Friday, July 17, 2015

Return from a long hiatus

I wrote my first blog post on 02 February 2006 - that’s more than nine years ago.  And in these nine years I wrote 540 articles, averaging nearly 60 per year – or 5 per month.  Of those nine years, the most prolific one was 2007 when I wrote 110 articles.  And in year 2014, I wrote only six.

The last one is from 23 July 2014 – that’s almost a year ago.   

I went through some rough period in life and I guess that’s the reason why I could not make myself write anything.  And in the recent few weeks I just could not muster anything even when I wanted to – call it a writer’s block.

So, I thought I should just go on a freewheeling mode and get started, and hence this post.

Modi is in power.  The unthinkable has happened.  The Congress got decimated – Indians rejected Rahul Baba and UPA III overwhelmingly.  And State of Telangana got formed. 

'Make in India' is the theme, so is the agenda to transform India into Hindustan.   


  1. Welcome back! Awaiting a good debate on the current state of our nation.

  2. Welcome back Sujai! Eid Mubarak!(I never understood if we can greet people "Happy Diwali" and "Merry Christmas" then why the resistance to Eid). Congratulations to you and the people of Telangana on formation of your state. We should give Modi the benefit of doubt , I believe. India is not just Gujarat, and if BJP has to return to power in 2019 they can't afford to alienate the Muslims, otherwise they will get decimated like Indira Gandhi in 1977, when she lost mainly because Congress didn't get the Muslim and Dalit votes in North and East India, even though they did well in South and West india.

    United Indian

  3. Welcome Back Sujai
    from sravan

  4. I hope you have had the chance to reflect upon your thoughts and realized how silly some of your old blog posts seem now.

  5. I love your blog posts despite they being woefully half-baked. You take on some of the most complicated issues and that's good, since that gets people to think about them. What I am worried about is that vastly sheepish readers of your blogs mindlessly parrot your opinions as universal truths :) Anyways, happy blogging again!

  6. Sujai,

    Welcome back, I hope you are safe and good. You writing is truly unbelievable, profound and blissfully intellectual. I really did miss your writing and am happy that you are back.


  7. I was glad you were off for whatever reasons... you are better off staying off dude

  8. You promised you will be the first critic of Telangana state once its formed. What do you say about the state of TS after 14 months after its Formation. How different is it before and after?

  9. Im glad you have returned to writing. I truly enjoy your blog posts. Its profound, insightful and funny. Since your last blog post, I have checked your site so many times :) Not sure if this interests you, but have you thought about creating a youtube channel? I'm sure you will have an audience.

  10. "so is the agenda to transform India into Hindustan" - maybe you should write it as "Bharat" instead of Hindustan.


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