Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is Child Abuse?

I saw the following image posted by a friend on the facebook, and I couldn’t help but add my own inputs below.

The other child abuses are:
Teaching the kid that there is an imaginary, all powerful-man who judges people on their dietary, ritual and sexual habits.

Teaching the kid that there is an imaginary place where he/she will burn for eternity - for praying to the wrong imaginary man or for doing some silly human things, like disobeying your parents or cursing.

Teaching the kid that his/her country is the greatest on the planet just because he/she happens to be born in it.

Expressing your opinion in front of the kid that certain people are incapable just because of their color or caste or sex.

Exhorting the kid to study hard to get full marks in the exams, or win the games at all costs, just so that you want to see your glories through the kid’s achievements.

Preparing the kids for the real world too early whereby the kids do not enjoy their childhood.


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