Friday, August 16, 2013

Telangana: Relax and Enjoy


  1. Super duper like !!!!! From an Andhra guy :)

    The poem I remember the most from my SSC telugu text was by Dasarathi ironically named Mahandhrodayam -
    Dhaga Dhaga deepikA thatha chAlukya praBhadhanulu na kanulalO kanumu kanumu,
    Ramaneeya kAkathi rAjyagantHa ganamGhanulu na galamulO vinumu vinumu.....

  2. vinumu dAnandana dwidwApuri raja Bherika nAdu hrithpeeThabhoomi
    kanumu kApaya nAyakuni Showrya dAvAgni nA lEkhini mukhAntaramu nandu :)

    Beautiful isn't it?????? It stuck to my mind for nearly 18 years. Wonderful. Dasarathi sir rocks!!!!!!!

  3. Relax. Enjoy. And celebrate with the hyderabadis when Hyderabad becomes an SAR like delhi or pondicherry. All the best.

  4. Hi Sujai...I was trying to share the above video on FB but not able to do it. How can i download above video. it was too good.. Prof. Jayashankar sir soul feel proud bcz this has spread to soo deep...TG Baavajalam in terms of sir terminology....Goreti Venkanna also feel great after watching this video...we all feel proud of our TG state..Jai TG...Thx...Dr.Reddy

    1. Dear Dr, Reddy,
      You can share this link for that video

    2. Thanks...i was trying to share before but not able to do..Now i can do i saw this video in v6 news channel Jajja nakarae janarae episode.

      Thanks to Green star and sujai

    3. You are most welcome Dr. Reddy and Sujai.

  5. @ Ashish Kumar, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it;

    The people of Telangana want Seemandhra people to be thrown out of the state of AP, rename AP as Telangana and also retain the capital. The people of Seemandhra are opposed to all of the three demands.

    In any negotiation, the outcome should be balanced and be a win-win situation. Giving away all of the above 3 demands to Telangana is total injustice to Seemandhra.

    Best solution to the problem: Divide the state into 2 parts with 2 new capitals – Warangal, Guntur/Vizag. Hyderabad should be given the status of National Capital Territory (like Delhi) and would be the 2nd capital for both the states and also the 2nd capital of India. Hyderabad would have its own legislature with two third members elected from Hyderabad NCT and the remaining nominated by the legislative assembly of both the states. Hyderabad NCT should share 50% of its revenue with the 2 new states for the next 15 years.

    Advantage of the above: There would be 2 new capitals that would develop funded by the revenue of Hyderabad. Seemandhra people would not feel totally cheated in the proposed division of AP. Hyderabad would continue to serve as a nodal point for all Telugu people and continue to remain in competition with Chennai and Bangalore. This is a fair solution to both the regions

    We Hyderabadis are with you – that is, if you let us have a say – the non-telugus. We are fighting for something like this.


    I dont expect that you will publish my comment which is derived from

    Lets see :)

    1. Your best solution is not the best solution in view of Hyderabadies like me. We are with Telangana before the Andhra Pradesh formation, and we will be with Telangana after the era of Andhra Pradesh. We don't want to decide our fate by outsiders.

    2. I am a Hyderabadi, and your idea sucks! What you are asking for is literally going to hijack the city into a 'neta fishmarket'.

      Hyderabad for Telangana! Period!

    3. Your Idea Sucks for Hyderabadi like me....

      how about this idea, lets make all following cities a UT, Vizag, Vijayawada, Thirupathi, Guntur, Rajamandri, Nellore ....because all these cities also developed exponentially after merger compared to Hyderabad....and funds from hyderabad and other regions were used to develop these cities.....

    4. @Green Star: You are a minority. There is a small percentage of Hyderabadis that want Hyd to be part of the TG state. 40% of Hyd is muslims, if you add North Indians, second generation seema andhraites (who are born and raised in Hyd but parents are from seemandhra) etc, it's more than 60%. So that means you are minority.

      Let political parties go to polling with a single point agenda of separating Hyderabad and see who wins the elections. HINT: TRS never won GHMC polls even though they get sweeping majority in other TG districts. I bet you, even KCR cannot win if he stands in elections from HYD.

    5. Except CPM, all other parties in AP who are going to contest in Hyderabad are already supported Telangana formation with Hyderabad. For your information, now MIM also clearly said if the Telangana state forms, Hyderabad will go with Telangana.

    6. And a JAC called 'Settlers JAC' in HYD supported Telangana formation with Hyderabad. So, not many people left who wants Hyderabad as separate state.

      Another point, most of the current HYD development happened actually in neighbouring districts (ranga reddy, medak etc). If you take those areas that out you see only old Hyderabad.

  6. Good you published. Looks like you do have some understanding of democracy - though it is at a pathetic 5th class level :)

    1. Democracy does not apply to a person's blog btw! If Sujai published it, it's because he believes in upholding his values! It's a shame you come back with such nonsense!

  7. rajeev from vijayawadaAugust 31, 2013 6:38 PM

    The issue of Telangana has been active for more than Nine year.
    Students are dieing, education is disturbed in telangana etc. None of the
    so called Samikya Andhra members shared their grief (including politicians)
    But once the ruling party has announced to take action and find an
    amicable solution all the people in seema andhra are histerical about being united.
    It is bacause of mass histeria created by politicians that we will not get water,
    If you Look back at our History We lost more under the tenure of these politicians more
    than what we might loose.Please Ask Our MP and MLAS to provide what they had done
    for the public during their tenure.They are taking advantage to promote their sons futures,while
    some want to protect their vested business interests and to have a hold on the situation they are into
    want to be in politics.All our fears of loosing water etc can be put forward and discussed accross the table.


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