Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cartoon 2: KCR with Manmohan Singh


  1. So finally you have realized that a joke is better captured in cartoons (rather than lengthy contrived posts).

    I am still waiting for your Hyderabad article to show up. Now it looks like even nenusaitham has commented on it.

  2. So, it is very clear that CONGRESS doesn't want to grant a separate statehood for telangana, as it will be huge loss for them if they did so.

    So, don't cultivate hatred against your andhra brothers. They are innocent. By stopping trains and buses only innocents will suffer. Attack on politicians for your statehood fulfillment.

    If this continues, govt has no other option except to shoot at sight on agitators. I hope that day not far away.

    1. And your hope has still remained like a hope.

  3. so what is the plan now.

  4. Damn!!! I have to go to my workplace after this weekend, and these fellows are stopping the trains >:(

  5. And later on, the Congress might want to consult the much rumored Aliens visiting this planet :)).

  6. Per author of this blog in Dec 2009 center decided to grant Telangana. But it was selfish SA politicians/businessmen who stopped Telangana formation. I heard time is a great healer. It seems a great reformer too. Or it is selective forgetfulness?


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