Saturday, November 16, 2013

Video: Dominant Caste and Territory in Telangana (Andhra Pradesh)


  1. The foremost reason I vehemently support formation of Telangana is to break the hegemony of Kammas and Reddys in the garb of language unity.

    1. Good. Whose hegemony do you want to bring after T forms, and for what reasons?

    2. My hegemony. Reason: Tis' good for me.

  2. One of the best one. ఎక్కడో పరదేశాలలో ఉన్నవారికి అర్థం అయ్యింది కాని ఇక్కడే ఉన్న సీమంద్రులకు ఈ విషయం అర్థం కావటం లేదు

  3. Here is the transcript of the video on her web site.

    Also here is one of her other papers:
    Importing new cultures into the city: the role of migrants in the development of Andhra culture in Hyderabad


  4. ok.. now we have the real reason ..first form Telangana then kick out Kammas and reddys and make KCR the king.. all your problems will be solved then. How about hiring Mayawati for CM? Oh wait you need to pay to fly her shoes in airplane from Mumbai right? Height of stupidity

  5. >> kick out Kammas
    No one is kicking anyone out. They can stay tightly put wherever they are. Just that they would not be calling the shots.

  6. Sujai,

    Thanks for posting this excellent link and without your own commentary. I dont believe the findings in the presentation should be used as a primary argument for Telangana. Even though Kammas spearhead the resistance against a separate Telangana state, it is entire popluations separated by a regional border that have taken opposing sides. The caste equations in the struggle for a separate Telangana state can be argued as both "For" and "Against" at the same time. If Reddys dominate Telangana, then there should be no argument for Telangana because it the Reddys that have been ruling the AP State for last 9 years. I think this is where we have to differentiate TG Reddys and Rayalaseema Reddys.

    What will happen in a separate TG State is anybody's guess. It is entirely possible that the Reddys dominate. We could see the resurgence of Muslims, or a new wave of neo Christians. BC's could assume political power, but could still end up serving the economic bosses who are mostly Kamma.

  7. I dont see anything special in this. The foreigner has taken AP as a case study and this is applicable to any feudal caste in any part of india. Every state in India has some feudal castes (Reddys, Kammas, Velamas, Kapus in AP), Patels(in Gujarat), Gounders, Mudaliars(Tamil Nadu) etc. The upward mobility of these feudal castes depends on how well they adapted to the modern times i.e. moving from Agri depedent livelihood to Modern industries (MFG, IT, Pharma etc) and education. This is where the feudal castes in Coastal andhra/seema have succeeded (i.e they ventured into Film, Media,MFG,IT, private education etc) and their counter feudal parts in telangana (Velamas, Reddys) have not. Similarly the feudal castes in other states (ex: Orissa) as well.The grivience of telangana is due to mentioned reason of their dominant castes unable to have economic clout and hence less political clout and hence again less economic clout. Self rule/respect are stupid excuses

  8. The Indian devil is always invisible, the devil which divided its people on caste lines, the devil which survive its extinction through polarization of people, the devil which never indulge itself in productive work of society, the devil which also use God/religion to divide humans, the devil whose laugh comes last!


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