Monday, December 17, 2012

Link: 'All Life is One'

When I quote ‘all life is one’, I don’t say it in a philosophic way, spiritual way, the new age holistic way, the Gandhian way, or in some kind of karmic sense, or tantric sense, nor is it in a biblical way or koranic way, nor is it in post-modernistic, gaia-ic, dharmic, sanatanic, nor is it in poetic, metaphoric, satiric, or ironic way.

I say it in a scientific way. It is an ‘empirical fact’ that all life on planet earth is one. 


  1. Your blog is so wonderful. It talks on so many varied topics of national interests and your thought process is so much modern. You are well read and the same is displayed in each of your posts. I wud really love to read all your posts once I find the time.

    For me, a man is never educated to his full capacity until he challenges the established dogmas of religions and cultures.

  2. You are just publicity monger. Or maybe have illusion that you are intelligent. Misery is you badly miss something called 'common sense'. I would not rule out your claims of 'oneness'. But your assertion of these as plain facts contradicts whole lot of scrap your write. Religion, sex, Telangana, Good behavior, human rights blah blah.....
    It is simple. Is meaning and purpose of human life is so simple and can be depicted in few pictures and number? If so, it grants not only equals rights but grants equal opportunity for offense.

    1. Why you so jealous of an intelligent and rational mind? Stop blabbering around. Learn to appreciate or criticize the content of Sujai's blog, don't just come over to pass useless comments.

  3. I knew it.

    It is very strange Indians are not taught Evolutionary Biology correctly.

    Also see this :

  4. You brain is a bag of contradictions. But, who's brain is not? Sad thing is you're a little famous.


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