Sunday, December 13, 2009

Case for Telangana

The people of Telangana have fought for creation of a new state for themselves for nearly 60 years now. This legitimate fight for creation of a new state with Hyderabad as its capital, within the legal confines of Indian Constitution, has had a voice since the time of Indian Independence.

In 1948, right after the Indian Independence, Indian Army entered the region to liberate the people of Telangana as part of Hyderabad State from the Nizam Rule. The newly formed Hyderabad State was a distinct entity in Indian Union and had its elections in 1953 prior to the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

Meanwhile, another region next to Telangana, called Andhra, was keen on fighting for a separate state for its people away from Tamil people. Fearing that most of the newly created jobs and opportunities would be taken up by Tamils since Tamils were more educated and had access to opportunities, and also citing the reasons that Andhras would not be well represented in Tamil dominated Madras Presidency, Andhra people started a protest. Potti Sriramulu of Andhra region went on a hunger strike in Madras for 58 days and died fighting for creation of a separate state out of Madras Presidency called Andhra State with Madras as its capital.

After his death, the Central Government in New Delhi conceded to his first demand, that of creation of Andhra State, but it rejected his other demand. Madras became capital of new Tamil State instead of Andhra State. Contrary to the widely spread misconception, Potti Sriramulu fought for political aspirations of Andhra people of Madras Presidency, not the Telangana people of Hyderabad State.

Andhra People having lost Madras to Tamils looked for an alternative city for its capital and eyed the glorious city of Hyderabad. Using the slogan that Telugu is the binding factor for both the regions, they renewed their fight to include Telangana into their new dream of Vishalandhra. People of Telangana had a different opinion – they didn’t think it was a wise move. Telananga people were educated in Urdu under Nizam while the Andhra people were educated in Telugu and English under British. The new opportunities clearly gave preference to English and Telugu in the new India. During 1948-1952, though Hyderabad was a different state ruled by civil and administrators, there was heavy influx of Andhra people into Telangana to take up newly opening positions in the new India. Hyderabad city saw the first waves of protests against joining Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

But the prevailing mood in country was already set for creation of states along linguistic lines. Potti Sri Ramulu’s death and Andhra people’s demand for creation of a state on linguistic basis led to creation of First State Reorganization Committee (SRC) in India. Though Nehru was averse to this idea, many new states got formed in India on the basis of language. Kerala and Karnataka got formed immediately. Telangana was clubbed with Andhra State to form new Andhra Pradesh though Fazal Ali of First SRC clearly expressed reservations against clubbing together the two regions that were unequal partners. In his recommendations he went on to say that Telangana could stay as separate state if the union of these regions did not work out.

To protect the interest of Telangana, that was recognized by everyone as one of the most backward and illiterate regions, where bonded labor and zamindari system was rampant, many ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ promises were made by leaders of Andhra to ensure that the new opportunities in Telangana go to Telangana people. Actually, there was already a system in place to take care of such representations – called Mulki – which was practiced by erstwhile Nizam who had three regions under him – Telangana, Kannada and Marathi. These rules allowed certain portions of jobs to be given people of that region only. The agreements between Andhra and Telangana leaders included following Mulki rules in the new state.

Unfortunately for Telangana people, all the clauses of Gentleman’s Agreements were immediately flouted. Illegally, thousands of Andhra people were given top jobs in Telangana region. This resulted in mass migration when these top honchos coming from Andhra started to fill other positions with their kith and kin flouting all the guidelines that were established and agreed upon. In fact, any observer will notice that millions of Andhra people have migrated to Telangana region, while negligible Telangana people have migrated to Andhra region.

The fact that Telangana voted a minority and opposition Communist parties during this time to the State Assembly against the majority and ruling Congress party of Andhra didn’t help Telangana cause. With Indira Gandhi in power, the states became puppets and Congress became all-powerful. Dissident causes were suppressed ruthlessly.

When the SR Act of 1956 was clearly violated by Andhras, Telangana people launched an agitation in 1969 demanding a separate state. It was overwhelmingly crushed by Indira Gandhi who had no mood for creating new states. Thousands were arrested and put in jail while 350 people protestors were killed in police shootings. Indira Gandhi did not allow splitting of states during her entire regime.

When their agitation was ruthlessly suppressed Telangana people took the electoral route in 1971. They launched a new party called Telangana Praja Samiti (TPS) and voted 11 out of 12 Lok Sabha seats clearly indicating the mood of people to carve a separate state. Indira Gandhi, who was at the peak of her power then, called the leader of TPS Channa Reddy, and made him join his party into Congress and made him the Chief Minister of entire Andhra Pradesh. However, an All-Party Agreement of 1969 was agreed to protect the interests of Telangana as a concession.

Those agreed upon formulas were immediately flouted by Andhra people. Now, the Telangana people took the legal route. Their objections were upheld by Supreme Court which asked Andhras to vacate those positions that were illegally acquired.

That’s when Andhra people, who knew that Indira Gandhi was dead against all new states, blackmailed Indira Gandhi by asking for a new state for themselves in 1973. Now, the same Andhra people deride Telangana Movement calling it divisive politics. Indira Gandhi’s government, in a clear indication of partisan and discriminatory practices, overturned the Supreme Court ruling, thereby clearly establishing the practice of how a majority Andhra can always snub and suppress minority Telangana in the state Assembly. This continues till today as clearly seen from the recent episode where all Andhra and Rayalaseema MLAs resigned en masse from the Assembly on Telangana issue clearly indicating to all observers that no resolution on Telangana will pass through since they comprise the majority.

Such continued practices of snubbing all the promises continued. GO 36 of 1969 that promised to position Telangana people in 25,000 that were illegally occupied by Andhra people remains unfulfilled even today. During 1973 and 1985 nearly 60,000 illegal positions were awarded to Andhra people in Telangana region. To rectify this, a new GO 610 was introduced in 1985 with a promise to enforce it within a year, but continues to be unimplemented in spite of repeated demands. Telangana people are left with no option – they have tried the electoral, democratic and legal routes – all of them failed. The current democratic setup does not work for minority when the leaders are clearly aligned along partisan lines.

Nagarjuna Sagar dam lies in Telangana region but most of the water is given to Coastal Andhra contravening agreements. While the original plan of Srisailam project included two canals, one to arid and dry Telangana, and the other to the fertile and inundated Andhra region, only one canal was constructed towards Andhra region, while Telangana continued to remain arid, dry and impoverished. All the recommendations that forced the government to construct the new canal were struck down by the majority and partisan Andhra leaders. The coal mines and power plant of Singareni lie in Telangana region, but the backward districts of Telangana get no power. There are thousands of villages and towns in Telangana where they two hours of power during entire summer, while people of Andhra experience small inconveniences. Of the 59 lakh hectrase proposed for irrigation under YS Rajashekar Reddy government, only 16 lakh hectares was planned for Telangana - only 27% allocation though it constitutes more than 40% in area and population. The examples are galore. The discrimination is seen in irrigation, in industry, in roads, in canals, in dams, in energy, in education and in employment.

There was consistent and methodical discrimination against people of Telangana for all these years. Newer generation of Andhra and Rayalaseema who had no role in this discrimination find it hard to understand why Telangana people protest for a new state. They have absolutely no idea what has happened in the past and see the present situation in isolation and conclude that Telangana people are brainwashed by their wily and cunning politicians.

Many people discredit Telangana movement by sullying its leaders. They believe that this movement is a product of petty politician’s agenda to usurp power. They believe that this cause was invented by politicians to serve their purpose.

They don’t realize that Telangana Movement is a mass movement and a historical movement going back sixty years and is beyond political parties and their agendas. The sentiment is deep and most administrators, bureaucrats, government employees, school teachers, professors, miners, bankers, and intellectuals, scientists support Telangana cause and seek separation. Telangana cause is not a result of politicians brainwashing its people, but instead a cause of Telangana people being betrayed by politicians again and again. Even now, people of Telangana rally and support only those leaders who have committed to the cause of Telangana. The day these leaders stop supporting this cause, they will abandon them, like they did when they voted out TRS in 2009 because they did not uphold their promise of delivering a new state. This fight for a separate state is a legitimate one and has an expression in Indian politics which is flawed.

Detractors of Telangana movement are worried about status of Hyderabad. No logical observer would conclude that Hyderabad can be separated from Telangana. Hyderabad is linked to Telangana historically, culturally and geographically. Telangana with Hyderabad as it capital joined Andhra State with Kurnool as its capital to create Andhra Pradesh in 1956. Asking for Hyderabad out of Telangana is like Gujarat asking for Mumbai in 1960 just because Gujaratis have invested a lot into Mumbai. Being cosmopolitan does not warrant a Union Territory status either. Mumbai continues to be financial capital of India, continues to be cosmopolitan, is home to many migrants and settlers but still belongs to people of that region. In the same way, Hyderabad will continue to belong to people of Telangana and will continue to strive as a cosmopolitan city as a home to many settlers from different parts of the country including those from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.


The history of Telangana after India’s Independence is riddled with false promises and betrayals. Telangana remains marginalized, reduced to minority in their own state, victim of partisan politics, inept democracy and flawed legal system. Telangana remains backward, in education, in agriculture, in industry, in infrastructure, in employment, and in prosperity. Even today, Telangana people are discriminated in their own region. They are seen as inferior, lazy and illiterate. Even the Telangana language is ridiculed and its speakers are butt of many demeaning jokes.

People of Telangana have a distinct culture, a different history and different temperament in addition to different social and economic status. When one state has two economically and culturally different regions, one being prosperous and the other backward, if corrective measures are not taken to uplift that backward region, there is a great danger that only the prosperous region gets all the attention, funding, new industries, canals, and opportunities, while the people of backward region keep losing out, even in their own region. When such a condition prevails far too long, strong corrective measures are to be taken, and if that does not work, a new state is one of the best solutions.
The struggle for Telangana is not about creating smaller states for the purpose of better administration. It is not just about alleviating the problems of backwardness. It is not just about identity politics created for serving selfish interests of some politicians. It is not about creating a new state or splitting a state. It is about restoring a state that originally had an existence. It is a genuine movement of people who constitute a historical, cultural, economic and geographical entity and has a voice in self-expression, self-rule, self-determinism within legal confines of Indian Constitution and Indian democracy which made certain promises to its people at the time of Independence.

A separate Telangana is an eventuality. Prolonging this outcome will only increase the animosity of Telangana people towards those who oppose it. Already we have seen many such protests in Telangana. Delaying this eventuality will only cause more pain to the region and will not be good for the future of the two states which share the same language. The people of Andhra and Rayalaseema should welcome this aspiration of Telangana people, respect it and make way for a new Telangana.


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Telangana II: The detractors to the formation of Telangana give the following reasons: 1. Andhra people will take away all their investments from Telangana, 2. Muslims will dominate if Telangana becomes a State, 3. Hyderabad will become a Union Territory; away from both Andhra and Telangana, 4. Andhra people are hardworking, enterprising and well-educated, 5. Andhra Telugu is superior – everyone should become like them, 6. We will lose our identity as Telugu people. All these are mere excuses. In reality, a separate Telangana makes sense for one reason alone- that its people want it.

Telangana III: There is no animosity towards anyone while creating Telangana, not even Andhra people. Fight for Telangana is not new. It has been there since the inception of Andhra Pradesh. TRS is just a political party that came into cash in on the prevailing mood of Telangana people to have a separate state. TRS is not Telangana. And one cannot rubbish a movement based on the quality of its leaders.

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Telangana V: Political Angle: Though we should have got Telangana during NDA regime, it did not happen. So, why did we not get Telangana along with Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand and Jharkhand? So, when will we get our Telangana? What are the political angles that are delaying creation of Telangana?

Telangana VI: Hyderabad State?: Many detractors would want to create a Hyderabad state out of Telangana. Is there any merit to such a demand? Hyderabad has always been a part of Telangana. Can the immigrants of a land ask for a separate status by flooding a city or a piece of land? Imagine the immigrants of Mumbai cutting the city away from Maharashtra or Bangladeshi immigrants cutting away Kolkata from West Bengal.

Telangana VII: Political Drama: TRS, the most vocal of all parties to demand a separate Telangana lost many seats to TDP and Congress in the recently held by-elections. What does it mean? Did Telangana Movement lost its wind? Why did TRS bring upon us these by-elections? Is TRS same as Telangana Movement? What is Telangana ‘sentiment’? Why did TRS lose? Why are other political parties embracing Telangana ‘sentiment’? Is political outcome same as referendum?

Telangana VIII: You need to make a case: All those who seek a Hyderabad state carved out of Telangana, you need to make a case. First, you were not willing to give us a separate state. Now, you ask for a separate Hyderabad state. Your case is quite flimsy and is fraught with greed, selfishness and extreme self-centeredness. The case for Telangana, which includes Hyderabad as its center, was always valid from the time of inception of the state. There is no case of creating Hyderabad into a new state cutting it away from Telangana.

History of Telangana I: Sardar Vallabhai Patel under Nehru Government decided to intervene. The police action, called Operation Polo, was launched on 13th September, 1948. Within four days, Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam, surrendered. So, the people of living in Hyderabad State obtained Independence after one year, on 17th September, 1948.

Telangana X: Congratulations! : Why does it always come to this in India? Why should people get onto streets, protest, pillage, vandalize, beat up, destroy, before the government concedes to their demands? Why should the people hold government at ransom before the government starts making sense? Why can’t it be proactive and take necessary measures to alleviate concerns of various groups and identities?

Vision for Telangana I: What shall we do when we get our Telangana? What is our vision and what are our objectives? How shall we correct the mistakes of the past? How shall we better the lives of our people? How shall we make Telangana a great place to live?

Telangana XI: Why so much opposition?: The Telangana region, with Hyderabad deeply embedded inside it geographically, being part of its culture and historical heritage, being its capital city, joined Andhra Pradesh reluctantly and now it wants to opt out after the 50 year marriage failed. It’s not like Telangana sprung a surprise of separation. Starting from the formation of the state itself it has made many protests through various forums.

History of Telangana II: One of the misconceptions that are flouted nowadays is that Potti Sriramulu fought for a greater and unified Vishalandhra comprising all Telugu people under one state. There is no truth to this. He had in fact fought for extremely local demands for his own people, and not Telangana people.
Telangana XII: Ignorance, Bad Faith and Low Opinion: [Andhra people] need to read a bit about history. That way we can talk the same language… Andhra people wrote many checks which eventually bounced. The history is fraught with so much bad faith that people of Telangana are unable to trust their Andhra brothers anymore… These words of care and concern sound hollow to us when it is coming from such a supercilious stand and we dismiss them.
Telangana XIII: Let’s stay United!: Here are three issues that Andhra politicians should go ahead and implement. If you can make this work, we are going to completely stop all movements towards creating a separate state. We will start believing that you are indeed going to honor your commitments towards your Telangana brothers.
Telangana XIV: Letter to Andhra Brothers: Dear Andhra Brothers…Let me tell you Samaikya Andhra is artificially created false feeling that has been successfully planted into minds of your people. All this is the work of selfish leaders of Andhra. You have become obsessed with this idea. But if you think rationally keeping your emotions aside you will see reason. [Parody on Andhra people’s comments]
Telangana XV: Concerns: Here I address some of the concerns raised by detractors of Telangana Movement. Why are Telangana people bent on dividing the country and state? Why are Telangana people bent on separation when rest of Andhra wants to stay united? Should the settlers in Hyderabad panic now because of jingoism of Telangana agitation? Shouldn’t Hyderabad belong to rest of Andhra as much as it belongs to people of Telangana?
Telangana XVI: Samaikya Andhra: And when they say they are going to fight for Samaikya Andhra, you would think that there would be overtures to Telangana people asking them to stay back or something like that. They don’t even address Telangana people. They address themselves and say, we will make sure Telangana doesn’t break away.
Telangana XVII: More Concerns: Here I address some more concerns raised by detractors of Telangana Movement. Isn’t Telangana Movement a purely selfish interest of politicians in their attempt to secure power? Didn’t TRS lose elections in 2009 clearly indicating there is no support for separate Telangana? Why didn’t the politicians of Telangana fast for development instead of fast for separation?
Telangana XVIII: Betrayal: Telangana people are watching this act of betrayal as it unfolds on live media…They have not forgotten what Chandra Babu promised. They have not forgotten what Chiranjeevi said…If ever there is one thing that is common for all people of Telangana and a common theme in its post-Independence history, it is betrayal.
Telangana XIX: Hyderabad a Union Territory?: So, is Hyderabad a part of Telangana? Or is it a city that has grown to be quite different altogether leaving behind Telangana? Should each cosmopolitan city in India be asked to vote if they want to be independent of the region they reside in? Should we hold referendums in cities as well, treating them like states?
Telangana XX: Welcome the Change: Dear Andhra brothers, Welcome the change. Don’t resist it…Shake hands with Telangana people, give up Hyderabad to those people who legitimately own it and earn the plaudits as a mature friend. Prolonging this will only sour the relationship for all of us. It will become bitter soon. And after that it will turn into poison for all of us.


  1. Hi Sujai,
    Do you believe division of Telangana from the Andhra Pradesh will develop the region?

    From past 60 years is it ruled by people from Andhra? I mean what is the role of constitutional members elected by people of Telangana in the past 60 years? Dont you curb them? I accept there was conspiracy in Nagarjuna Sagar and some projects. But dint you see any development in the past 6 years? Was there any real development and major development program mainly concentrated in Telangana region? How reasonable is it to take the agitation which was there before 60 years for dividing the state?

    You are referring the geographical limits of Telangana only after nizam rule. How about Satavahanas in , Ikshvaku dynasty, Pallavas, Ananda Gotrikas, Vishnukundinas, Eastern Chalukyas and Cholas? What about the history of 2000+ years?

    What is the feeling of costal and Rayalaseema people? I belong to remote town (Tadipartri)of Andhra Pradesh. I do not have any thing against the people of Telangana. After my birth I have seen united Andhra and I cant digest the division of my own state. I would have the same feeling if Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh would be divided from India. This is my feeling and not implying this to everyone.

  2. well written. a case for telangana is made out. but certain problems persist. persons of the ilk of kalyan, in lakhs, have come to live in hyderabad, because it is their capital city. they are not bangladeshis living in kolkata. they are telugus living in their capital city. now if hyderabad ceases to be part of andhra pradesh, their lives will become insecure. given the nature of trs and other separatist leaders, from tomorrow, these kalyans will be targeted, either to distract telangana masses from the real problems or to satisfy the anti-andhra sentiment that is created.

  3. Dear Srini,

    As I told I dont live in Hyderabad.

  4. Agreeing to the fact that a lot of injustice has been done (irrigation GO 36 and GO 610 )

    Fighting for those rights makes a matured decision than separating.

    I am from an MNC in hyderabad and they are already thinking to move the entire setup out to Pune, if Hyderabad goes to Telengana and the thinkers are Americans. cos analysts say that hyderbad would go 5 yrs backward due to this. (the real estate included)

  5. Kalyan,
    Lot of students in telangana today are no different from you. They were born after the state was unified and most of them in a remote town or village that may be no different from your town or may be worse than that. But still they want a separate state. Why do you think there is such a difference in opinion then? Don't they have the same feelings of being separated?
    The point is telangana people were never welcome to the andhra region but andhra people were always comfortable moving into this part of the state. Also several telangana students who have studied their intermediate education and higher education in Andhra regions have seen and digested the truth that they are very different from those on the other side of the state. I am myself an example for that. I never asked anyone here before if they bleonged to andhra or telangana but I often faced such questions when in Andhra. Of course this kind of argument is only trivial, I understand, but these are actually the budding ideas that grow up with us which in the long run help us to clearly see the true differences that exist in reality.
    You can only see the discrimation telangana has been facing only if you are from this place and most of them strongly believe that there is no way telangana would develop under unified state. It is very hard to convince them now with the same old arguments andhra people ahd been feeding them with whenever there was a question of separate state. Instead of trying to convince them with already failed arguments and promises that were never kept it is in the best interest of all of us to seggregate as regions and peacefully coexist as friendly neighbours who have many things in common. Staying together would only increase the tensions and worsen the hatred if at all there is any.
    Try to be practical because both regions would loose certain benefits if separated but on the longrun would develop better once things mature. For example telangana would loose Vizag and Coastal areas that are very important business centres. And andhra would loose hyderabad. We can try to coexist on friendly terms and these things would not be a problem at all if we share each others' resources equitalbly which is not happening now as a unified state.
    Give a chance to telangana people to grow politically strong and let them understand the importance of electing and endorsing able politicians.

  6. @sravan

    i just read one your line about the descrimination faced or questions asked when you studied in andhra and thought i would reply for from telangana but i have little traces of andhra in my slang and i studied in mbnr and was constantly pestered that my language is not same as yours..which world are you living..there are two sides to a coin..just don generalize your opinion..

  7. Detractors of Telangana movement are calling for Samaikhyandhra as if it'd pain them to get separated from their Telangana "brothers". Such a hypocrisy.

    Let's face it. Andhra-rayalseema couldn't care less about people of Telangana. All they want is Hyderabad. If Telanganites were to agree to leave Hyderabad in Andhra, then Andhrites wouldn't mind the separate states. In fact, they'd be all for it.

    -- AV

  8. To anonymous,
    I think you did not understand exactly what I meant. Of course generalizing it to every one, I take it. I might have lost in the flow.
    But I also said these are few things which are very small and trivial. Of course they may not affect everyone. I did not say that I was ridiculed because of my slang. Try to set up your own business in VJA or some other place in Andhra you will definitely know what I really meant.
    I am sorry for you for being pestered like that for your slang. It is really sad and actually barbarous on the part of those who did it.
    In the end a small doubt.May I know how you happened to catch andhra slang if you were born in telangana and studied in mbnr?
    Give me a good reason that I can buy.

  9. sravan,

    I have been living in Hyderabad all my life. Telangana people did not call us by name, they called us andraoolu, we are offended by this, i dont complain.

    Definitely andhra business people might have faced tougher proplems setting up similar business in which telangana people already succeed.

    "For example telangana would loose Vizag and Coastal areas"

    Can you tell me how much telangana people invested in Vizag and Coastal areas to feel the loss?

  10. Blue Shift said,
    "For example telangana would loose Vizag and Coastal areas"
    Can you tell me how much telangana people invested in Vizag and Coastal areas to feel the loss?"
    So its all about your investments and not at all for the benefits of telangana region which has been downgraded since unification. I said we loose Vizag and coastal areas because not that telangana people invested money on it but being a part of unified state everyone carries some sentiment regarding the regions they thought belonged to their dominion. We unified so that both regions would gain from it and support each other in their development. But what has happened is that only one region completely dominated in all fields and the very rules and agreements that were laid down for equal sharing of resources had been broken down several times to favor andhra region.
    You argument clearly shows your ineptitude towards other telangana regions and its people. If you really think andhra people faced such a fierce resistance in setting up businesses in telangana why would you think all the leading businessmen in andhra have investments in telangana esp. hyderabad. Why is it that every small shop in hyderabad and its surrounding regions belong to andhra people. Why is it that such small businesses had been set up all over telangana by andhra people but still unable to develop those regions. Why did your parents come back again to settle in hyderabad if they had to abscond to their native regions in fear of telangana people? Just because they believed the friendly people here in telangana. Your argument is just biased and is only to cover up your hatred against telangana people. You only love your money and investments and do not have any warm feelings about the economically backward telangana people but you still try to support unified state masking as someone who really cares for telangana and its development. Your very question that how many telangana people invested in Vizag is the answer you are looking for if you ever posed a question "why telangana separate state?"
    Well I don;t know any word in telangana telugu that better suits people from andhra other than andhraoolu". Yu should not be offended for that. Well we call ourselves "telanganaoollu". i don't know what's wrong with it.
    Looks like you are carrying immense hatred against telangana even though you lived in hyderabad peacefully since birth. If someone from this region had such a thing against andhra I am pretty sure he would have moved out or thrown out of there in few years. This very thing that you are able to sustain here in hyderabad for years is enough to prove that telangana people had been always friendly and only demand a separate state because they feel marginalized in an unified state.

  11. Hi Sujai,

    The in site given by you is too good, the government should know that A problem which is not dying even after 60 years is the genuine agitation and need to be resolved only by separation of the state. If there is any disease India is suffering it is politics.. Just like AP Health minister doesn't know difference between flu and swine flu.

  12. Sujai

    You are an excellent writer,your analysis with the data may or may not be accurate. Overall you developed a great skill of winning an argument.

    Following all your posts, regretfully they are against the principalities of nature.

    There is dirt on either sides, cleaning up doesn't mean throwing it on each other.

  13. Very well put across Sujai.

    The core theme of the Telangana struggle is 'discrmination' and not 'development'. For 50 odd years the Telangana representatives formed a minority in the state and were bulldozed, controlled the same way we are now seeing the Coasta-Andhra Politicians do even in face of union home minister's policy decision. Right from river water shares to Govt expenditure, Telangana has been discriminated unabatedly simply because the system is loaded against it. Having failed in all alternatives like implementing the many agreements previously agreed upon, a separate state is a just cause.

    I really do not see any problem in Andhrites who settled in Telangana areas coexisting here unless ofcourse Andhra politicians are hell bent to drag on this and vitiate the atmosphere. Only the other day I heard the chirala MLA say that telanganites are mud-headed! I simply cant believe in this day and age, we still have these stereotypes abt others. I hope this tamasha wud end at the earliest and Telanganites and Andhrites get along with their lives.

  14. Amar,

    Not only Chirala MLA, we know that Telangana leaders utter fowl language against Andhra.

    When you talk about discrimination on river waters, discrimination in employment please give a moment's insight to understand the reality.
    I'm sure you are not one of those who blindly accepts what these politicians say.

    People, both from Andhra and Telangana who blindly accepts the politicians without reasoning are definitely 'Mud headed'.

  15. Sujeeth,

    In fact its the other way around. Politicians are forced to toe the people's line. Even hardcore samaikyavaadis changed camp in line of people's wishes in Telangana. And No its neither TRS nor KCR who concocted the discrimination story. Discount the politicians, the facts are out there to see and debate abt, whether regarding river water sharing or implementing earlier agreed agreements with regards to share in power, employment etc.

  16. Mr.Kalyan,
    It will develop from its resources and ppl will have more jobs for the region once the illegal job holders. ppl will get opportunits in the Gov contracts and Gov aided works and ultimately ppl will get jobs in private sectors..more ppl from Telangana will come forward to invest to setup factories and smal scal industries...

    Nalgonda and Mnager will get 120TMC of water from Nagarjuna Sager

    we will build and improve major and minor dams on Krishna and Godavari rivers.

    political leader from the region were used for number game not for region development ..whenever they rasied their voice they used to say the same thing like ( why the regional feelings) and they used kill the GOs since Andhra and Rayalaseems MLA count is more always..never passed them and never talked about them...

    there is a stupid history going around about Telugu thanam...why was this argument never came when there was no development going on? wht there was argument about the problems of other region when Telangana pppl are fighting for their selfrespect/self rule/save the culture???

    How many of you know Bathukamma?
    How do you enjoy Dasara?
    How many of you know Maisamma and Kandur( this is praying muslim gods by Hindus)..

    Our food habits/way we dress/way we live is entirely different and was never respetcted as Telugus do you think of those history now?

    Please dont blame Telangana for your stupid politics in your region and your ignorance in history of telangana....

    The fight is against the Rulers and ppl who are not respectful towards the region/ppl/language/culture....

    Learn more before you can talk about 60Yrs development of HYD and Vizag...

  17. Sujeeth said: Nagarjuna Sagar dam lies in Telangana region. While the original plan included two canals, one to arid and dry Telangana, and the other to the fertile and inundated Andhra region, only one canal was constructed towards Andhra region, while Telangana continued to remain arid, dry and impoverished.


    Incorrect analysis/statistics by Sujeeth.

    Visit Nagarjuna Sagar and know the facts. There are 2 canals not one.

    1, Lal bahadur sastri canal (Left Canal) which is 295 km long flows and cultivate lands of Nalgonda and Khammam Districts.

    2, Jawaharlal Nehru Canal (Right Canal), is 203 kms long flows and cultivate lands of Guntur, Krishna and PRAKASAM

    All the readers of this blog please verify the facts before coming to conclusion.

  18. My earlier comment was in response to Sujai's statement and not Sujeeth ...its a typo. Apologies.

  19. Jeetender:
    Yes, there are two canals. I stand corrected.

  20. Sujai,
    I think you made a mistake of mixing up Srisailam and N'sagar.
    Srisailam left bank tunnel which is supposed to supplying around 5 lakh acres in telangana is still on papers. Where as the canals and plans for water supply to seema have already passed several phases.
    Ironically, the SLBT when planned was cheaper and more productive in terms of irrigated area but still there were several devious plans to scrape it from the plan. Instead a non-viable replacement that is not at all cost effective is pushed(lifting waters from N'sagar backward to supply the regions of Nalgonda).
    N'sagar has a left bank canal but it was purposefully planned such a way that it could supply water only when there is surplus of water remaining after Right bank canal reach full levels.
    This has been several times voiced in Assembly(infact several times every session by one or the other telangana MLA) but always been hushed up by the mockery of Andhra politicians(i myself watched two instances of these in question hour relay on TV in recent years). Our andhra brothers still safely say that it is the incompetency of our politicians in not able to voice the demands of telangana in assembly. Do you know who usually schedules the important issues to be discussed in Assembly? Some andhra bureaucrat who is incharge of Assembly protocols working uder the govt. Whips and speaker.

  21. Sravan:
    I think you made a mistake of mixing up Srisailam and N'sagar.

    Yes, I realize that. Yes, it was a mistake. I stand corrected.

  22. 2Blushift:

    "Can you tell me how much telangana people invested in Vizag and Coastal areas to feel the loss?"

    Boss, this is the hypocrisy of Andhraollu, at least be thankful to Telanganas that allowed you enter Hyderabad.

    Your question itself answers the current trouble's reason. Andhraas would not even allow any others to enter their domains. This is the reason why no Telanganas invested in Vizag.

    Btw, none of you will be thrown out of telangana.

  23. "When the girlfriend wants to opt out of the relationship that has gone sour, it doesn’t help if the boyfriend forces himself onto her....."
    Analogies like the one above is doing rounds in T circles.It was husband and wife analogy by KCR and a bit modernised version of boyfriend and girlfriend by Sujai.
    As a true lover, BF trusts GF, dreams, plans and invests hoping of a glorious life together. And then the GF falls for the sugar coated words, fake promises false stories from an envious BF2. BF couldn’t digest the impending danger for GF is trying to reconciliation.
    At the end of it, any common sense would agree that its GF who’s going to lose if breaks up with BF. Now its upto GF to take a decision.

    And a word of caution, its always a bad idea to have a mind for division. Never ever show this analogy to your kids.

  24. Sujeeth:

    We see this differently.

    As a true lover, BF trusts GF,

    We believe that BF never truly loved GF. We believe that BF started the relationship with GF only eyeing her property (called Hyderabad). The only reason BF held onto GF all these years is because she possessed this property. Otherwise, this BF had absolutely no care or concern (and definitely no love) for GF.

    GF falls for the sugar coated words, fake promises false stories from an envious BF2.

    There is no BF2 in the picture. GF is going single ;-) Learnt its lesson, will never enter another relationship.

    At the end of it, any common sense would agree that its GF who’s going to lose if breaks up with BF. Now its upto GF to take a decision.

    We don’t call it ‘common sense’. We call that male chauvinism.

    its always a bad idea to have a mind for division.

    Why is division always bad? If that was the case we should have had one district, one state, one country and one continent in the entire world.

    Never ever show this analogy to your kids.

    Well, I would teach my kids that it is better to get out of a bad relationship in which one person consistently dominates the other, exploits the other, ill-treats the other, and looks down upon the other, rather than stick together just because they speak the same language.

  25. Sujai,

    We see this differently.

    You can see it the way you want the blog is yours :)

    We believe that BF never truly loved GF

    GF lost her wits, overwhelmed by false stories about BF.

    We don’t call it ‘common sense’. We call that male chauvinism

    Chavunistic is BF2
    BF2 (Majority of Telangana owes allegiance to KCR and fans)

    Why is division always bad? If that was the case we should have had one district, one state, one country and one continent in the entire world.

    Sooner or later division will end , eg. European Union.

    Well, I would teach my kids that it is better to get out of a bad relationship in which one person consistently dominates the other, exploits the other, ill-treats the other, and looks down upon the other, rather than stick together just because they speak the same language.

    Its an age old idea of our ancestors (both T & A) to resolve the factors that lead to animosity and patching up rather than breaking up.

  26. Sujeeth:

    Its an age old idea of our ancestors (both T & A) to resolve the factors that lead to animosity and patching up rather than breaking up.

    Why did you break up from Madras State to form Andhra State in 1953?

    Do you think Poor Potti Sriramulu sacrifice was in vain?

  27. Andhra state is not Andhra Pradesh.

  28. Sujay,
    Do you think seperate state will give more Public jobs..??? no way...we are in the Globalisation era... everything is private sector i don't know why students are involving in this.
    I don agree that there is injustice for projects in telangana but same happend in every where in Andhra. Lets all fight against for that but not for seperation this will just make living some more politicians but not the common man like you and me.

  29. Sujay,
    Do you think seperate state will give more Public jobs..???

    Yes. To start with, Telangana will get 125,000 when GO 610 is implemented.

  30. A very methodical, logical oratory on the Telangana issue. Kudos to you! I love the way you articulated the sense of outrage felt among the Telangana people. Though there are some factual errors as in the SLBC case (vs. Nagarjuna Sagar), the article is authentic for the most part.

    The case that you made for Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal is still valid. Its original proposed location was moved further downstream making it harder to pump water to a wider region of Telangana. Instead, it was made to run parallel to the Andhra-Telangana border ultimately entering the Andhra region. And such examples are galore.

    Well, lets keep the voice of Telangana alive!

    Jai Telangana!

  31. We can definetely take care of our own Telangana State.. nice article.. Jai Telangana

    Ravi - Washington DC

  32. Sujai,
    An excellent and UNBIASED analysis.
    The more educated Andhra people should try to understand that, having a separate state is also really going to help them a lot in the long run. They should not fall in the trap of the 10-15 investors who are running this Samaikyandhra movement.

  33. To people afraid of living in Hyderabad (or for that matter anywhere in Telangana) post partition (if that ever happens):
    Dudes, we go to foreign countries for various opportunities, and live there. What's the problem in going to Hyderabad if you want to live there? Do you think the people of Telangana will be so uncivilized as to suddenly target the settlers and attack them and their interests? That goes to show how much respect you have for them.

  34. why telangana ppl are afraid, when CBN is fighting for the water from Maha.....
    oh.. they are afraid, later they cannot go to maha for jobs...

    NOW they are experiencing the same pain as andhr ppl.. now they will know the the real pain in the as@

  35. telanangana student in Hyderabad, have been, has been since day 1... torturing, andhra students... since very very long time.... at ground level. no oneknow...

    this is NOT a new thing... Telangana ppl have been harasing andhra ppl in hyderabad since ages....

  36. Studio N Interview:

    A slap on your face. hehehe..

    Go through the interview if you can understand Telugu. Opinions are formed on research, and facts, not by spending time on blogspot. If you do not understand Telugu, STFU, you have no business to comment on Telangana.

  37. Even people of Hyderabad have a distinct culture from Telangana, Rayalseema and Andhra.

    What is common between any of these three regions with hyderabad.

    Cuisine is different. Culture is different.

    I am khayast in Hyderabad of 300 years and none in telangana has something simimilar to our culture.

    What nonensense are all these guys fighting.

    Hyderabad is different. And should be a different state.

  38. ok i will tell an ex if 3 brohers built their house with equal efforts so 3 brothers have equal rights so my dear freinds hyderabad is not a part of telangana it is a part andhra pradesh

  39. This article is a Bull Shit.. Who developed Hyderabad?? If Andhra people are so biased as you said, why would they develop Hyderabad?

    Even if you are right, this bifurcation happened only for 25000 Govt Jobs? Senseless article.


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