Friday, October 04, 2013

Video: Seemandhras admit they have colonized Telangana

For many years now, Telanganas have been trying to showcase to the whole world how Seemandhras have colonized Telangana.  To establish this we used facts, statistics, data, and many examples.  We have cited many issues where Telanganas were neglected, discriminated or marginalized.  If Seemandhras were keen on keeping the state united, they would have used the last four years to address at least some of our issues - like implementing GO 610.  Instead they used threatening language - CM Kiran Kumar Reddy warned our MLA Harish Rao that Telangana will not even get one rupee.  Undavalli promised to use the tyranny of majority to obstruct formation of Telangana forever.  Parakala Prabkhar and his ilk have rubbished all our demands as lies.  There was never an attempt to understand what our problems were. 

Today, in the last sixty days, Seemandhras try to establish a case for united State.  How do they do it?  While we talk of our lost water, lost opportunities and lost jobs, they respond with slogans like 'kalasi unte kaladu sukham', 'Oka Baasha, Oka Rashtram'.   If Seemandhras were really sincere in keeping the state united, wouldn't they take a look at our issues and respond to them?  
Seemandhras, instead of addressing the issues raised by Telanganas, have gone on an aggressive path – like how colonizers do.  They are raising fears and tempers within their region through artificial apprehensions and imaginary fears.  CM Kiran Kumar Reddy warns of ‘water wars’.  Other leaders have said that Seemandhras will have to eat grass to survive.  Some of them declared war on Telangana – some warned of creating an army, some said they will burst the pipes which provide water to Hyderabad, and some said they will demolish Telangana Bhavan.

To understand better how Seemandhras admit they have colonized Telangana, here is a video propagated by them.  They clearly establish that Seemandhra cannot produce anything of its own and that it is completely dependent on Telangana for everything – for food, water, revenues, employment and education – isn’t that what colonial masters do?  Use the colonies for appropriating all their resources, opportunities and monopolizing the trade and commerce? 

In the end, they ask: "Should we give up Telangana?", exactly echoing how a colonial master thinks of his colonies - only as a provider of resources.  


  1. Worst conclusion(in that video).

  2. Painful though this division feels to start with, Seemandhras should see it as a golden opportunity to look back, learn from the mistakes and start its story afresh. Decentralize. Bring about political reform, clean the crooked manipulators masquerading as ambassadors of Andhra. And folks from Telangana should show more restraint since they are clearly the winners and have gotten all of what they want.

    All the best to the new state of Andhra :) Telangana, owing to Hyderabad is better off. Now let me see the Nalgondas, Mahboobnagars developing instead of only Hyderabad and from Andhra let me see the Srikakulams, Ananthapurs developing. Andhra has only gained more power with a separate state. They have nothing to fear at the center. All along they were held back by the center by being shown the T devil. Now they are free to push hard on what is due to them. Go get what you deserve instead of trying to coerce others who don't want to be with you. Instead, concentrate on protecting your interests and suddenly your agitations would start making more sense.

    1. And folks from Telangana should show more restraint since they are clearly the winners and have gotten all of what they want.

      Unfortunately some of us involved in this do not believe we have won as yet. We believe that we have to cross many more hurdles in the next few months. Some of the fears are - (don't think these are imaginary - because we know that this is how Seemandhra leaders are planning.)

      1. Stop the bill in Winter Session of the Parliament - stall the proceedings, collude with BJP, buy out MPs. If Telangana is not formed in the coming session there is a good chance it will never be formed.
      2. Capture Hyderabad forever. There are many ways one could go about doing it. In the long term capture both Srisailam and Nagarjuna sagar Dams.

      Our struggle is not over as yet till the bill is passed and till the status on Hyderabad is made clear.

    2. Highly unlikely that Telangana armour is dented at this point. Residual Andhra Pradesh's leaders have been bought out. People can't fight for ever. They have their bellies to look after. So, matter of time when Telangana with Hyderabad as capital is a reality.

  3. Sujai I'm a regular reader of your blog and have found your past series of blogposts on the T-issue very well researched and written; in fact I credit them with changing my view and enhancing my understanding.

    But then you started inciting people to rebel/revolt via your blogposts. Why this volte-face? Did you become a political party's mouthpiece or do you have business interests in the new T-State ?

    "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes."
    ―Varys on Petyr Baelish

    I still read your blog and like your non T-pieces.
    Keep up the good work man.

    - Andrew

    1. Andrew:
      I believe that I am not inciting Telangana people to rebel or revolt. I am only making sure we Telanganas don't become complacent and sign another 'Gentlemen's Agreement' which would become a noose around our neck. The future generations will not pardon us - we have to extremely vigilant in these critical hours.

      I tend to perceive my own Telangana leadership to be very soft on many things - and this is definitely a big problem. If they go soft on issues related to Hyderabad, Telangana will lose Hyderabad forever.

    2. Did you become a political party's mouthpiece or do you have business interests in the new T-State ?

      Yes, I have a vested interest in formation of new Telangana State. It is not very different from the vested interest of an Indian who wants independence from British Rule.

      But more narrowly - hope it makes sense - I would like to see that my village in Telangana gets its water, so that farmers can grow fields, become economically sound, and send their kids to private schools and higher education.

      There were 17 wells and two tanks in 1950s. All of them are dry now. River Godavari flows few kilometers away and there is a canal dug to the village, but it is left unused because the irrigation project which was supposed to feed that canal was never constructed, though it was planned.

      Why was it never constructed? Because Seemandhra Government ensured that no such projects came up in Telangana - so that they can rob us of our share of water to be given to their farmers and their regions.

      Unless Telangana is formed, we can never build these irrigation projects. Some of these irrigation projects are planned and sanctioned but not implemented for over fifty years.

      Hope it makes sense now - what my vested interest is.

  4. The video highlights one thing. The biggest problem people of Telangana is how they present their argument. We are just emotional people. We simply cannot present a coherent argument in a clean, plausible manner. Our attention span and attention to detail is very little. This has to change. (Sujai, you blogs are a rare exception)

    The people of Telangana started out on a loosing font. All the high level jobs are filled with SA people, all the moneyed people are SA people, all the good jobs in private sector belong to SA people, all the media belongs to SA people, the cinema field that influences & destroys the culture belongs to SA people. It is almost an impossible fight. That we came here this far itself is a miracle.

    About the lies spread in the video, I think people who think for more than seconds can understand the reality, but there is too much politics and too much emotion involved

    1. i don't agree with your first pera! Telangana people are very much matured when it comes to debating and presenting their case! your region has been subjected for oppression thus the literature and culture is more questioning in nature compared to SA! while people in T are constantly being educated about their region and its problems though literature and poetry people from SA have no clue about the simple history of Andhra Pradesh!

      your second pera, did you mention all the points just to say despite the domination you have come this far or are you complaining?

      in a V6 interview Kanche Ilaiah has explained how Andhra elite classes like Brahmins and khammas developed private industries by establishing Andhra Bank, Cinema etc where in Telangana region those rich elite communities did not do anything! no one have stopped Telangana rich class from establishing a Media firm! they don't have the confidence until this T issue raised! most of them are now selling T sentiment where as channels like V6 is watched through out the State! if you have goods to sell no one would stop you.. Mr.N shankar has complaining about Cinema industry but in same Industry people like Dil Raju has achieved a prominent place.. Harish Shankar and so many T people working absolutely fine but only N Shankar has found difficulty..

    2. telangana region those rich elite communities did not do anything! asalu ee rich elite evvaru vallu telangana lo dhaniki kaa vargam okati perigindhaa oakaa sari periginaaa adhi anthaa kanna dhanikaa vargam ayeena seemandhra valla tho elaa poti padagalaru .... vunna okaa chinna example cheputhaa chudu rajshekar reddy vachinathrauvathaa congress lo vunna telangana senior nayakulandhraini pakkaku petti chinna leaders nu encourage chesindu ,,,, vyasangaa edhiginaa samajlle aa tharuvathaa prasrimakangaa edigaru ...mammalannni modati mettu meedha ne padavesi meeku chatha kadu ante ela basu ... dil raju nitin reddy lanti varu nijamabd lo baga abirivuddi chendinaa bodhan nundi vatcahru eelanti viadhayalu meeku telavakaa povachu kani telanganna poratavadulaku baga telusu

    3. inkoo vishyam ee kancha ilaiaha ane vyakthi ..telanagana vadhi ani cheppukuntadu .... naa bad luckk entate ayeen okaa telnagana anukulaa maina vyasam okkati kuda nenu chadavaleak povadam ...... ayeenadhi single agnenda HATE KCR . ayeena pitchiekkadhaka poyeendhi ante KCR lakshaa kotlu sampadinchadu ani cheppedhakaa

  5. That we came here this far itself is a miracle.

    Agree. And we are not sure how it will unfold. ;-)

  6. "Vadhiledhama Telangana?" Sums up what they feel about us.
    The maker of the video showed the revenue numbers in the beginning. But he didn't break up anything further and how much of Hyderabad revenue would be going to the new capital in SA.
    He/she didn't explain why the admissions in IITs would not be available. If they are concerned about losing 'local' quota in NIT, they should ask the Center for another NIT in their state.
    Is this intelligence or ignorance or arrogance that SA suffers from.

    Jai T

    1. different people have different opinions! for me other than Hyderabad there is no reason i should oppose the formation of Telangana! both Govt and private sectors completely neglected the rest of the state and concentrated only on Hyderabad! despite this Telangana issue they established IIT in Hyderabad! why not some other place?

      /*Is this intelligence or ignorance or arrogance that SA suffers from.*/

      SA is suffering with arrogance and stupidity while T is suffering with victim syndrome as well as inferiority complex!

      its so funny how some issue T people rise.. example Batukamma not given importance! state GOVT do not give importance things like Atlatadde either! i really wonder are not Sankranti, Sivaratri, Sreeramanavami, Vinayaka Chaviti, Dasara, Deepavali your festivals? why do Telangana people being them selves Telugu people trying to disown things that belong to them?

    2. Atlathadhe is a lesson scholl text book . what is the importance given to samkka sarakha jatharaa( biggest tribal festival in indaa) don't you know ? ..what is amount given kakathiya festival and .what is amount given sri krishan devarayaa . fest anna itlaa cheppukunte masthu guntaii kani first kodhigaa simthingaa alochinchu neeke artham ayeeethadhi

    3. @esvar: T is suffering from inferiority complex? Isn't it amazing that PV became prime minister inspite of having such inferiority?
      Isn't it amazing that you are commenting on a blog written by a Telanganite who too should be suffering from the same inferiority?
      You didn't want to accept that only SA is suffering from arrogance and hence you wanted to somehow include Telangana in the same line.

    4. @anonymous
      Congress chose PVN as PM candidate but he was not MP! Gangula Pratap Reddy resigned his MP post for him and TDP leader NTR didn't put any candidate to make sure his win from Nandyal.. that is how the Telugu pride PVN became PM and saved our Nation from bankruptcy..

    5. abba emi telugu pride okaa telangana vanni 5 years term nu complete cheyannivaledu ... papam eee PVN 5 years deshanni elaadu kani rastanni ela leka poyadu. chachi poyeena tharuvatha ayeena ku itchinaa marayad emito teliyandhi kadu ...."ayeena chachi poyeenodu emi upayoga padthadu PM Seat allready confirm ayeenavadu vupayoga padthadu kani "

    6. @Esvar
      how come a 'person with inferiority complex' became Telugu pride and saved the nation? Don't you see you are contradicting yourself? Another sign of arrogance.

    7. @anon,
      please don't degrade some good personalities to your level of thinking just because he born in you region!!! there is a thing called Generalizing.. ask this blog owner he will tell you.. with that same generalizing theory he accuses a poor illiterate hungry man of Sreekakulam as Robber, thief, cheater, looter etc

    8. >>he accuses a poor illiterate hungry man of Sreekakulam as Robber, thief, cheater, looter etc

      So, that means you did not understand about 'generalizing'. You may want to read again.

    9. @esvar
      I degraded someone? Care to explain? I was countering your 'generalization' with an example.
      If the blog owner has generalized something that you don't agree with then you can object to it by asking not to generalize.
      Don't you think you are suffering from superiority complex when you blatantly claim entire T as suffering from inferiority complex? Ever heard of introspection? That is what Seemandhra needs. They need to ask themselves why T people have been demanding separate state for so many years. Don't try to push it under the rug blaming KCR, as I hear even educated SA ppl blaming him for bifurcation.

  7. You are only saying
    Telangana for everything – for food, water, revenues, employment and education
    yes i also agree with that, not only telengana but also hyderabad is the reason for revenues, employment and education. Its because if you see in the last 10-15 years only hyderabad is developed mostly and rest of the districts left empty and due to that most of the companies or pharmacies are in and around hyderabad i.e telengana so if you suddenly make statements that
    we want hyderabad and all seemandhras should get out of hyderabad then obviously seemandhra people will get suffer in the end,
    and not only that water problem i think you already know how rayalaseema and north andhra are facing water deficit problem so if we divide state now then these regions wont get any water supply after some years it will be like Tamil Nadu and karnataka or like maharastra and Andhra pradesh water issue problem,
    If state is divided then after some years your politicians will construct dams in krishna and godavari for their political purpose which will directly affects the seemandhra region.

    1. Hyderabad ku nundi revenue vasthudhi antunnavu correct ... kani adhi ippduu kothaggaa modalaindhi kadu state formation nunchi hyderabad revenue ekkuvane dhanni andhraa tharlisthunarani godavalu kuda jarigayee 70's lo .... i .... hyderabad revenue gaa kanipisthunaa antha hyderabad dhi kadu kontha poorthi rastaa nidhi ..kotta rastam erpatu chesthe dhanike potundhi ee revenue ... ayeenapattiki aa vankaa nu chupi maa meddaha swari chestha nante telangaaa siddangaaledu ....
      Inakaa water antaavaa mee vata kuda make kavali mee vata rakapothe maku ela ante adhi elaa nyaaam bayaa

  8. /*krishna and godavari for their political purpose which will directly affects the seemandhra region. */

    people can't build dams where ever they want! there has to be suitable geographical location! even Telangana happens using Krishna river for irrigation would remain a promise! and Pending projects of Godavari would not hurt the interests of Andhra region at all.. every year thousands of TMC's of water being emptied in Bay of Bengal.. most of that water is gathered from Pranahita, Indravati, Sabari and other small steams of eastern ghats.. at best the water from Pranahita may not reach Andhra region but remaining water would be more than sufficient once Polavaram project is completed! to make sure they don't block the water of Indravati and Sabari it is crucial East Godavari should get its Bhadrachalam region back from Khamam that extends up to the border of Indravati river.

  9. Andhra and Rayalaseema people do not have sufficient knowledge about this Issue and when ever they see any one speaking non stop they feel that is amazing! i heard my friends praising this women called Satyavani but when i heard all she was talking is nonsense and irrelevant to the Telangana problems and issue.. Andhra people do not now how to debate this issue thus if they find any such Video they feel they have a supported voice to back their cause! they don't know the content of that video is true or false... i don't think most of the people who shared that video in facebook did listen and understand what that guy is uttering.. they just share that content to put up their case.. you cannot rubbish the arguments of Parakala by mentioning such videos! even before such videos surfaced or people like Parakala have started their campaign people from SA have their worries about State division. the main reason is Hyderabad and water is second.


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