever feel such a kind of powerlessness at the center why should we ever be. Your concern also strengthens the need for our state to break on friendly terms because we need each others support to dominate our voice at the center. If we do not, then it is quite possible that other states take advantage of our prejudice against each other.
    So your concern abour the political weakness at the centre is genuine it is only because our politicians have been targeting our ego to protect their business intrests and political power in the state.
    Just imagine why tamil nadu has lot more power than AP even though we dominate in population and area? Still they are able to buy out on several things at the center which AP would hardly dream to achieve. So it is better we separate and stay like brothers rather than stay united and fight each other.

  4. Sujai,
    I always wondered why NTR proposed his party name as Telugu Desam and not andhra desam. I think it is because he never wanted to alienate people of telangana where he had a strong fanbase (because term "andhra" specifically meant those from erstwhile andhra state). Nonetheless, he mostly concluded in his speeches about "Andhrula Atma gouravam" referring to the congress party's dependence on Centre and Delhi, but only rarely as telugu vari atmagouravam. This is again because telangana people's needs and necessities back then were different from those of andhra, as they were only looking for a revolutionary leader and not for national identity. This condition still prevails now and I really wonder what NTR's opinion on these issues would be, if he were alive today.

  5. I think Samaikhyandhra revolt is only like a lantern in the cyclone. It wouldn't burn for long. We are all being decieved to believe that andhra people really want samaikhyandhra. Look at this news article and see how our literary intellectuals feel about the telangana state movement.
    All andhra people please do not waste our time on narrowing the realtions between telugu people by blindly following businessmen-politicians like Rajgopal. He is already known for duping the state govt by several 100 crores using his power.
    This money belongs to everyone not jsut telangana or andhra.

  6. I am posting the link again. I am learning to script html recently.

  7. "The hilarious but sad thing about all this is that Telangana people don’t even identify with the word ‘Andhra’."
    The above post is more hilarious than ignorance read - "A lover's guide to Warangal" - By Vinukŏṇḍa Vallabharāya, Vēlcēru Nārāyaṇarāvu, David Dean Shulman. Or go to "" to know more about history. I feel it is just for the sake of some myth that our elders set in our maind that we route for a saperate state. It is really sad that historical Telangan (Telugu angan)is disowning its own brethren all for some selfish motives of politicos. However even youngsters do not this any diffrent. It is sad.

  8. Go to the below link to read about history

  9. Sravan:

    I don’t know why NTR proposed Telugu Desam and not Andhra Desam. He wanted to name the state Telugu Nadu. May be, he was trying to endear Telangana people – I am not sure.

    If we go into history, Andhras were some of the oldest kings who ruled over central India. They are mentioned even in pre-Vedic texts, in Mahabharata, during Ashoka Empire and so on. That word was inherited by latter kings. The modern usage somehow delinks Telangana people though older Andhras might be the people who ruled over the current Telangana region.

  10. I propose to be divided if necessary only politically and not culturally and linguistically. We should continue to be telugu people even if we are divided politically. We should continue to have respect for Telugu Talli. In fact it is not Andhra Talli or Rayala seema Talli. It is Telugu Talli. All the people from all the three regions speak Telugu. Let us have Telengana Talli, Andhra Talli, and Rayala seema Talli. But let us not kill Telugu Talli. If we refuse to respect Telugu Talli It is equal to suicide of Telugu People.

    Let us continue to live even after 2012 in our regions as Telugu People with respect and love for those who speak Telugu.

  11. Dear Sujai,

    I support your views. All these guys who are questioning you are from Andhra. And they should know better the history of how telangana was added to now called AP in 1956 in first place even when Nehru was against it and even when the SRC is said people of telangana or hyd state don't want to be part of it only vishalandhra want to join hust for their development. And how Indira gandhi, completely took off the agitation in 1969-71 : where there was a situation like this when they had a argument where telangana region was not developed and andhra should not be developed till so and so amount of funds are invested and region development happens but then the majority leaders from Andhra said they will not do that and go for separate state... then Indira gandhi..took back her statement feeling that she would loose major seats and appointed marri chenna reddy has CM and then she also said that there are reasonable expenses incurred in telanagana and everything equals to that... and she also took off every other rule existed before like mulki rule etc..... and chenna reddy never allowed any other person to raise that issue again but poor guy the andhra people throwed him away after 18 months.... and there many more such things..... these guys even don't know that we are never ruled by british like those andhra people and nizams ruled us ..and the nizam used to collect high taxes from zamindars and these zamindars were protected from communists by nizams special army headed by kazim razvi ....whose group was called razakars( and movement was called razarkar movement).... and in 1948 that is when indian govt with police force over took razakars. and till 1956 telangana was separate state.... we had nothing to do with andhra or potti sri ramulu..... we were forcibly joined andhra in 1956 ..... for the benefit andhra business men and also telangana people were less educated becoz of nizams supression.. and medium of study was urdu .... and the nizam bribed crores of rupees to british during that time ..... and it is all of the taxes collected from telanagana region... during any of the times till now hyd is 5th well known city and will be .... and it is not andhra which has developed at had that infrastructure from beginning....

    All these andhra guys don't know any of these facts and talk ... all stupid non sense

  12. @ Srikanth

    But the issue of breaking into 2 states and having less grip at the center is one really bad outcome of the formation of T State

    Decentralize my friend. Decentralize. Why so much power at the center? Power needs to be closer to the people. The closer it is, the more effective it can be. More accountable.

  13. @Srikanth ..
    Telangana is not about TRS/KCR, its the right to equality in a state, its the right to have equal share in the joint income.

    I suppose you are in a joint family. Joint families with joint income are pretty much non-existent. Small families are happy families. Small states are happy states!

  14. Yes it is a fact that Telangana had a saperate history. But strangely why are we not able to think beyond Nizam. It is a past were through it. But what is required is leadership. How blind can we be? Most of the backwardness in telangana is a result of passive, inarticulate and selfish leaders. It is not that there are good leaders from andhra. But telangana certainly lacked leadership. The word "andhra" is just a devil that our politicos use to cover their inability. "Nach na aei angan teda!". I do not share your jingoism. I am 100% sure that future is bleak for Telangan. It will go from bad to worse. The same would be for andhra. The reason is numbers matter in politics. Does anybody care for Jharkand, uttaranchal. The other problem is of stability as it is recently witnessed in Karnataka. Where MLAs can be traded. The police will be weak. Will they fight radical or convicts? I think this eupohria will go up as a hot air with in a couple years. Best of luck.

  15. MKRao,
    I really feel sorry that you are unaware of several small states which would still be smaller than telangana or andhra after separation. Telangana would be the 13th largest state both in pop. and area. Ofcourse I would not say that separate state does not change the conditions overnight but self governance over a period of time may be years or may be some terms. But sure will be a strong leadership that would certainly evolve from people. Your pessimistic attitude regarding telangana leaders only reflects your inept attitude towards telangana people. Our leaders do not come from never never lands they rise from the common people and they carry the traits most people of the population carries. Once you clear your mind of your prejudice you will understand the intention and the urge of telangana people to develop their region.
    For time being do not show any false concerns regarding the fate of telangana or andhra. That only reflects your prjudiced and biased mind and not the reality.

  16. MKRao,

    Looking at your comments I can understand the suffering you have been going through these days.Thanks much for your concern and new found love for Telanagana brothers. I think its like the final stage, when you cant stop it anymore you wish it fails..What do they call it?

  17. Rather than discussing whether we should separate or stay together, we better utilize our time, when I say our, i mean by our leaders and all the people of Telugu people to work on possible ways to progress our state. There are other states in India which are going far ahead of us (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) by developing their states industrially, these states are providing jobs as alternative to agriculture. We should work on getting into reality faster. One thing is for sure, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

  18. This tune of "Samaikya Andhra" all of a sudden and isolating Telangana in the process itself is enough proof of "Why Telangana" ... this is a reflection of the arrogance and neglect ppl. have been showing towards Telangana. If Telagana gets separated what they get is "Samaikya Andhra". No need for any agitations.
    The Congress has completely mishandled the issue since AP formation till today.

    "Most of the backwardness in telangana is a result of passive, inarticulate and selfish leaders."
    to an extent it's true ... but if everything is kept in few persons' control and voices are suppressed what should be done ... in one political party Telangana is almost a banned word.
    As long as Telangana is not separated, no one has any problem with politicians or backwardness in some other parts of AP. Only when the word T is uttered all these discouraging assumptions are made.
    "But telangana certainly lacked leadership."
    how many times have leaders from Telangana been allowed to take the lead ?
    What did a leader like PJR get in taking up T-issues in Assembly ?

    In AP, it's the reverse !
    We need to understand what constitues a nation, what makes a state instead of going by fixed idealogies.

  19. A says"come on B. I have devoloped one part in you so much. Now i too have a right on that specific part.You cant let it go away from me. It is the only part i need from your entire body."
    And everyone knows that the part is Hyderabad..

  20. Dear Sujai,
    Now lets bring C's into the equation. C or C's are children like progress and prosperity of Andhra Pradesh, if not hyderabad of A and B. Do you think A and B should still split? B has every reason to back away from relationship. Its getting C's too, right?

    A tried giving special status to B, long time ago. Just look at the list of confusing and twisted GO's passed over the past 40 years. But 'B' is too SPOILT. Now, how about telling B, it is relationship for life. Start loving and trusting A or be called a whore?

  21. You refer that B brought the mansion into the marriage. But the problem here is that A believes that both A&B had their 1 bedroom houses before marriage but decided to live in A's 1 bedroom house. Then A worked hard to make that 1 bed room house into a Mansion. But B's opinion differs.
    Thats the problem!

  22. Dear Sujai,
    What ever length discussion we do , my only answer is United State. I think you are not thinking in the line of law & order ,as you mentioned why they don't come thru Telengana during Bus rally. Are you joking? or serious, it is better if they stay away from Telenga on Bus rally, you know one thing somuch intricating is happenning when Lagadapati was in Hyd, how can you imagine a whole bunch can survive this Bus rally. I mean non-social elements creat chaos and do all sort of non-sense. Just take example of Cinema industry, when Chiru express his support toward Samaikya Andhra what happened to Cinema theaters how imature people started protesting it.

    I want to ask you one question . Have you witnessed the problems in Telangana - Unemployment, Underdevelopment , what ever they say. In india can you show me a place where this problem is not there. Due to few incidents people have focussed on the whole nation. Hoe much employment does Hyderabad created , can you imagine . You are engulfed by these politicians talk. You see there is lot of problems in other parts of Andhra pradesh as well . I have witnessed all these because i travel all thru A.P as Sales man. Till then somany people from TG have worked center & state, why dont they fight for development in rural areas. What they want to achieve by saperating Telangana. Don't get provoked and think broadly . Finally i want to say one think for your info, I am from Chennai - i am not an Andhrite , but i propose the love and brotherhood between people. Like me there are somany in Andhra Pradhesh. Atlast but not the least, check all the religion preachings.None will preach on saparation - IT ALL ABOUT UNITED & LOVE.

    I don't see Telangana development if they saparate . Fight for development while united . If not division might create a big failure . Do not give chances to outsiders like me to comment when it becomes family issue.

    the great saying is told not just like that , only on great experiance ...........UNITE WE STAND DIVIDE WE FALL.

    If i dent any of your feeligs i am very sorry.
    Dont think twice before coming to any decision , Think times of time but actaccordingly


  23. **Now lets bring C's into the equation. C or C's are children like progress and prosperity of Andhra Pradesh, if not hyderabad of A and B. Do you think A and B should still split? B has every reason to back away from relationship. Its getting C's too, right?

    Who is C? How is the separation impacting C?Is C also a A,who dont want to say he is A? If C ultimately wants prosperity, why does C think that it is not possible after separation? If C is an outsider(not from Andhra, Rayalaseema or Telangana), C will still continue to his live his life as if nothing has happened.

    **A tried giving special status to B, long time ago. Just look at the list of confusing and twisted GO's passed over the past 40 years. But 'B' is too SPOILT. Now, how about telling B, it is relationship for life. Start loving and trusting A or be called a whore

    Watch your language Nallani. Yeah, look at GOs that have bene passed in the last 40 years. BTW, why were they passed in the first time? Its like this, when B is not happy and wanted to separate A promised petty gifts, which A never fulfilled. Next time you post here, please come with the statistics of the implementation of those GOs. Shame on the Govt, they were not able to get statistics of the employees for 610 GO, cuz the Andhra guys in the adminstrative ranks did not want to provide them. Relationship for life?? It is exploitation for life. Start loving?? B is not a pet, mind it. I always wished that there is no need of animosity towards each other, but this kind of statements generate that in reasonable poeple too.

  24. Sravan, Bix I do not have any suffering as you assume. There is a saying:


    That says pretty much about Telengana's future. Show me one example of great leader from Telengana? "Anjaiah? Chenna reddy? KCR?". I feel sorry for your jingoism guys. Bad luck guys you had it. Anyways when you could belive your leaders who say that others (Andhra people) are responsible for your backwardness then your brilliance can be judged my dear friends. So go ahead and find a new ghost for the next 50 years :) then fight to split telengana as well. Seems pessimistic but this is the truth.

  25. Mr.Bix,
    there is lot of hatred & abusive language in your comments and provocation. If you think these Andhrite people sitting in the top post and does not provide any employment for TG, then your problem is not development, nothing but jealous.
    Do you have any % who wants this TG saparate , But i have only 20% of people wants this , it has reduced since last 50 Years. The moment KCR kindled it the agitation started. Do you have any consensus that how many coastal people are migrating to TG in the past 20 Yrs. That itself will give you what development TG is experiancing. The uniqueness is YSR success in election is that only result for this United state. If any population wants separate then they should have voted TRS . The development that congress showed makes only them victorious. I even believe Chiru took great decision expressing his support eventhen his party didnot do well in the election. I believe the situation will be worst and comments will be same after saparation i believe.

  26. Suresh,

    I never had any animosity towards any Andhrite. Go again and see all my comments in this blog for the past 2 years. If you call my comments as provactive, I would like you to comment on the statement that I replied to. Am I provacative or am I responding to a provocation?I would like to see how you come up with the 20% figure.Time and again I say this, Dont eqaute TRS/KCR as Telangana. I dont support their methods and I might not vote them too. Dont paint YSR as a saint. He was the one who made a petition for Telangana state with Telangana MLAs. His party promised Telangana in 2004. His party in 2009 said , It is only his party which can give Telangana and petty sub regional party. He turned his back to Telangana after the first phase voting was complete in Telangana. There has been no party which has a formidable stand on Telangana. All the parties were supporting Telangana few days back. They oppose it today. You can interpret the elections your own way and we can say every party supported Telangana, so all the votes were for Telangana. Also the same parties were voted by people from Andhra. So I make an assumption that entire Andhra pradesh supported Telangana separation.

    **Do you have any consensus that how many coastal people are migrating to TG in the past 20 Yrs. That itself will give you what development TG is experiancing.
    Could you elaborate on this? I want to hear your argument.

  27. MKRao,
    Your argument about lack of leaders is hallow.Im sorry that you do not think its condescending and imperial. We also said that our politciains also betrayed us many times. The situation could have been better. But we also know how even the politicians have been supressed if they fought for Telangana. What do you say about the word 'Telangana' being not allowed in assembly once? Fine, you think its jingoism. Let be it. Why do you want us to be united with jingostic people who always whine. Let them go off brother!!

  28. "Do you have any consensus that how many coastal people are migrating to TG in the past 20 Yrs. That itself will give you what development TG is experiancing.
    Could you elaborate on this? I want to hear your argument."

    Hey Bix can I? It is called Xenophobia. Migration is a part of human history. I hope you have not migrated to US. If you did so for better livlehood. Isnt it? For example KCR Migrated from Bobilli(North andhra). Costal people or for that matter marwaris, sikhs, mallus all have migrated to Hyderabad. They can as Indians. They can get a job if the deserve it more than you do by qualification. How can you deny it? In Gulf people from Telangana come next to Mallus as migrants. For that matter people from Indian origin rule as leaders of many countries! like fugi, maldevis, south africa, US (bobby jindal), UK
    so it is natural. It is stange but we see this xenophobia only in maharastra and here in telangana. Which is out right denying the dignity of life in your country. If you go to US will you settle for a diffrent treatment for you children. I am surprised how KTC(KCR's son) could support his xenophobic father? Because he and his sister are citizens of US how can they fight here for telengana on the basis of hatred?

  29. Hey Bix,
    Sorry if you misunderstood I am not against per se. But the basis of Telangana formation. May be my questions will help you think more inclusively then the narrow path you took for state of telangan. Who am I to let go! :) What I am saying is show more diversity you thinking. Think like an Indian then the rest. If you think you would make a billion out of the new state wish you all the prosperity bro(just joking).

  30. MKRao,

    Telanganites do not have any animosity towards people migrating to Telangana. I have migrated to US. I have migrated to Bangalore. I did not have any problem. No one has any right to deny that.If there was hatred from Telanganites, you would have seen a different situation. We eat in Andhra mess, we watch movies made by you. We consider every one as Indians. Just cite few incidents of outsiders being attacked in Telangana. I know there were stray incidents during the recent protests. We dont condone that.I have Andhra friends in Telangana. I would definitely stand for them, if they are targeted. Believe me, 90% of the Telanganites will support this. At the same time, I detest the politicains who encroached lands in Telangana using their clout. I guess you would feel the same too.

  31. Hey Sujai, I am shocked when I read your later post to "Mature societies"! Man you sound so broad minded in your first article. The slowly you get down to a radical:). Well any why have your way. Why become so sentimental lets us rename the who of andhra pradesh as Telangan?!!! :} seriously do have any objection if your telangana become bigger? It makes more sense as well. By name I mean and let us make Warangal as capital. Consider this seriously!!!!

  32. MKRao,
    See, Wishing for a separate state does not make me any less indian. Its totally unrelated.What is your opinion on the Andhra state carved out from Madras state? What do you think should be the basis for states organization in this country? what do you think is the timeline to separate if a merger did not work out?

  33. MK Rao:

    Why become so sentimental lets us rename the who of andhra pradesh as Telangan?!!! :} seriously do have any objection if your telangana become bigger?

    Frankly, I am not keen on making Telangana any bigger. It’s not about size; it’s not about being big. It’s not about having many people in my state. It’s not about name either. If Telangana was called Kakatiya or Nizam, the fight would have been the same- for a separate state.

    It makes more sense as well. By name I mean and let us make Warangal as capital. Consider this seriously!!!!

    When you make such suggestions, we Telangana people seriously doubt if you are getting the message we are trying to convey to you.

  34. MK Rao:

    May be my questions will help you think more inclusively then the narrow path you took for state of telangan.

    My definition of inclusivity could be different from yours. My definition of inclusivity is to ensure all kinds of people, irrespective of their color, race, ethnicity, caste, religion, sex, or a handicap has an equal opportunity to basic rights and basic amenities such as opportunity, education and employment. Inclusivity works at two folds – at an individual level and at a group level.

    I support creation of states and districts in such a way that group inclusivity is attained. We want to fight for a separate so that people of Telangana do not feel they are discriminated or marginalized in their own state. We want to ensure that people of Telangana also get developed, get their share of water, power, education and employment – with an objective of individual inclusivity.

    What I am saying is show more diversity you thinking.

    Diversity does not mean ruling many kinds of people. Diversity does not mean expanding your borders to add new regions in your area of influence.

    Telangana is quite diverse already. It is home to Hindus, Muslims and Christians. More Muslims live in Telangana than in Andhra. It is home to many people of different regions of India. More non-Telugu people live in Telangana than in Andhra.

  35. MK Rao:

    Bad luck guys you had it… So go ahead and find a new ghost for the next 50 years :) then fight to split telengana as well. Seems pessimistic but this is the truth.

    So, does that mean you are letting us go?

    Thanks. Whew! That was easy!

  36. Kumar:

    I don't see Telangana development if they saparate .

    I see development for Telangana only if they separate.

    Fight for development while united .

    We tried for sixty years and we failed.

    If not division might create a big failure . Do not give chances to outsiders like me to comment when it becomes family issue.

    We believe that it will be a big success. It will give chance to outsiders to comment on how Telangana got separated and now is doing pretty well – like Uttarakhand.

  37. MK Rao:

    Costal people or for that matter marwaris, sikhs, mallus all have migrated to Hyderabad. They can as Indians. They can get a job if the deserve it more than you do by qualification. How can you deny it?

    India, for that matter, many countries DON’T work that way. There are always certain jobs, considered basic, that are open to only the residents/citizens/natives of that state or country. As a settler in Karnantaka, I am not eligible for certain jobs and positions in the government sector the way a Kannadiga living in Karnataka is.

    This is not about merit. It is about ensuring that the locals of regions get the jobs in that region. One of the main function of a state is to ensure the locals are given the opportunities.

    Therefore, even if a migrant Telugu in Bangalore is ‘more’ qualified for a government job, he would not be given the job. The job would still go to a Kannadiga even if he ‘less’ qualified.

    May be, you don’t realize this or you have selectively chosen to forget this, Potti Sriramulu fought for you for the same reason. He wanted a separate state for Andhras so that they don’t get dominated by Tamils.

  38. Guys let us not fight between our selves , let us fight for people who fight with poverty. Give me ansewr to this Mr.Bix, will there be any impact on common man immediately if we separate state.
    My only statement is only politicians will become more richer .
    You know the article from NCP, for irrigation in Telangana the cost is Rs.1500/Acre and irrigation in Andhra is Rs.150/acre. That is the reason YSR has started desalination of Sea water ad divert to telenaga . If he wouldn't have died none of TGnt would have stood up. Because of your protest any neglegence occurs. You agree or dont agree the only way development occurs is thru politics. So if you have any problem in politics none of the country /State will develop.

    One who understands this will listen and follow this.

  39. "a migrant Telugu in Bangalore is ‘more’ qualified for a government job, he would not be given the job. The job would still go to a Kannadiga even if he ‘less’ qualified"

    Sujit, That NOT TRUE if he is educated in Karnataka. It is only applicable for govt jobs of certain category. The reason you mentioned is not the only reason. The other reason is that they can understand the local uneducated kannadigas. Anyways the govt jobs constitute only 1% of the total jobs. This is one argument I often heard from telenagan supporters. By bifurcating you will get some jobs IF your govt has enough money to hire more people. In the process can you ensure that more jobs in private sector disappear? The Mason who is from telangan was cursing KCR for he says they live on day to day earnings. By forming new state thousands of poor labor will loose their jobs. Can you ensure them jobs?

  40. Sujit,
    All in all I can say you are a fraud intellect. You talk something and has something in your mind. See the diffrence between your first article and the rest. I feel bad having joined this blog. You are not too articulate. Nor do your arguments. Before I say Bye for ever. I wish you post more mature and logical posts.

  41. Sad part is you do not even feel bad to lie to support your argument or may be your just too amature. Keep improving.

  42. suresh:

    will there be any impact on common man immediately if we separate state.

    Yes. Telangana will improve if it becomes a separate state. Take a look at these three states that got formed recently – Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand and Jharkhand. Contrary to what some commenters say, these states are doing better.

    Per Capita Income (2008-09)
    Chattisgarh: Rs 29,621
    Madhya Pradesh: Rs 18,051

    Infant Mortality (2008-09)
    Uttarakhand: 44
    Uttar Pradesh: 67

    Literacy Rate (2005-06)
    Jharkhand: 61.4
    Bihar: 55.7

    You agree or dont agree the only way development occurs is thru politics. So if you have any problem in politics none of the country /State will develop.

    People of Andhra, please decide your stand on these topics. Someone says that this whole Telangana Movement is ‘purely political’ and that it doesn’t help anyone in Telangana thereby suggesting that a ‘purely political’ phenomenon doesn’t help or aid anyone.

    Here, you say that politics is the only way for development. So a ‘purely political’ movement should therefore pave for development of Telangana. Right?

    One who understands this will listen and follow this.


  43. suresh:

    If you think these Andhrite people sitting in the top post and does not provide any employment for TG, then your problem is not development, nothing but jealous.

    We call that discrimination. That’s what we call it in the modern world.

  44. Hi sujai,

    Why do you guys always talk about Telanga history from 1950's onwards what about re-independece history of Telangana.

    Why peasants of Telangana had to revolt against high cast feudal landlords. Dont you think it is going to re-occur again.

    What if Muslims of Telangana want to carve out a seperate state called Hyderabad.

  45. Suresh,
    These are growth rates after these big states were separated.
    Growth rates of 2008:
    State Targeted Growth Rate (per cent per annum) Achieved
    Chhattisgarh 6.1 9.2
    Madhya Pradesh 7.0 4.3
    Jharkhand 6.9 11.1
    Bihar 6.2 4.7
    Uttaranchal 6.8 8.8
    Uttar Pradesh 7.6 4.6
    The development is thru political system and the adminstration system that implements it.The very reason for the fight is marginalization of Telangana in these two areas. See buddy, this unification of two states which have different geographic, social economical, cultural background did not work for 50 years. If you think that we should still continue and fight, then I assume you did not understand the problem.

  46. @Jeevi

    The moment you talk abt Hyderabad, Sujai doesn't have an answer..

    If Hyderabad is made a Union territory, Is Telangana still possible without it ? Will T people accept it ?

    Tomorrow MIM would ask for a Nizam state for Greater Hyderabad, because they don't want to get attached to the sick T state(you only said that), which is a liability..

    Or a plebiscite in Hyderabad would be in favor of a separate Hyderabad state/UT. You must already have been aware of the mood in Hyderabad. TRS not contesting the GHMC elections itself is a big indication for that.

    Hyderabad not being with T should not matter to T at all.
    T rivers would still flow through T. T minerals, ores, assets would be with T. All the T jobs would still be with T.

    Then would you fight for a Samaikhya T+Hyderabad ?

    Else it would be as if you are not fighting for Telangana and the people but for the Jewel in AP.


  47. What Hyderabad today is totally different from what it was in 1950, culturally and economically from rest of Telangana and Hyderabad has a different identity now with roots all over AP.

    People of Hyderabad doesn't want to associate themselves with Telangana.

    isn't this a forced marriage ?

    Why do you want to forcebly merge the most urbanised population of State with a region which is little better than Bihar (As per you)

  48. Interesting, A B equation..

    Nothing wrong, A and B have complete freedom to decide on what they want..

    But there is a small twist in the story..
    A and B have been living together for so long, so they now have a child H..

    B the mother claims that just because the child has come out of me, it is part of me, so I own H completely.

    A the father says without me, How is H possible in the first place..

    B now says, I have been at home and taking care of H all the time, giving H all the motherly love.

    A says, I have been taking care of H's Education, Food, and all that H has been asking for all these days..

    A and B keep fighting for a long time and loose all the energy they have.

    All the while H tries to calm A and B and keep the family together. But to H's dismay A and B still fight.

    A and B have given H the education and H is now ready to go on his own.. H gets a plush job in an IT company and no longer needs A and B's support.

    One final day H realises that A and B cannot stop fighting and decides to call it a day. H decides to Quit the family.

    H can live on its own..
    But what about A and B ?


  49. we the people of telangana struggling since many years coz our people robed,cheated by andhra people in many aspects.most of political leaders r frm andhra,govt. offc'ls,ministers in different categories r frm andhra & these people r only developing their region,many of the industries r placed in that region,now the andhra region is wel developed ven compred 2 telengana.many of institutions organised in hyd belongs 2 andhra people this shows that they hav lot of valuable things like houses,land propert many more so 4 dis reason they r fightng for samaikya andhra,coz they vant 2 eat more,they vant the things vich vil b helpful 4 them.4 that reason they started revolt agnst telangana.main thing is they vant hyd as bcoz hyd is a metropolitan c.t. & their properties r mor here.students of andhra doesn't really vant 2 do the strikes its just bcoz they r forced by political reason is they don't hav any top univercties on their side so they planed in that way 2 get hyd. lot more things 2 say!

  50. to andhra brothers

    firstly know the problem clearly or undersand the issue properly, this is not at all a fight of grabbing a land or something like few intelligent andhraites mentioned as nazi vs jews or ind vs pak. we are shouting loud that we have been discriminated and not treated as equal share holders in each and every sector (comment on this after doing little bit of research) coz, whenever we say seperation you ppl think we are keen on hyderabad no not at all think or question yourself why is telangana movement is active since 50 yrs and it is active then when NTR became CM and so as now. why we want seperation coz we never got our rightful share or plss do some research yourself on mulki rule or 610 GO what are they? i know you can do research better than us coz you are super intellectuals (as you think)

    there are A and B seeking for a Govt job

    they give exam and B got merit, dont know how much A got but B is local there A is nonlocal
    here obviously A got placed into where B is seeking, very depressed B filed a case in supreme court and fought for his right for 4 long yrs then mercyfull court gave his right to him and dont say now every telanganite should fight like B for 4 long yrs to get his right plss

    this happend for one of my relative who live in medak dist.

  51. from arun,
    to Jeevi,
    I think you have lot of knowledge about the history of telangana. Bcoz you are talking as if hyderabad is made up by andhra people. Go and research my dear friend. It is number 5 before 1956 and also number 5 now. How about banglore, madras and bombay. Andhra people have invested in all those cities, bcoz even those cities are developed right. Cities like hyderabad will develop by themselves. It doesn't need andhra's, rayalaseema's or telangana. So better don't talk about hyderabad. How much you have invested in hyderabad?. If you are really a telugu guy and want to discuss the issue, discuss about the water resources, educatio and employment problems in telangana as a lively brother. Don't keep on saying we will be together without any facts. None of the politicians from andhra wants to discuss the issues in telangana, politicians in telangana has no majority in assembly. So how this issues of telangana people will be solved. That is the reason why people wnats separate state. I'm not saying that separate state will solve the issues. but no one is discussing about how to solve the issue. Can you please give me 4 good reasons to be united andhra pradesh so that telangana people will be benefitted?

  52. HYDERABAD is not TELANGANA, get that out of your head. HYDERABADI culture is different, TELANGANA culture is different.When Socio-Culture argument is used for separation. A Hyderabadi cannot associate with a Gaddar nor can he associate with some Ongole. HYDERABAD is an entity by itself.

  53. It is ironic that most of these posting are from "settlers" living in US. IOW, you telanganites living in US are hyprocites. The smart and hardworking people make money all over the world. PERIOD. We Andhrites are smart and you are a bunch of village i***ts. Let's end this bull right here. You can't really self govern. If we leave you, leftists will rule you. Your leaders are good for nothing. We were able to bring all parties together for a United AP. Look at your leaders on the other hand. Hyd and Rangareddy leaders want a separate Hyderabad state, while Khammam leaders either want to be united or with Andhra. For example TDP floor leader, who happens to be from telangana, didn't have the guts to even to come to Parliament while his Andhra colleagues were protesting chidambaram's announcement. He was told by CBN not to come so that Andhra MPs can protest. In other words, he chickened out. Your leaders are all like that for our CMs over the past several decades. Stop these baby cries and get a life.

  54. Telangana Separation is not just about QUANTITATIVE injustices in Jobs, Water, funds etc. There is also a lot of QUALITATIVE matter!!

    Why is that telangana culture, language, festivals are given secondary priority in text books, history, schools, films?

    Why is there NO mention of single telangana handi-craft in text books filled with andhra locations?

    The list is end-less...

    "TODAY WHAT EVERY ANDHRA PERSON IS FEELING OF HIS ROOTS & IDENTITY" we all had the feeling for the past 56 years... So while we understand your pain, how can we erase the damage that is already done?

    If we calculate the losses in rural income / agricultural out-put loss due to diversion of water (rightful share) for the past 50 yrs, and simple interest on that value, entire properties of andhrites will be less than that... who can answer this???

  55. Anonymous:


    Since when?

  56. Jeevi:

    Why peasants of Telangana had to revolt against high cast feudal landlords. Dont you think it is going to re-occur again.

    I could recur. There is no reason why it would not. Land reforms never took place successfully in Telangana. One of the reasons for Naxal movement is feudalism.

    What if Muslims of Telangana want to carve out a seperate state called Hyderabad.

    Well, if they want to, then their demand should be considered. If Telangana can create a equitable growth to all its people, then such a demand may not arise. But then, who knows, right?

  57. Rnallani:

    A tried giving special status to B, long time ago. Just look at the list of confusing and twisted GO's passed over the past 40 years. But 'B' is too SPOILT. Now, how about telling B, it is relationship for life. Start loving and trusting A or be called a whore?

    You think Telangana is ‘SPOILT’? And you think Telangana is a ‘whore’ because it wants to walk out of a bad relationship?

  58. All this just goes to show how Indians in general just like to fritter their time away in such useless pursuits as this. Do you guys really know what oppression is - ask the Holocaust survivors, the Palestinians, the Kurds ... your claims for Telangana will leave them rolling on the floor! Dont conjure up a crisis where there is none. With anti-progress citizens like this, there is no chance of India ever being an economic super-power.Stop wasting time and get to work fellow Indians. Arbeit Machts Frei

  59. Anonymous:

    Do you guys really know what oppression is - ask the Holocaust survivors, the Palestinians, the Kurds ..

    You are confusing oppression with genocide.

  60. Thats precisely the point. You guys are creating a crisis where there simply was none to begin with. Where isnt there inequality, I ask you? Even your own arms arent the same size. Luckily for you, the shorter one hasnt claimed mistreatment and left your body :D

  61. Anonymous:

    Where isnt there inequality, I ask you?

    So, basically what you are saying is this: Since inequality is everywhere whey even fight it?

  62. ~We:

    The moment you talk abt Hyderabad, Sujai doesn't have an answer..

    There is a now a separate post for this. In fact two.

  63. I am not of Andhra, but I had lived in Hyderabad for 14 years. I came away with the image of a city more cosmopolitan in outlook than Bangalore or Chennai. I would certainly hate to see it go, which is what will happen if we bow down to petty minded separatists. I would hate to see my country be held at ransom by non-entities like KCR. Are we trying to several steps backward to end up divided like the British found us in the 1600's. Its precisely this divisive tendency which the British took advantage of. History books taught us that it was the British who introduced disunity in our country and I swallowed that whole as a child. Now I can see how our historians glossed over the fact that an uneducated society and hence non-rational society like ours couldnt have had a penchant for unity.

    I sometimes wish this were China, where their national pride translates into working hard for the progress of the country, the government stands for progress and dissidents are appropriately taken care of.

    Telugu brand of pride seems to consist of beating the chest about "our land, our language", from the safe distance of a foreign country and using pretty faces from North India for heroines. So the phrase "Telugu Pride" brings a wry smile on my face.

    There are better things to stand for than these.

  64. Anonymous:

    Telugu brand of pride seems to consist of beating the chest about "our land, our language", from the safe distance of a foreign country and using pretty faces from North India for heroines. So the phrase "Telugu Pride" brings a wry smile on my face.

    I am not sure that will go down well either with Telangana people or Andhra people though what you say is true ;-)

  65. My point is: Dont Fight Inequality. Work Towards Equality, the emphasis being one work. The state has virtually shut-down for two weeks. Have you thought about those who are writing their exams this March and April, the uncertainty that is in their minds, and in their parents minds. Of what use will a separate Telangana be to people who will not have a career to speak of? This only breeds more frustration and dissent.

    Seems to me that when this nation was created someone left a self-destruct button on

  66. All the talk about Telangana being exploited seems to draw parallels from isreali / palastine cultur. Some body carved out AP and let the Andraites settle in HYD or where ever they want and the Telanganities were marginilised. Serioulsy guys all the T supporters posting here have succesfull careers I presume. Did some one exploit you ?? Or did some one take away your job caz you are from TG.

    Naxal movement took roots in TG with support from left leaning leaders like K Seetaramayya incidentally from Krishna basin, to stamp out the fudal system in TG which is a major cause for TG neglect.

    Can you deny the fact the Rural TG still reels under the DORA system??
    KCR would be one of them

    Andhraites took away all the GOVT jobs in HYD,TELENGANA etc , etc. I dont understand when GOVT jobs became a major source of employement

    There are no Industrial projects in Telangana

    Name one in entire Andhra ..the obvious once you will name were not granted due to Andraites cunningness but due to thier Geographical locale.
    Heck some parts of Vijayawada have no under ground sewage..ohh but it has Krishna ..plenty of water another reason why the city is under water for most of the rainy season.

    Guys there is a major part of every region that is under developed but we blame our leaders and ourselves for electing them

    If u want to seperate please do so ..stop blaming us

  67. Hi

    I want to ask few Questions to the people who want Telagana as separate state. What KCR is Doing for Telangana, if he is strong enough...can't he get a special package for telagana to develop. why they are saying telangana is under developed ???? if it is Under Developed place.... if they give a separate state... its going to be developed in few years is it??? no way... these bloddy politicians like KCR ( a Druken Fellow... who spents most of the time in Boozing), Hanumantha Rao ( One of the F**king Guy...who always licks Sonia A** and Rahul's A**), Jeevan Reddy ( One of the bloody worst fellow), Jana Reddy ( who doesn't know how to speak), Govardana Reddy (A Junky fellow), Kaka ( this Fellow wants a President Post... does he knows what is that post all about... ) will take the packages that are alloted for telangana.
    can't they ask for a Special package for Telangana , can't they do a hunger strike for telangana Development if they feel telangana is that under developed...
    KCR Wants to be a Chief minister over a night... Words are not enough to scold that fellow, he came out of a party bcoz he hasn't got a ministry .... suddenly he told being a telagana guy he hasn't got the ministry .... People are also bloody fools to listen his words... if he gets Ministry at that time... he will talk about Telanga at that time...????
    Why these University People are struggling for??? for what these People are doing agitation..???... are those people criticized any where that those are telagana people...??? and they are Under developed???
    you want to see real Under Development.... Come to Srikakulam and See the places over there and See the places near Vizag... how those will be... and its our incapability to ask our leaders to Develop our Area... B'coz of our incapability these leaders are growing like anything...
    Why KCR hasn't talked any thing in Last six years..??? what he is doing... you People donno what he is doing???? why Educate People in University behave like this..?? am Asking a Genuine Question to Prof. Jaya Shankar ( Sindantha Kartha for TRS)... if you get a seperate state... will you give a assurance that telagana will be developed in few years??? Educate People like Professors are also talking in Junk way...
    One more Final Question:
    What Hanumantha Rao , Jeevan Reddy, Jana Reddy, Govardana Reddya and Stupid Kaka are Doing since six years???? what they are licking....??? these bloody stupid fellows need to be arrested first... and they have to be jailed for life long... these fellows are most dangerous than Kasab... if they want Telanga... do the moment in Peaceful way... who gave the right to destroy the public property... and Government need to recover the loss from these fellows... Bloody F**king Leaders we have...
    May god bless this state and People in this State.

  68. Raj,

    What KCR is Doing for Telangana, if he is strong enough...can't he get a special package for telagana to develop. why they are saying telangana is under developed ????

    Special packages and promises have been given to telangana whenever politicians and people demanded against preferential policies. Don't you know about GO 610, Mulki rules, 6 point formula. If such things really helped then we would not have seen this day?
    They say telangana is underdeveloped because it is actually underdeveloped and underwent economic retrogression since merger. Do you know about recent NABARD loan unequal distribution among the three regions?
    This underdevelopment is i think mainly because of the rural agricultural populace of telangana who forms the majority were bitterly ignored when they needed irrigation improvements in their area. Whole of the funds allocated were for years used only to develop canal irrigation in andhra region and not for developing projects that were planned for telangana. For instance, every year majority of funds go to canal irrigation but very very little(less than 10%) go to maitainence of small irrigation projects like tanks which are the main sources for telangana people. this being happening inspite of the local leaders giving several requisitions to secratariat and government.



  70. If we apply the same analogy of A,B C relationship vis-a-vis India , J&K and Pakistan, I see the point that Sujai is making. We should let go of J&K. J&K did try to stay with us for more than 60 yrs and it seems to have not worked for them. We should grant them the divorce and let them go.

    I know I will be bombarded with comments that I have a very narrow vision and not getting the big picture but so is the equation between A & B :)

  71. Vasu,

    We don't care about your vision, your big picture and where you apply the analogy. We do not represent the people of J&K and we do not represent the Union of India. We are not here to correct your fallacies.

    What you must understand is this: The people of Telangana have no desire to be with you. Why do you cling on shamelessly to us? Have you no self-respect?


    I looked at you, you are separated.

    You might have a case if you attach all Andhra people with an adhesive like Fevicol. Then, all Andhra people will look like one big blob of mass. Start by attaching mohan babu to lagadapati, cbn to ysjagan.

  73. I remember that around this year, Sri Sathya Sai Baba had denounced the movement for a separate state. At that time KCR had said that He shouldnt be commenting on such issues. It occurred to me that while Sri Sathya Sai Baba had indeed done something for the people of Telangana through His water supply projects in Medak and Mahabubnagar, what credentials did KCR have to claim to speak for his people? In fact, that remark from him more than anything else told me that he was in it for personal gains rather than for development of the region. Otherwise why would he contradict someone who had spent crores on developing 'his' region?

  74. Dear Sujai,

    Appreciate your article. Your explanation abt United Andhra & relationship was very good. I dont think after a stage, person should value for a relationship which kills his/her self-esteem.

    I have recently watched HMTV's Dasha disha program in tirupathi, and i could see how rayalseema people were worried being left to costha andhra after Telangana separation. In actual terms even rayalseema people are not comfortable with Costha region, but with 4 districts & lack of resources they does'nt have any other choice.

    Certainly separation pain will be there, but i am damn sure that Telangana will progress by time with the absence of those dominated people around us.

  75. The people of 'T' (I'm T'ite) are somaripotulu, that's why there are No telangana Actors/Actress, No Telangana Contractors, To telangana SEZ,No Business man, No Financers,etc. I hate drunkards, because in 'T' also in Hyd why the Bars are given permission to start at 6 AM & there are people queuing up just like going to some temple. Has anyone taken he right from these so called T'ites that they do not act in Telugu films (Yes u r right there is not a single actor/actress from 'T' because they donot have talent because they are somari). U 'll find many examples , recently I had some renovation work to be done in my house at Warangal, I was astonished to see the work of a plumber who belonged to Coastal district because he started the work at 8 AM , whereas the Mason (a local person from Warangal) did not turn up till 11 AM (because he is a drunkard/somari as was evident from his behaviour that he had .... early in the morning), so tell me my dear friend "Bhagya" have u had any such experience if not just do a little survey & u can easily find out that most the Houses constructed in Warangal/Nizamabad/Nirmal/Hyderabad/Jagatial/Korutla/Ramagundam,etc (also your house if any) are being constructed by these so called aliens(mostly from Guntur/Kakinada), then tell me my dear friend "Bhagya" speak out from yr heart & u 'll know the truth that why U donot find T'ites in many fileds. Why were these people sleepily watching & had anyone stopped them from acting in films,business,contracts,in building schools like Narayana/Sri Chaitanya,etc,etc for all these years, Where R U my dear friend :Bhagya: all these years (till 1990's there used to be no colleges/not even a place to eat good idli/dosa/wada, etc in Hyderabad), and why are U not opposed to the Gold, Sweet & Cement/Hardware syndicate formed by the Rajasthani Marwadis/Gujarati's who are looting the Telangana people as most of the adulteration, etc and also sucking the blood of Telanganites with their financing as U will find them everywhere in Hyderabad and also there is a complete Bazar (Battala BAzar) in Warangal wherre these Marwadis are sucking the blood from the Warangalites,etc. Even in KPHB I have seen these people making money with there age old tricks of adultration when my poor Telugite Goldsmith still sitting/resting on pillows & selling pure Gold in the gullies of General Bazar, so it was these people of Costa who came to the rescue of the poor Telugu people that they started the Chandana Brso Jewelers,etc t counter these Marwadis. I think U R not opposed to these Marwadis,etc. Fine my friend, Long live "TELUGU NADU/PRADESHAM" . (In pure telugu 'Nadu' means rashtramu/bhoomi/pradeshamu/nela/etc)

  76. i am not thinking as a Telangana citizen , Rayalaseema citizen , Andhra citizen . first off all i am " A. P" citizen. i am not a leeder , politicion. iam a A.P public.we have to take responsibility to stop break the A.P.because we will be going to more losse there is no benifits.

    when set hyd as a capital to the A.P then every one belongs to A.P have right to stay any wher in HYD or in throught. A.P .

    kalasi unte kaladu sukam so all of A.P citizence mingle with each other and we will solve our telangana problems. that why . its better than break the A.P . other wise entairly state have to suffer .at present A.P will be going lead. in that situation we dont make any errors. damages to that. dont change telugu and ANDHRA PRADESH great history. it s a great presure to state as well as to india. because its braking process may continew from remaining states. divede one state in to two states increase more expencess. because. central have to provide huse funds to new state to construct huse requirments to state capital as well as state development. at present world is in recision. in this situatioon its not better to make pressure on country.
    please thinking in all directions.

    i think solutoin is give best oppertunitis. some funds, some reservations to develop telangana. then its leads to remaining areas. then there is no problem to A.P. even for this divide state in peeces is poolish .

    protect A.P value. a.P respect and telugu people respect.
    thank u


  77. kalasi unte kaladu sukam

    Are you great-great grandparents, his brothers and sisters, and the entire hierarchy since then living together with common property and in one house?

  78. All those Supporting Telangana Up here are doing that to Steal Hyderabad which was developed with the blood and sweat of each and every person in Andhra Pradesh.

    That KCR bugger is supporting Telangana so that he can become the CM. He eat Crores of rupees for the last 5 years and stayed calm, now as soon as YSR dies he started all this bulshit once again.

    If telangana state is formed All the IT companies will soon move out and everyone will start begging on the streets once again.

    There is nothing more that andhra region is getting for the telangana ppl to be concerned and ask for a separate state. In fact Telangana is getting more than andhra.

    Lastly, I am a guy from Telangana and being neutral to this issue.

  79. Hi,
    yes I used to have some pro feelings for separate telangana, when ever I got frustrated about jobs like,… all the main posts are occupied by andhras and the labour posts are filled by telanganites, but never felt insecure. But Mr.Mohan Babu’s comments that he will take away the cinema industry to Chennai, and we telanganites will be left with nothing, has made me think a lot about this issue. Yes, why it is, that there are no telangana people in the cinema industry. Is this a kind of conspiracy or just a coincidence happening for all these 50 years.

    Just think about this, if he really takes away cinema industry to Chennai, we are left with nothing, there is some reality in mr.Mohan Babu’s threatening or blackmailing.
    This is just one industry we are talking about but think carefully there are many more industries like this, where only andhra’s are ruling. So this is high time now. Incase if they leave us now, we have some capacity atleast to build a new industry, but if we keep fooling ourselves for few more years saying andhra’s are our brothers then a day will come, not only the cinema but RTC, MCH and all other industries will be controlled by them and we will be left as beggars and there will be no chance of recovering.
    So now it is time to open our eyes. I am not against andhra’s they all are my brothers I have so many close friends in Andhra but this is the issue of equality, if someone is not caring for our development how can you justify brotherhood.

    So many people are talking about what telangana leaders were doing all these days…. In fact they were mere pawns in the hands of supreme Andhra leaders they had to follow the instructions of higher authorities. Take example of so many present telangana leaders who are in ruling party, though they want to support they are not joining the agitation for the fear of expelled from the party. It’s a fact subordinates can never fight against the superiors policies.
    Lets come to the distribution of supreme power, how do you justify the below figures…

    These are the CMS for 45 Years before Sept 2009……


    Bharamananda Reddy 7 years 7 Months
    NTR 7 years 6 Months
    Nadendla Baskar 1 Month
    Nedurmalli Jaanardan Reddy 1 Year 10 Months
    Bavanam Venkat Reddy 9 Months
    Total : 17 Years 09 Months


    Neelam Sanjeev Reddy (Two Times) 5 Years 3 months
    Damodar Sanjeevia 2 Years 2 Months
    VijiyaBaskar Reddy(total) 2 Years 6 Months
    Chandra Babu 2 Years 6 Months
    Rajeshakara Reddy 5 Years 6 Months
    Total : 23 Years 11 Months


    P.V Narishima Rao 1 Year 4 Months
    Marri ChennaReddy 3 Years 7 Months
    T . Anjaiah 1 Year 4 Months
    Total : 06 Years 03 Months

    What telangana leader ship can do in 06+ Years of leadership ?

    If my project leader wants to do a project on java I cant go against him and work on .net. I should follow his instructions else I will be out of the project.
    This is the story of leadership of Telangana. voice of subordinates will be always supressed.
    If you are really our brothers so how would you justify brotherhood with so many inequalities of 50 years history.

  80. Andhra people are schadists, selfish fellows, they don't have self confidence. The best example is one Manohar who has murdered Srilaxmi compelling to love her.And another fellow one Vizag fellow, who is an engineering student and raped his male friend. All the andhra buggars like this only. They are shit eaters. They always depend upon Telangana only.All the Andhralites are Faalthu !

  81. Dear Suj,
    We need not to convince the ANDHROLLU they know every thing but they pretend to be unaware of our problems one thing i want to suggst you is please campaign through mouth to the common people of our telangana either he/she may be autovala or another especially in Hyderabad and make them all ready for battle.

  82. We need your knowledge to be spread to villages and to our politicians of Telangana. If you dont mind why cont you approach or participate in media to spread your abundant knowledge to entire Telangana people for a good cause. People think KCR is content less thats why still we are struggleing to get Telangana and its not reaching to Middle class people who are in Hyderabad and to all villages of Telangana. Please do this to change our fate and for the sake of our people.

  83. yeannalani, yeannalani, ee chinna choopu,

    galameatthi , lokaaniki chaati cheppu nee TELANGANA ninadam,

    JAI TELANGNA kaadura otti ninaadam , adi maa HAKKULA poratam.

    samikya vaadam ante GO BACK ani arthamaa!, mee nija swaroopaniki adi paraakashta.

    SWAARDHA , swaprayojanala nallati musugu ee SAMAIKYAWAADAM.


  84. Noch nicht das Tor betrat, fühlte eve isk Po Ling Yi Gu Hitze auf den ersten Blick schnell nach unten, sein Gesicht brennenden Schmerzen. Block vor seiner metin2 yang Hände, sahen wir in ein Meer des Feuers. Es gibt in voller Flamme mannshoch, Flammen wow gold huschen, Wärme-Wellen, ungeheuerlich. "Ming ... ...", hörte ich rufen und von den Flammen im Inneren gehört. Ein ffxi gil großer Zahl in die Flammen zu sehen.

    "Wie könnte die maple story mesos Dinosaurier ... ... ... ..." Lingbo aion power leveling dachte: "Sie sind aion kinah nicht ausgestorben, bevor lange, wie könnte dofus kamas hier?"

  85. These are the some animated politicians(k.c.r, y.s.r etc...) download these u will definatly enjoy it.

  86. I feel a lot jobless after having read this blog post + comments in full... honestly, i feel that the rao guy from TN was the sanest guy around. Rest of all, Andhra and Telangana guys are losers.... you even identify yourselves as not part of India, huh. Yes, am from Kakinada, EGdist and am not a donga. (as some of you call us, godavari flows at 1500feet above, coastal regions have floods, u cant help it... ) I suggest you NRI's shut the hell up and let the pro-T's comment...
    Watch all 6 parts and then talk...

  87. మీరందరూ (తెలంగాణా మరియు సమైఖ్య ఆంద్ర ) భలే తెలివి కల వారండి . రాష్ట వ్యాప్తంగా ఉన్న లెక్కలు తెలుసు . నాకు మీతో అన్ని విషయాలు మాట్లాడాలని ఉంటది . కాని unfortunately నాకు ఏమి తెలియదు . నేను మీలాగా ఉద్యమాలలో పాల్గొనాలి అనుకున్నాను . కాని

    1) మా ఉరికి (చిన్న ఊరు ఎన్ని నిధులు కేటాయించారో తెలియదు , మా ఇంటి ముందు వేసిన రోడ్ కి ఎంత మన ప్రభుత్వం ఇచ్చిందో తెలియదు . అసలు రోడ్ ఎవరు వేసారో కూడా తెలియదు .
    2) ఇక ఆ తరువాత మండల లెక్కలు ఈ ఆర్ధిక సవత్సరం ఎంత ఇచ్చారో తెలియదు , దేనికి మా మండలం లో ఎంత ఎంత కేటాయించారో తెలియదు .
    3) ఇక ఆ తరువాత జిల్లా లెక్కలు , అవి అసలు తెలియవు .
    4) ఒక్క సారి కూడా మా గ్రామ ప్రెసిడెంట్ కాని , మా మండల ఆఫీసర్ కాని , మా MLA కాని ,MP కాని వాళ్ళ వాళ్ళ విభాగాలకు ఎంత ఇచ్చారో చెప్పలేదు . కాని ఎదుటి వాడు ఎంత తిన్నాడో చెప్పి జనాన్ని బాగానే రెచ్చ కొడతారు . కాని వాళ్ళు ఎంత తిన్నారో చెప్పరు .

    అన్ని లెక్కలు మాట్లాడుతున్నారు అందరు , అంటే మీకు ఆ పైన ఉన్న వివరాలు బాగా తెలిసి ఉంటాయి , పైగా మీరందరూ మనషి లో ని నాయకత్వాన్ని , అతని తెలివి తేటలను , అతని వైఖరిని చూసి ఓటేసి ఉంటారు అంతే కాకుండా మీరంతా 5 ఇయర్స్ తరువాత వెళ్లి మీ MLA ని కాని మీరు ఓటేసిన వాడిని కాని వాడి పార్టీ మానిఫెస్టో తీసుకొని వెళ్లి అన్ని అడిగి ఉంటారు . నేను అయితే ఇంతవరకు అవి ఏవి చెయ్యలేదు . I mean I don't know a + b whole square formula , so I don't try to calculate longitude and lattitude

    క్రిత ఆర్ధిక సవత్సరానికి బడ్జెట్ కేటాయిపులు చూసే ఉంటారు మీరందరూ , మరి వాటిలో ఎక్కడ ఏవిదంగా మీ నియోజక పరిధిలో కర్చు పెట్టారో కొంచెం దయ ఉంచి నాకు కూడా ఎక్కడన్నా వివరాలు ఉంటే చూపగలరు .
    మీ/మన beloved MLAs and MPs కి ఎంత కేటాయించారో ఎక్కడ కర్చు పెట్టారో కూడా దయచేసి లెక్క చెప్పగలరు

    మీలో ఎవరన్నా మగాడు మీ MLAs and MPs ని నిల తీసి అడిగాన వాడు ఉన్నాడా ? ఇక్కడ ఇంటర్నెట్ లో మాత్రం ఎవడు కనపడడుగా అందుకే తెగ తిట్టుకుతుంటారు . great educated fellows

    అందుకే విసిగి వేశారి పొయ్యి నా వంతు సహాయం గా కాస్తో కూస్తో ఉపయోగ పడుతుంది అని ని మొదలు పెట్టా . ఇప్పటికి కేవలం మాట సహాయంతో 18 people కి హెల్ప్ అయినది . ఇది అందరికి ఉపయోగ పడేది . దాని గురించి ఇక్కడ చూడండి

    మీ రాక కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తూ

  88. No language fanaticism pleaseJune 04, 2010 1:53 PM


    By using language like "magadu" and "great educated fellows", you are doing what you accuse others of. You speak disparagingly of divisions based on region but you are OK with discrimination based on language. When you say "andariki" you mean "all Telugu people".

    Why do you want to help Telugu people only? Why not all Indians or all humans?

  89. No language fanaticism please :- Thanks for your comments and sorry if in case if some thing did hurt in my message .

    1) I started , you can see dummy page . that is my next target. It will be definitely in another two years .Why not only humans It can be to any living thing . But every thing can not be done in a single day . Please give me some time .

    2) I wrote in Telugu because it is my mother tongue and I express best in it and I feel comfortable in it . Moreover here the discussion is on Telangana and Samikya Andhra . I felt they both understand Telugu very well

    3) There are two 10 year kids fighting for some thing and using fowl language . After hearing this 40 years old man said " SHUT UP KIDS AND GO AWAY " . If this is accusing and accusing him self . Yes I accused myself and others.



  90. No language fanaticism pleaseJune 05, 2010 11:15 AM

    Kiran, wishing the best of success to

    I do not hurt easily. Nor did I imply you were accusing or abusing anyone. I only requested you not to stoop to the level of those you (and I) want to protest against.

    I agree language is an important charecteristic of an individual's identity. But so are other parameters like religion, culture, caste, country, state, region, village, gender, race etc. Language like any of these can be divisive or a tool of domination.

    You self identify as a Telugu. Does this include everyone in the state (e.g. Uttarandhra tribals speaking Oriya)? What about the Telugus living in Karnataka for several generations? Can we all be Telugus after ap is split into 2 or more states?

    I am not trying to trivialize your work but pointing out the complexity of identity systems.

    20% of Telanganites do not speak Telugu as their first language. Another 30% are essentially bilingual.

    Even though Telugu is my first language, I am not comfortable with the concept of "all Telugus are one" due to my belief in composite culture. I cringe when people criticize Marathi, Kannada etc. or poke fun at Telangana language/accent/culture.

    I identify with Telangana, not Telugu. I love Telugu as much as Urdu, Kannada, Hindi & French.

  91. Thanks a lot "No language fanaticism please" for your positive response and wishing me . I think we both are in same shoes . Even I hate if people comment on any culture or their accent . I pity on them . Because even people make fun on my accent too ( Mine is kind of mixed accent ) . You asked me why I identified myself as "Telugu" , But is there any other way for my website promotion ?And you said you want to be identify your self as "Telangana" . Do you know the meaning of Telangana? As I born and brought up in Telangana region I well studied on it . Telangana means Telugu people speaking land . It is just an acronym for telugu land . I am more worried about political gimmicks . I am not getting answers for my straight questions what ever I pointed in my first comments . I feel those are very important . Okay let me tell you the real fact . I participated in 1993 a small UDYAMAM in my college and even though I am kind of okay student and never lost any subjects but that year I lost 3 subjects . My Brother clearly told me First study and then think about all those things ( Because he was taking care of me because I lost my parents at childhood ) . Later in another incident for road repairing we went and met our local MLA and spoke to him . He said already the funds are granted and go and talk to the contractor . None of us had dare to go and talk to him . In one of us even there is a relative to that guy . so nothing happened . still I see the read is like that . You know the amount they sanction for 1 KM road It was 40 lakhs in 1995 . Think about now . 40 lakhs includes for Road , Road side trees , for trees protection wires and pavement for the people to walk . Did you see those things h happened at any time ? My first preference is cleaning my home and then road in front of my house and then my village and then my Mandal and then Dist and then State . But here what is happening is we are not cleaning our fellows who are throwing dirt on us . Again the same questions first think and vote for the best candidate (Do you get one ???? ) .

    Once again thanks for reading my comments and I never explained to any one all these ( not got a chance) and explaining to you because in your comments I felt "YOU ARE TRUE EDUCATED FELLOW AND REASONABLE CANDIDATE . IF EVERY BODY IS LIKE YOU NO PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD"

  92. Did you see the funny part?? we both are questioning each other and wasting lot of time , so we never get a chance or time to question "Political People " . I feel for all the problems the solution is being responsible and questioning local authorities . One small example . In my apartment there is a lift . Not sure what happened in the lift we were getting some bad smell . There is a sticker in the lift , if there is any problem call this number . I took the lift and beard the smell , but not even tried to call that number for two days . Just in the discussion I was talking my friend and said about the smell . He simply asked why I didn't call that number . I don't have answer .

    By the by Did you get a chance to look at my website ( and registered in it ? Please do that and if you don't like the concept . Let me know I will delete your record . I have really good long term goals .....

  93. Telugu,
    You think you re very smart. Indeed you have exemplified the natural andhra tone of pacifying the revolting tones of the oppressed.
    I do not feel shy to accept my self as a part of oppressed community. And that essentially does not make me oppressed individually nor do I say that me or my family was ever suppressed by the andhra.
    You should begin to think and understand the concepts of individual, family, village and region differently. Do not mix up things to show yourselves as an idealistic person.What I have noticed is that everywhere telangana peole had been trying to make andhras understand this. But you do not accept it, as you know that it is going to kill your argument. Most of you try to counter this concept by trying to implicate telangana supporters as some fanatic and rougue warriors trying to ruin the andhra businesses in hyderabad.
    Now you come up with a neat make up but inherently you bring the same crookedness. You cannot undo the 50 years of telangana peoples woes. You had many chances but you never thought that telangana people deserve better treatment. You imagined yourselves as smarter people and therefore always believed you were enjoying the fruits of hardwork. But the point is how did you get the opportunity to perform the hardwork?/

  94. No language fanaticism pleaseJune 07, 2010 11:54 AM

    Kiran, Telangana means much more than the simplistic definition you gave. Telangana is more real to us than a mere language. Telangana culture includes all languages, religions & regional origins.

    If you want to unite all Telugus, you should first fight (not just pity) people who ridicule Telangana accent/culture/language as well as other great languages. We should condemn, for example, the categorization of Tamils as dayadulu (palollu in Telangana language) in the advertisement called "Oyi Teluguwada" by "mee rajagopal"

    One of my cousins is married to a Gujarati woman who was born and bought up in Mumbai. What should she identify as? Language is a dividing force, not a unifier. Just look at that the copy cat claims to "classical language status".

  95. Jai GottimukkalaJune 07, 2010 12:37 PM


    You say "Telangana means Telugu people speaking land . It is just an acronym for telugu land"

    By this token "Bangaladesh" means "Bangla speaking land". Indian Bengalis (including Muslims) love their language fiercely but will never join Bangladesh on linguistic grounds. Why does India & West Bengal mean more to them than language?

  96. Lets rename the whole andhra to telangana that is the land of telugus and stay united.

  97. Lets rename the whole andhra to telangana Pradesh that is the land of telugus and stay united.

  98. Lets stop fighting my brothers, Let us give this an end. Lets change the name of andhra pradesh to telangana pardesh.

  99. This whole AP tamasha about separating and uniting a state and god know what else when will stop. The big time losers are the students and hey hey.. guys...since when have we (we as Indians) become so this euphoria of patriotism in terms of dealing with the actual problems irrespective of the region, religion, caste etc differences. Fight the greediness,poverty, and of-course the water issues. This has become just another tamasha of a new political party trying to gain power and make money...First and foremost think like Indians. Whether the Current Andhra Pradesh separates of stays united it actually will not solve any of these core issues that dogged the common man. First we should all know how to coexists as Indians as even after it separates we will have to stay as neighbors or the so called bros. It is even not a people to people crisis as they are so many people who walked past these differences and got married between these regions (even in the arranged marriage system like in case of me and my spouse). In the current world when people are uniting globally, we are talking about regional differences...wake up everyone. Do not make this as big as Indo-pak issue or Jermans-Jews issue. We should all learn to respect and coexist as Indians first.

    -Indian first

  100. Hi... iam from HYDERABAD & iam one of the strongest supporter for T-state formation.One of our andhra friend said that Hyderabad & Telangana cultures are entirely different.I think he may not know the fact that telangana festivals like Bathukamma,Bonalu etc., are celebrated only in Hyderabad and entire telangana region.If you does know the facts,then stay calm.Dont write your own comments.

  101. Dear all,
    hyderabad is developed by govt of ap that means developed by rayalaseema, kostha andhra, and telangana people. Then why telangana supporters demand telangana with hyderabad. It is completely illegitimate damand. only selfishness people demands like that. Please don't devide INDIA into many (pieces) states.

  102. hi this is john from bangalore recently observations of fighting in telengana the it is clearly indicates the political leaders was not working for the people and they dint develop the public facilities them self they develop personally whatever Govt grants it was not utilise for public the political leaders used personal since indepandance due to these reasons the Telangana was backwored And prsently all telegana people elected some leaderes for resolve their probles did the leaders are duing instead of full fill public facilties they are creating violance and they were disturbing public life the dirty rogues and bludy scoundrals stupitds are Kodandaram KCR Harish rao these are unfit for in democracy country these leaders behaving like goonda rowdies kodandaram is professor now every one knows how he as teach lession to the students and the rest of leaders they have full security for entire family for aperiod of 50 years and they looted entire public money they dont have the public concern and is the leareds are duing strike acording law and order is the abdekar was written violence in the law what Govt is duing like these bludy scoundral why dint they take any action acording law violattions how many days it will continue the stupid chidambaram now watching movie if it is hapen in tamilnad what he will do

  103. Hi,
    I feel pity over Telangana people who are striving hard even with out knowing why they are striving.some stupid politicians,zealots out of their complete benefit (ok let me say the name also KCR,atleast then you may realise)are keep saying they need telangana because he want to rule it.I don't know why younger generation,students are adding fire to it,i really has a doubt the one who is saying that they want separate telangana at least know why they want it?will they get a solution after separating?at least what is their problem?
    guys I'm really telling think before you shout at least know why you are shouting,any one can do all these shut downs,but why you are creating so many problems in AP,Do you know because of this strikes Govt of AP is in how much loss,the cost rates,tax rates are how much increasing/we are not uneducated right!You guys with out knowing actual problems and solutions are simply adding fire to stupid selfish, shameless politicians.Otherwise ask yourself why I'm doing this,take a paper write the reasons of our rude deeds,strikes.if you found at least 5 reasons which are reasonable remember reasonable and for which separation is the only perfect and opt solution then go and shout even i will add my voice.But think and check yourself guys.

  104. @Saritha,
    Ramayanam antha vinnaka..Ramudu Seethaki emavuthadu annattu undi nee comment...
    Why dont read the blogs written by Suaji here...why dont you tour Osmania,Kakatiya,Telangana University and ask them why they are agitating...why dont you ask a migrant family from mahboobnagar who left their barren land and went to Bombay as daily wagers..when krishna river flows through the district flatly..why dont you see the proejcts that were proposed on Godavari were shelved for the last 50 years..
    why the fund are diverted more towards seemandhra..why telangana gets only 100 tmC when the actual share is arnd 800 tmc..why the girglani commission stated that there were more than 2 lakhs jobs that belong to telangana were illegally occupied by other region ppl..inka list peddaga ask any comman man why you want telangana...ask atleast 100 ppl..they will give you atleast 10 reasons they know...dont behave like a educated illeterate..

  105. @Saritha chellemma..
    pls see below..

    inShare.Share on Tumblr
    KARIMNAGAR: Forty two year old Pochampalli Kistaiah, a farmer of Bhoopathipur in Sultanabad mandal, has five acres of land on which he cultivates paddy and cotton. Recently, he got a new bore well dug in his field as ground water had started depleting and he had no other source of irrigation for his field. He struggled to sow seeds and bought fertilizers on credit.

    All his efforts are likely to turn futile as power supply has gone awry due to the ongoing Sakala Janula Samme. Yet, Kistaiah is least bothered as he feels that his suffering is nothing when compared to that of the people of Telangana. Working on his cotton field on a sunny afternoon, Kistaiah pointed to the pump set and said, "The Godavari flows through my district but I have to depend on a bore well and erratic power supply to irrigate my crop. If Telangana comes into being, I will not only get rid of that pump set but also ensure good future for my children as I believe jobs will be easier to get in a separate state."

    Kistaiah, who has been actively participating in the movement for a separate state, has a family of five. While he works on the field along with his wife Bhoomakka, their two daughters study at at a degree college and their only son is at school studying Class X.

    "In spite of the difficulties, farmers in our village are completely supporting the Samme which is for a just cause. In fact, we want the employees and political parties to intensify it to bring more heat on the central government and spur into forming a separate state," he said. He pleaded with the government to stop dillydallying on the issue.

  106. Dear saritha,
    AP is formed with out the decision and support of telangana people, it's only after the gentleman's agreement proposed by Andhra State Assembly to politicians of Hyderabad State Assembly, merging was happened with out peoples support (Please see the first SRC recommendations about the telangana state) AP is formed by merging of Andhra State and Hyderabad State. if the division is bad we need to opposite all the division's first we need to re merge the seema and andhra regions in to tamil nadu. once upon a time these seema andhra politions divided this country on the basis of language, by the division of Hyderabad state we, telangana people was lost 5 major agricultural projects which was proposed in 2nd five year plan by GOI presently it's not possible to construct those project

  107. Warangal & anon,

    yes Saritha was foolish.
    As she asked people to think.

  108. @warangal

    the above link tells an altogether different story about the karimnagar district u mentioned about

  109. we were thinking why 369 persons were killed in the merciless firing by kasu brahmananda reddy govt in 1969..
    we were thinking why andhra state captial was shifted from tents in kurnool to palaces in hyderabad on the pre text of telugu identity..
    we were thinking why rivers flow through the land but never used for telangana
    we were thinking why Jayashanker sir fought all through his life on one mission,..

    Yes it is foolish on us that we never thought abt it until students were beaten up mercilessly in Osmania..
    we never thght until srikantha chary self immolated for the cause of telangana..

  110. You also think on
    why gaddar shifted from Telugutalli to Telanganatalli in 5 year span
    why kcr demanded to repeal zonal system and now asking to repeal 14f.
    you think why TG leaders did not agree for division during Jai Andhra movement
    you think how channa reddy took u-turn despite peoples mandate
    you think how batakamma in langa-oni changed to choodidaar and jeans
    you think why Prof. Jayashankar twisted statements not made by Nehru
    you think how poor people of a backward region could survive without work and pay for almost a month

  111. @anon

    few more
    *why did telangana congress leaders like jana and damodar reddy "fight like warriors" when ysr was alive
    *y vijayashanthi did not remember telangana when she danced with chiranjeevi and balakrishna in umpteen films
    *y kcr gives seemandhra advertisements in t news though he scolds them day in and out
    *y ktr and his sister did not remember telangana when they were relaxing in ac rooms in usa

  112. You also think on
    why gaddar shifted from Telugutalli to Telanganatalli in 5 year span

    -listen to the song of telangana .."Podusthunna poddumeeda nadusthunna kalama poru telanganama.."this is sufficient for Gaddar's lifetime achievment.

    why kcr demanded to repeal zonal system and now asking to repeal 14f.

    -Zonal...? he is asking for Telangana dude..wake up

    you think why TG leaders did not agree for division during Jai Andhra movement

    -Appudu meeru velipoyina bagundedi...ippati daka undi mammalni saava goduthunnaru..

    you think how channa reddy took u-turn despite peoples mandate

    -Chenna Reddy got his due..every meeting ppl will start off with the droham that he has done.

    you think how batakamma in langa-oni changed to choodidaar and jeans

    -I think you seriously have to check your glasses..go and tour villages or atleast go to Warangal and see Batukamma festival..

    you think why Prof. Jayashankar twisted statements not made by Nehru

    -What twisting idiot..You guys are good at twisting is well proven with SKC..

    you think how poor people of a backward region could survive without work and pay for almost a month

    -Kadupu kaali memu panti biguvana bhadhani digamingukuni andaram poraduthunnnamu..
    neeku thinnadi aragaka leni premani olakaposthunnavu...'Keyrun' kumar reddy nee lagane gatha padi rojulanunchi try chesthunadu kani..vadi valla kavatledu..

  113. You can also think on

    4 (or 4.5?) crore people go on total samme willingly. yet their leaders go to Delhi and request to pay salaries for strike period. Why?

    they stop coal production and even prevent transportation of coal. Yet they demand 7 hour 10 hour power supply. Why?

  114. @warangal

    kcr, in june/july 1996 gave aspeech in ap assembly when he was in tdp what not just zonal system but even GO 610 shd be abolished

  115. @nenusaitham
    why did telangana congress leaders like jana and damodar reddy "fight like warriors" when ysr was alive
    --Stupid comparison..they are the leeches..i dont know why you are thinking them that they fight like warriors

    *y vijayashanthi did not remember telangana when she danced with chiranjeevi and balakrishna in umpteen films

    --I haven't yet asked her abt this..once i get the answer i will let you know..idi ela undante..
    memu andhrodi hotello idli sambar thinte..are nuvu telangana support chestavu kada mari idli sambar enduku thintavu annattu undi..

    *y kcr gives seemandhra advertisements in t news though he scolds them day in and out

    --endukante migatha channels laga black money pump kaaledu kabatti...
    ayina T news lo mata muchata and discussion with Prof.Haragopal,Ghanta chakrapani and the likes..ive memu chusedi..atleast konchem peace of mind untadi...

    *y ktr and his sister did not remember telangana when they were relaxing in ac rooms in usa

    --maku inka vere pani emi ledanukuntunnava...ktr..kavitha..a/c roomla kusunte valla mind la emuntadi emi jaruguthundi ani telusukovataniki...
    bathroomla kusunte vadiki yadiki vasthunda lekunte..loo lo kusunnapudu emaina gurthuntunda...
    konchem brain use cheyi..and questions sariga adugu..

  116. In view of child 'H'
    leave the desicion to 'H"
    if H says he will go to andhra let him go.
    and if H says , no body can shift me to andhra, i would rather stay in telangana then well and good.

    'Hyderabad can never get closer to Andhra even if telangana comes or not....LOL. As how Indian born UK citizens are Indian. Andhra Born Are definitely andhrites whether they are in telangana or rayalseema.





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