Friday, May 23, 2008

On God-fearing people

I see two kinds of religious people, god-loving and god-fearing. I can understand the first kind but I fail to understand the second kind. Some of them proudly proclaim that they are god-fearing, and even write it in their matrimonial ads as if it is a positive attribute. According to these people, if someone is god-fearing then he is morally upright. ‘Since he fears god, he will not do wrong thing’, their reasoning goes. I find that reasoning quite amusing.

What about doing the right things? If God is solely interested in maintaining an account book on wrong things, what about the right things?

I think atheists are somewhat better ;-). As an atheist I like to do the right thing because I believe it is the right thing to do, not because I fear an invisible force called God who is out there to punish me whenever I do a wrong thing.

What would a god-fearing person do when God asks him to do the wrong thing?

[Such a thing is not far-fetched. Just read any of religious scriptures. You will see God asking humans all kinds of insane, cruel, and downright immoral things].

When God asks him to do a patently wrong thing, this god-fearing person will instantly obey. He will just do what he is told to do. The driving factor for action is the FEAR. He would not think for himself when he sets out to do the wrong thing. Such people make good robots, not original or creative thinkers.

So my question is simple- why proudly display in a matrimonial ad one’s lack of originality, lack of creativity and one’s ability to follow someone’s orders blindly without even thinking about it, as if it is a positive attribute?

Confounds me!

Atheists got this better. If God himself came around to tell me to do the wrong thing I wouldn’t do it. I would do the right thing in spite of his remonstrations. That’s because I do not fear him. And I think I would not even believe that he is the God in the first place. I would think that he is some godman dressed up as God trying to make a quick buck.

And if he tried to do some magic, I would show him a video clip of PC Sorcar ;-)


  1. I would think that he is some godman dressed up as God trying to make a quick buck.

    Does God take linden currency :)?

    You are running out of topics to write about :).

    why proudly display in a matrimonial ad

    To keep atheists like you away from them.

  2. well said .. bravo sujai !!!

  3. People can do all kinds of crimes and at the same time show that he was following god's will by citing some verse in the Gita , Bible, Quoran or any other religious book for that matter.
    Mahabharata is a very good example that shows any rule can be broken if you show that the other side is "evil". All existing rules were flouted in the war.

    So one can not assume that a god fearing person will not do anything wrong. A god fearing person just looks for creative ways to call the other side "evil".

  4. Promulgation of atheism in itself is paradoxical. Of course, today atheism is far better than pretentious servility. I did consider myself atheist not till distant past but should i flaunt about it. If i do,I felt it shows my lack of decisiveness or self-belief. Today if someone ponders about my belief i keep it to simple agnosticism.


  5. a god loving person..not that am a follower but u can say a fan!!!....may be the truth is that by being a god loving[or fearing?] person u will have a certain kind of psychological advantage in handling stress and all...:)..[pity those who donate huge sums of money in tirupathi and all in the name of god!]

  6. Arun
    While what you say is true, isn’t it not a part of rational and progressive thinking to re evaluate ideas.


  7. As a general idea, the notion of fear of God is quite easy to understand. It addresses an aspect of human motivations. Man is motivated to do something -morally right or morally wrong. When he is motivated to do something morally right, it is rightly called motivation and the source of it is the love of God. When he is motivated to something morally negative, that is more rightly called temptation and man resists it with the fear of incurring God's displeasure. The idea simply gets to the root of man's actions - the carrot and stick approach. It always works.

    But the second half of your post is only applicable to those who see no role of the conscience in their relationship with God or who undermine it by unduly placing emphasis on a literal reading of the texts. For those who can harmonize the texts with their conscience, the second half of the post does not apply

    ~ Vinod

  8. Hi Thought room,

    It's only through rationalisation, obscurity and sycophancy extincts. But am i being too optimistic /myopic here as number crunching investment bankers,logical consultants and entrepreneurs aren't the one who queuing up in deity.Yet i like to visit temples for it's architectural and heritage values rather than to allude/ reprimand for my wishlists. Being born in a theist family i can draw a parallel on my limits, but, how would atheist define his control?


  9. why proudly display in a matrimonial ad

    To make Sujai feel better about himself - that he knows more about god/religion and is enlightened, whereas others are idiots who still believe in superstition. This is called fundamentalism - my way is the only right way.

  10. Hi Arun

    I would not be the right person to answer about an atheist’s self control. Each one is different, based on his/her temperament, up bringing and reasons. What could be my explanation could be silly for some. Still I will give in my few cents. Whether one arrives at theism or atheism, it is not the end of the journey, and control is that human barrier that reminds us to act based on ones morality. If atheist visits a temple to appreciate skill and beauty, or a theist visits to seek peace, it is their choice, that affects no one. When ones belief starts to eclipse basic rights and moral values, then perhaps there is need to start asking more than the simple questions. I assumed that the author was expressing an opinion, and not dictating terms.


  11. I agree with you Sujai!
    Another good post!
    I would like to mention here another excellent article :
    10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion.
    It is by Stevepavlina ( this guy creates lot of value); excerpt from his article:
    "While consciously pursuing your spiritual development is commendable, joining an established religion such as Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism is one of the worst ways to go about it. In this article I’ll share 10 reasons why you must eventually abandon the baggage of organized religion if you wish to pursue conscious living in earnest. "....

    "For reasonably intelligent people who aren’t suffering from major issues with low self-esteem, religion is ridiculously consciousness-lowering. While some religious beliefs can be empowering, on the whole the decision to formally participate in a religion will merely burden your mind with a hefty load of false notions."...

    Read his full article here:

    Another life altering article which jolted me is here:

  12. Sujal, your first statement itself is wrong. There are not two kind of religious people. There are two kind of people - who believe God and who do not believe.

    People who love God also have fear of God.

    Also the right and wrong are very relative. I do not understand what you wanted to say through this blog

  13. Hello,
    I stumbled upon this blog. Your logic is flawed, and I do hope you do not see the world in the absolutes you have posted here.

  14. Steve says I agree with what Avnish said. I don't know exactly what message you were trying to get across here smart guy. But if LOVE GOD you shall also FEAR him because he is powerful, but als dot the right thing because it is the right but GOD test people in every different aspect to test your faith, The greatest BOOK ever wrote, most SOLD and most well known pick it up and re read my ATHEIST brothers and sisters, for you shall know the truth. The end is coming so get right with GOD.


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