Friday, August 23, 2013

Stoking imaginary fears to stall Telangana

After CWC and UPA took the decision on 30th July 2013 to carve out Telangana as the 29th state in India, the Seemandhra TV channels started a tirade against their own leaders for inaction – and urged their people to agitate, instigating them with telecast of pictures and video clips of Telangana Movement.  These Seemandhra TV channels called their own leaders incompetent, disunited, and lacking in conviction, as opposed to the determined leaders of Telangana.   That program was relayed again and again for nearly two days.  It was done with a clear agenda and purpose - to ratchet up the sentiments and emotions amongst Seemandhra people so that they rise up to oppose the formation of Telangana.

Within few days the mood started to change in Seemandhra.  People started to protest on the streets forcing their leaders to comply with their demands to oppose formation of Telangana.  To sustain agitations that do not have a clearly defined goal other than greed and selfishness, imaginary fears were created amongst Seemandhra population. 

Traitors and Seditionists

During the current Samaikyandhra agitations and the Telangana Movement, many Seemandhra leaders called Telanganas ‘traitors’ of the nation and asked the government to charge them with ‘sedition’.  

One Seemandhra writer writes on ‘Jai Samaikyandhra’ facebook page:

తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు ముందు నుంచి భారతీయులు కాదు .. 1948 వరకు రజాకార్ల రాజ్యం లో ఉన్నారు .. పాకిస్తాన్లో కలవాలి అనుకున్న నిజాం రాజ్య ప్రజలు .
1948 లో భారత దేశం దండెత్తి భారతదేశం లో కలుపుకోక పోయి ఉంటె వీళ్ళంతా పాకిస్తానీయులు అయి ఉండేవారు . మధ్యలో భారతీయులు అయిన వాళ్ళు వీళ్ళు .
ఇలా సగం భారతీయులు, సగం పాకిస్తానీయులు కాబట్టే వీళ్ళ బాషా, సంస్కృతి ఇంత నీచంగా చూపిస్తున్నారు
వెల్లకి మంచిగా మాట్లాడటం రాదు .. వాదనలు లేవు.

[Telangana people are not Indians from the beginning.  They were in Razakar regime till 1948.  They are the same Nizam people who wanted to join Pakistan.  If not for Indian invasion of 1948, they would have been part of Pakistan.  They became Indians somewhere in the middle.  Because they are half-Indian, half-Pakistani, their language, culture is so degenerate.  They don’t know how to speak well.  No discussions]

For a long time Seemandhras believed that they taught Telangana people a superior culture and language.  Today, Seemandhras get the moral authority to fight on the streets because they believe they are fighting ‘traitors, seditionists, and half-Pakistani’ people of Telangana.  Few days ago, Sharmila of YSRCP has said that Telangana will become Pakistan.  One Tulasi reddy says that Hyderabad will become ‘another Palestine’.  Don’t know what it actually means.   But it was intended to create some kind of fear.

One of the foremost reasons why Seemandhras continued their marginalization and discrimination of Telanganas is their superior attitude towards their own language and culture, which they think is pure and sophisticated.  Once you start believing that other people are inferior to you, it becomes easy to suppress and discriminate them. 

Seemandhras should realize that Telangana people launched their Movement to reject such cultural imposition in which the latter are reduced to second-class citizens with ‘inferior culture and language’.  

Breaking up India

One of the common reasons cited by Seemandhras to oppose formation of Telangana is that it will lead to many more states in India.  Creation of more states is equated to disintegration of India.  Seemandhras being the ‘real Indians’, being genuinely concerned about India, would like to help India by opposing statehood to Telangana.

Seemandhras should know this: during 1953-2000 nearly 21 states were created in India.  Formation of states has been a continuous and democratic process in India.  Creation of states has not led to breakup of India – it has made India stronger and vibrant.  Also, they should know that their own Andhra State was formed by dividing erstwhile Madras State in 1953.


Some Seemandhras have called Telangana Movement and the formation of Telangana unconstitutional.  They do not know that Article 3 in Indian Constitution allows for creation of new states – which was used to create Andhra State in 1953.

Civil War

The TDP leaders called the current unrest a ‘civil war’, a word that was not used in this part of the subcontinent in a very long time.   These words are being used to create imaginary fears amongst people in the state and outside the state.

Seemandhra will become a desert and graveyard

One of the posters used in Samaikyandhra agitation in Nellore says, ‘Kalasi unte kaladu sukham; Vibhajiste - Andhakaramlo Telangana - Edariga Maaranunna Seemandhra’[There is happiness in staying united; if divided – Telangana will be in darkness – Seemandhra will become a desert]

Here is one of the messages circulating amongst Seemandhras:

[If Telangana is formed, then Seemandhra farmers will become coolies in Telangana, and our students will be unemployed.  Seemandhras will not have anything to eat, nothing to drink – Seemandhra will become a graveyard. Fight for united Andhra Pradesh. Rise in revolt. ]

Note that Seemandhras admit that Telangana can turn green only after Telangana is formed.  But the minute Telangana turns green they also believe that Seemandhra will turn into a graveyard.  There is a perception amongst Seemandhras that their region can be prosperous only when they take Telanganas’ share of water for themselves.

A farmer leader in Avanigadda says:

"రాష్ట్రం విడిపోతే తెలంగాణ రైతుల అవసరాలు తీరిపోయాక మాత్రమే మనకు నీరు వదులుతారు. అట్లా చేస్తే మన పొలాలు బీళ్లుగా మారే ప్రమాదం ఉంది. అందుకే సీమాంధ్ర రైతులు రోడ్డెక్కి ఆందోళన చేయాలె. కేంద్రం తెలంగాణ ప్రకటన వెనకకు తీసుకునేటట్టు చేయాలె"

The general consensus in Seemandhra is that if Telangana gets its due share of water after formation of Telangana, then Seemandhra will become a desert.  There is an implicit admission of their exploitation of Telangana’s resources – they were quite OK all these days when Telangana was dry from lack of water, but now that Telangana is being formed they fear they will not be able to exploit that region any longer.

P Sainath in THE HINDU happens to be one of the fearmongers.  He reports:

“Soon there will be no small farmers left,” says S. Pappa Rao in Krishna district.
“Telangana will kill the Delta farmers,” says an angry S. Venkatappaiah. He’s a small farmer at Unguturu in Krishna district. “There will be no water for cultivation.” (In Rayalaseema that fear extends to drinking water).

Why does creation of Telangana become disastrous to farmers to Coastal Andhra?  If Telangana take its rightful share how will the farmers of Coastal Andhra get impacted?  Do these farmers already believe that they are taking away from the share of Telanganas, that they will not get any water anymore?

P Sainath continues:

A farmer in Andhra Pradesh is three times more likely to commit suicide than anyone else in the country, excluding farmers.

According to official reports, 356 farmers committed suicide in India during October '97 - May '98.  Of the total 356 suicides, AP alone accounted for 236. Of the total reported suicides in AP, Telangana region accounted for 87%.

There is enough water in Godavari and Krishna to take care of three regions, but the suppression of Telanganas and utter neglect of irrigation projects in Telangana has led to farmers in Telangana depending on bore-well water instead of canal water from rivers.  One of the key demands of Telangana Movement is to ensure that its farmers get their due share of water which was denied to them all these years.  There was no demand by Telanganas to deny water to farmers in Coastal Andhra. 

Seemandhras will not get jobs

Why formation of a state will deprive others of jobs is a question that does even merit consideration.  Creation of states has actually resulted in more jobs.  Looks like, when Seemandhras say they will not get jobs, they are talking about the jobs they were robbing from Telangana people flouting the agreements and other safeguards.   Coming to private sector, many Telugu people take up jobs in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai though those cities are part of other states.  They will continue to take up such jobs in Hyderabad in future.

Increase in prices

The Seemandhra protestors blamed Telangana for increase in prices of onions.  This is clipping from Andhra Jyothi 14th August 2013.

[Price of Onions before Telangana announcement: Rs. 20; after announcement: Rs. 50]

The idea is to create panic amongst Seemandhras that creation of Telangana is going to be bad for them in every respect including increase in prices.   The reality is that the onion prices have soared across the nation for other reasons.  Here is a report from THE HINDU on the same day:

Rs. 70 a kg in Bangalore
The high price has been attributed to the decline in onion supply from Nasik/ Pune region and delay in harvest of onion in the [Karnataka] State owing to heavy rainfall.

Seemandhras in Hyderabad will not be safe

Not a single Seemandhra person living in Hyderabad was attacked in over four years of intense agitations of Telangana Movement, and yet the ‘Seemandhras will not be safe in Hyderabad’ bogey is being raised by Samaikyandhra protestors and leaders.  While these protestors seem to be concerned about the safety of Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad, nobody seems to be bothered about Seemandhra people living in other parts of Telangana – those living in Medak, or Warangal, Adilabad or Mahbubnagar.

Such similar fears were earlier raised by Gujarathis during creation of Maharashtra with Bombay as its capital.  Today, Gujarathis continue to live in Bombay, safe and prosperous. 

So, the relevant question is: Is this concern genuine for Seemandhras living in Telangana or just a subterfuge to deny Hyderabad to Telangana? 

Seemandhras will lose Hyderabad

A farmer in Krishna district asks: “The Andhra rich send their children to America. We sent ours to Hyderabad. Where do we send them now?”

The simple answer is that the farmer can continue to send his kids to Hyderabad because Hyderabad is still part of India.   The way the Telugu kids are sent to Bangalore or New Delhi, they can send their kids to Hyderabad even after formation of Telangana.

Creating artificial fears and artificial claims, the Seemandhras are urging their fellow people to come out and protest.  Here is one pamphlet being circulated amongst Seemandhras:

Hyderabad is an integral part of Telangana in geography and history.  Taking it out of Telangana does not make sense in any practical way.  Seemandhras have to accept giving up Hyderabad to Telangana and focus their energies on creating a new capital in their new state. 


  1. Citations! It's good to give citations or references when you make up the numbers like 87% from telangana died in a decade.
    Give up? To whom? I always have a hard time to understand why Telangana leaders are so persistent in demanding to have all the resources of Hyderabad to them itself and denying everything to those who made Hyderabad their home. It is so unfortunate, they are targeting only telugu speaking people in Hyd.

    It is even more disturbing that people who don't have any understanding of economic policies, river water sharing, property distribution, legal issues and others are demanding things based on sentiment. When seemandhra people do the same based on sentiment it seems unSair?

    I am not surprised that world has gone bad and killing indian students in Australia/Britan/Russia and targeting well off indian families in USA. They deserve to be treated unfair just because Indians do not belong to those countries and the natives deserve better things even though they are uneducated, lazy and addicted to drugs and alcohol?
    Whoever support these separatist movements without proper qualifications such as a Judge has conscience to understand the legal issues and a economist can decide on the do and donts with state bifurcation but we have politicians who has bachelors degrees at the best talk like professors.
    Seemandhra leaders are a joke as they are trying to preserve their own properties in hyderabad and have no interest of the state. If they were fair to telangana people then this day would never happened. In between, green star, you were right on the real estate, common man deserve to buy land in Hyd.

    Telangana people were always looked down by few andhra people and it is sad that everyone in andhra is paying price. Just because north indians prefer pakistanis over non-hindi speaking indians to get along with in overseas doesn't mean every north indian is alike.

    Finally, last figure should speak why there are protests in Andhra due to bifurcation. When 80% revenue coming from hyd, you can't just deprive 60% of population from it. Mathematically and statistically, it just doesn't make sense.

    1. Source: Cotton Farmers’ Suicides in Andhra Pradesh
      Davuluri Venkateswarlu, Ph. D, November 1998, Commissioned by: BASIX, Equity for Equity.

    2. Anon:

      "When 80% revenue coming from hyd, you can't just deprive 60% of population from it."

      Actually you can. No one has a right to demand subsidies from another region.

      Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan in a different context wrote "Geography gives each region some advantages, while other regions get other advantages. By their very nature, every natural resource is not equally distributed". Just substitute geography by history and read again.

    3. People are dying all across the country.Some die of hunger,some of improper sanitation. Many are dying of kidney diseases along godavari,krishna river banks because Industrial wastes are let into rivers directly and the corrupt officers lie in the very own place that rivers flow through.So who is causing the diseases?Its corruption.The solution to all problems lie in negotiations for a better policy.There is corruption all across India,every corner and every street,you cannot say Andhra people have come and corrupted.

      The stark example for corruption,that everyone accepts and just moves on,instead of correcting it,including you is:Pollution,sand mafia

      There is pollution everywhere,right in your city,right in your street,vehicles keep on puffing harmful gases,many vehicles don't get pollution checks done,there are thousands of such vehicles that roam that fashion in your own town.Have you been able to do anything?why?because the officials in your own bengaluru let this happen.So are you responsible for this corruption?because you came from outside of karnataka?so people should not let you drive in Bengaluru?

      Recently there was news in Adilabad about mafia trying to steal sand from river beds,who stole the sand,its the locals.The very own locals try to steal the sand and sell it.

      Coming to electricity,you are from telangana,you might have seen many people stealing power from live wires,people performing marriages in front of their own houses blocking roads,people celebrating festivals on roads and then using high volume amplifiers that blow your ears off,all these are pollution and who is allowing pollution?your own corrupt officers,your own telangana corrupt officers who take money and pay a deaf ear.

      Why go that far?How many sidewalks have you seen in Hyderabad?How many traffic signals and how many officers guarding them?How many illegal immigrants,how many refugees,how many hotels where there are no pests int their kitchen?How many children on roads,how many with proper clothes?How many incidents of crime in the country?

      All these problems happen because of recklessness of the government and almost nil value for human life,thanks to our huge population.But it cannot be solved by blaming people by regional and religious bias.Problem solving must be done from the root level and we need able politicians and activists,there are none in India right now and its very unfortunate.

  2. Sujay gave very clear picture why the seemandhra leaders are creating the move- -ment. More over the people of uttarandhra, and the people who are far away from Hydrabad ,have to think what facility they are getting from Hydrabad, in zonal system they wont get job in Hydrabad. As per the demand of seemandhra political capitalists if Hydrabad becomes UT what benefit comes to a common man of seemandhra?

  3. Sujai you must also post poisonous postings from Jai Telangana facebook groups. It will be more fun. We will get to hear both sides.

    1. In the post on this blog 'where do I stand?' I write:

      "I have chosen to take a stand on serious issues. Therefore you will not see me writing two sides of a story here. If I believe there are two stories to an issue, I do not write about it."

    2. Sujai,
      That is called arguing for convenience. You are putting forward your opinion based on your convenience.

      you call these fears of Seemandhra people as imaginary, in the same way you believed your Telangana leaders when they stoked imaginary reasons for Telangana separation. Your Telangana leaders are more adept in stoking these imaginary reasons and 'basis' for Telangana separation.

      Everyone knows that this Telanana movement is based on 'sentiment',nothing else. That 'sentiment' is the handiwork of these selfish politicians who stoked fears in the Telangana people that they cannot live with the other Telugu speaking brethern.They stoked hopes in the Telangana people that distant elusive paradise will be in their reach if they separate. You do not believe that those arguments put forward for Telangana were imaginary, just because you are a Telanganite. It is no wonder that you believe these very real fears of the people of Seemandhra ridiculous. In the same way whole Seemandhra believes that there is no basis for Telangana separation.If you think that your movement is pure and genuine, I believe that theirs too. You have no right to deny their movement in the same way you believe that they cannot deny yours.

  4. For every single misrepresentation in the Samikya movement, there are hundred lies in the Telangana movement. By writing articles like this you are simply playing to the gallery and you know that very well. These will be circulated in the T echo chambers to spread more hatred and boost your egos.
    If you really care for amicable separation, talk about the question of Hyderabad, on measures to be taken to safeguard constitutionally provided rights of SA people, about access to education and job opportunities in Central institutes and especially the problem of revenue sharing.

    1. Mano: Frankly, I do not see any chance for 'amicable separation' in this case. That's because when T announcement happened on 30 Jul, Andhras should have accepted formation of Telangana talking about other questions that you cited - instead they are on the streets to stall formation of Telangana. If they really want 'United AP' the first steps are to implement GO 610 to express their sincerity. I don't see that happening. Therefore, where is the chance for 'amicable separation'?

      BTW, 'amicable separation' is not a necessary condition for division of states. Many states, including formation of Andhra State from Madras State did not have friendly overtures during separation. Except that Tamils did not launch into a 'United Madras State' movement which helped the post-division relations to be relatively less unfriendly.

    2. Mano: Central Institutes are central institutes - they are open to all Indians.

    3. No point Mano in arguing with these fellows. Fight on the streets. fight in Delhi. Fight in Supreme court. Thats the only way to put sense in to morons.

    4. Mano, et al:

      On 14th December 2009, I wrote the following (at

      "I am ready to abandon the Telangana cause that I have been a supporter of for nearly 20 years...

      There may be more than 30 contentious issues on the table of Telangana cause. We may not be able to address all of them now. Therefore, I will be reasonable and ask you to take up only 3 issues. I just picked up any 3 from the top of my head. Since we were not able to push through these issues because of partisan politics where the Andhra-Rayalaseema majority ensured these never got implemented, we seek your support to impress upon your politicians to pass these – because without the support of Andhra politicians, even if all the Telangana politicians vote for it, they won’t pass them in the Assembly which looks for a majority.

      Here are three issues that Andhra politicians should go ahead and implement.

      1. Pass GO 610 which has been pending since 1985 right away and implement its recommendations within the next 2 years.
      2. Pass the resolutions for constructing a canal from Nagarjuna Sagar dam to Telangana and complete it within the next 5 years.
      3. Recreate the Regional Committee along the lines suggested in ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ such that all major decisions related to Telangana can be taken up in spite of an overwhelming majority of other regions opposing them. This should be inexistence for the next 20 years.

      I am not being unreasonable here. All the above points were agreed upon by Andhra politicians in the past. Even if we were to coerce all our Telangana MLAs to get these done, they do not hold the majority to pass these through. Therefore, we need the help of some of your politicians to get these passed. Currently, there are 123 MLAs of Telangana and we need at least another 25 MLAs of Andhra-Rayalaseema to vote in our favor. Please coerce your politicians to support these causes of Telangana people so that we can continue to stay united.

      Think of this a test. We have had too many bounced checks. We want to try out if the check will clear this time. If you can make this work, we are going to completely stop all movements towards creating a separate state. We will start believing that you are indeed going to honor your commitments towards your Telangana brothers. Isn’t that a good start to rectifying our marriage?

      What do you say?"

  5. Point 1: check, point 2: check, point 3: Not again, but if this is what it takes to end this impasse, people of SA would have accepted these in a heartbeat. But like you have yourself written before, politicians in India are not answerable to people. Even now it is foolish to think Congress took this decision by sympathizing with the T movement or in the best interest of the people.

  6. but if this is what it takes to end this impasse, people of SA would have accepted these in a heartbeat.

    But they didn't. And even in the current Samaikhyandhra Movement nobody wants to implement GO 610.

    Hence the separation.

    1. Mano:

      The attitude of Seemandhras is captured by Anonymous guy above. He writes:

      No point Mano in arguing with these fellows. Fight on the streets. fight in Delhi. Fight in Supreme court. Thats the only way to put sense in to morons.

      That's what Seemandhra has been doing to us all these sixty years. Use their majority as power to suppress the desires and demands of Telanganas, coercing them to stay united in the state against the will of Telangana people. The suppression can no longer continue.

    2. On top of what you mentioned SAs should also agree to these:
      1) Make an all party resolution that the CM of AP for the next 10 years will be from Telangana.
      2) Ridiculing of T language (other regions as well) caused a lot of hurt feelings and that is undeniable. People have to realize that our language is made richer with influences from Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Oriya and English etc. Pass a resolution in Assembly saying purity of language is neither important nor desirable and that we should be proud of our language and culture and be respectful and appreciative of its diversity.
      If SA Congress and TDP MLAs can come up with a sensible proposition, the leaders would automatically agree. If we behave as adults, the people in Delhi can be told to mind their own business.

    3. >> Pass a resolution in Assembly

      Do you think something good will come by passing resolution in Assembly? seriously? How many resolutions are passed in Assembly and how many are actually implemented?

      After Seemandraits dishonoring so many agreements, GOs and resolutions why would some one trust you that Seemandraits will honer this time? Whey would one waste couple more decades by trusting someone who has a very good track record about not standing on their word? A wise man will not trust.

    4. Green Star, that will only be symbolic but says who we are and what are the values we look up to. You cant legislate morality.

  7. Sujai

    Politicians, irrespective of their geographical location, would never let a common man like you or me to poke into public issues which hurt their personal interests. KCR would obviously prioritize his sons/daughters/in-laws over telangana people.
    It is not smart of you to think that you or some other ordinary telangana person would be a part of the telangana government and play a decent role. That's not gonna happen.
    Stop using words: you seemandhra has been doing this for 60 years. I have no idea what you are talking about and moreover I never been to Hyd. I don't care if telangana separates from India and joins Pakistan as it was before independence. People like you make me sick and no wonder India is a shit hole and it will remain like one for ever. You are spreading hatred among Telugus. Nobody likes anyone. Kids don't like their parents, brothers hate each other, so as sisters. If children from one mother dislike each other, it is ironical to expect Telugus stay united and fight the forces that are trying to access resources in Andhra Pradesh.

    Already our coal, natural gas are sold at lower prices to power companies in North and we are getting coal at higher prices from North even though we have plenty of coal lying few miles from Ramagundam. You might say it belongs to Telangana, I would say it belongs to India. If you disagree, we should start a movement to separate from India. Should we?

    Don’t say that seemandhra people exploiting telangana people. Politicians exploiting public for a long time and if you don’t see it, I pity you man!
    What telugus did to you to spew venom in all of your blogs? I never did anything to you but when you refer people from Andhra, you are including me and that’s not correct. I never exploited anyone besides I never took a single rupee as bribe and I never evaded taxes. Have been responsible in all aspects of my life. I make time to give presentations to first years on developing interpersonal skills and job search. Don’t worry I encourage them to go abroad but not to Hyderabad or any other indian city as there are always people like you who stop a common man from doing his work. But you never have guts to question people like lagadapati who actually harms telangana people. Instead, educated illiterates target employees from seemandhra who live a normal life with their minimal salaries.

    It is sad that you are referring to Mano to reflect the attitude of Seemandhra people, you have been spreading poison with your words and just because someone sitting in an unknown location couldn't tolerate and responded with harsh words. And you want the state divided without considering the negative consequences. That's smart! Telangana would never change so does Andhra! Telugus would get poorer than ever!

  8. Politicians, irrespective of their geographical location, would never let a common man like you or me to poke into public issues which hurt their personal interests.

    Thanks for advice. But you need to understand something – activists tend to fight for creation of nation or states knowing very well they would not actually play a role once the nation or state is formed. Thousands of activists fought for freedom of India from British and many of them did not have a role to play after India’s Independence.

    That fact does not automatically dissuade an activist from playing his or her role in creation of a new nation or state.

    Stop using words: you seemandhra has been doing this for 60 years. I have no idea what you are talking

    That’s exact problem we currently face with Seemandhra opposition. They don’t know what happened to Telangana people in united Andhra Pradesh because they did not pay attention to their concerns or demands. And whenever they protested and got a supreme court verdict or GO, the Seemandhra people along with their leaders ensured those were never honored or implemented.

    The whole reason why we want a separate state is actually captured by your statement ‘I have no idea what you are talking’.

    I don't care if telangana separates from India and joins Pakistan as it was before independence.

    This is another problem we face with Seemandhra opposition. They don’t know history. Telangana was never part of Pakistan as you naturally assume.

    You are spreading hatred among Telugus.

    Well that’s a very naïve and completely puerile statement. You should understand that Telangana sentiment was alive for nearly sixty years. We never embraced your Telugu Talli, and we never liked to be called ‘Andhra’. According to us, you used the ‘chaste and pure Telugu’ as an ideology to suppress, marginalize and dominate Telanganas for last sixty years. We don’t bemoan today that Telugus are separating because we detested united Andhra Pradesh from day one.

    it is ironical to expect Telugus stay united and fight the forces that are trying to access resources in Andhra Pradesh.

    You got this slightly wrong. We are fighting for our resources which you have been exploiting for the last sixty years.

    Don’t say that seemandhra people exploiting telangana people.

    We say that. I have been saying that in over 100 posts on this blog.

    What telugus did to you to spew venom in all of your blogs?

    Andhras in the name of Telugu ideology suppressed, marginalized and dominated Telangana people for over sixty years.

    I never did anything to you but when you refer people from Andhra, you are including me and that’s not correct.

    I deal with this on the blog post called ‘Why blame all Andhras’. I blame you the way I blame every British person for ruling India during British rule.

    1. I deal with this on the blog post called ‘Why blame all Andhras’. I blame you the way I blame every British person for ruling India during British rule.


      Like we blame you for all the non-patriotism of the Nizam who did not want to be part of the nation. This is the first step where the country will get broken.

  9. Sujai,
    Want to respond to your statement "We never embraced your Telugu Talli, and we never liked to be called ‘Andhra’" which is wrong. You are selectively chosing points. Andhra and Telugu are the same alternate words like oriya is called utkal and iran is also called persia. even telangana means land of telugus. Suravaram Pratapa Reddy the great poet from Telangana wrote "Andhrula Sanghika Charitra" means history of telugus not coastal/seema. In 1920's in Hyderabad state there was a association "Andhra Jana Sangam" which means telugu people association. (Unfortunately the political meaning changed as Andhras who were in 2 states (madras, HYD) and 1st telugu state got created from Madras and later a portion of telugu area from hyd was added)

  10. Sujai,
    This section of blog on TG is good and has more valid points for those opposing TG

  11. Anil:
    "Andhra and Telugu are the same alternate words like oriya is called utkal"

    I understand that must have been the case. However, growing up, most of us Telangana did not identify with the word 'Andhra'. If someone asked if we are Andhra, we made it clear that we were not. And that we are from a different region within Andhra Pradesh called Telangana.

    I know that it comes a surprise to most Seemandhras, but this is something they need to realize, otherwise they will continue to assume 'Telugu people' means those living in Seemandhra (like what our CM did few days ago).

    1. I agree, identities change over period of time and we need to accept. TG was continuosly under muslim colonial rule for around 400 years (and together with urdu, marathi people) and by the time of 1956, a new identity developed

    2. Yes. Sujai. Even we Hyderabadis have said that we are not part of Telangana while the T agitation was going on and we have told everyone across the country that Hyderabadis are distinctly different by culture, food and language from Telanganas.

      I know this comes as a surprise to Telanganas but we Hyderabadis have always seen Telanganas intention to be rob and colonise Hyderabad.

    3. Above Anonymous,

      you may want to talk to MIM leaders, I think they are real hyderabadies, right? lol.

  12. రాష్ట్ర రాజధాని హైదరాబాద్ తెలంగాణలో అంతర్భాగమని మజ్లిస్ అధ్యక్షుడు, హైదరాబాద్ పార్లమెంటు సభ్యుడు అసదుద్దీన్ ఓవైసీ సోమవారం అన్నారు. హైదరాబాదు నగరాన్ని కేంద్రపాలిత ప్రాంతం చేయడం అసాధ్యమని చెప్పారు. హైదరాబాద్ తెలంగాణలో అంతర్భాగమని, ఇక ముందు ఉంటుందని ఆయన అన్నారు.

    హైదరాబాద్ టిదే. అలాగే ఉంటుంది: అసద్

  13. Dear sir/madam,When you write an article it's to be noted that the matter should be drafted in a good way.In the present situation we all should remember if a state for Telengana is required no body is opposing for its formation.I am basically from Andhra .Imake you feel that it's not the fight for normal people but between the politicians.You think as an Indian not like an illetrate.Never draft an hatred between people may be on either side.It's like you people fight with the ugly words by this you wont get anything.Please remember no body is opposing the formation of Telengana,it's due to the thirsty mongering money politicians.When the Telengana is under formation the people on the other side due to their woes or problems due to the hurted feelings they may express through strikes /rasta roko is it not their rights.When you people do in Telengana it is a real agitation and when the people on the other side do is a fake on.The political leaders in Telengana also gave the harsh statements .Is it not the main cause.When a separate state is under formation is it not the government of India right to answer also on the other side for their questions.Many in seema Andhra also feel if separate Telengana is formed then every one in seema Andhra also knows that Hyderabad is a part and will be a part of Telengana no body disputed but what they ask is in the seema Andhra no body knows where the state capital is there,no body knows where the assembly,high court and also the government offices wil be situated no body knows.You people from Telengana should remember is it not the politicians way of speaking we dont bother what happens to seema Andhra but our state is ultimate.Many a times what does Potti SREE RAMULU/saints in ANDHRA/Telugu talli is connected ,When you cant give to your mother ,how do you know the value of others mother.They are no way concerned with the agitation/none speak against agitation,in the name of agitation lets not defame our elders/mothers/saints.
    REMEMBER:The Telengana is on the higher altitude what ever you do either to stop water/or any thing will make Telengana will be spoiled and its noble cause wil not be met
    Inspite of the negative you propagate IT WILL BE THE ANDHRA PRADESH WITH OUT TELENGANA WLL DEVELOP MORE RAPIDLY ,Compare the land prices,education;jobs ;business in any way.
    BY this Iam not huting you but know the reality.

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