Sunday, March 01, 2009


In an earlier discussion on a different forum, I came up with the following.

Hindu revivalists: Our ancestors made this shit
Hindu fanatics
: All our shit is sacred
Hindu Quantum Quacks
: Your shit and our shit is the same, but we shat before you
Hindu nationalists
: All this shit is ours

Muslim fanatics: We will die for shit
Muslim terrorists
: We will blow you up for shit
Muslim moderates
: We don’t own up any shit
Muslim peace-lovers
: You don’t understand our shit

Christian evangelists: Holy shit!
Christian proselytizers
: It’s better to be our shit

Great Indian Culture: We get hurt when you shit
Indian Secularism
: We suck up to your shit
Indian Politics
: Crap
Indian Police
: We lock you up for no shit
Indian Science
: Bullshit

Individual Liberty: To shit is personal

Tamil: Our shit is different
: We export our shit
: You have to shit in our language
We are God’s own shit
: We terrorize our shit
: Get the shit out of here
: Our shit is rotten
: Our shit was golden
: We are shit
: Everyone wants our shit
: Nobody wants our shit

Vajpayee: Old shit
: Same shit
Manmohan Singh
: I shit when Madam shits
Sonia Gandhi
: Foreign shit
Rahul Gandhi
: Poop
Chandrababu Naidu
: Techno-shit
Vijay Mallya
: Loads of shit
Captain Gopinath
: Poor man’s shit
: Dad’s shit
Narayana Murthy
: Decent shit

Medha Patkar: Damn this shit!|
Shah Rukh Khan
: Sh..Sh..Sh..Shit!
Amitabh Bachchan
: Kaun Banega Shit?


  1. Haa haa!! ROFL!

    You missed one!
    Indian [relativistic] philosophy : Everything is same shit anyway.

  2. That is some coooool shit!!!
    Good Job:)

    Haiku poetry


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