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Telangana XV: Concerns

Here I address some of the concerns raised by detractors of Telangana Movement.

Why are Telangana people bent on dividing the country and state?

First, these detractors should decide whether we are dividing the country or if we are dividing the state. Because dividing the state is not the same as dividing the country. On a continuous basis, districts and states continue to evolve in our country, and if each internal division is treated as breaking up of the country and therefore seditious then we will live in a static world where no change can ever take place.

Second, if we are indeed breaking the state and not break the country, we should ask if there were historical precedents and ask if those precedents had a happy ending. India allows breaking up and reorganization of states within legal confines of Indian Constitution and even prescribes steps on how to do it. So asking for a separate state is a perfectly legitimate thing to do in India.

India started off not as dividing the states, but as combining and reorganizing various regions into states. Our leaders took many big provinces from British rule and reconfigured them adding many regions, including those from princely states to create new states. Only those regions which had completely different history (like being ruled by French or Portuguese) or those regions which had really small population were made into Union Territories. Some of those Union Territories became states eventually.

Initially, India came up with 15 or odd states. Nobody knows whether we should have had 15 or 50 to start with. Since nobody knows what the right number should have been, why make the initial number a sacrosanct number? May be, we should have had 50 states to start with, in which case we are still short of the desired number.

In 1956, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka were formed from Madras Presidency, Hyderabad State, and some portions of Bombay State. In 1960, Gujarat got formed out of Bombay State. These states were formed on linguistic basis. In 1966, Punjab was trifurcated into Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. This division was not exactly along linguistic lines. Later on Nagaland was created. In 1972, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura got divided from Assam. In 2000, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand were separated from their original states. Once again, the division was not along linguistic lines.

Most new states are quite happy to be on their own. Even if given chance they don’t want to go back and rejoin the big states they broke from. Economic condition is not the only criteria for statehood. Ability to have a freedom for a group’s self-rule and self-expression is of paramount importance. The quasi-federal states of India find that independent voice within the confines of Indian constitution.

Why are Telangana people bent on separation when rest of Andhra wants to stay united?

Most of Telangana wants a separate state while most of Andhra doesn’t want to let Telangana go. We see a clear polarization today along regional lines. Almost all MLAs of Andhra-Rayalaseema resigned en masse after hearing P Chidambaram’s statements supporting a separate Telangana. Many of these MLAs who resigned belong to those parties which have openly promised to support separate Telangana in the last elections.

When the girlfriend wants to opt out of the relationship that has gone sour, it doesn’t help if the boyfriend forces himself onto her. The girl has already explained what her issues are. Now the guy instead of even attempting to address those issues is only forcing her to come back, all the while calling her names. He is throwing tantrums and refuses to let her go. Prolonging the breakup only worsens the situation. Instead of leaving as friends, the girl would start hating the guy.

The whole charade of recent mass resignations is a very good political tactic stalling the State Assembly thereby hijacking the democracy. Telangana politicians should learn a thing or two from their Andhra politician brothers. When Potti Sriramulu fasted in Madras in 1950s, he was not fighting for creating a new state for all Telugus. He was fighting for ‘dividing’ an existing state called Madras State to carve out a new state for his Andhra people, on a ‘separatist’ agenda.

And very similar to the current Andhra politicians, Potti Sriramulu asked for a city which did not belong to him. He wanted Madras as the capital of separate Andhra State. Rajaji was clear, he purportedly said, ‘If they want Madras, then they can forget about Andhra’. Unlike what most people think, Potti Sriramulu’s fight did not include Telangana people and he was not fighting for creating a state for all Telugu people.

There are more things to learn from Andhra politicians. In 1973, after the suppression of 1969 Telangana agitation which clearly established the mood of Indira Gandhi who quelled a separatist movement with ruthless force, Andhra politicians demanded a separate state under the slogan ‘Jai Andhra’. Why did they do this? They wanted to coerce Indira Gandhi into revoking a Supreme Court judgment that asked Andhra Pradesh to enforce an agreement to safeguard Telangana people’s interest. This agreement was agreed upon after 1969 agitation to take care of Telangana people.

So when and where necessary, and when it is in their interest, Andhra leaders, either it is Potti Sriramulu, or politicians of 1973, ask for a separate state dividing the existing states. But that right is denied to people of Telangana. As a majority they coerce Telangana people to toe the line and stay united.

This whole charade of Samaikya Andhra coming from them now sounds really hollow. Why did they break up Madras State to create their own state? Why did they demand a separate state in 1973 when it served their selfish purpose?

Shouldn’t Hyderabad belong to rest of Andhra as much as it belongs to people of Telangana?

Lot of Andhra and Rayalaseema people have suggested that Hyderabad belongs to them as much as it belongs to Telangana people. One of the reasons they cite is that they have paid taxes that contributed to the development of this city and hence they own the city as much as people of Telangana.

As a counter argument, people of Telangana ask, how about the cities of Andhra, like Rajamundry, Vizag, Vijayawada, Nellore, Kakinada, that were developed with tax money that came from people of Telangana? Should Telangana people own these cities then?

That’s when a new argument comes from Andhra people. It is not about taxes, they say. It is about investments they made in the city of Hyderabad. What about them? They also tell us that while many Andhra people have investments in Hyderabad, almost no investments exist in Andhra cities (further telling us that migration happened only one way).

Most of them who ask such questions don’t know that India does not sell its cities to its investors or settlers. Intel or GM can own property in India, but that does not mean they belong to America now. Many settlers in Bangalore coming from North, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, own huge swathes of property. And yet, there will be no time in future when certain people of Tamil Nadu can gang up to make Bangalore a part of Tamil Nadu just because they bought the city out. The city will continue to be with Karnataka. And if in future Karnataka divides into North and South, it will belong to South, though many investors of North Karnataka might have invested in it.

So no matter how many people, either it is Andhra or Rayalaseema, Gujarat or Tamil, have invested in Hyderabad, the city still belongs to Telangana. If for some reason, in future, Rangareddy, Khammam and Nalgonda become a new state they would get the city because Hyderabad lies inside Rangareddy. Also, one should note that a significant portion of Hyderabad is built by using the lands from adjoining districts of Telangana. So can Rangareddy now ask the lands back? If so, can’t Telangana ask entire city of Hyderabad back?

Good for India, we still have not reached a stage wherein a rich state like Gujarat can go to any city, pay a check and buy that city for itself.

Should the settlers in Hyderabad panic now because of jingoism of Telangana agitation?

The detractors of Telangana Movement are spreading fear amongst everyone saying that Telangana agitators would target non-Telangana people, especially the Andhra and Rayalseema folks. They use this as a case to tell everyone that it is not in the best interest of non-Telangana people of Hyderabad to leave that city to Telangana people. They compare Telangana with Kashmir where Hindu pundits were kicked out. They also advice India not to create Telangana because that would mean Hyderabad as a city, and India as a country, would lose out. The investments into the city would dry and the city would go back decades in development. They hope to generate enough fear so that they can get a Union Territory status or sharing of the capital.

During any heated political movements, there are always some spurious incidents that happen which are not very nice. Those are moments when you are not proud of what your people have done. Some Andhra people were targeted in 1969 and this time around there were stray incidents few incidents where Andhra restaurants were targeted.

But that is not unique to Telangana movement alone. It is true of any political movement including the non-violent struggles of Gandhi. And it is true of many cities in India. Mumbai has launched Shiv Sena only to target Tamils. For many decades Tamils in Mumbai were targeted. Bangalore has seen many incidents in the last two decades where Tamils were targeted.

And yet, Tamils do not migrate out of Mumbai or Bangalore. They continue to live there as ever. That’s because no matter how rabid Shiv Sena, MNS or Kannadiga outfits are, our country still continues to protect the settlers and their investments in most cities of India. Cosmopolitan cities do a much better job of protecting people of diverse regions. Hyderabad is home to many people, not just Telugu people of Telangana, Andhra or Rayalaseema. It is home to many Gujaratis, Bengalis, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Tamil and Kannada populations. It has many religions – Parsi, Hindu, Muslim and Christian. To believe that such a cosmopolitan city would turn into a Kashmir is a farfetched assumption which does not have any examples in the contemporary history to make a case.

It turns out that this is a canard spread by vested interest groups who have no intention of giving up Hyderabad to Telangana people and hence are creating rumors of a hypothetical future of targeted attacks. If you compare the attacks that settlers endured in Mumbai or Bangalore, Hyderabad must have seen 1/100 of those incidents. That would make Hyderabad 100 times safer compared to Mumbai or Bangalore. That’s good enough for me.

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  1. """As a counter argument, people of Telangana ask, how about the cities of Andhra, like Rajamundry, Vizag, Vijayawada, Nellore, Kakinada, that were developed with tax money that came from people of Telangana? Should Telangana people own these cities then? """

    How many telangana industrialists invested in other cities and contributed the "job creation" in Rajamundry, Vizag, Vijayawada, Nellore, Kakinada ?

    "Intel or GM can own property in India, but that does not mean they belong to America now."

    Buddy we know that Intel and GM are not andhra peoples companies furthere more Intel and GM does not belong to India so they cannot ask.

    Geography is not an issue here it is the investment of time and money by successive governments of AP on Hyderabad at the loss and neglect of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

    "can’t Telangana ask entire city of Hyderabad back?"

    Why did telangana give Hyderabad in first place? and to whom did it give?

    Is it not for the selfish reason that it will be developed by outsiders and when its developed as you said Telangana can ask entire city back?

    "And yet, Tamils do not migrate out of Mumbai or Bangalore. They continue to live there as ever."

    Sujai, there is a huge disconnect between what you write on this blog and on the ground.

    Telangana leaders time and again warned Andhra people about causing harm to their business intrests and we cannot ignore this.

    What is this telangana walo jago and andhra walo bago? where should andhra walo bago? from their own capital city which they so lovingly worked hard for.
    What is this when telangana is formed KCR will ban andhra educational institutes?
    I can go on and this is NOT "spurious incidents" as you like to believe.

  2. Blueshift,

    I belong to former Rayalaseema, but a coastal district.

    There is no banning of educational institutions; let telaganga folks set the standards in the curriculm, including telugu dialect. If Andhra institutes follow that suit, they can survive: but they can't dictate the policies of Telangana. It is like Intel demanding Indian government to follow its ways of doing business, instead of adhering to the policies of Indian government.

    Pretty simple, Andhra/seema folks can't sway the policies of Telangana state: if that is your problem, close your business and move away. if you wanan do the business, just do it their way: that is the case with any place.

    Lesson is simple: Seema and Andhra interests can't dictate their ways in Telagana state. That is their state!!

  3. Wonderful. Well researched article. Andra people are propagating the myth that they only developed Hyderabad. But the truth is they changed the capital to Hyderabad only because of Hyderabad's already existing infrastructure ranging from airport to railways and grand government buildings. By the way I am not from AP.

  4. Blueshift,
    Inspite of such warnings you can see very few incidents like that have ever happened in hyderabad or anywhere in telangana. Telangana people are wise enough to understand the situation beyond your stingy comprehension. They know very well what are their ploticians upto( TRS was voted out just because they could not keep their word after 2003 elections).
    I think the arguments you came up with were anticipated by sujai and addressed carefully in his post. Better go through it from top to bottom.
    Try to come up with constructive thoughts not some thing which has been tested monotonous and invalid.

  5. Potti Sriramulu asked for a city which did not belong to him.

    My friend Learn some history

    Chennapatnam - current chennai or Madras belonged to Rayalaseema. British leased land for East India company from King of Chandragiri in Chittor district.

    I do support seperate state for Andhra and Rayalaseema but with a package which central government should promise to all non telangana people.

    The issue is not just money and jobs generated but about educational, health and infrastructure to ensure that Non Telangana people are not dependent on Hyderabad for Welfare. I have written in detail what center and Telangana should do to prevent the rift between the people in my blog (Visalandhra - needs for new state). Until that happens I dont think Andhra and Rayalaseema people will stop agitating. It is not just the Politicians staging protest for personal reasons.

  6. Sriram,
    I already posted this on your blog but jsut pasting here so that others can go through some of the issues I covered. I think you have been very honest unlike many others.
    I thnk you are honest in putting forth your concerns. But I think most of the problems you are anticipating are actually not real considering such infrastructure already established in Andhra region.
    I really think you should make a change in your stance regarding the teritiary health care provision. I don't think people would portray their feelings of ego or lsot dignity at times of need especially during something like illness and other helath care necessities.
    Well you need not worry about these things because once the state is separated atleast for sometime until all the infrastructure is restored everyone will have access to resources in hyderabad. Separate state is only to share the resources equitably thats not happening now, but not to deprive people of basic necessities. Why do people in andhra look ar the separate state as something like a separate country.
    Even today most people in ananthapur, chittor,nellore and prakasham look at Bangalore or Chennai when they need city class amenities and certainly not at hyderabad.
    You said international airport is far away in Vizag but rayalseema has access to bangalore, chennai and hyderabad. You don't need visa to cross states my firend and hyderabad is not moving away in distance if separate state forms. Regarding the defence labs and other institutes you mentioned their intake is based on merit and not on regions. So you are not losing out anything from them. Telangana and andhra students have same equal chance of getting seats there and actually every indian student has the equal right and chance to join these institutions. Even andhra region has two JNTU's (one in ananthapur and other in kakinada, whereas telangana has one in Hyderabad thats all). If hyderabad has agriculture university andhra region has SVIMS and University of Health Sciences. As a doctor myself, SVIMS I know is being already developed on par with NIMS. May be andhra people only require a NIT and a IIIT. Even NIT is a jointly funded institution and like happened before in other states, more than one state can share half of the seats and remaining half going to central qouta.
    ANdhra has a space centre and hyderabad only has few research instituions. You cannot ask for a second hyderabad to be built in andhra if separate state forms. Ofcourse I think there would be some funds required to establish an administrative capital.
    So your fears and concerns are actually not that seriuos and if at all very small. Such fears are only instigated by politicians for their own selfish interests. So please support tseparte states. That way we will bew able to support each other with out any hard feelings or questions of dignity

  7. Sujai,
    Shouldn’t Hyderabad belong to rest of Andhra as much as it belongs to people of Telangana?

    Hyderabad is the Capital of AP and not Telangana. And no other city can match it in AP.

    People have invested, not just the people of Andhra, Rayalaseema.. but people around the Hyderabad because it is the capital of the whole state.

    If Kurnool were the capital, then Kurnool would have been what Hyderabad is today. Hitch city, International Airport, all major Hospitals, Educational Institutes.. and many more..would have been in Kurnool or for that case any city which were the capital and no other city in AP would have matched it.

    So how can just T claim it now..

    I am not at all against R/A/T..

    If Hyderabad is made a Union territory, Is Telangana still possible without it ? Do T people still accept it ?

    Tomorrow MIM would ask for a Nizam state for Greater Hyderabad, because they don't want to get attached to the sick T state(you only said that), which is a liability..

    Or a plebiscite in Hyderabad would be in favor of a separate Hyderabad state/UT. You must already have been aware of the mood in Hyderabad. TRS not contesting the GHMC elections itself is a big indication for that.

    Hyderabad not being with T should not matter to T at all.
    T rivers would still flow through T. T minerals, ores, assets would be with T. All the T jobs would still be with T.

    Then would you fight for a Samaikhya T+Hyderabad ?


  8. Anonymous,
    A glimpse of history would help you probably regarding your question about hyderabad.
    Kurnool was the capital city of andhra state before unification but why did it move to hyderabad after unification of telangana? Because hyderabad was already a hub and second biggest city that could match with chennai. If your argument that hdyerabad only developed as capital of AP then it is your illusion. Take the example of all the top metro cities in India after hyderabad. Most of them are not the state capitals. Nagpur, Pune, Kanpur, allahabad for example are not their state's capitals but merely large cities after indian independence. So if hyderabad developed from the tax payers money of whole AP so are the big cities in andhra like Vijayawada, Vizag, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Kurnool and tirupathi. On the other side only hyderabad developed on the side of telangana where as other big cities in telangana warangal and nizamabad merely accumulated population. Neitrher the infrastructure nor any city class infrastructure was developed in these cities. Even being corporations these cities still struggle for drinking water and transportation. Few industries established in these cities before unification were closed down after that and no efforts were made to encourage investments in these regions by the state govt.
    So your idea of claiming hyderabad just because few andhra business men invested in hyderabad for their own profits and interests is something needs to be condemned fot it being a neoimperialistic view.
    Sorry your argument is a shrewd one. Its time that andhra people satisfy their ego with accepting the need for separate state and stay friendly with the new state

  9. Hi Sravan

    Thanks for comment.

    I agree using dignity in describing access to health care was not necessary, but with the current situation in Andhra Pradesh people may feel that way once state is divided against their wishes. I am from Nellore and I know many from my native village still go to Hyderabad (despite its physical closeness to Chennai or Vellore) it is because Hyderabad is like their home.

    Regarding education it is not just the Elite institutions as I mentioned before. You should consider proportion of Engineering, Polytechnique, and Medical and higher institutes based around Hyderabad (Both Government and Private).

    I do use Hyderabad to travel to abroad and also to shop for my family. Many of my cousins settled in private sector jobs (despite multiple offers of job in other cities like Chennai, Banglore) in Hyd despite being far away from Nellore.

    Hyderabad was developed by people from Andhra Pradesh (People from Costal Andhra + Telangana + Rayalaseema) for Telugu people to be recognised in Both India and Abroad. I hear argument that even before joining AP Hyderabad was developed under Nizam. Did u know that Nizam developed Hyderabad from taxes not just from Telangana and neighbouring parts under his rule. He also got considerable share in Andhra and Rayalaseema taxes from British because he conceded them to British.

    When State is divided in to two parts against the wishes why should people from Andhra and Rayalaseema use Hyderabad for their amenities. I am here asking Central government to show solution to this problem before abruptly cutting state into two parts. This may require investment in order of 50 billion $ (Government) in addition to private investment. Costal Andhra and Rayalaseema need growth engines like Hyderabad. This is especially relevant in current Indian situation as it is trying to move into a manufacturing and service economy and shedding its past as a agrarian economy. This request for investment is as legitimate as your request for development in irrigation in Telangana.

    Costal Andhra and Rayalaseema people had raw deal most of the times at the beginning. Nizam gave them as a gift to British (This later turned to boon because of people like Sir Cotton). We lost Chennapatnam (Chennai) a small telugu village leased to build a business fort by East India company which would later become Chennai. This was due to politically strong Tamil leaders at center. We lost dignity and self respect multiple times. This is going to repeat again. We will not let it happen without a fight.

    I don’t care about which Andhra or Rayalaseema politician is going to lose because he or she has invested in Hyderabad. In fact I feel these corrupt politicians should lose their money as I believe money not earned in correct way (illegal money) does not belong to them and will not stay with them.

  10. Sravan
    Before asking me, please check your History books first. Right from the beginning T was not ready to merge with A. And to please them Hyderabad was made the Capital in '56 from Kurnool.

    I am neither from Andhra nor from Telangana. I am from Hyderabad.

    I just asked you a simple question.
    Instead of answering that you are beating around the bush, by comparing Hyderabad with other too know that none can match it.

    Hitech city, Shamshabad Airport, ORR, all the new hospitals, colleges.. have come up in the last decade and not in '50-60s. Don't you agree ?

    And I am not talking abt investments made by R, T or A people or Indian/World people.. or land prices or some particular guys business in hyderabad.

    All I asked was -
    Hyderabad not being with T should not matter to T at all as
    T rivers would still flow through T. T minerals, ores, assets would be with T. All the T jobs would still be with T.
    And most importantly all the T political leaders/experts would be with T.

    So, the question is - Will T people be ok with a T without Hyderabad ? as Hyderabad shouldn't change the equation for T.. (Reasons and possibilities I have already given you in the previous post)

    Else it would be as if you are not fighting for Telangana and the people but for the Jewel in AP.

    And you need not be shrewd or cunning. It is simple common sense.

    PS: Let me remind you, I am not against formation of R/A/T..
    All I wanted to know is the opinion of you experts..

    Sujai, You should not be sarcastic when you are fighting for something, you should be Straightforward.

  11. @Dr Sreeram Penna,
    It is you who does not know history. Chennai never belonged to Andhra people. Just because a small Telugu king ruled a part of Chennai it does not make it belong to them. In fact there were many places in TN ruled by Telugu kings. Even Madurai was ruled by Telugu kings. Veera Pandiya Kattabomman the well known king from Tamilnadu who fought against the British was a Telugu. The Telugu population in TN more than 5%. That does not make any part of TN belong to Andra or Rayalaseema people. It is well known that Thirupathi belonged to TN. The well known Tamil grammar 'Tholkappiyam' written before 2000 years has clearly mentioned the boundaries of TN. It says the northern boundary of TN is Thirupathi. It is well known that the temple was built by Tamil kings. Check this even TTD has this information in their website - . When Thirupathi itself does not belong to you how does Chennai belong to you? Chennai's well known temple towns Mylapore and Triplicane have been around for more than 2000 years and well known Tamil places. Learn proper history instead of spreading chauvinistic propaganda.

  12. Hyderabad belongs to Hyderabadis. Telangana people cannot just grab it.

    Hyderabad will decide on the fate of Telangana state weather its going to form or not. The price is very high to pay for Hyderabad, is Telangana ready to pay?

    Once Hyderabad UT is formed we will send out Telangana people and give H2 temperory worker visa and they can leave back in evening to Telangana and treat them as Gair mulk applying beautiful mulki rules.

  13. @Shaan

    I am talking facts Shaan. I am not spreading any Chavvistic propaganda.

    Being combined capital of Telugus and Tamils and present in land lived by Telugu people, Telugu people had equal rights to the place druing seperate andhra movement(Same cannot be said now) . Borders change with rulers, and rulers change with dynasties. Tirupati being mentioned in Tamil literature does not mean that Tirupati belongs Tamils. It belongs to people of Tirupati who will choose which side they will take.

  14. @Dr,
    Chennai was capital of Madras Presidency because it was the main place in which the British were established first and then they started expanding into other places of TN and Andhra. It is not because Thirupathi was mentioned in Tamil literature alone it belongs to Tamils. It is because it belonged to the Thondaimandalam kingdom of Tamil nadu it belongs to Tamils. And it is clearly mentioned even before 2000 years that it marks the boundary of TN. But we accepted a compromise just due to the principle that boundaries can change with time as you have mentioned. Like Chennai, British established Mumbai as capital for Maharashtra and Gujarat. Like you people, the Gujaratis led by Moraji Desai thought that since Mumbai was capital of both Gujarati and Marathi territories ruled by the British they could grab Mumbai. Just like Tamils who didn't give Chennai, the Marathis also refused to give Mumbai.

    "Telugu people had equal rights to the place druing seperate andhra movement(Same cannot be said now)"

    - This shows what drives the anti-Telangana movement. Why do you think Telugu people don't have equal rights in Chennai now? All Chennai residents have equal rights in Chennai as long as they respect the local laws and rules in Chennai. Telugus are still welcome to stay as Indian citizens and in fact Telugus still are in substantial numbers in Chennai and TN as I said. Your line of thinking clearly establishes that you are indeed chauvinistic and that you believe state boundaries are red lines that must not be crossed.

  15. @Shaan

    If you say pride of belongingness as chauvinistic then I say I am one.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. It's not a sick Telangana.Andhra Politicians made T as sick since 50 years..

    There is a saying about T in Telugu "Naa Telangana Koti Rathanala Veena".From 50 years they r transferring the resources to A.

    Only A&R people invested money in T districts.But No T person doesn't..!!
    One Person from T called Venkatarami Reddy(A Relative of MP Jaipal Reddy)invested on a Power project in Vizag but the people there created many problems,so he closed his company..

    This is the way the people behave in Andhra..

    Nd also there r plenty of water resources in T bt A/R people using them...4 xmple..Nagarjun sagar is located in Nalgonda,almost 90% of water is usefull for Guntur district only.The Very sad thing is still there is florosys problem existed in Nalgoda..

    Is this a cause of united state???

    There r nearly 40 MLA's present in Telangana whos native is from A&R..Is there atleast a single one from T in A&R???

    Still we need a United State???

    In Yesterday also NABARD funds were released...nearly 140 crores released,132 crores(60 crores only 4 Guntur) for A&R and just 8.5 crores for T...

    T people giving nearly 45% funds in the form of different taxes but T getting only 24% for developing....

    T has 43% constitutions in AP...but we r getting what??

    The menifesto of congress in 2004 "A separate telangana"..

    The menifesto of congress,Prajarajyam&TDP in 2009 again "A separate telangana"..

    but what the so called politicians did???

    Our Leader KCR's fast to death and also many student leaders "Bhalidhanam" gives us the statement of Telangana state from central Government..

    Already the process of seperate state has begin,,,we develop T as a golden T in just few years only..

    Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana...!!!

  18. Blueshift:

    Hyderabad belongs to Hyderabadis. Telangana people cannot just grab it.

    Bangalore belongs to Bangaloreans. Let's create a UT out of Bangalore. Karnataka cannot grab it.

    Mumbai belongs to Mumbaikars. Maharashtra cannot grab it. Let's make it an independent state.

    Vizag belongs to Vizag people. Andhra cannot grab it. Let's make it UT.

    So on, when the song!


  19. ~We:

    If Kurnool were the capital, then Kurnool would have been what Hyderabad is today. Hitch city, International Airport, all major Hospitals, Educational Institutes..

    And I would have gladly let go of Kurnool (even if it were the capital of AP) and be happy with Telangana. I wouldn't have fought for Kurnool.

  20. This fight which leads to a seperation (which I hope not) is like the fight between Pandavas & Kauravas - here I don't identify who is who,its not important.
    A split between brothers or even cousins is deadly - the hatred is complete & cannot come down with time as it might between a tamilian & telgulu or tamilian & Kannadiga.
    Actually this is a divorce from a love marriage(not even a sibling split) and nothing will make things right again.

    As one faces in Hyderabad already - there will be massive discrimination and hate wars.

    All this leads to kurushetra and this time thre is no statesman like Krishna to give the Gita!.


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