Friday, December 25, 2009

I am in Hyderabad

Dear Friends of Telangana Movement:

I will be in Hyderabad for the next 9 days.
I would like to meet up with student leaders behind Telangana Movement. If you can introduce me to some of them it would be great. Please let me know.

Thank you.



  1. Political aspirations ???

    Best of luck

    dont get dirty once you enter politics

  2. I have no doubts about Sujai's political aspirations especially after reading his entry with statements comparing current events in Telangana to the Palestine struggle. All these histrionics will only be seen in a normal light in the political arena. I, as a commoner, am still reeling under the effects of the words used by him and his supporters in several of his blog entries.

  3. I don't speak Telugu and I've only visited the (current) state of Andhra Pradesh twice, so I'm not like the other commenters on this blog (who seem to have a strong emotional involvement for or against a separate state for Telangana)

    However, I've read many of Sujai's posts and I think most of his writings show a rational, honest,humane and good approach

    So if people like him take a leadership role and also get involved in politics, I think it will be very valuable to India.

  4. Go to OU...Where do you stay? near dilsukhnagar? If near dilsukhnagar visit nearest ABVP office..of visit telangana bhavan..the home of India's latest fascist outfit.

  5. Usually I never write about myself. Because Whenever I wrote anything about me or my family, I was always ridiculed. I made a mistake this time.

    I was hoping I could go meet the student leaders to discuss the guidelines on how to go about doing the agitation, without having to riot, break up things, and vandalizing things.

    I regret I wrote this post. I will delete it.

  6. Good luck Sujai, I would definitely like you to take a stand for the cause. Since i will not be able to come to India not for while I still would like to suggest you not to go to TRS or a political party. As you can see this time unlike 1969 the movementbegan as a political party but more or less moving onto students and employees.
    I suggest you go to some high educated intellectual like Jayashankar or Pervaram Jagannadham who I think do not belong to any party. I think that is the best way we can move forward. I think a person like you with good back ground knowledge on issue would really can be fine negotiator than agitator and one who can negotiate things better than politicians.
    Thank you

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  8. Sujai,

    If u have taken note of the number that sandeep has provided. i would request you to delete his comment as its not safe to have personal details in here.

    to be honest you should have provided an email address for them to send you.

  9. Usually I never write about myself. Because Whenever I wrote anything about me or my family, I was always ridiculed. I made a mistake this time.


    Having political aspirations is not WRONG! You dont have to feel compelled to declare your political aspirations before you speak on any issue. Writing about issues that you care about is not wrong either. Feel FREE to use your freedom of speech.

    On other commentators here: If a person is attending school, if you mock him saying "I know... you have aspirations of getting a job!"... exactly what are you trying to say?

    What is so wrong with meeting the OU students who are leading this struggle? What is so wrong about declaring so publicly?

    Good luck with your meeting... I hope the media and public stop demonizing the students who are taking up this struggle and fighting for their due rights.

  10. Sujai,

    An elephant walks. Dogs bark. Elephant ignores the stray dogs.

    Thank you for taking the time out to do this.

    Best Wishes!

  11. Hi Sujai,
    Please give me your email address.I might get to meet you one of the leaders from JAC(students)at OU.

    @Bhanu Prasad,
    Please join your Neo Nazis (Goondas at VJA and Rowdies @ Ceded) and A#$ Holes' at AU.

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  13. Sujai,

    I am in hyd from 23rd and going to diff. districts of Telangana.
    Meeting the people in villages and understanding what they are expecting from Separate Telangana state and what did politicians Telling them...

    I met 2 families in Adilabad who were reported by media as they committed suicide after hearing Chidambaram 2nd Statement and other pour kerosine/petrol and died..

    I am taking video recordings..

    I have spoken to TNGO leaders...
    Long way to go before 4th Jan... let me know if you want to join...
    You can post the reply on FaceBook at.

    I will be in hyd on Trursday evening we can meet on 1st afternoon...


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