Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am an atheist...

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  1. Bingo! :)

    I am an atheist only because of one reason.

    There is no God! :)

  2. It doesn't matter to me whether God exists or not. I don't care nor I bother to care Coz I don't hv any reason to care abt God. If he made the world that's his problem, if no one made this world that's not my problem. All I know is that I exist and along with me lot many others exist whom I care - if they deserve to be cared abt. I expect the same from others. I don't beg, I don't praise, I don't offer. Whatever I got, is earned by me. Whatever I lost is bcos of my inability. I own my own actions, I own my responsibilty, I own myself! That's it!!

  3. Yes that's cool.

    Even if God exists and if he come in front of me to prove it i am definitely gonna say i am not gonna worship you. Do whatever yo want :)

  4. Jai Prakash Rao GottimukkalaJune 23, 2010 11:27 AM

    Very interesting and simple. However I have a poser for Sujai & others specifcally in the context of countries like India that missed the renaissance era upheaval.

    I was always an atheist on logical grounds similar to this post. However, I used to believe religion was a minor nuisance. In other words, I treated religion as a logical fallacy but not harmful.

    Over the years I have moved away from this idealistic position. The more I study religious text, the more convinced I am that it is actually harmful, self defeating and dangerous.

    Please feel free to criticize my postulate.

  5. Sometime ago I was calling myself an atheist. However now I do not want to fit myself in any 'ism' or call myself with any..'xxx-ist'.
    I came across a speech by a spiritual person and it made sense to me and would like to share it here:

    "....so what is the correct thing to do?. There is no correct thing to do. What is the appropriate thing to do, is the question. Only then you receive life. If you do correct things, you will make an utter idiot of ourself. If you start thinking what is correct, you will either become an atheist or a theist.

    Atheists are utter idiots; theists are supreme idiots[laughter] because .....

    both are correct - that is the problem. If one starts looking for correctness of life, you become barren, empty.Life is essentially in ints appropriateness. If you are looking for correctness, you may become a good person. You don't know what that is..?...."

  6. A line from Vicky Cristina Barcelona movie...

    "..I don't see a reason to label everything..."

    Even I was an atheist one! But I realized the arrogance in supposing that, "If I cant conceive something, Then it does not exist!".
    Even before you or i conceived it, Earth was Round. Truth is truth & It just doesn't care.

    What matters here is, what do you do with such labeling/ beliefs. That is when labeling has a meaning.

  7. If you get a chance, read this. Its a short but interesting one:


  8. I am agnostic, no fair. I don't get to pick sides )= hehe.

  9. Religions are based on faith and not science/proof.

    Irrespective, I'm an agnostic. Because, you can neither prove nor disprove the existence of god (for that matter we may have to define god :-) )

  10. richard dawkinsJuly 02, 2010 7:15 AM

    hellopagan said: Irrespective, I'm an agnostic. Because, you can neither prove nor disprove the existence of god (for that matter we may have to define god :-) )

    one cannot disprove even the existence of fairies or a talking cat, but we are pretty sure, that they dont exist.

  11. @poster posing as Richard Dawkins - No need to pose as someone you are not. hellopagan can be easily taken down with the argument itself :)

    To all agnostics: You're stand at the middle of the road, is going to get you run over! Being an agnostic, because you think that either side of the argument is not proven fact, does not make both sides of the argument equal in strength. Based on the evidence a probability can be assigned to each argument that is not equal to 0.5.

  12. Guys, what's the big deal? No one cares if we are atheists or not, it really doesn't matter at all. It is simply a label, a classification and there's nothing more to it.

    There was a time when I too deeply cared about this, but ultimately it made no sense at all, why proclaim that you're not something? It's like saying you're a vegetarian, I mean honestly who cares about that? Let's grow up and leave the religious folks to break their heads over their Gods.

    Calvin and open terrace, don't worry God will never appear before you! (unless ofcourse you intend to go on LSD). Wow, the heights of arrogance!

  13. richard dawkinsJuly 04, 2010 3:06 PM


    i am using richard dawkins name to show that, no one can prove me that i am not richard dawkins. but u can very well be sure that i am not. one cant i am an agnostic so i think he can be richard dawkins. but the chances of me being dawkins is much more than existence of god.

    and to agnostics, atheists are not the people who are 100% sure that god doesn't exist, they say there is no reason to claim there is one.

    and aditya, i dont agnostics assign 0.5 probabilty for both the sides, they are more sceptic about theists than atheists.

    and btw, i am indeed richard dawkins.

  14. Jai GottimukkalaJuly 05, 2010 11:34 AM


    There is no big deal if this is just an intellectual question. Many of us tend to believe that everything we know works as well with or without a "god", it really doesn't matter at all.

    You advocate leaving "religious folks to break their heads over their Gods". They are not responding in kind, just look what their gods have done to us!

  15. I believe in costanza,s god ...god exists and is evil and put obstacles in my career/life every day...he is out to get me..

  16. I have a question. How many of you who declared themselves as Atheists, are bor Hindus or born to Hindu parents? My guess is 100%.

  17. @ Jai Gottimukala

    "They are not responding in kind, just look what their gods have done to us!"

    I have nothing against religious people, religion is a way of bringing social solidarity in a society and at times has served its purpose very well. I'd like to differentiate between Indic religions and those of other faiths which propagate its faith in an agressive and violent way. Not all religions are the same.

    Anonymymous, I am a hindu and am extremely proud of my Hindu heritage. This is a blog by an Indian and it is only natural that most people who come here are Hindus.

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  19. Rags:

    Guys, what's the big deal? No one cares if we are atheists or not, it really doesn't matter at all. It is simply a label, a classification and there's nothing more to it.

    That’s a simplistic conclusion on a topic that has rocked humanity for nearly two thousand years. Being an atheist and be able to confess that you are an atheist is a big deal in the history of mankind. For far too long, many atheists hid the fact that they were atheists because of the negative reaction of the society towards them.

    In the first form, atheism is a non-belief in the version of my god. You could believe in some other god, but the fact that you don’t believe in my god made you an atheist. That alone led to subjugation, persecution, ostracism and even mass murder of millions of people in our history. Many wars were made against people who were considered heretics, kafirs, atheists, etc.

    Many philosophers and scientists were atheists in their time – the definition of atheism itself changing with time, of course. Many of them were agnostics, skeptics, rationalists, or deists according to us, but were atheists for their times.

    Even now, it is not an easy task to become a leader of a country if you say you are an atheist. The current Australian PM is one of the first ones to say it loud that she does not believe in God.

  20. Religion is the opium of the masses purporated by Marx.Also great martyar Bhagat Singh in his pamphlet " why I am an atheist?" writes that this whole scheme of religion is thoughtfully created by the class who controls the means of production and their sole objective is to exploit the larger section of masses in order to save and preserve their ill designs.There is no supernatural power who have created this universe. This is the brainchild of the exploiters to save their interest. Huge donattions are made by the black marketeres, hoarders and big business houses for constructions of place of worships for different religion. What does this depict? If they were sane people they have preferaly not exploited the common people. Atheisim must transcede in constructing a mass opinion against all trash in society.

  21. Those who persecute atheists don't do so because they are atheists, but because they are considered apostates who have deserted *their* own religion.

    Thus, to an Islamic fanatic, a fellow Muslim who renounces religion and becomes an atheist is no different from one who converts to any religion other than Islam.

    So, the issue here is general religious intolerance which affects people of other religions in addition to atheists. So atheists cannot claim special status here.

    In fact, Hindus are more tolerant of their own atheists than they are of Muslims (who are theists). In fact, many Hindus would be more tolerant of Muslims who have (sincerely) given up religion and become atheists than those who scrupulously follow their religion. Similarly, they would be more tolerant of those who claim to be atheists (like yourself) than those who convert to Islam or Christianity (hence continuing to be believers).

    So this contradicts the main assumption of the post that atheists are specially targeted. Sorry, the argument doesn't hold water, at least in the Indian context.

  22. Ledzius:

    Almost all atheists have become atheists only be deserting their own religion.

    Almost no kid is a born atheist but is born into a religion.

    I agree with you that of all religions, Hinduism must be the most tolerant towards atheists.

    So this contradicts the main assumption of the post that atheists are specially targeted.

    That's a wrong assumption that you have deduced from this post. Please read the text once again in the picture above. No single statement assumes special status in persecution of atheists.

  23. We can prove anything....including GOD with something that is complete....Till that point many things can be demonstrated only partially which gives raise to skeptics....In a way these skeptics are good if they pave a way to bring completeness of Science...I want Science (or what we call) should be complete...........I believe, When Science has answers to all our questions, It would have realized GOD :)

  24. Most people who think they are atheists are actually agnostic. If you can't prove non-existence of GOD, then you can't be an atheist. To quote a contrapositive of a well known Radiohead number
    Just cause you don't feel it, it doesn't mean it's not there!

  25. In this modern age,confessing u are an athiest wont endanger u..many people gave their lives for God and that is the reason people do believe in them...athiests were not the only ones persecuted..even larger number of believers were persecuted..again ur reason for not believing isn't new..its what athiesta throught ages told..that they dont believe in him unless Visible with the naked eye..

  26. I see a common theme above, which is that -

    If you believe in religion, you are a person of faith and if you do not believe in one, you are an Athiest.

    I do not think this distinction is correct. One has to draw a line between religion and the concept of god.

    Personally, I believe Agnostisim is the more rational position than Athiesm. I am an agnostic - not about religion but about the concept of GOD.

    Although on the athiestic side on questions of religion, I differ from Athiest on the stand on GOD. We as human beings know so little about the universe to claim without doubt - based on currently held common sense and I dare say FAITH- that THERE IS/CAN BE NO GOD. By saying so, arent athiest making the same mistake that people at the other end of the spectrum are?

    @Sujai: More than from anyone else above, I would love to hear your take on this.

    Love your Blog,

  27. have fun burning in hell :)

  28. ok
    question: does the Baptist God exist

    hypothesis: God does exist

    experiment: no matter how hard I try I can't turn nothing into what is now Earth and space and etc.

    results: nothing came out of nothing

    conclusion: God does exist because something powerful enough to be here before there was anything is required to make everything, and nothing on Earth or space is that powerful.

    is that scientific method enough for you or do I need to try again ;)


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