Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sad day for India

Today, Narendra Modi and his BJP party have won the elections in Gujarat, once again. Evidently, I am sad. It is not a good sign for India. This election has only confirmed some of my worst beliefs, that India is reeling itself towards creating a fascist society.

Why did Modi win?

In a nation which only puts up dishonest and corrupt leaders who are blatantly hypocrite, a murderer and a criminal who is honest comes out as a winner.

Congress or Left of India holds no moral authority over BJP. Their accusations sound hollow bereft of honesty. These parties don’t know what it takes to set an example to gain a moral high ground. Indian people clearly see through their charade of taking a high moral ground without having done anything in that direction. When these parties accuse Narendra Modi or his goons as ‘merchants of death’, they do not back it up with evidences nor do they follow it up with action. India has missed the opportunity to use one of the best revealing stories in Indian journalism.  History will not condone us for this.

The opposition lacks moral authority

Yes, Modi allowed the carnage that followed Godhra train incident where Muslims were selectively chosen, rounded up an killed, while the administration and its machinery, stood by, abetted and participated in that carnage.

What did Congress do after Indira Gandhi’s assassination? Its leaders went to the street in New Delhi, rounded up Sikhs and burnt them alive, where thousands lost their life, just because they belonged to an identity. And Rajiv Gandhi purportedly reacted, rather coldly, “When a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little...”

After those killings, a commission and its report which looked into those calculated-and-methodical killings was rubbished and completely ignored by the Congress. A book that detailed those riots was banned forever.  Even recently Congress has not acted on Sri Krishna Commission Report which looked into riots that followed Babri Masjid episode where thousands of Muslims were killed.  Indian Left has no stance of its own on such issues, and when it gets a chance to make a stand, it does a Nandigram, riddled with hypocrisies only an Indian politician can conjure up. 

When the nation cannot bring honest leaders to the front, the criminals, thieves and goons who confess their crimes openly in front of millions are lauded and hailed as strong and honest over the weak and corrupt leaders who are blatantly dishonest.


  1. This is sad indeed.

    ~ Vinod

  2. Sujai,

    This post hinges on emotion and not on logic. Gujarat riots was a spontaneous reaction to incident at Godhra. The anger was so huge that any state would have struggled to control it. Mr. Modi, as evidence suggests, was lax in controlling riots. He should be called as a inefficient ruler, rather than "Criminal and Murderer".

    This is the malady of English Media. These profit driven houses, often maintained by great indian families, fill their newsprint with emotion and outburst.

  3. Bhanu Prasad:
    May be I am wrong. In which case, I am the happiest.

    May be I am right. In which case, it affects all of us rather sadly.

  4. Your views are based on emotions. Indians, hindus especially are more tolerant. BJP or any Hindu party is crying only for Uniform laws not Hindu specific laws. Whether Article 370 removal, Uniform civil code etc does not call for special treatment to Hindus.

    I see Modi as reformed man, who has ensured that no communal riots took place in the last 5 years. Why English media/so called secular parties are not raising hue and cry over Kashmir pandits status. Number of Kashmir pandits killed is many times more than Gujarat muslims. (I am not justifying Gujarat killings. But surprised to see people don't bother about Hindus killings)

  5. Finally someone who agrees that Modi's victory is a dangerous omen for India! Rather than the 'ostrich with head in the sand' and 'chest-beating gorilla' like reactions of many Indians, who think he is India's savior. When majority of a certain group blindly espouse a man who authorized a mass pogrom, you know somethings seriously wrong.

    And you know what the tragedy is? The stupid Congress rascals are to blame for letting such a situation arise, with their mind-numbing policies of minority appeasement, and dismal failure on the front of combating terrorism, foreign policy and development. They also have no moral authority to counter Modi, because their role in the 84 Sikh riots was worse and went unpunished.


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