Friday, March 14, 2014

What do you do when someone copies your post? [Part II]

I have a previous article on this topic at Part I.

Today, I woke up to get forwarded an article written by one A. Muthukrishnan on Telangana. The article was published on Counter Currents and Brave New India. And it was reposted at least on three other sites.

While I was reading it I immediately started to realize that it was the exact piece that I wrote on Telangana few years ago.  It was written on 13 December 2009 and was titled ‘Case for Telangana’.   It was 100% cut-and-paste job.  He added only one line at the bottom:

This year in June the state of Andra Pradesh and Telengana will be a reality.

And it has two spelling mistakes already.  Andhra is spelled as ‘Andra’ and Telangana is spelled as ‘Telengana’. 

It is unfortunate that Counter Current and Brave New India published this article without even making a cursory search.  The author seems to be a person of well-established background.  These two blogs introduce him as:

A.Muthukrishnan is a writer, traveler and activist who resides in Madurai, Tamilnadu

I have written to both these sites giving reference to my article plus the links to this article published elsewhere. 

I think I have to wait and see what they would do.

Coming back to the previous report (from Part I).  The article still exists on Sulekha. 

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  1. Spelllling Andra incorrrectly iss nott aa crrrime butt nott soo Telangana.

  2. Hi,
    Just to update you, we have already rectified the authorship attribution.

  3. Sorry to hear that Sujai. Plagiarism is a bigger crime than even shop lifting. Look at how Fareed Zakaria from the famous CNN GPS360 came under the scanner and had to admit to his fault of plagiarism. Brilliant man but I don't know what circumstances put him under that.

  4. So, did you "copy right" your blogs? There is difference between being unethical and being illegal. The magazines would be happy to publish your copied blogs as long as they think the blogs make them money.

  5. These Tamil idiots always do that. They are plagiarists. Kavya Viswanathan was one and now some other Tamil guy copies your blog page and publishes as his. These idiots are so crazy about name-earning that they will sell their wives.
    In Telangana all temples are taken over by them. Chilkur temple is in hands of Tamil priests (MS Soundarrajan). Yadagirigutta is in their hands. Anantha Padmanabha in RR is in their hands.
    They need a very good lesson.

    1. And which idiot you are?

  6. Sujai,
    Please continue to blog.
    Sridhar Patnam

  7. Sujai, you seem to have done not only a makeover of the site but a makeover of the content as well! Where is that famous line of yours - Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!??

  8. It is like Telangana people FABRICATING their own History by claiming other's achievements as theirs. Potana of Rayalaseema, Mallnatha of Maharashtra, Somanna of Karnataka. All is fair in jealousy is the tagline of Telangana people. So what is so wrong about somebody, Tamilian stealing your filthy lie of an article on Telangana.

  9. Sujai, Please read this to protect your content -


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