Friday, March 13, 2009

What is Great Indian Culture?

If I were to go by what one of the activists of Sri Ram Sene has to say, here are the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Indian Culture.

  1. Children should listen to their elders.
  2. Children should wear traditional clothes. They should not wear jeans and “Muslim dresses” like the salwar-kameez.
  3. Women should wear Sari.
  4. Parents should prohibit kids from following Western Culture and they should not allow kids to drink (alcohol).
  5. Wives should respect their husbands.
  6. Boys and girls should not freely mix before marriage.
  7. Women should keep traditions such as watering the tulsi plant for the well-being of the family.
  8. Children should not talk back to adults.
  9. Women should not wear cut-piece clothes and they should not become commercial objects.
  10. Last and the most important: Women should not drink (alcohol) and should not go to nightclubs.
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  1. So basically its all about Alcohol... And Its would perfectly in accordance with OUR GREAT INDIAN CULTURE, if Men did the same???

  2. are they saying no women in india has ever had a drink of alcohol?
    seriously... in our 4000+ history. not even once?

  3. I am amused. But then, following up from the description of your blog, he has an asshole too. And that, may not bring much of a change either. On second thoughts, have you heard of the term "behti Ganga mein haath (or should I say, in this context, gaand) dhona"? And/ or the law of diminishing marginal utility? No authority on economics but I am assuming it has got to apply to "beating a news item to death" and Life, in general.

    Who, again, were those "girls" that got beat up in Mangalore? Hmmm, looks like Selvam forgot the 11th commandment - thy shall not prostitute. I wonder what Renuka Choudhary would have caleld for then - "brothel bharo" ?

    Dude, with all due regards, you are providing cheap publicity to a bunch of sick retards - remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity. And that is my ... err.. asshole.

  4. We should ape the West, especially their qualities such as professionalism, discipline, education, zero-corruption, etc. If you agree, then support this online petition!!

  5. i dont see any thing wrong in that list .Even though i very much despise the attack on the Women in the mangalore pubs,still i feel someone has to put tabs on the moral behavior of the society .


  6. Basically the whole thing is a rule book for women. Men can drink, dope, have sex with one and all, beat women, do what ever and get away with it. I mean, how can one seriously be so ...... I cannot imagine what kind of ..... would suggest such gross inequalities in sexes. We still have a long way to go. Disgusting.

    - A guy!

  7. Many Indians(even educated ones), especially the traditional ones will completely agree to that list.

  8. @Prakash M Kini,

    "Who, again, were those "girls" that got beat up in Mangalore? Hmmm, looks like Selvam forgot the 11th commandment - thy shall not prostitute."

    I'm curious,
    where you a client of theirs?

  9. A lot of Indians are hypocrites, lets accept it. Indians will blather on about how great their civilization is, as to how they have conquered the mind etc. At the end of the day, the don't even know how to get rid of their kitchen waste. They just dump it wherever they can.

    And Sujai, although I don't agree with some of your views, this issue is something I feel strongly about. And you are articulating my thoughts for the most part. Keep up the good work.

    And hopefully someday we'll be able to put some sense into the so called "Hindus".



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