Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fuel Price Hike

Few days ago, the UPA government, led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, announced a steep hike in the fuel prices across the country.

Last night, I was discussing with two individuals who thought this increase was atrocious. I explained that this fuel hike was long overdue, that the prices of oil in the world are shooting up like crazy, and that almost every other country has already increased the prices, and that India had withheld this hike for quite long time. I told them it was inevitable – it had to be done some day. Those individuals expressed surprise and asked how come they don’t get to hear this from the TV and media. (I guess they were just watching the wrong channels).

TOI is Irresponsible

Next day, in the morning, I got to read THE HINDU and TIMES OF INDIA. While THE HINDU did mention that the prices of oil have been skyrocketing in the world market and hence has influenced the current hike, TOI has failed to mention even once that this price hike was due to those reasons.

It is the role of the media to educate its masses and present the facts. They could interpret the story in their own way if they want to, but to deliberately omit and hide some extremely important facts is almost like fabrication of a lie when done by a media agency which has such a wide circulation. In a democracy, media plays a great role and forms a pillar along with legislature, executive and judiciary. While TOI wants to enjoy all the fundamental rights, including posting one semi-nude picture everyday in its SPORTS section where most impressionable young ones usually turn to, it seems to shirk all its duties to present the facts. TOI is an extremely irresponsible media agency.

The TV channels are no less irresponsible. All you see is a bunch of young chest beating journalists trying desperately to thump themselves harder just to climb the corporate ladder. They always seem to pant as if they just ran a marathon.


  1. TOI is pure shit. However like everything else in India it is a popular, widely read newspaper. Why would they bother about objective reporting when the people lap up whatever they print?

  2. TOI ran a cartoon on its front page the day of the fuel hike that had a caption "Highway Robbery"!

    I just couldn't believe it. It was the height of irresponsibilty to suggest the govt was committing some sort of robbery without adequately explaining the reason. I wish the central govt slaps a defamation case against the TOI and gets it shut down for good.

  3. i agree that fuel hike is inevitable and hike is justified.But why delay in the hike? why we wait for long and then hike about 7%-8%,can't there be better way.

    And for TOI,or any other national news paper or channel they are just puppet.

  4. I agree with your quote: "Opinions are like assholes......."

    I guess it says all.


    The price rise will control only when our politicians and bureaucrats stop looting this country resources.All tax payers must immediately stop paying tax to the government until get the assurance that politicians not taking away the amount meant for country's development purposes.


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