Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wake Up, Telangana

We will not get Telangana.  We won’t get Telangana because we are not qualified to get Telangana.  No state will be given to those people who don’t even know how to fight for a separate state. 

Naïve Telangana

Telanganas can be generalized into a category called ‘naïve’.  Three hundred and fifty lakh naïve people are led by equally naïve leaders.  We believe in things too easily – sometimes bordering on foolishness.  Long ago we believed that Gentlemen’s Agreement will be honored.  It was not to be.  Time and again, we believed in various promises made by New Delhi.  They were not meant to be. 

For the last two years, we have been ‘manipulated and managed’ by the efficient political craftsmanship of New Delhi in cahoots with equally clever Seemandhra leadership.  Continuously and forever, we believe there will be decision made in the next few days.  Nothing happens. 

A committee after committee, a meeting after meeting, a consultation after consultation!  Our own leaders stand up on the podium to tell us that they have ‘information’ that a favorable announcement will be made in the next two days.  No such announcement comes.  We are told that we will get a decision after Srikrishna Committee Report, then after Assembly elections in four states, then after this festival, that festival and so on.  We fall prey to all their machinations hook, line and sinker.

It is amusing to watch this charade as an observer.  The coterie in New Delhi sitting around the ‘high command’ must be in fits of laughter each time Telangana leaders and its people believe such cock-and-bull stories again and again, without fail, even after they have been duped so many times before. 

Why can’t we get our act right?

It may not come as surprise to any historian why Telangana allows itself to be colonized while Seemandhra gets to colonize.

Like the British who were more organized, disciplined, ready to deploy forces in unison overcoming their internal differences (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English) whenever there was a threat to the Empire and its hegemony, the Seemandhras display the same organized and concerted array of actions, statements, resignations and violent attacks whenever their hegemony over Telangana is under threat. 

Like the Indian rulers of the 17th and 18th century, Telangana leadership is in disarray; they call names against each other, accuse each other.  They indulge in bickering, infighting, and attacking each other.  They are not able to overcome their petty differences to pose a united front.  

Only when Indians got together to pose a near-united front under a political banner which was inclusive, with the sole aim of attaining freedom, did we qualify for a free nation.  So, when will our political leadership unite with sole aim of creating separate Telangana?

We are not learning our lessons

Our record in the last two years shows that we are not fighting the right way and yet we don’t learn to do it right.  We keep repeating the same mistakes. 

P Chidambaram said that it is not up to the Indian Parliament to solve the problem of Telangana.  He directed the victims to resolve the issue by pleading to the bullies.  He emphatically absolved himself, his ministry and Government of India of all responsibilities to come to the aid of Telangana people. 

Now, the Prime Minister of India said that as long as the ‘other region’ keeps threatening the nation with violence, he will not emancipate the people of Telangana.  With that statement, the Prime Minister of India decided to keep Telanganas in enslavement forever to please the Seemandhra masters.

Naiveté is criminal

Naiveté on part of an individual can be understood and excused, but naiveté on part of elected leaders is criminal, because it affects the lives and fates of millions of people.  Because of our leadership’s naiveté, so many of our youth are committing suicides on a daily basis and the frustration is only increasing amongst its populace.  The current Telangana leadership is taken for a ride continuously and perennially and yet they do not wake up to the reality.  The reason why Telangana is not formed is not because of threat from Seemandhra leadership but because of the New Delhi’s firm resolve not to carve out Telangana. 

We are being misled by our own wishful thinking.  We see only the December 9th statement but fail to notice or pay attention to December 23rd statement.  What happened between these two dates is the key to understanding how the rulers sitting in New Delhi look at the issue of Telangana.  Telangana was calm while Seemandhra was burning.

New Delhi realized in those two weeks that Telangana is divided, has too many detractors within, too weak a leadership, and has no capacity to launch itself into a violent movement.  Whereas, it is Seemandhra which showed utmost unity, a strong and committed leadership, and the capacity to launch into an extremely violent movement – to match the violence of 1953 Andhra agitations or may be even more.  

That’s when New Delhi made up its mind – they can allow Telangana to be ruled by Seemandhras for another generation or two the way British could rule India for many decades as long as the Indian leadership was divided and committed to passive movements.  It is not the peaceful agitator of Telanganas who are to be feared, but it is the violent agitator of formidable Seemandhras New Delhi has to reckon with. 

The way the American leadership allowed the slavery of Blacks in United States for many decades to keep the White slave masters happy, New Delhi allows the subjugation of Telangana to keep the ruling Seemandhras happy.   Though the enslavement of Blacks and the segregation laws were antithesis of the very principles on which the United States of America was founded, various Presidents of United States were afraid that the White Americans of the South would become rebellious, go violent, and secede; and therefore allowed the long-standing and overwhelming discrimination of Blacks - to disenfranchise them, make them lose all political power, push them into ghettos, and treat them as subhuman for many decades.  Discrimination of Blacks could continue because of the fear of backlash from White American masters.

According to our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Telanganas are like the Blacks of United States, the second-class citizens, who have to endure subjugation and discrimination because our masters are a more formidable force.  Since Seemandhras, who are opposing the formation of Telangana, are more violent, united and are rich in capital, it is decided that no Telangana will be formed for now.  The subjugation of Telangana will continue as ever to please the Seemandhra masters.

New Delhi is against Telangana

When will the political leaders of Telangana understand that the prime reason why Telangana is not formed is the change in the policy of New Delhi reflected in December 23rd statement, which flows down from the uppermost echelons of the Empire?  After our beloved and ‘honest’ Prime Minister made the recent statements on Telangana on 12th November, 2011, saying that there is no immediate resolution to Telangana, why do our political leaders believe they can approach Sonia Gandhi, as if her stance would be different from that of Manmohan Singh?  And, do we really believe that our Prime Minister has the gumption to make his opinion on this issue against the diktats of the high command? 

How naïve can we get here?  Why is our political leadership under the impression that the ‘high command’ has a different view on the subject different from that of entire Cabinet?  Why don’t we admit that the high command in New Delhi is against formation of Telangana? How long will we believe in this fairy tale?

Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee, Ghulam Nabi Azad et al, have been employed by the high command to double speak in order to ‘manage and manipulate’ Telangana leadership while the high command maintains its silence to allow for many myths to float around.  This ambiguity and confusion works very well for New Delhi. 

While the naïve political leadership of Telangana continues to believe that the high command is sympathetic to its cause, they will communicate the same to the people of Telangana to keep their hope alive, and this way the movement does not go out of control.  While New Delhi can keep the movement under check using our leaders as the puppets, there are enough signs sent to Seemandhra leadership to comfort them that Andhra Pradesh will never be divided.  This way they are able to do something which even British could not do.  They not only keep the movement in Telangana from boiling over, they also keep the Seemandhra agitators happy by retaining the status quo.

Blame Telangana leadership for the current woes

The blame for allowing such a status quo lies with current Telangana political leadership.  Unlike with British where Viceroy and Governors of the Presidencies are clearly seen as the employees of British Empire without any ambiguity, our leaders can be falsely assumed to be the elected representatives of people though they are in reality the stooges of the Empire. 

This ambiguity: Are our political leaders the emissaries appointed by the Empire or whether they are genuine representatives of the aspirations of the people, is critical to the current ‘management and manipulation’ of Telangana issue.  This ambiguity is essential and is retained by New Delhi to keep the Telangana issue on the status quo, though simmering, but never boiling over.

On one side, the Telangana political leaders make strong statements for the cause of Telangana but their actions do not match the strength of their words.  Many of these leaders know that they are selected and elected only because of the generosity shown by the high command.  Without the blessings of the high command, these leaders believe they are worthless. 

These leaders are not confident that they will get the berth for next elections if not for the generosity shown to them by the Crown in New Delhi.  This makes them completely submissive and subservient to the high command – so much so that they continue to praise their high command even when refused audience when they visit New Delhi.  Sometimes they just come back without even meeting the high command.  That is the kind of respect Telangana gets in the power corridors of New Delhi. [Contrast this with Trinamool Congress which enjoys utmost respect].

On the other hand, even if they were to get berths for next elections, these leaders are not confident if they would ever be reelected in their constituencies by the angry and irate people of Telangana.  To overcome that, they stand in support of the cause of Telangana. 

This dilemma in our political leadership is used by New Delhi to manipulate them.  It does not occur to our leaders that when the Crown in New Delhi rebuffs our political leaders without even meeting them, it is not an insult to these leaders, but it is an insult to the entire Telangana.  The people of Telangana continue to lose trust in these leaders completely.   When these leaders continue to pay their obeisance to the Crown which is against formation of Telangana, they lose their self-respect. 

Get back our self-respect

These leaders should realize that one of the core reasons for fighting for separate Telangana is to restore that lost self-respect.  This movement is not just about getting a separate state by hook-or-crook. This movement is about bringing a revolutionary change within Telangana, and that involves transformation of our political leadership from being the mere party-flag bearers and emissaries of the bosses in New Delhi to become confident and proud representatives of the people of Telangana reflecting their aspirations and wishes.  Unless that happens true democracy cannot be instilled in Telangana. 

Unfortunately, our leaders are not confident of their own standing and they show no sign of improvement.  Manifestation of this diffidence is their current bet - that they can put their legs in two boats at the same time – to be goody-goody in the eyes of high command while make right noises to fool the people of Telangana that they support their cause. 

Such a dance, keeping their legs in two boats, is not possible anymore.  People of Telangana are ready to call their bluff.  These leaders are being asked to choose one boat and stick with it.  Which side are they on?  On the side of the people of Telangana, or the on the side of the Empire which allows Seemandhras to rule Telangana?

One of my favorite quotes is:
The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.
-          Alighieri Dante

Now is the time for the political leadership of Telangana to wake up, shed their neutrality, abandon their venality, and come out strong either in support or opposition of Telangana.  If you are in support of Telangana, then you have to break up with the Empire in New Delhi.  We are no longer ready to believe in you if you continue to profess faith in the high command which is opposed to formation of Telangana.  We are not ready to believe you when you try to tell us that the high command is sympathetic to our cause.  You are entitled to your blind faith, but don’t expect us to believe in your fantasies. 

When will you actually resign?

It appeared that you had made your intentions clear when you resigned.  So, what happened to your resignations?  It is unheard of in any democracy to be working and attending the Parliament and Assembly sessions even after you have resigned.  Are your resignations just natak? We all know that nobody can make you work if you don’t want to.  It is your legal right to resign. 

How can you sound so helpless?  What kind of example you set as ‘leaders’? First, become the masters of your fates, and then decide the fates of three-fifty lakh people of Telangana.  

Don’t beg for Telangana! Grab Telangana!

We cannot keep begging for Telangana anymore.  We should now grab Telangana.

We should not visit New Delhi anymore.  We should bring the consultation and deliberations to Hyderabad.  The Crown in New Delhi has to be forced into breaking its silence, shedding its apathy, and fly down to Hyderabad to grant Telangana. 

Don’t renege on your promises you made to the people of Telangana. Don’t compromise.  Don’t dillydally.  Don’t fumble.  Show the confidence.  Believe in yourself and believe in your cause.  Don’t allow any Crown or master to manipulate you.  For once, stand up straight, don’t bow down.  Telangana people want you to be strong, want you to be bold, want you to be assertive.  Telangana people look up to you!  Set an example. 

Restore our self-confidence, our dignity, our self-respect.  Telangana wants to see you all come together! Stay united, for this cause setting aside your usual differences. 

Fulfill our wishes.  Make history.  Become the heroes.  Grab Telangana for all of us!


  1. Hi Sujai,

    Glad to know that finally you have understood it's the LEADERS of Telangana who are responsible for not getting Telangana.

    No point wasting time in criticizing SEEMANDHRA people and Leaders for the problems of Telangana.

    Please read today's A K Krishna Rao column in Andhra Jyothy.

    Even MPs do not know how to write a proper resignation letter and you expect them to bring or grab Telangana. Have you seen this fellow KK speaks and comprehend what he finally want to say. I could not understand at least once.

    I can write on other so called leaders of Telangana like this. But you get my point right. Put it simply there is no single LEADER in telangana whom you could trust.

    From this bunch of MPs/MLAs, in my view only one person from the beginning who has consistently stood for Telangana is Madhu Yasky Goud (YSRrule/postYSR times). Not sure what he is doing these days.


  2. Sujai!
    I like your writing style and enjoyed many of your blogs .You have generally been rational but alas , whenever telangana comes up you say bye bye to the very rationality.
    Take for example your reaction to the tank bund demolition.First you took lot of pains to dig out about the demolition of neelam’s statue and concluded that Andhra people taught you the demolitions.
    neelam was an out and out politician and very much alive when the statue was erected. Any demolition is an act of aggression and should find no place in a civilized society but it was far different than what happened at tank bund where in the statues of eminent personalities who represent our culture / history were attacked.( By the way do you know that Dr.cinare was the chairman of the committee that decided about the list of persons whose statues to be erected on tank bund?)
    Then you you had another brilliant idea.You said what if the mob’s fury was not against the persons represented by the statues but against those erected the staues! What a shameful thinking process!( There is nothing wrong to aspire for a separate state ( similarly ,please note that ,there is nothing wrong to feel for an united state) but to support all the nonsense that goes in the garb of agitation is not correct.People mainly oppose this present agitation because of the way it is run,because of the poison of lies it is spreading( what president saidin the joint session of the parliament was ‘The UPA government will consider the demand for the formation of separate telangana state’ but every T-leader says that president has agreed in the joint session for the formation of separate state..this just one example),because of the way Andhra people are blamed for each and any thing!)
    If your logic of ‘ it is not against, this but in fact against that’ is extended and adapted one can support bamiyan budhdha statue demolition,babri masjid demolition,WTC demolition and may be all the heinous crimes that occurred on this earth!

    PS: I failed to post this with the appropriate blog and now take liberty to post here.

  3. Sujai, you appear rather pessimistic if I can say so. True the delay is longer than we expected but procrastrination is only to be expected. Their only strategy is tire us out.

  4. @rachanalu:

    Do you know who started the great tradition of destroying statues?

    Andhras in 1953 destroyed Prakasam statue in Vijayawada, just because he preferred Kurnool as capital.

    During the violent agitation for VSP, Amrutha Rao's followers vandalized Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy's statue.

    Andhras demanding merger of Krishnagiri with AP destroyed Annadurai statue.

    True Cinare headed the Tenkbund statue committee technically but who was taking the decisions? The then CM who spent 2-3 hours every day with the sculptors. Is it a coincidence that many of these resemble the very same megalomaniac?

    Bamiyan Budhas: just wondering when you would get around to it:) They are ancient heritage predating Islam, not modern day monstroisities.

    Let me share a recent experience. When I was in Vizag recently, my colleagues argued there are not many Telangana statues on Tankbund because Telangana has fewer great men. When we were driving past the RK beach statues, I asked them to read the names and let me know a few points about them. One of them (a project manager) could identify just a couple of them. The other guy (an MBA & a Vizagite) knew just one more additional person (Tenneti). I don't blame them because they grew up with a conditioning that all great people are andhras without knowing anything further.

  5. Sujai,
    Good point. With the monkey politics recurring, it is time to call out for a Non-Cooperation Movement (NCM) by the people of Telangana. Drawing reminisces from the NCM, spearheaded by Mahatma during 1920-22, the movement that geared towards only ahimsa and non-violence alone, created a huge resentment with the British.

    Today, Telanganites can head the same if ALL concur by simply saying NO to biased-Seemandhra offerings - such as - Quit watching their news/entertainment channels such as TV9, Saakshi, ETV, etc., resulting in driving their TRPs down. Refrain and unsubscribe to their newspapers such as Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Deccan Chronicle (detractor owned), as a result this would hurt their financial value.
    Success of resent, lies is non-participation rather than disagreeing publicly.

    T leaders and TRS will jointly need to distill principles from the NCM, and strategize in a way that would economically hurt the opposers, detractors, natak-baaz to demonstrate the center how STRONGER the movement could be with the dilly-dallying from the center.

    Seriously WAKE UP Telangana! You are naïve!!

    Could you please write a separate article on NCM?

    Jai Telangana,

  6. @jai, It is a very fundamental axiom that two wrongs do not make a right one.If andhras or some other persons destroyed statues , is a condemnable act .Likewise the tank bund destruction should be condemned by all rational and sane people. There is no necessity for anyone to hide behind words or strange arguments. A wrong act carried out (even for a noble (?) cause) can not automatically become a correct one just because someone else already committed similar act.Plese come up clean and say whether tank bund incident was gory or glory!
    After reading your reply to my comment ( where in only buddha statues issue was answered ) can I conclude that you have no complaint against the destruction of babri masjid ? Any logic you use to support the tank bund incident automatically supports the babri masjid demolition too!
    Yes! I also heard about the statues ( including that of rudrama) having ntr’s facial features.I was eager to see them and when I visited I found , to my utter disappointment, that was not the case. The rumour may have been based on the fact that sculptors usually go for a sharp nose while making periodic statues and it would be difficult to find another person having a sharper nose than ntr!

  7. moderator,
    My intention is not to troll here.I genuinely feel that I had left out part of my rejoinder while replying to jai.I am including the remaining part and by any chance,this was already posted in the earlier post ,please ignore this.
    @jai,I am sorry that I did not know what to learn from the vizag incident.Do you want to convey that all andhra people have conditioned minds? Or only andhra people (on the face of the earth) have conditioned minds? Or those of the andhras you happen to meet have conditioned minds?
    Whatever may be your intention in citing the vizag incident,I want to quote an incident which takes generalization to ridiculous heights. .A friend of mine who would not mind going to any extent to support united andhra cause came up with a brilliant argument.He said that alluri seetarama raju movie was a bumper hit not only in andhra but also in telangana.At the same time komaram bheem movie was not even successful in telangana. From this ‘well known fact’ he started developing many deductions .
    May be we grew up with a conditioning of stereo typing and generalization and the result is staring at our face whenever there is a discussion on tv ( or in blog)!

  8. You have correctly pointed out the foolishness of T-leaders. This applies to T-people also. Telangana people are ready to take it if it is given by some one. But Andhra leaders are too clever and too cunning to give Telangana. They will play every trick learn t from the great Britishers. It is high time the intellectuals of Telangana should venture out play their part in the agitation. The self defeatist attitude of T people and leaders should be corrected.

  9. Cool jai!

    Do you remember the incident of demolishing Telangana talli statue. In fact it was not even statues bit the pedestal for yes to be erected statue. But there was dharna by leaders, lawyers etc. etc. in protest of the same.

    I know, I know you are not one of those illiterate, fanatic statue worshipers.

  10. While we keep talking about our leadership, I have a grouse against people of Telangana - We still watch Telugu movies, we still make a beeline at the the theaters! If this is really about self respect, hit them where it matters, hit the one thing that they use to mass hypnotize us into believing our dialect is inferior! STOP WATCHING TELUGU MOVIES NOW! Spread the word!

  11. @rachanalu:

    My reaction to the Tanbund statues demolition is the same as towards Prakasam, Neelam & Anna (or those of Saddam) i.e. destruction of public property is not warranted. Using either "gory" or "glory" is unnecessary. The alleged eminence of the individuals is irrelevant in my opinion.

    I am opposed to the mindless wastage of public funds to build statues. This is especially true in a city named after Imam Ali.

    The case of Bamiyan Budhas is markedly different. Similarly the case of the structure called Babri Masjid in Ayodhya is not on similar lines.

    I mentioned my Vizag anecdote (not incident) to illustrate how conditioning works. People have been "taught" that the statues are eminent people. The conditioning is why there are cries of "scarilege" and "desecration" at the Tankbund incident. (This is not about Andhras as a people).

    The expenditure on propaganda could have been better utilized to teach our kids values of the very same individuals.

    The ignorance of even "intellectuals" on the statues is amazing. Dr. Prabhakar claims to be horrified at Nizam's being praised. He does not know about the Nizam statue on Tankbund though.

    Too late if you want to check the resemblance now. The RK 70/35 mm works have been reduced to near rubble (after an infamous incident in 1991).

    Your "friend" should realize Alluri had nothing to do with Andhra or AP. He may also "benefit" from the fact that Srisri has a great fan following in Telangana.

  12. GreenStar,
    This is exactly what I was talking about in another post about not having capable political leaders. But you were not ready to understand.
    Having said that, it is not the seemandhra leaders that are robbing you, it is your own leaders. All you need are honest and efficient leaders not a separate state.


  13. Srini:

    This is exactly what I was talking about in another post about not having capable political leaders… it is not the seemandhra leaders that are robbing you, it is your own leaders.

    I don’t think you understood the article very well. In the above article, I write:

    It may not come as surprise to any historian why Telangana allows itself to be colonized while Seemandhra gets to colonize.

    Clearly, I blame Seemandhra leadership for looting Telangana. But I also blame Telangana leadership for allowing Seemandhras to loot Telangana. Just because I criticize my leadership, it does not absolve the Seemandhra leadership of their crimes, which according to me, is ten times worse than what our own leadership did to our people.

    All you need are honest and efficient leaders not a separate state.

    That’s a stupid conclusion and assertion. Honest and efficient leadership is not a necessary condition to form a state. I don’t see any of Seemandhra leaders to be honest or efficient.

    I would rather be ruled by dishonest and inefficient leadership of Telangana any day than be ruled by honest and efficient leadership of Seemandhra. Till you understand what self-rule means you will continue to parrot the same idiotic statements.


  14. Sujai
    I would rather be ruled by dishonest and inefficient leadership of Telangana any day than be ruled by honest and efficient leadership of Seemandhra.
    You are not ruled by seemandhra leaders. You are ruled by your own dishonest, inefficent MLA/MPs. That is what you separatists fail to understand. If they were good you wouldn't have problems. If they were good you would have gotten a state already.
    Out of hate, out of trying to blame someone else for your mistakes you guys want to get the state at any cost. You elected your MPs/MLAs, not the seemandhra people. Man up and face it!

  15. khel khatam, dukaan bandh?

    Well, I don't think we have heard the last of this yet. With Mayawati doing her thing in UP, Congress is now in a genuine fix. But Maya has also helped to expose the duplicity of BJP.

    I think the Telangana leaders, esp. KCR and Kodandarami Reddy will now continue as per plan to reap political dividends in 2014 or if Assembly elections are held in AP before that.

    Hope the T-vadis learn the lesson at least now. The path to a separate state is to discuss and agree on a mutually acceptable formula with Seemandhra and those who feel a stake in Hyderabad city.No amount of sakala janula sammelu or resignation dramas will achieve a separate state.

    All the best !

  16. sujai,

    your parrot of self-rule is a sham. Self-rule is an glorious impossibility in the great nation of India.

    Telangana's net self-rule would only be eroded by a seething Andhra and a teaming India.

    Overall, you don't have leaders who are clever. Claiming honesty and innocence isn't going to feed their people.

    Do you think all the leaders of T who have grown their riches multifold really want T? - NO

    Think as to why when all of "4 crore" want the same thing, you could not get it.

    To avoid the curse of being born in this great nation, you guys probably need a more mature aim than just a separate state.

  17. Sujai,

    you are coming very close to reality. But not ready to accept the truth.

    Whatever is the reason, the fact remains that Telangana lacks leadership qualities.

    It is not unique to Telangana region but applies to Uttarandhra and many more regions in India.

    The subservient nature of Telangana people, including bigwigs, was established over a period 400 years.

    Just one partially successful rebellion and 60 years of democracy cannot change the attitudes that easily.

    Every political leader here, including KCR, lacks self-confidence.

    Whereas even new comer like Chiru dares to float a new party.

    There are so many rebels in Congress, across the country, who floated new parties for better bargain with leadership.

    T leaders do not have patience to wait for results. Too many crossing in and out of TRS are indicative of the same.

    I hope present movement produces at least one big Telangana leader, which is beneficial to entire Telugu jaati.


    Many T-proponents boasted this movement as people's movement and there is no leader for it.

    This is the real serious short coming of your movement.

    Almost every non-violent movement in the world ends up with some kind of compromise solution.

    Needless to say, compromise is by the way of negotiations with leaders.

    Now tell me how Telangana will get a solution without leader(s).

  18. @sujai

    its clear that you dont hold telangana politicians in good regard.
    neither you think that seperate state is a panacea for all your problems?
    in that case, do u have a vision/plan for telangana people or are you just satisfied with seperate statehood no matter what happens how good/bad it turns out to be?

  19. All Telangana MLAs voting against No-Confidence motion. That pretty much sums up about the leaders of Telangana!

  20. If telangana congress MLAs stood up and bargained like PRP did, you would have got telangana state by now.

    If telangana congress MLAs stood up and voted for no confidence motion like Jagan did, this would be last AP government in history.

    You guys missed another opportunity.

    Good luck in your long never ending journey.


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