Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sheepish me!

Imagine seeing in the front page of a newspaper an article or message similar to what you have been writing for quite long time but which you never published!

Today in the morning, I took one look at the first page of TOI and there it was on the first page, a message called ‘DO’. I have been writing this article ‘To Better India’ for over six months now, updating and editing it once in a while. It was almost complete, but I was just waiting for a good time to publish it- I thought this August 15th might be the right time. And TOI beat me to it. (After seeing it, I didn’t want to wait further. So, I went ahead and published the premise part of the article and hope to publish the rest later.)

This happened to me thrice in the last ten days when I saw an article or blog which carried similar message to what I had in my Drafts folder. That is a very yucky feeling. That someone else conveyed the same message before you could only because you were lazy, or didn’t take enough time, to publish it.

I have about 50 or odd articles in my Drafts folder, some are just mere ideas, with a title and few words to describe the idea, while most of them are half done. While the rest are almost done waiting to be published. ‘To Better India’ was one of those 'ready to be published', and TOI has beaten me to it!

Sheepish me!


  1. Sujai: You should start patenting some of these ideas - particularly that Asshole quote at the top of your Blog.

  2. Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all


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