Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Right to Offend - Poster


  1. I don't think there is any country in the world that allows anyone to say anything in the manner given above, because it may fall in the definition of hate speech. Even most western countries make hate speech a criminal offence. See
    Even denying that the Holocaust occured can cause you to get jailed in many European countries.

  2. Suaji,

    I am happy that you are practicing what you preach. Thanks for now suppressing comments in the name of 'moderation'

  3. didn't you offended by telugu movies depiction of Telangaana slang and correctors???

  4. I like this poster. What most Indians don't understand is that 'Freedom of Speech' guarantees that one can say or express whatever one wants without the fear of getting arrested or getting harmed. So even if one says something which is very offensive to others the maximum we can do is criticize the person or demand an apology or file a defamation suit if the person has falsely represented facts to defame you. What happens in this country is that any group of people can claim they have been offended by what a person said and so they have the right to harm him or his property. The police always show a knee jerk reaction and arrests the person who have just exercising this right to Freedom of Speech. Our politicians take advantage of this lack of understanding of Freedom of Speech among the general public.

  5. This applies to Telangana movement and state also :) where i have right to offend anyone (without personal attack)


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