Monday, March 03, 2014

Indian movies at Oscars

On the eve of each Oscars ceremony, there is one common question that is asked by many Indians?  ‘How come Academy doesn’t nominate Indian movies?’
There are Palestine movies, Cambodian movies! How come the world’s biggest movie industry (Indian) fails to get a nomination in the foreign films category?

Some of the convenient answers have been that Academy has a negative bias against Indian movies, that the West does not understand Indian culture, that Indian movies are considered musicals, etc.

But the real answer is quite simple:

Indian movies suck! Big time!

A movie industry that celebrates actresses like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif as top actresses, showering them with best actress awards is nothing but an institution that celebrates talentless, gloats on its ineptitude and wallows in mediocrity.  

In short: Indian movies are juvenile, puerile, immature, outlandish, and extremely unrealistic, devoid of any good acting, screenplay or storyline. 


  1. True. I have been contesting this argument with some of my rudimentary friends and have won few battles too when I showed them movies like Shawshank Redemption, Scent of a Women and the likes.

    Indian movies are horrific waste of time. Especially the musical ones. Having said that there are still few movie makers who make movies not for the 100 Cr club. I absolutely adore movies like Paanch, Aamir but movies like these find fewer financiers and ultimately it boils down to money. Hope the situation changes!!

  2. And extremely actor focused than character focused, Highly stereotype


    Indian Movie won’t win an Oscar because


    Why an Indian Movie or Actor can never win an Oscar

  5. Sujai I can understand your rants on Katrina but I wouldn't agree with Deepika Padukone (SP). You have to watch her immense action in Cocktail, Yeh Jawaani hain Diwani and her verstality as a South Indian mimicizing her impeccable accent in Chennai Express (CE). Agreed CE isn't a critics pick but you have watch her from a spectroscope - just her!


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