Thursday, October 02, 2008

Indians and Darwin

If Indians are well-versed at one particular field of Science, it is Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. We believe in ‘the survival of fittest’ concept like no other culture.

‘How come you got a seat in a premier institute?’
‘It is the survival of the fittest since we got trained in a premier tutorial.’

‘But you got that contract because your uncle is the big man!’
‘It is the survival of the fittest since we belong to a superior clan.’

‘But you got that license because you paid your way in!’
‘It is the survival of the fittest since we are rich.’

‘But you got that seat because you jumped lines.’
‘It is the survival of the fittest since I am tough and brash.’

‘But you got that deal because you cheated!’
‘It is the survival of the fittest since I am smart enough to cheat others.’

Indians love Darwin’s theory. This is one Science they all know by heart.

Though they are same folks who run from one temple to another because Lord Ganesha’s idols drinks milk, or stay home because it is a solar eclipse, or rush to drink sweet water from the sea, when it comes to Darwin’s theory, they are completely abiders of its theory.

They are in awe of Charles Darwin as if he is an Indian, and include his theory of evolution into pantheon of other Indian sciences, such as Vedic Sciences, Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu, and Numerology.

They see ‘merit’ as another by product of Darwin’s Theory and embrace it like no other culture. When asked how come there were only 3 women judges in 60 years of existence, Chief Justice of India said there is no provision for including women since the positions are based on ‘merit’. That’s our interpretation of ‘the survival of the fittest’, where the race is open for everyone to compete as individuals without making provisions for inclusion of different groups.

Even corporate India believes in ‘survival of the fittest’ theories as long as it conforms to their selfish needs. A well-known Indian software company on one hand talks of ‘survival of the fittest’ showing their aversion to employing lower castes, but at the same time, keeps going back to Indian government for sops, concessions and tax-breaks, citing the reason they are not able to compete with global players.


  1. There is this something about being extra clever - In the race of wanting to get ahead of everyone else our people might feel that there is no need to go by the rules. I would like to give all of such people one quote from the book which narrated the reason for the steady decline and eventually fall of a huge corporation called 'Enron' in the United States: "All the people in Enron where clever and could bend the rules according to their tastes. But they were not clever enough to understand why those rules were put there in the first place"

    Destination Infinity

  2. the phrase 'survival of the fittest' is not coined by Darwin, and it does not accurately reflect the fundamentals of evolution. it was added in a later edition for breivity. `preservation of favoured race by natural selection' is more accurate.
    just in case you cared for political correctness.
    the rest of the post is spot on as usual!


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