Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Telangana seeks freedom from Andhra colonial masters

Telangana has an aspiration – it dreams of a day when it will attain freedom from its current colonial masters, the Andhras.  When I call Andhras as colonial masters, I am not referring to just their political leaders or the rich industrialists – I am talking about entire Seemandhra people who are now engaged in Samaikyandhra agitations to scuttle the formation of Telangana.  I am talking about the common men and women of Andhra, the very same people who came on an invasion campaign into the heart of Telangana to hold their ‘anti-Telangana’ Sabha, right in the middle of our cities, and in the process assaulted our people while we stood helpless. 

The last forty five days of their agitations has only confirmed it for all Telangana people that it is not just Seemandhra leaders who are keen on holding onto Telangana.  We understand quite clearly and emphatically without an iota of doubt that the entire population of Seemandhra wants to perpetuate their hegemony and colonial rule over Telangana. 

Today, Telangana people are fighting a formidable enemy in Seemandhras, the colonial masters who are hell bent on making sure they don’t lose their internal colony.   Like all colonial masters who justify their colonial rule of their colonies using hypocritical language and doublespeak, the current Seemandhra people change their stance to suit their purpose.

Back then, they said…

“We did not deprive Telangana of their share of water.  It is a matter of simple physics.  Telangana cannot get river water because it is higher up on the plateau.   They even influenced Srikrishna Committee to say: Telangana region is not able to access river waters due to lack of gradient.”

Now they say…

“If Telangana is formed, they will take all the river water.  They won’t give us any water.  Our lands will become dry; our region will turn into a desert, and a graveyard.  We will not have food to eat.  We will not have water to drink.”

There is something drastically wrong with the contradictory stance that Andhras take.  This is how colonial masters react when they do not want to let go of their colonies.  On one side they claim they are not looting the colony, but then they also do not want to let go of the colony saying their own people will no longer benefit from the loot obtained from the colonies. 

Back then they said…

“Nobody can deny jobs to competent people.  Telanganas are incompetent, that’s why couldn’t get any jobs.  If Telanganas had worked harder and studied harder like Andhras, they would have got their jobs.”  

Now they say…

“Andhras will not get any private jobs anywhere in India if Telangana is formed.  Our graduates will not get IT jobs in New Delhi, or Bangalore, or Hyderabad.”

If Andhras are competent, why would they not get ‘private jobs’ anywhere in India?  That is quite baffling.

It only shows how Andhras blatantly admit they were actually taking up those jobs which would have otherwise gone to Telangana people.  They now admit that they cannot compete with rest of Indians in getting those jobs unless they get a preferential treatment and preferential access in Telangana.    Like the colonial masters who feel that their sons will not have any jobs if they lose their colonies, Seemandhras want to continue to rule over Telangana so that their sons and daughters continue to appropriate jobs and opportunities in Telangana. 

Back then they said…

“Andhras did not illegally occupy any government jobs in Telangana.  We did not flout any Mulki rules.  All these allegations are a conspiracy of Telangana agitators.”

Now they say…

“As soon as Telangana is formed 40,000 Seemandhras will lose their government jobs in Telangana.”

So, the relevant question is: why would the Seemandhras lose those jobs if they were legal? 

It clearly establishes that ordinary Seemandhras know they were occupying these positions illegally in Telangana.  Now they admit it openly. 

Back then they said…

“Andhras are investors.  Andhras are entrepreneurs.  Andhras are better educated.  Andhras are hard working.  They built the colleges and institutions in Hyderabad.”

Now they say…

“With Hyderabad gone, our people will come onto streets.  Our students will not be able to get into colleges.  Our people will become illiterate.”

The relevant question is: if Seemandhras are the investors, entrepreneurial, and hard-working, how come they believe they won’t establish any colleges in Seemandhra?  It is like England saying, ‘we have all the money and competence, but we cannot build an Oxford or Cambridge.  For that we have to go to USA to study’.   Entrepreneurial societies, if they have money and competence, will definitely build colleges for Seemandhra people in their own region.   If the people of Seemandhra believe they won’t, then they are not entrepreneurial, not the real investors, or they are hopelessly incompetent.

Back then they said…

“We did not loot Telangana’s coal.  We have installed capacity of 10,000 MW only because of private entrepreneurs of Seemandhra.”

Now they say…

“Even though we have an installed capacity of 10,000 MW, our region will not get electricity if Telangana is formed.  We will have to live in eternal darkness.”

There is something grossly wrong with these assertions, unless almost entire Seemandhra admits that the only way their power plants run is by looting Telangana people of their coal. 

Back then they said…

“You should blame your own elected leaders who did not work for the benefit of Telangana.  In a democracy, no region can suppress the other region.  If you are backward it is only because of your own leaders”.

Now they say…

“We will use the might of our majority to scuttle the formation of Telangana.  We will use our strength to stall the bill in the Parliament.  If you talk like that, we will not even give you a rupee; do what you want.”

When it comes to critical moments, their real intentions and actions show up.  In such moments, they do not hesitate to tell you that they actually use the majority in the Assembly to thwart all attempts by Telangana leaders to get their rightful share of water, resources or opportunities.  They make it clear and obvious that when required, to protect their preferential access to resources and opportunities, they will go to any extent to suppress Telangana using the might of the majority.   

There cannot be any doubt left in the minds of Telangana people that Seemandhra people, the ordinary people, through indoctrination of past many decades, behave, act and think like colonial masters.  They have started to accept, legitimize and institutionalize the colonial rule over Telanganas.   For them democracy is a tool to impose tyranny of the majority over Telangana.  

Final word: India has to set free Telangana from Andhra colonial masters

India claims it is a democracy.  India proudly celebrates 15th August as Independence Day.  So how come it is allowing 35 million people of Telangana to be under colonial rule of Andhras?

India has an immense responsibility.  It has to honor the pledges it made in on the 15th August 1947 speech of Nehru, in the principles laid out in the Indian Constitution of 1950, its promises made in Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1956, its proclamation of 9th December 2009, its resolution of 30th July 2013.  It cannot go back on its commitment towards people of Telangana.  It cannot forsake the colonized people of Telangana and hand them back to the Andhra colonial masters.  If Telangana is not formed now, we will have to face the wrath of Andhra colonial masters who will now go overboard in their persecution, suppression and marginalization of Telangana to forever incapacitate and emasculate Telangana population from revolting in future.  

India has no choice but live up to its ideals and set free people of Telangana to welcome the 29th state into Indian Union. 


  1. Wow!!

    I heard your name spoken by KTR in an IT JAC meet but could not see you on TV. I really appreciate the clarity you have on Telangana. All the best for the new state!!

  2. Well said Sujai.

    I don't think any Telangana person will trust or tolerate the current AP model anymore.

  3. By the same twisted logic are not the four southern states being colonised by the north indian states?

  4. Sujai, the so called samai"khy"andhra movement appears to exist only in the media. I did not see any signs when I went to Vijayawada. My relatives did not see any "movement" in Nellore, Vijayawada & Anantapur when they visited these places.

    1. Sujai,
      I born and brought up in Warangal.
      Your blog is misleading and cheating like TRS leaders.In 2006 you mentioned in your blog you are supporting Telangana as it was backward and separate state is required to see the equally develeoped areas.Now you are mentioning that HYDERABAD is well developed in 1960 itself and you are raising that self rule sentiment...etcetc.
      Double standards...How much money you are getting from TRS to maintain this blog?
      Mr.Gottimukkala is there any movement in AP ran for 60 days like Samaikyandhra without any political leaders involvement.Samaikyandhra is a great movement.
      Change your name to "Guddi"mukkala.
      We are happy in Andhrapradesh, un necessary you very well educated people are spoiling common people.How many crores AP lost due to Telangana movement, many IT companies stopped coming to Hyderabad due to Telangana movement.I do not know how many new jobs will available in Telangana, but we lost lot of telangana jobs due to telangana movement.How many times KCR fought in Parliament for telangana,he always drunk and takes rest in his farm house.While he in TDP waht are things he fought for telangana people?

    2. Dear Warangal brother,

      >>How much money you are getting from TRS
      We will definately tell you, but to get our answer you need to tell us how much received from Samaikyandra leaders to write this?

      >>How many times KCR fought in Parliament for telangana,he always drunk and takes rest in his farm house.While he in TDP waht are things he fought for telangana people?

      It seems you come to wrong place and asking your questions. I can definately help you in your situation, Google for "TRS office Hyderabad", note down the address, take bus to Hyd and from there take auto and go to TRS office. Write down your questions on a paper and submit it in the office. If you like, you can release a copy of that paper to press. Good luck.

    3. Now you are mentioning that HYDERABAD is well developed in 1960 itself and you are raising that self rule sentiment...etcetc.

      We claim Telangana to be backward - but that does not necessarily mean Hyderabad city is backward. We believe and the facts prove that while Hyderabad was developed - so that it can become a cash cow for certain Seemandhra plutocrats, most of the other districts were systematically neglected. Many industries were shut down.

  5. All off you are liars - telanganas and SAs. So What? Learn Democracy.

  6. As usual sujai's thinking abilities do not work when it comes to Telangana issue. Now a days he is just writing lies.

  7. Andra people impoverished telengana.

  8. U know what Sujai, the history of telangana is made like a media- people just create history and they spread it. Before getting into India the plight of the people in under the Cruel Nizam. And people like Komram Bheem fought against it, And now u people say the king as Ur fatherly person and his property that is hyderabad state belongs to people of Telangana. When u r really talking about the origin where do u think that people knew telugu. Where did they originate? U people never speak of these things and u speak of only those half knowledge things to spread hatred. Prior to hyderabad as capital city, female of these regions were being assaulted and raped by Muslims, they never used to have freedom but after Andhra people coming here and seeing them they started being outside. And what about the language , education etc where did telangana people learn? They were made forcible labour by Nizam and later eventhough they got their lands did they really do any agro thing. No!! . People of Godavari side came to Telangana region and they have made a barren land into a agriculture field. Do ever accept these things? . And u people support KCR , Kondandaram etc ..Cinema and all--u have spread hatred that telangana people were shown in bad light.. u really tell me how many movies are really like that..start from from begining of telugu cine industry. How can one say like that. ANd coming to water allocations and self respect..These are the things u people have made for u . How many illegal chemical industries are there in telangana regions especially those far remote villages and those people accept money from these industries, knowing that their ground water is being polluted by them And u speak of Fluorine issue !!! Entha nijayithi undhi ayya. Meru raase raathalu valla , KCR lanti donga rajikiyanayukulu valla Andhra Pradesh Ke marani macha techaru ga.. If people of telangana doesnt realise things and Telangana state in inevitable truths and facts will definitely haunt that state !! Jai Hind, Jai Janmabhoomi, Jai Jawan , Jai Kisan

    1. Good write up to show that TG people must be slaves of seemandhra.


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