Thursday, August 01, 2013

Telangana: Funny Facts about Indians


  1. It is educated people like you , we(telugu People) would definitely fall ..... united we stand , divided we is the idiots like you who does not understand english post or advertise false info like this. As a same speaking people(TELUGU) ,We would def. fall.

  2. Sanjay, you need a chill pill. Let Andhra suffer for 60 years after formation of Telangana. You will loot Seema meanwhile. After that they will desert you too. Then you can fight for merging back with Madras presidency.

    1. Nah, there's nothing left to loot in seema. Either it has already been looted by the Gali gang or it's with GOD. Andhra would prefer their own separate state. Take all of what you want including Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam etc. Let us know if you need anything else. Seema folks can be on their own as well. They can have Ongole and Nellore too if they want and if those towns agree. Alright brother, all the best to your new state(s)!

  3. The people who are more fond of sucking other people blood and the parasites only appose Telangana. With out TG people and with out TG resources semandhra people are not in a position to lead their lives ?

    1. There are also parasites and blood-sucking dracula assholes vehemently, fanatically supporting Telangana too -- may be they are the anti-matter of those other parasites you refer to. Just wait and watch. We will know of them in greater detail after our state is formed. Don't relax just yet. We would need to fight them as well.

  4. For me personally, separation should be quick and snappy. Like butchers butcher sheep. Congress is doing it like a carpenter who hacks a log of wood with a very very very dumb saw. May be its intentional. It took them 3 years to arrive at the decision that too after declaring its intention to kill AP and now, GOD knows how many years to actually kill it. Kill it man, fast, kill it. Learn from the butcher. Five simple steps: Impose presidents rule, Pass the bill, decide boundaries, divide balance sheet, Let the residual state choose its own capital city and destiny. End of story. I can't keep reading about this shit everyday in news papers. I am sure there are very many better things we can focus on than hearing these useless politicians bide their time brooding over this inconsequential issue.

  5. if hyderabad becomes UT than its residents will loose their democratic right to vote. instead of making hyd a UT or giving it to any state. we can make a " state capital territory " in this case people of both telangana and seemandhra will have equal rights in hyd. and hyderabadis will also not loose there democratic rights. regional parties of both the states will be able to contest elections in hyderabad. and also the investments of both states will be secured.

    1. we can make a " state capital territory " in this case people of both telangana and seemandhra will have equal rights in hyd.

      Can you elaborate on how you go about doing this? What clauses of Indian Constitution will you invoke to achieve this?

  6. To all the TG folks calling the Andhra guys as parasites:
    The common middle class men or poor farmers of Andhra have done nothing to you. If a few politicians of SA got filthy rich by sucking out all the public funds/properties, learn that Andhra people paid equal price for such corruption. The price would appear a lot higher once the bifurcation happens.
    I'm not saying that you need to be forgiving if you really feel so deceived, but there is no need to offend your fellow Indians who are not in anyway responsible for any problems you're facing today and are equal victims on many aspects of the same corrupt politics.

    1. We don't call Andhra people as parasites. But we do refer to Andhras collectively as colonial masters of Telangana, not in the way that each Andhra person colonized Telangana, but in the way that British, through their officers, has colonized India.

      If 'the common middle class man or poor farmer of Andhra' has done nothing to us, why does he stop the formation of Telangana believing there will be no food to eat, that a glass of water will cost Rs. 100, that they will turn into beggars without jobs, and that their fields will become desert and their land will turn into graveyards?

      Do these 'common middle class' and 'poor farmers' of Andhra believe that they are able to live only by robbing Telangana of its resources and jobs?

    2. 1. Calling anyone as 'colonists' shows poor understanding of the democratic system we've built for ourselves.

      2. Water & Power problems can be solved after bifurcation.
      Contention is with Hyderabad. Hyderabad is in the stage that it is today, because of the funds from Andhra. If the same funds were invested in any other place of Andhra (by actually showing discrimination) instead of Hyderabad, the whole situation would've been reverse. Trust me, if that was the case, no Andhra common-man would've called any TG person as a parasites or robber

    3. We continue to maintain Andhra rule over Telangana as a colonial rule. The reasons are the following:

      1. Like what a colonial master would do, Andhras characterized Telangana people as inferior - those who cannot speak good language, those who cannot farm, cannot make breakfast, those who are lazy, drunkard, and incompetent.

      2. Next, Andhras usurped all the resources, either it is land, water, jobs or other opportunities, like what colonial powers to do their colonies.

      3. Andhras installed only those Telangana leaders in power that toed their line and allowed their domination to continue, while removing anyone who had opposed or rebelled against them - evident from various instances - but to make the case, almost all CMs from Telangana were removed when they tried to do justice to Telangana.

      'Tyranny of majority' is possible in a democracy as is evident from what happened in Telangana. Also, colonialism is possible within democracy as was done by Andhras against Telangana.

      Article 3 was envisaged to counter such problems but Andhras lobbied hard all these decades to make sure Telangana was never formed so that their colonial rule could continue. The current agitations for Samaikyandhra are nothing but an effort to perpetuate that colonial rule of Telangana indefinitely.

    4. -- robbing Telangana of its resources and jobs?
      -- Andhras usurped all the resources, either it is land, water, jobs or other opportunities

      please provide proofs for your allegations.


  7. Mr Sujai,

    You're adding weightage to one opinion of mine that your minds have been poisoned very tactfully, and that too very successfully. I would prefer to go on about this, to get more details upon this, to verify if there is any truth in these accusations, but this is not the time. (trust me i'm a truth seeker, not a united-AP seeker). I've read a lot about the T issue, many books released over past few years. Most of them focussed a lot on political power, but never really compared what was once there in T or SA (at 1956) and what is there now. No one talked about if there was any progress made. Everyone talked about the bad things of T and the good things of SA. There was no content in any book ever about the good things in T and the bad things of SA. What was not given to SA that was given to T. That proves it to me that most of these view-points are purely one-sided and should not be relied upon on their face-value.

    The main-quote on your blog tells me you're a truth seeker, focus on gaining a neutral view-point if possible. As a reader of your blog, it is my opinion that all the analysis was done with a purely one sided view. I leave it to you to dismiss or focus on my opinion.

    And I'm continuing to maintain my stand. No group of people can colonise another group of people in a democratic system. Not in AP not anywhere in the world. More importantly not in India, with the kind of powers that are given to the citizens by our Constitution makers. I know it because I've read around 300 articles out of the 448. Most of us dont. And we believe our leaders blindly; who do not care for us, but only about coming to power.

    I can understand that the anger & resentment is originating out of a lot of pain and I'm sympathetic towards it. And I'm also sympathetic towards the way the political leaders (of both sides) are playing with our innocence. More in the case of T politicians with T people though.

    Let the truth win.

    1. ImAnIndian:

      No group of people can colonise another group of people in a democratic system.

      Strongly disagree.

      Only politically and historically naïve person would make such a categorical statement that colonization can never take place in a democratic system.

      Colonizing can happen even in a democracy, by a stronger group over weaker one, by a privileged group over unprivileged one, by a majority group over minority one. That’s because democracy is not a perfect system, though it may be the best system we have. If its tools are not effectively used, it could lead to colonization, discrimination, suppression and tyranny of majority.

      Suppression and colonization of Telangana took place because India had decided not to invoke Article 3, a tool provided by Indian democracy, for nearly six decades though there were repeated demands by people of Telangana seeking separation.

    2. We both are in strong disagreement on the strength of a democratic system, particularly in India. If you think I'm naive, that makes me think you're ignorant.
      I'm choosing not to get into a debate. As I said earlier, this is not the time. When strong emotions like anger, hatred and resentment are there, it clouds the logic. That was my advice earlier, seek the truth. Trust me, you're not looking with a broader/clear vision. For once, question to yourself if there are any reasons within T or the people/leaders of T other than the colonial Andhra guys and over-corrupt Andhra Politicians. Enough blaming the 'out-siders' for every problem you have. Thats the easiest thing to do isn't it? Blame everyone but yourself for everything wrong you see.

      Until next time my friend, remember this name. I care for my country, not just my region or my state.


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