Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Indian Culture

Indians are the greatest. Indian culture is the greatest. While our ancestors were writing Vedas, flying planes, creating atomic theories that can build nuclear weapons, and using monkey armies to build bridges, the Westerners were dwelling in caves, hunting and scavenging.

Indians are not only the greatest. We are superior too. Our race is superior. We descended from Aryans, a perfect and pure race, where people are fair (and white).

We are the best in everything. Our Vedas are incomparable. There is no text written which can equal Vedas, our Ramayana or Mahabharatha. Our science is advanced, more advanced than the Western Science (also called Modern Science). In fact, our science is holistic. It takes into account the harmonies between the man and the nature, looking at them as one single wave, connected; a disturbance here will cause a ripple there. Hence, a benign planet hovering silently across the space is not just idle, it is disturbing the cosmic patterns affecting individuals, selectively choosing them by the time they were born and the place they were born. Each of those planet remembers where each human is born and when he is born and then accordingly does complex mathematical calculations to come up with various scenarios to affect his life. It decides his destiny, as to when he will get married, how many kids he will have, what kind of love life he will have, whether he will be bold or meek, good or bad, on whether he will have lots of money or not. It also decides what kind of marks he will get in an exam. It may even decide that you will fail the exam. But of course, if your chant a shlok to Goddess Saraswati, that planet will change those destinies and give your better results. Ah, those wily planets!

So, how great are we?

[I will be quoting from Meera Nanda’s article “India in the world: how we see ourselves. All quotations are from her article]

The Pew poll asked people in 47 countries if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: “our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others.”

Indians topped the list, with a whopping 93 per cent agreeing that our culture was superior to others, with 64 per cent agreeing completely, without any reservations.

And what is this Great Indian Culture?

For some it is spirituality, for some it is our morals, for some it is great Indian family values, for some it is our religion. For some it is our traditions, rituals and customs (called Sampradaya). All in all it is called Bharat Sanskruti (Great Indian Culture).

So, let us look at our Great Indian Culture a little closely.

Indians are spiritual. It only means they are less materialistic (unlike those in the West). Hence, they go to spiritual gurus and donate money so that they can wash off their sins to go back to making more money. These spiritual gurus travel in swanky cars, own private planes, and wear really thick gold chains, and preach spirituality.

Indians are highly moral. Morality in India is everything to do with sex. Morality has nothing to do corruption, cheating, bribes, or dowries. Sex is bad. Hand-holding is bad. Discussing sex is bad. Kissing is bad. Indian families look down upon sex (though they happen to make so many babies). But then they sit as a whole family in front of a TV to watch soft porn on a daily basis. Body gyrations, pelvic thrusts, and other sexual innuendos are all lapped up. Newspapers like TOI bombard them with nude women on a daily basis. But sex is bad. And Indians are highly moral.

Indian morality also includes non-alcoholism and vegetarianism. Drinking alcohol is bad, in all forms and shapes. Those who do not drink alcohol look down upon those who drink with utmost contempt. Vegetarians look down upon non-vegetarians as killers and murders of poor animals. Of all the animals on the planet, cow is the greatest. We are like cows, bovine, peaceful, lazy, walking around on the roads, idling away our time.

Indians have great customs and traditions. They include widow burning, untouchability, dowry deaths. They will go to any extent to defend their customs. They also come up with many rituals and practices that result in ill-treatment of lower castes, women, and people of other religions. They take pride in celebration of the womanhood. They have goddesses unlike some Abrahamic religions whose gods are all men. But again, they don’t like it when they get a girl child, they would like to abort it.

Indian customs also include doing everything the way stars and planets tell them. Complex Vaastu Shastra tells you that if your plot is in the shape of a turtle then you are going do die. Therefore, one takes pains never to carve a plot in the shape of a turtle. Also, there is an obsession with a direction. Some directions are good for you and some are bad (And nobody dares to ask why, but would spend millions to correct it).

India has great family values. It means the kids will listen to the parents all through their lives without protest. Even if it means the son has to burn his wife. When he burns her up, he fulfills the grand old Indian tradition of always following the orders of one’s parents. Great Indian family means suppression of individual creativity and freedom forever.

And we are proud of this culture.

Usually people would assume that a culture so vibrant and superior will easily be taken up by others (who are currently practicing inferior culture). One would assume that it would very easy to sell this culture to others (since it is so superior in every respect). One would assume that this culture will be secure and fearless (because it is so superior in every respect).

However –

The strange thing is that for a people who think so highly of our own culture, we are terribly insecure. A startling 92 per cent of Indians — almost exactly the same proportion who think we are the best — think that “our way of life needs to be protected against foreign influences.”

One starts wondering, if our culture is so great, does it need that much protection from foreign influences. What do they fear here? Who do they fear here? Do they think the young Indian lot and the uneducated lot cannot value this great Indian culture and hence will easily get tempted by other influences?

If it is indeed so great, why the insecurity?

That’s when you have to wake up and realize that it is nothing to with our strength. Our perceived greatness is actually our weakness. We have an unnecessary and completely unrealistic grand opinion of ourselves – a sense of greatness which is completely hollow – an artificial construct so delicate it will burst like a bubble created from soap water, a castle made of pack of cards which will crumble with a small gust of wind.

Our greatness is translation of our innate inferiority. We have a hunch that we are inferior. And this is a major cover up to hide that inferiority.

Xenophobic and racist Indians

I wish this survey (cited by Meera Nanda) had done some studies on racist attitudes, because I am quite sure we would top that list too. I am quite sure that we will turn out to be the most bigoted and racist people on the planet. We are already the most discriminatory people on the planet, capable of discriminating people based on color of the skin, caste of a person, religion, ethnicity, language, gender, which high school you went, which kindergarten you attended, what accent you speak, etc.

We also happen to be highly xenophobic. Does that come as a surprise?

Indeed, we feel so embattled that 84 per cent of us want to restrict entry of people into the country.

We don’t want Bangladeshis. We don’t want Black people (they face outrageously blatant discrimination, starting from airport to all walks of life and our record of treatment of Black people in Africa is notorious). We don’t want ‘Chinese-looking’ people (Mizos and Manipuris, though Indian, face constant discrimination and ridicule in a city like Bangalore). We don’t want Pakistanis (they are found only in Indian jails).

Our racist attitudes take the form of our caste hierarchy. We see ourselves superior to the neighboring Muslim nations, all Black people, all Mongoloid races, but somehow see ourselves lower than all White people.

The only reason why Sonia Gandhi is the most powerful person in India is because Rajiv Gandhi married a White Italian woman. If he had married a Vietnamese or a Black woman, we would have booted her out of the politics the minute Rajiv got killed.

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  1. One of the best pieces of prose I read in the recent past - "We have an unnecessary and completely unrealistic grand opinion of ourselves – a sense of greatness which is completely hollow – an artificial construct so delicate it will burst like a bubble created from soap water, a castle made of pack of cards which will crumble with a small gust of wind."

    I completely concur with what you say here. I have worked with a number of Indians who think they are "the best" without even doing anything. Just tell me if Indians are so great then why do they have to come all the way to the US as programmers to show their greatness? Why don't they do it in their own country? Why there is no single Microsoft, IBM or Intel that comes out of India. The great Indian programmers are just modern day slaves doing QA jobs that nobody in the developed economies want to do - and they think themselves of being "the best race". Hahahaha. Enjoy your shortlived happiness and money earned with huge exports to the US. It is a bubble created from soap water, a castle made of pack of cards which will crumble with a small gust of wind.

    Indians suck.

  2. Great argument! You must be one of the most cynical Indians on the planet. You notice only the warts!

    Imperfections creep into all societies. All have warts. As long as you are writing about them so that they can be cured, it's fine.

    Anonymous probably does not know that about four hundred years back, 'shopkeepers' from England and other then 'Third World' countries of Europe came to the original El Dorado, India, which they proceeded to plunder to enrich themselves and get civilized too!

    After centuries of being eclipsed, India and Indians are back on track to reclaim the original glory of their superior intellect, civilizational and cultural sophistication, and material prosperity.

  3. I totally agree with this post.

    We Indians are the most racist and sarcastic people on this planet who feel inferior to White/European race and superior to all other races.

    I feel pity on ourselves.

    rampant sales of 'Fair and Lovely' cream in India.

  4. wow! you are still going on?

    a while ago(during the rama sethu 'discussion, i think), someone asked me to check out meera nanda's articles. i said i'd look into it.

    and i did.

    honestly, i dont think anyone should take 'meera nanda' seriously...especially if she has anything to say about Hindus or Brahmins or the Vedas.

    and anyone who thinks that she is a 'scholar' or has an unbiased pov is terribly mistaken.

  5. Indians also do everything the way stars tell them to do. Especially the youth. These are not the celestial stars, but the funky bollywood stars. These stars tell the youth how they dress, how they socialize and how they speak. These stars induce an epidemic called fashion into the youth that almost blurs the youth's clear thinking capabilities.

    So, if the old Indians are screwed up in one way, the young ones are being screwed up in innovative ways.


    1. so only Indian youth is doing that , right mike !!!! ???

  6. Jellicles

    wow! you are still going on?

    Did you really think one or two of your inane comments would actually stop this blog? High hopes.

    About your comments on Meera Nanda-
    I have a favorite quote

    Mediocrity does not see higher than itself
    While talent instantly recognizes the genius
    - Arthur Conan Doyle

    Enjoy your mediocrity!

  7. Yo Sujay,

    Hit upon your blog after several months today. I sense a level of disgust, even anger...not just in this last post. Seems the flavour in general. Whazzup bro?

    Most of the issues you talk about are the status quo...and each one has another side. But hey, you're not a journo needing to objectively present each side. Its your blog...write away and f*** the detractors.

    Rock on!

  8. Well said Sujai :)

  9. talent? you are joking. i just wrote a post in my blog about meera nanda. but somehow i think its something you already knew!

  10. Sujai

    Glad you're saying it. Somebody had to break the illusory bubble of greatness that Indians build around themselves. I think it's a very bitter pill for Indians to swallow that their country is and has been a rather average nation just like any other on the planet. Indians are not born great. Indians have great inferiority complexes. Indians do not have any more potential to do great things than an African or Indonesian or Philipino. Indians are it comes....humans.

    ~ Vinod

  11. Well i suppose this is a mental strategy for an indian bloke to feel himself high and confident.
    Frankly I believe thee is no such crap lik superiority of one over another.
    Everyone belong to the same species.
    Even if you had to argue with Indian mythologies, Manu was the first Human, so everyone else come from him, even if they are Chinese, Black Africans or Arabs.
    If you were to look at it from Abrahamic Faiths, Adam was the first Human, and we all, all races eventually trace to him. he is our great great ^ n gradfather.
    So whats the bragginf about,
    The point of our lives is to keep peace in our minds, Progress and live a worthy life.
    In no religion have i read that God gives you previlige to enter nirvana just cos you are from a particular race. It all counts on karma!

  12. I have spent some time abroad in Germany, and I was astonished when I heard questions from Indians - "Aren't the Germans racist ?", "Did they call you black ?", "Were you treated well ?" and loads of similar ones. To tell the truth, I felt less discriminated in a different continent and had more help available from strangers than I find in my own country. To start matters off, getting a place to stay in Bangalore in such a hassle - "Are you married ?", "Are you from north India ?", "Are you a hindu ?" are only a few of the questions that I had to answer to just about every time I had met a prospective landlord. As if, being unmarried and from north India is a crime, and of course being an Indian does not matter and it is of least concern to the landlord. As an Indian, I have found fellow Indians more discriminating than foreigners. And we Indians do have a very narrow outlook, that only sees the Indian culture as the best and the brightest. While, defending one's culture is absolutely alright, learning and appreciating foreign culture is equally important. We Indians dismiss western culture and treat it with derision. Unfortunately, that adds to our cultural illiteracy that often puts us in a spot of bother in a foreign land. And of course, in our culture, holding hands seems to be a crime and often enrages the so called upholders of Indian culture (read extremist political parties), public molestation of women seems to be pretty much allowed. Well, I think it sums up our great culture, not just by words, but by actions ! No wonder, actions speak louder than words.

  13. I don't think the discrimnation exhibited by individuals when renting out their flats is a real social problem or an example of discrimination that is typically riled against. Individuals are entitled to prefer fellow castes, religionists as their tenants in dealing with their personal properties. In such cases, there are considerations of belief that come into play and to criticize discrimnatory conduct may be tantamount to criticizing their beliefs. I must admit though that I find it difficult to draw the line on how far this can be carried before it becomes discrimination as a social problem. It is clear that when one discriminates in the public sector on the basis of caste or language, then it is wrong. No excuses for that. I would appreciate if anybody could clarify this for me.

    ~ Vinod

  14. "Unity in diversity". Few quotations or statements cannot describe the pedestal that India holds in the world map because of its colorful and unique culture. India has always been famous for its traditions and hospitality. The warmth in the relations and euphoria in celebrations make the country stands out distinctively in the clutter. The cuisines, festivals, music, literature, and theatre…everything is 'special' in this 'land of gods'.

    Get all stories of religions and languages and festivals of India.



  15. India is no doubt a mystique land with a very rich cultural and traditional heritage. Just because there are some negative points, it does not mean that the greatness is lost. If that is so then cite an example of one so called first world country which does not have any darker shades of its own. And this is one debatable topic on which I can go on and on...

  16. Hi, this is one post whose honesty i appreciate. I know that Indian Culture has a lot of hypocricy in it, and we tend to criticize other cultures, considering ourselves the superior. I think its not the culture anymore that matters to me, its the individual.

    Haiku Poems

  17. I agree with anonymous... tring to rent an partment as a single person in bangalore was among the worst experiences of my life. The land lords daughter all of 15 had the bal** to ask me if i was seeing the collegue who was showing me the house and wanted to know since when i had known him and if he was going to come to the house later if i rented it. So much for private life. They may never want to say sex in public or hold hands, but they can only assume and think dirty things as soon as they see any girl smiling or talking to a boy. Culture seems a fantstic word in India, where men are clearly allowed to pee in public and molest girls if they come close enough in the buses etc. However if a girl wears a low waist jeans then the controversy created ( re: weird so called cultural political parties, now vivying for vote from younger generation... bullshite)was just un belivable. The so called Indian cultures allows men to work come back home and watch tv and the same Indian culture expects the woman to do a second shift after she has slogged at work. And then expected to warm the bed as well. with out so much as a preamble( read more). And apparently a man has his needs, but never a woman as she is looked down upon if she has expectations. Since India has become independent the cream of the India has migrated... and today every one is wondering why there are no young ppl who want to fight for the country. One wonders why no one is bothered about the destruction of india in the hands of narrow minded much for Sonia, just cos she has managed to drape a saree does not mean she has any inkling towards what a girl born in this country goes through... perhaps she needs to get out of Delhi to find out...

    Hypocrisy should be the middle name of indian culture. i want to be proud of where i come from, but having seen all of the world and having seen all of India its really difficult.

    The corporate India is equally worse, where every woman is checked out and bitched about. And she has to work twice as hard to get to where a man can easily go. And not to mention the sexual innuendos that go along with work. if you dont join in the dirty jokes then you are a prude, if you do join in then you are a slut. There is no such thing called we are all adults and we all watch shitty TV with all the gyrations on a daily hourly basis.

    I recently had a proposal from a boy in London, his parents called my parents to chk how much dowry i could afford and how much of Gold and Silver.... Culture??? really???

  18. hello all you indians!
    stop it !
    we are a great culture , a great country , a great people
    and let's strive to restore it!
    you are the future!!!!
    we are not quite crumbling like the rest of the world economies ..please !
    we are on the verge of change and that change depends on each of you who blog here!
    " we should be the change we want to see "
    stop cribbing, stop grumbling, start living and meet life like winners!!!!
    if you think you can will!

  19. Guys Guys Guys.......let me tell you somethin that you guys may agree or argue...........I have been abroad for 16 years in 4 countries in different geographies and 12 years in India.i have interacted with quite a few people here and travelled extensively in almost 3 other european countries.

    Our view of the Western Globe from INDIA :

    a) They are only people who are known for their party life ,Drinking, travelling habits , drugs and have lack for family sense.

    Unfortunately these are the ONLY things that are picked up from the YOUTH of INDIA.

    However there is another side to them that we dont know of.They are so professional and methodological with their work lives that they complete their work on time and with amazing precision. Here most people i have met put passion before the pay. Average people here work 2-3 yrs in a job befre they look for another.

    They dont like Indians for the following reasons :

    a) We are HEAVILY racist and locked in verbal arguments about india often trying to protect it. But the truth is we dont project it the right way.

    b) Any Freaking Public place - we make the Maximum F******** noise and it pisses me off since we hate to listen to anyone - such fragile egos.We dont understand that we have to respect the place - especially museums , libraries ets.....all freaking Indians break all the rules and consider themselves exceptions to all rules.Look at the japanese , Chinese or any other asian country national and we see that they are so behaved.

    c) we are last-minute workers and we expect this is the right strategy at all times. People in the western world TOTALLY appreciate GOOD work and not shoddy work.We may do good work but in most cases we keep bragging and describing about it.

    d) But yes.....they do not like the fact that we have been doing so many take overs of foreign companies and we take away all their jobs.But that is something which is a result of globalization and it is competition all the way.Im Proud to be an INDIAN that we have been able to pull it off.

    End of the depends on the individual and it is not right to generalise but we need to TOTALLY respect other nations and culture. Project culture so well that it talks about heritage. But we dont protect the way we should - look at the destruction and etching on the great structures that we are known for.

    An Indian today knows more Rock bands than Some of the indian greats themselves - more english movies and look for detail than good work done home.

    Im driving home only the following points :

    a) Professionalism
    b) Right projection of our culture
    c) STOP being Racists AND STOP worshipping the white man.
    d) Stop being overly fanatical about India that eclipses all other cultures.
    e) Start searching for the REAL india than what is being projected over the last 10 yrs or so.
    f) Stop being Disgustingly Selfish and self centered.

    We have forgotten ourselves as Indians.

    take care.

  20. I pity your ignorance. You post is based on lots of assumptions and written from your bedroom, without actually understanding the Indian culture and the spirutuality aspect.

    I can argue a lot, but then you need to unlearn certain thing and look it from fresh perspective. And i dont deny the fact that there are aberrations in any society and i believe your article is based on such aberrations reported by the media ignoring the majority incidents.

    1. You are in denaial of truth. In fact above article has not covered lot of things. Majority of Indians are emotionally fool and follow any thing blindly. I am not talking about innocents living in country side, but I am talking about well read and broadly traveled people, like Amithab bachchan Aishwarya rai etc. Do you know aishwarya was married to a tree when she was a teen ? And amithab was walking bare footed to some temples to match the kundli of his son to aishwarya.? Is there any thing like Kundli match in educated's world? Narsimha rao was a prime minister when Bombay was burning because of riots. I read a news that group of sadhus were chanting shulokas for the saftey of Nrsimha rao before he visited to Bombay. Few things as listed below are very common in India.
      1. Black cat cut the way?
      2. Boiling milk spilled?
      3. Some body called you from back?
      4. Sneezed ?
      5. First customer entered In any shop should buy some thing if not ?
      6. Kaam wali bai (House maid) should not enter so and so room?
      7. If you are going for an interview go from so & so door.?
      8.Dog crying at night ? etc etc.
      These are some examples of blind faith which been practiced day and night in India

  21. Dear not convinced with your hollow argument......please define "fresh perspective" and define "unlearn certain things"....and....spirituality...???..i need spirituality..but convince the world about it....!!!! details are based on pure first hand observations....i take great pride in being an indian an i defend it with all might...but unfortunately....things are not the way its viewed from your end..!! reports do not cover first hand observations on a day to day basis...unfortunately media is a commercial exchange and do not necessarily project ground Zero realities. Wake up Buddy....Wake up...the world is racing in front of you.!!!!!....take care

  22. Ha ha this is a joke. India is so sick that Indians have to have a superiority psychosis to deal with it. You talk like Nazis. Except that Hitler built one of the greatest civilizations in the world and you didn't.

    India is a trash-heap country where 700,000,000 people defecate in the open daily. And you drink cow urine. And 75% of India's ground water is contaminated with human waste. Most people don't have toilets or clean water. India has 40% illiteracy and highest poverty rate in the world.

    You were flying in planes centuries ago? Where is the proof of that? You invented atomic power? Then why did it never materialize until Einstein?

    You people are all FRAUDS. All you can do is boast and make wild claims but when it comes down to it, you've never done anything.

    Name one new invention or new industry to come out of India in 5000 years.

    Calculus which makes space flight possible was invented by Newton. No one has ever heard of or uses an Indian crap mathematics. Go ask NASA if they use Indian math to get a space shuttle into orbit.

    You have to live like parasites off other countries because you are unable to create anything yourselves.

    So you've had 150 years to recover from Britain's "plunder". What has held you back for the last 150 years? No excuse for that, eh?


    Any iPods invented in India?


  23. Mike:
    Thanks for the rant.

    We all have our weaknesses. May be, you can take a look at your own country or civilization see if it has any weaknesses.

  24. Mike...u are disgusted that we are dominating and hogging the scene with China....i understand your helpless situation....economic wealth will shift eastwards...All that you owe around 1.3 Trillion pounds as debt will ensure your grave. After all that you have plundered for many years will return back home in wire transfers....u have lived out of cheating for the last 400 years....(talk abt indian frauds..!!!)....Go get a Cuisine for yourself Mike...!!!!

  25. 1.3 trillion dollars in debt? So what? The U.S. econ generates TEN TIMES that in GDP every single year. We could pay off our entire debt in 2 months. Meanwhile India and China's econs are trivial compared to the U.S. China has 4 times the manpower of U.S. but the econ there is only 1/4 U.S. India has 3 times the manpower of USA but only 1/12th the economy. That means both Indians and Chinese are pretty stupid and unproductive.

    As for living on fraud for 400 years I hardly think you can call iPod, iPhone, Apple, Microsoft, Internet, PCs, software, TV, radio, automobiles, space travel, and air travel "fraud". Now list the things India has given to the world please.

    It is you who are frauds. You come to USA with your fake conman degrees, shove Americans aside and then destroy everything you touch. California has the highest foreign-born population of any state in the U.S. and now the CA econ is GOING BANKRUPT. HA HA HA! Yep - millions of guest workers from India sure have been good for America, haven't they? You conmen are cleaning out America and boasting with your FRAUD. But that's all it is - boasting.

    Why are Indians so psychotic. If you actually had a civilized culture the world would respect you. But you don't - you're frauds, and animals. That's all you are. Try looking in the mirror and assessing yourself instead of boasting and living in denial about who you are.

  26. Mike....!!!!!!!! Unbelievable i would say....u live in ignorance and expect manipulating stats can help you ?....Muhuhuhuhahahahahaha......Indian economy grows at 8% even now....lets see your GDP creep to a positive number,.why wouldnt i boast of the achievement....GM survives even today due to the asian markets.....u are officially in recession....hee hee...Ur corporate culture survives due to efficient outsourcing from India and China...all u have is patents and guns as the way..u talking abt american innovations like your own....hehe...i would not count that in hell as yours..but i love them abt lack for detail from the management perspective in "allowing" indians taking prime positions....i BET u wouldnt have met more than 10 Indians to generalise your view.Because the ones who really matter is out of your reach to even meet....they are hell busy making the 10 richest have 3 indians btw........have fun Bro....!!!!....i can only laugh more at your helplessness. :)...btw the Intel chip is made by an indian...hehehe...switch off your comp Bro....we will talk again in 2020...ciao...!!!!

  27. India's GDP numbers are all faked. Even Indian gov't admits it's 4% max. Go look up the news articles on TOI moron. The only way you can 'grow' is when you send millions of your grifters to USA to rip off our econ. As soon as we cut your visas, your econ comes to a halt. Ha ha. What a fraud of a country.

    Where is the Indian operating system, BTW?

  28. Indian are the most racist people on earth..
    They religon is full of sex, nudity, bias and unscinetific.

    Sex - Look at their temples and culptures those sexy poses and nude gods... they even worship gay gods (wow!!) they worship pennis of a god shiva (i.e Shivling)... Ramayana (ie. A God narating his obsence marriage sexual relationship to his borother krishna(another bigtime aids patien)... lol

    Bias - They claim the all the black and poor backward class people (dalit's) do not have right.. they are used only to clean shifts and other dirty jobs. They claim that god created dalits from the foot and upper class hindus from head (inteligents).... Women have no right they are brunt, aboarted...and sometime used while gambling (drawpadi) lol is this your religion... do you have an answers...

    Unscientific - They claim the cow's piss is good for
    Hindus i ask you... Urine is a natural stuff and its a waste which has no nuticious values..... wake up... you MAD people are the most idiotic people on earth...

    There are so many thing to say.. still you say India is Great.. lol

    Wake up... change yourself, repent to the GOD... THE ONE TRUE GOD

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  31. i would just like to ask u 1 question

    home grown tterrorism is pronounced as HINDU terrorism,and when we say islamic terrorism we are connecting religion with terrorism.

    Recently bangladeshi cum burmese islamic idiots attacked bodo people is assam,journalista used the word BODO MILITANTS.

    there was a riot in uttarpradesh, many have been earlier but ignored
    but recently a muslim raped a hindu dalit girl and riots took place....we must believe in evidence and try to be secular for muslims..while if hindu does so....its a matter of shame and disgrace

  32. Your description and contempt of Indian culture shows how unfortunate it is, that many Indians today know of their culture only from non-authentic (often western) sources. If you had read any of the Vedas or Puranas or Ithihasas of India, you will have known better

  33. Great piece !!!. Of all the blogs that i have read on web, your opinions are the closest to mine. Keep up the good work.
    - Vijay A

  34. India is a bloody shithole and will remain a foresaken shithole. Here are some of the reasons why:

    1. Rape Capital of the World:
    According to crime statistics in India (which in any case are skewed) rapes are on the increase and the actual number five times higher than reported. The increase in rapes could also be because more women are coming forward with their complaints. But the stigma attached to being raped is still so high that the reported rapes will remain the tip of the iceberg. The problem is compounded by the fact that in India raped women are often rejected by their families. In courts their reputation are attacked if it is revealed that they were raped or molested. This makes them reluctant to complain against their assailant, which in turn encourages rape.

    2. A disease called Arnab Goswami:
    Arnab Goswami is a disease which serves as a geographical indicator for India. The scale of this diseases has made it an epidemic. Some of the symptoms of the same are as follows:
    - The patient expresses an idea with extreme force and utter disregard for
    others opinions.
    - The individual is humorless and exceptionally sensitive.
    - Any attempt to contradict the patient's view will be met by an inapporpriately
    strong emotional reaction often with irratability and hostility.
    - Paranoia may lead one to insure his/her throat and neck.
    - Causes on the master the crucial Indian trait that many had forgotten – to
    deny things even before anything is said. To reject their argument way before
    an argument.

    3. Overpopulation:
    The whole world laughs at our hypocritical disdain towards sex. Our population is multiplying like rats and rodents. What is more shocking is that as a population control measure, people resort to killing the girl child! Nobody ever thougt of castrating the rapists and uncouth men in this country. After all with the deterioration in the mentality of the men in this shit hole of a country, we'd just end up putting whatever remaining women we have at risk by taking such extreme measures.

    4. Poor Infrastructure:
    Why spend on infrastructure? If the same was done then the country would improve by leaps and bounds, but no! We dont want to make any such investment because we are parasites dependent on government subsidies. Even if we decide to hike the prices of much needed services nothing much can be done as the companies would be busy recovering the losses made over all the years of subsidies!!

    5. Our refusal to pay tax:
    Only 3% of the entire population actually pays tax. Why? Becuase we are greedy leaches and refuse to look at the long term consequences of our actions! We want to get away with as much as we can! The future generations can go to hell. How many of us actually ask for a receipt from a Kirana store or the local department store when we go and shop there? We've got big issues when multi brand retailing is allowed to come into the country! We've got issues cos we wont be able to cheat the govt and avoid tax. The multi brand retail outlets will deliver much better value with a whole lot less wastage. But noooo, we've got to worry about our jobs which allow us to suck the national treasury dry now dont we.


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